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Summary of reviewsThe Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon in Tewkesbury emerges as a favored accommodation choice, praised for its exceptional location, historical charm and excellent value for money. Situated in the heart of the town, the hotel's proximity to local attractions such as the Abbey, High Street shops and riverside walks makes it an ideal base for exploration. The medieval architecture combined with modern conveniences creates a unique ambiance that many guests find appealing.

The breakfast offerings at the hotel receive commendations for their excellent value, variety and prompt service. Dishes are freshly prepared with traditional English breakfast and vegetarian options standing out. The availability of breakfast until midday and unlimited coffee and tea refills are additional perks. Similarly, the dinner experience is well-regarded for its extensive menu, reasonable prices and quality of food, complemented by efficient service even during busy periods. The beer garden provides a pleasant setting for dining.

Rooms at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon cater to diverse needs with many guests appreciating their spaciousness, cleanliness and comfort. The rooms' historical features—like original beams and unique character—are often highlighted. Despite some variance in room sizes and occasional noise issues, most guests find the accommodations cozy and well-equipped with essential amenities. The historic charm and cleanliness significantly enhance the stay experience.

Attentive and friendly staff contribute greatly to the positive reviews with many guests noting their helpfulness and professionalism. This service level enhances the overall experience, making guests feel welcome and well-cared for.

However, the hotel's WiFi connectivity presents mixed experiences. While some guests find it excellent, others report inconsistent connections, particularly in certain rooms and the bar areas. This is an area identified for improvement to ensure a more reliable experience for all guests.

Families find the hotel accommodating with spacious family rooms and a welcoming atmosphere. Practical features like safety chains on windows are appreciated, though the numerous steps and fire doors may pose challenges for those with very young children. Overall, the hotel provides a homely and charming environment suitable for family stays.

When it comes to bedding, the reviews are generally positive, citing comfortable beds and pillows, though some guests find the mattresses too firm. The quality of bed linens and additional touches like complimentary bottled water add to the comfort.

Accessibility is a mixed bag with the historic building's lack of a lift and steep stairs posing challenges for guests with mobility issues. However, ground-floor accessible rooms and helpful staff provide some mitigation.

Luxury at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon is an unexpected delight for many with touches like feather pillows, fluffy towels and free bottled water enhancing the sense of comfort. The hotel's blend of affordability and high-end room quality makes it a standout choice for those seeking luxury in a unique, historical setting.

In summary, The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon combines historical charm, comfort and value, making it an attractive option for travelers visiting Tewkesbury. The prime location, coupled with excellent service, clean accommodations and thoughtful amenities, ensures a memorable stay.
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Room Types
Single Room Featuring free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a bath and a hairdryer. The single room features a wardrobe, an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, heating, as well as a flat-screen TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room The spacious double room provides a wardrobe, an electric kettle, as well as a private bathroom featuring a bath and a hairdryer. The unit offers 1 bed.

Twin Room Featuring free toiletries, this twin room includes a private bathroom with a bath and a hairdryer. The twin room features a wardrobe, an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, heating, as well as a flat-screen TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Family Room Featuring free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a bath and a hairdryer. The family room features a wardrobe, an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 3 beds.

Double or Twin Room - Disability Access This twin room can be set up as a double upon request. It features an electric kettle.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon boasts an exceptional location in the heart of Tewkesbury, providing guests with an ideal base for exploring this historical and picturesque town. The hotel is perfectly situated near the town center, offering easy access to a plethora of local attractions including the Abbey, High Street shops and the scenic riverside. Its central position also makes it convenient for those traveling by bus or car with ample parking facilities available on-site or nearby.

The historic building, full of character and charm, adds to the allure of staying at The Royal Hop Pole. Guests appreciate the delightful blend of medieval architecture and modern conveniences. Many rooms offer views of the Abbey and the rivers, enhancing the historic ambience of the hotel.

The central location ensures that visitors have everything they need within walking distance, from restaurants and pubs to craft shops and walking paths along the river. This makes it an excellent spot for both short visits and extended stays, providing a great starting point for walks around the town and beyond.

Overall, The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon is highly praised for its prime location, combining historical significance with modern comfort, making it a top choice for travelers visiting Tewkesbury.

The breakfast experience at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon hotel generally receives positive feedback from guests. Most notably, the breakfast is praised for its excellent value for money, variety and prompt service. Many guests appreciate the freshly cooked food, particularly the traditional English breakfast, which is often highlighted as delicious and well-prepared. Options like eggs Benedict and vegetarian choices also receive favorable mentions. The availability of breakfast until midday and the inclusion of unlimited coffee and tea refills add to the appeal.

However, there are some areas where improvement is suggested. A few guests have noted that the breakfast can sometimes be lukewarm and occasional issues with cold plates and soggy items like bacon sandwiches are mentioned. Despite these minor criticisms, the overall sentiment points to a satisfying breakfast experience with an ample selection, tasty dishes and excellent service. The affordability and value of the breakfast offerings are consistently underscored, making it a favorable choice for many travelers staying at the hotel.

The dining experience at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon promises good value for money and a broad selection of food and drinks. Guests particularly praised the extensive and reasonably priced menu, which caters to a variety of tastes, including options like steaks, fish and chips and typical pub fare. The food quality generally met or exceeded expectations with dishes described as tasty, well-presented and freshly cooked.

Service was frequently highlighted as fast and efficient, even during busy times, ensuring that meals were served promptly and hot. Drinks, including local beers and an affordable wine selection, contribute to a satisfying dining experience. The beer garden offers a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying meals and drinks.

While there were some mentions of occasional inconsistencies, such as smaller portions and limited fish variety, the general consensus was that the food and drink offerings provided great value. The combination of good food, excellent pricing and a relaxed pub atmosphere makes dining at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon a reliable choice for both breakfast and evening meals.

The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon boasts a wide variety of rooms that cater to different needs, making it a versatile choice for travelers. Many guests appreciate the spacious, clean and comfortable rooms, some of which offer beautiful views and unique character features. The hotel’s historical architecture adds to the charm with quaint and quirky rooms that retain their original beams and ceilings.

Several reviews highlight the impeccable cleanliness of the rooms with spotless environments and well-equipped amenities including soap, hairdryers and towels provided. Even the smaller rooms are noted for being comfortable and functional, often exceeding expectations with their cozy atmosphere.

However, guests had mixed experiences regarding room sizes––with some finding them spacious and others considering them too small. Despite these differences, the rooms generally provide comfort with cozy beds and essential facilities such as fans and bottled water.

Noise levels vary with some rooms being pleasantly quiet and others more affected by external or internal sounds, particularly from the bar or staff late at night. Temperature control also seems to be an issue in some rooms with several reviews mentioning rooms being far too hot.

The hotel is praised for its character with rooms that transport guests back in time thanks to well-preserved medieval and Tudor features, creating a unique and interesting stay. Accessibility varies with some rooms requiring navigation of steep stairs or offering inadequate lighting.

Overall, the Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon provides a comfortable stay in a location brimming with historical charm, clean amenities and a variety of uniquely designed rooms to choose from. For those seeking a quirky and characterful lodging experience at reasonable rates, it is a commendable choice.

The beds at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon have received mixed feedback from guests, but the general sentiment leans towards the positive. Many reviewers noted that the beds were comfortable with some describing them as very comfortable, incredibly comfy and providing a decent night's sleep. The pillows received commendations for being comfy and helping retain their cushion feel, which added to the overall bedding comfort.

However, a significant number of guests found the mattresses to be on the firmer side with some describing them as a bit hard or extremely hard. There were also comments about the narrowness and size of the beds with several guests mentioning that the beds were small for a double and sometimes too stiff for their liking.

In terms of bedding, some guests noted that the duvets were too warm for summer, but others appreciated the quality and softness of the bed sheets. Despite some discomfort expressed over the bed firmness and pillow softness, the clean linen and overall comfort level seemed satisfactory for many, allowing them to sleep well during their stay.

The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon Hotel in Tewkesbury overwhelmingly impresses guests with its remarkable cleanliness and comfort. The hotel's historic charm is beautifully maintained with rooms described as spacious, spotless and comfortable. Guests consistently highlight the meticulous cleanliness of both the rooms and bathrooms, noting that everything from the linens to the surroundings is kept in immaculate condition. The friendly and attentive staff further enhance the experience, ensuring that the accommodations are well-stocked and fresh. Despite a few minor issues, such as occasional dustiness, the overall impression is one of a clean, well-maintained establishment that provides a comfortable and welcoming stay.

The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon has garnered widespread praise for its attentive and friendly staff. Consistently described as helpful, welcoming and professional, the team at this establishment plays a significant role in elevating the guest experience. Many reviews highlight the staff's efficiency and politeness with particular commendations for the reception and bar personnel who are frequently noted for their exceptional service. Despite a few isolated mentions of less favorable interactions, the overall sentiment towards the staff remains extremely positive. Visitors have repeatedly emphasized the staff’s willingness to go above and beyond, making guests feel valued and well-cared for. This consistent display of friendliness and helpfulness, coupled with an evident dedication to professionalism, makes The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon's staff a standout feature of the hotel.

The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon presents a mixed landscape when it comes to WiFi connectivity. While some guests found the WiFi excellent with strong, fast and free service that made it easy to use, others faced significant challenges. Notably, the WiFi strength in certain rooms, particularly room 204 and the bar areas often struggled with many guests reporting weak or non-existent connections. Logging in was sometimes cumbersome, though once connected, it was sufficient for streaming videos. Despite positive comments noting excellent and welcoming WiFi service, many guests experienced frequent drops in connectivity and complete lack of internet over several days. Clearly, WiFi provision at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon's needs improvement, especially in room and bar areas, to offer a more consistent and reliable guest experience.

The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon in Tewkesbury proves to be a charming destination for families. Guests highlight the spacious and well-furnished family rooms, some even describing them as impressive and enormous. These rooms are especially praised for their historical charm, blending modern comfort with a touch of the past.

Families appreciate the hotel's family-friendly atmosphere with several reviewers noting that the establishment is welcoming to mums and kids alike. The accommodation includes practical features such as safety chains on windows, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, some guests mention challenges for families with very small children due to numerous steps and fire doors. However, the overall sentiment favors the hotel's suitability for family stays, emphasizing good value and a homely feel.

Moreover, the large, comfortable rooms cater well to the needs of families, providing adequate space for everyone. The cozy ambience around features like the fireplace adds to the charm, making it a pleasant spot for families to gather, especially after exploring Tewkesbury.

The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities, but visitors with disabilities might face some challenges. The hotel, housed in a beautiful old building with character, does not have a lift, making access to higher floors difficult. This can particularly affect guests who are elderly or have mobility issues, as staircases are steep and winding. While there are accessible rooms available, including one on the ground floor that's described as perfect, the limited number of these rooms and some design flaws, such as poorly placed bathroom handrails, can be problematic.

On the positive side, staff members are noted for their friendliness and willingness to help with carrying items. The bathroom facilities in accessible rooms are well-provided and the location itself is convenient and near key attractions like the abbey. Ample and accessible parking is a plus, although more space could be helpful.

However, the overall accessibility score is mixed due to the lack of an elevator and some rooms being difficult to navigate. Guests have found it challenging to manage wheelchairs with the steep staircases and cramped spaces. Noise issues near some accessible rooms have also been mentioned. Despite these difficulties, the hotel remains a viable option for those able to manage some mobility constraints, provided they are on the lower floors.

The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon offers an unexpectedly luxurious experience, blending historical charm with modern comforts. Guests frequently highlight the luxurious touches, such as feather pillows and duvets, soft cotton sheets, thick fluffy towels and complimentary bottled water. The suite accommodations receive particular praise for their cozy, high-end feel and impressive layout. The hotel effortlessly combines typical Wetherspoon affordability with high-end room quality, providing five-star luxury without the hefty price tag. The free tea and coffee selection, along with still and sparkling water, add to the luxurious experience usually found in more expensive hotels. While some guests note a lack of luxury in certain aspects, many consider their stay one of the best ever, enjoying the blend of historical features like beams and quirky architecture with luxurious comfort. The hotel's excellent food service further enhances its appeal, making it a great value option for those seeking a medium-sized hotel offering a high standard of luxury in a unique, historical setting.

No, The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon.

No, The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon.

No, The Royal Hop Pole Wetherspoon doesn't have a gym.

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