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Summary of reviewsGarni Hotel Kessler, situated in the idyllic village of Tyrol, is highly lauded for its central yet peaceful location. With magnificent views of Merano and the surrounding valley, the hotel provides an ideal setting for both relaxation and an array of outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Its proximity to the Dolomites and convenient connectivity to Merano, whether by foot or bus, further enhances its appeal. Guests can easily access local attractions within a short 3-minute walk to the bus station and village center. The beautiful, spacious rooms with garden views or balconies overlooking Merano, coupled with the quiet ambiance, make this location perfect for an active or relaxed mountain getaway.

The breakfast at Garni Hotel Kessler is a consistent highlight among guests. The well-stocked buffet, which emphasizes local products, features a wide selection of bread, rolls, croissants, cakes, cheeses and cold cuts with special mentions for Tyrolean bacon and homemade poppy seed cake. Freshly prepared egg dishes and an impressive variety of beverages, including freshly squeezed juices, add to the delightful breakfast experience. Despite not being extraordinarily wide, the quality of the offerings ensures a hearty and satisfying meal with homemade jams and excellent coffee receiving notable praise.

Guests frequently commend the hotel's rooms for their modern and stylish decor. The rooms are spacious, clean and equipped with large bathrooms and ample storage space. The new and high-quality furnishings contribute to a welcoming and comfortable stay. Balconies with lovely valley or garden views, alongside the peaceful atmosphere of the rooms, enhance the overall experience. The direct access to a beautifully designed garden and a splendid pool adds to the charm of the accommodations. The rooms are well-maintained, bright and newly renovated, ensuring a sense of luxury and comfort.

Cleanliness is another area where Garni Hotel Kessler excels. Guests consistently highlight the modern, meticulously maintained environment and rooms, complemented by daily cleaning services. The spacious and beautifully designed rooms reflect the hotel's commitment to maintaining a clean and welcoming structure. Immaculate housekeeping and great garden amenities, including a pool and swimming pond, further enhance guests' impressions. The clean, comfortable environment and excellent value for money make the hotel a preferred choice for those prioritizing cleanliness.

The staff at Garni Hotel Kessler plays a significant role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guests frequently praise the owner and team for their friendliness, kindness and attentiveness. The staff is known for their helpfulness, providing recommendations and tips for activities, ensuring that individual needs are met. The accommodating and professional demeanor of the team, from the front desk to breakfast service, stands out. Whether handling late check-ins or specific guest requests, the staff's friendly and helpful attitude is consistently highlighted. The owners set a welcoming tone, contributing significantly to the hotel's inviting environment.

Guests also appreciate the convenient parking facilities at Garni Hotel Kessler. With ample parking spaces directly in front of the hotel and additional options in a garage, the parking experience is largely positive. Although parking can be tight at times, the attentive owner provides clear directions, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This convenience adds to the overall positive impression of the hotel.

In summary, Garni Hotel Kessler offers a delightful stay with its picturesque location, delicious breakfast, stylish and clean rooms, exceptional staff and convenient parking, making it a highly recommended destination for travelers.
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Room Types
Double Room With garden views and satellite TV, this Alpine-style room with wooden floors has a bathroom with bath or shower.

Double Room with Balcony With a balcony and satellite TV, this Alpine-style room with wooden floors has a bathroom with bath or shower.

Superior Double Room This larger en suite room with a balcony and satellite TV has Alpine-style décor and wooden floors.

Guest Reviews
Nestled in the picturesque village of Tyrol, Garni Hotel Kessler boasts an enviable central yet tranquil location. Offering stunning views of Merano and the surrounding valley, the hotel is ideally situated for both relaxation and outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Guests appreciate its proximity to the Dolomites and its convenient connections to Merano by foot or bus. The hotel is just a 3-minute walk from the bus station and the village center, making it easy to explore local attractions without needing to move the car. Reviewers highlight the beautiful, spacious rooms with options for garden views or balconies overlooking Merano, as well as the hotel's quiet atmosphere. This location is highly recommended for those seeking an active vacation or a relaxed getaway amidst breathtaking mountain scenery.

Garni Hotel Kessler consistently receives high praise for its breakfast offerings. Guests frequently highlight the well-stocked buffet that emphasizes local products, featuring an extensive selection of bread, rolls, croissants and cakes, along with a variety of cheeses and cold cuts. Tyrolean bacon and homemade poppy seed cake are particularly mentioned as delightful treats. The breakfast includes freshly prepared egg dishes, ranging from boiled eggs to other variations and the beverage options are just as impressive with freshly squeezed juices such as apple-carrot-ginger and beetroot with ginger being standout features.

The breakfast is described as both delicious and healthy with options such as muesli and fresh fruit contributing to its positive reputation. Despite some mentions of the selection not being extraordinarily wide, the quality of the products more than compensates, ensuring a high-quality and substantial meal. The coffee and homemade jams also receive notable mentions, adding to the overall satisfaction of the breakfast experience. The breakfast at Garni Hotel Kessler is deemed exceptionally tasty, varied and high-quality, exceeding the expectations of many guests consistently.

Garni Hotel Kessler has been praised for its rooms by numerous guests, who frequently highlight the modern and stylish decor. Many reviewers found the rooms to be spacious and very clean with large bathrooms and sufficient storage space. Guests have appreciated the new and high-quality furnishings, noting that the rooms feel very welcoming and comfortable.

The hotel's rooms often come with balconies, offering lovely views of the valley or the beautifully designed garden, enhancing the overall experience. Reviews frequently mention the tranquility of the rooms, providing a quiet and restful stay. The direct access to the garden and the splendid pool adds to the charm of the accommodations.

Overall, the rooms are described as well-maintained, bright and newly renovated with tasteful design elements that contribute to a sense of luxury and comfort. The stunning views, alongside the very clean and modern setup, ensure that guests have a delightful stay at Garni Hotel Kessler.

Garni Hotel Kessler receives high praise for its cleanliness across all guest reviews. Visitors frequently highlight the clean environment and rooms, emphasizing the modern and meticulously maintained furnishings. The hotel ensures daily room cleaning, which guests find reassuring. Many note that the rooms are not only clean but also spacious and beautifully designed, reflecting a new and welcoming structure. Guests appreciate the hotel's immaculate housekeeping and the excellent availability of staff, underscoring that everything is kept very clean, creating an all-round beautiful vacation experience. The hotel also garners commendations for its great garden, complete with a pool and swimming pond, enhancing the overall impression of cleanliness and comfort. With its clean rooms and excellent value for money, Garni Hotel Kessler stands out as a preferred choice for cleanliness-conscious travelers.

From the guest reviews of Garni Hotel Kessler, it is evident that the hotel prides itself on its warm and welcoming atmosphere, largely attributed to its exceptional staff. Guests consistently praised the owner and the team for being incredibly friendly, kind and attentive. The owner and other hosts are noted for their readiness to help with recommendations and tips for activities, always ensuring individual wishes are met and needs are addressed.

The management and staff are described as accommodating, professional and dedicated to providing a family-like, relaxed and uncomplicated experience. The team's courteous demeanor, from the front desk to the breakfast service, is a recurrent highlight with particular appreciation for how they handle late check-ins and specific guest requests with a friendly and helpful attitude.

Guests repeatedly mentioned the positive, friendly interactions they had with staff from their arrival to check-out with the owners setting a kind and welcoming tone. Overall, the Garni Hotel Kessler is celebrated for its great, friendly team that contributes significantly to the hotel's inviting and pleasant environment.

Garni Hotel Kessler offers a favorable parking experience for its guests with ample spaces available directly in front of the hotel. The convenience of free parking right outside the door is a notable advantage, ensuring that guests do not encounter any issues finding a spot. For those who need additional options, a garage is available. Although the parking can be a bit tight at times, the owner is attentive and provides clear directions. Overall, the parking situation at the hotel is highly appreciated by guests.

Yes, Garni Hotel Kessler has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Garni Hotel Kessler.

Yes, Garni Hotel Kessler welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Garni Hotel Kessler.

Yes, Garni Hotel Kessler has a gym.

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