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Summary of reviewsHotel Garni Hubertus in Merano is highly praised by guests for its exceptional location, which provides breathtaking views of the city and surrounding valley. Positioned near the Tappeinerweg and other scenic walkways, the hotel offers a tranquil escape while maintaining close proximity to Merano’s city center, easily reachable on foot. This perfect blend of serenity and accessibility is enhanced by the scenic balconies and picturesque setting.

The breakfast at Hotel Garni Hubertus receives abundant accolades for its variety, quality and presentation. Guests rave about the extensive selection of fresh, regional ingredients, including sweet and savory options, local specialties, fresh fruits, cheeses and made-to-order eggs. The breakfast experience, often enjoyed outdoors, is further complemented by the friendly and attentive service.

Dinner options, though limited to small dishes and a delightful snack platter, are warmly received for their quality and taste. The cozy atmosphere with candlelit dinners in the garden and drinks by the pool adds to the dining experience. Proximity to the city's restaurants provides additional dining choices.

The rooms are consistently described as clean, comfortable and well-appointed with modern, cozy decor and stunning views of Merano from the balconies. Although some rooms are smaller with firm bedding, the overall comfort, modern furnishings and easy access to outdoor areas contribute positively to guests’ stays.

Hotel cleanliness is frequently highlighted with the entire facility, including rooms and the swimming pool, maintained to a high standard. Guests appreciate the beautifully designed and spotlessly clean environment.

The staff at Hotel Garni Hubertus earn high marks for their friendliness, helpfulness and attentive service. The owners and specific staff members, such as Thomas, receive special mentions for making guests feel welcome and ensuring a pleasant stay.

Wi-Fi is generally reliable and fast, though there are occasional reports of slower speeds, particularly on balconies. Parking is ample and conveniently located in front of the hotel, though it can sometimes be difficult to find. The presence of steps might pose a challenge for some guests.

The hotel exudes a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere with the accommodating and friendly environment making it an ideal choice for families. Bed comfort receives mostly positive feedback with clean, firm mattresses ensuring a good night's sleep, despite a few mentions of the bedding being on the harder side.

Overall, Hotel Garni Hubertus is highly recommended for its stunning location, excellent breakfast, cozy rooms, spotless cleanliness, friendly staff and convenience in exploring Merano.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Featuring a south-facing balcony or south-facing patio, this room comes with a satellite TV and a desk. The private bathroom includes a shower. Please note that the price per night for this room is the same for 1 or 2 guests.

Small Double Room with Garden View Featuring a south-facing terrace, this room comes with a satellite TV and a seating area.The private bathroom includes a shower. Please note that pets are not allowed to stay in this unit. Please note that the price per night for this room is the same for 1 or 2 guests.

Standard Single Room This single room has a balcony or a patio, a satellite TV and a seating area. The private bathroom includes a shower.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Garni Hubertus boasts an exceptional location that consistently impresses its guests. Nestled high above Merano, the hotel offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding valley, often described as breathtaking. This picturesque setting grants a tranquil escape while still being conveniently close to the center of Merano with most guests noting that the old town is easily reachable on foot within 10-15 minutes.

The hotel is perfectly situated for those looking to explore Merano on foot, as it lies almost directly on the Tappeinerweg, a famous scenic walkway. Nearby, visitors can quickly access the promenade of Princess Sissy and various other walking paths and hiking trails.

Guests appreciate the peaceful yet strategic location, which offers both quiet seclusion and proximity to the vibrant city center. The view from the balconies and the overall scenic placement of the hotel are frequently highlighted as standout features, enhancing the overall experience.

Although some mention the access road to the hotel can be narrow and the pathways steep, these minor inconveniences are generally overshadowed by the hotel's many advantages. The beautiful location, stunning views and ease of access to Merano's attractions make Hotel Garni Hubertus an excellent choice for those seeking a perfect blend of serenity and accessibility.

Hotel Garni Hubertus has received an abundance of praise for its breakfast offerings, which are frequently described as excellent, delicious and varied. The breakfast buffet is noted for its large selection, featuring both sweet and savory options made with high-quality, fresh and regional ingredients. Guests have been delighted by the attention to detail and the love with which the breakfast is prepared, often commenting on the freshness and the presence of local specialties.

Many reviews highlight the sheer abundance and exceptional quality of the breakfast with some going as far as to call it the best they've had in Italy. The availability of fresh fruits, regional cheeses and made-to-order eggs adds to the wide array of choices that cater to all tastes. Some guests have particularly enjoyed the experience of having breakfast by the pool or outdoors, adding to the pleasant atmosphere of their stay.

Moreover, the hotel's commitment to providing a top-notch breakfast is evident in the high-quality products and the care taken in its presentation. Guests appreciate the varied and beautifully arranged buffet, which often leaves nothing to be desired. The friendly and attentive service further enhances the breakfast experience, making it a standout feature of Hotel Garni Hubertus.

At Hotel Garni Hubertus, guests have warmly praised the evening dining options, emphasizing the availability of small dishes upon request. The hotel delights with a snack platter that is delicious and can be served even late in the evening, making it a convenient choice for late arrivals. A delightful culinary delicacy can be enjoyed with tastefully decorated dinners adding a special touch. The evening atmosphere is cozy with the option to have a small, candlelit dinner in the garden, creating a memorable dining experience.

The bistro operation is well-managed with the "boss" ensuring smooth service and smaller dishes are offered from a carefully curated menu. Guests can enjoy drinks at the pool or order in the evening, making the evenings relaxing and enjoyable. The open bar with available snacks adds to the convenience and the wonderful evening snack menu comes highly recommended.

The hotel's proximity to the city center, just a 10-minute walk away, allows for easy access to a good restaurant and a great nearby eatery, offering additional dining choices. Overall, Hotel Garni Hubertus provides a delightful, cozy dining experience, perfect for those seeking a relaxed evening atmosphere with quality food and drink options.

Hotel Garni Hubertus consistently receives positive reviews highlighting the pleasant and inviting nature of its rooms. Guests often praise the modern and cozy decor with many rooms featuring balconies that offer panoramic views of Merano. While some rooms are on the smaller side, they are consistently described as clean, comfortable and well-appointed. The modern furnishings and tasteful decorations enhance the aesthetic appeal, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Many rooms provide direct access to the pool, garden or terrace, enhancing the overall experience with easy outdoor connectivity. The bathrooms are noted for being modern and well-maintained, adding to the comfort of the stay. A highlight for many visitors is the stunning view of Merano from their rooms, which is a recurring theme in the feedback.

The beds are generally comfortable, although a few guests mention the firmness of the bedding. The presence of amenities such as small refrigerators and fans is appreciated, contributing to the convenience and comfort of the accommodations.

Guests also frequently mention the tranquil and scenic location of the hotel, further complemented by a fantastic and rich breakfast. Overall, the rooms at Hotel Garni Hubertus are well-received for their cleanliness, comfort, modern style and breathtaking views, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking a delightful stay in Merano.

Hotel Garni Hubertus offers a variety of opinions on bed comfort with many guests praising the experience. Numerous reviewers noted the beds and bedding to be comfortable, clean and firm, ensuring a good night's sleep. Words like comfortable beds, very comfortable beds, comfortable mattresses and the beds are comfortable frequently appear, conveying a generally positive impression. Guests also consistently mentioned sleeping excellently in the beds, further emphasizing the restful experience provided by the hotel.

However, a few guests found the beds to be on the harder side or the pillows uncomfortable and some noted that the bedding setup (e.g., single bed quilts on double beds) was less than ideal. Despite these minor issues, the overall feedback highlights a strong level of comfort in the sleeping arrangements at Hotel Garni Hubertus.

Hotel Garni Hubertus is consistently praised for its exceptional cleanliness. Guests frequently highlight the immaculate condition of the entire facility, from the modern, well-maintained rooms to the spotless swimming pool. Visitors describe the accommodation as clean, comfortable and beautifully designed. The hotel's garden is also noted for its cleanliness and well-kept appearance. Overall, the establishment exudes a sense of being very well-maintained with numerous positive remarks about everything being spotlessly clean. While there are isolated comments about room cleanliness issues, the overwhelming sentiment from visitors is one of satisfaction with the hotel's pristine environment.

Hotel Garni Hubertus consistently earns praise for its exceptional staff. Reviewers frequently describe them as very friendly, accommodating and immensely helpful. The owners, noted for being welcoming and attentive, go out of their way to ensure guests feel at home, taking particular care in providing excellent service and showing great appreciation for their guests.

Thomas, a specific mention among the staff, receives admiration for his friendliness and dedication. The cleaning staff is considerate and respectful of guests' privacy. The entire team, including both the hosts and the staff, is highly commended for their warm hospitality and genuine commitment to guest satisfaction.

A few guests did note the owners’ limited Italian language skills, though this did not seem to significantly impact their stay. Guests repeatedly highlight the pleasant atmosphere created by the super friendly and attentive staff, further enhancing the charm and appeal of Hotel Garni Hubertus.

Hotel Garni Hubertus offers Wi-Fi throughout the property with varying experiences reported by guests. Many found the Wi-Fi to be fast and working well, enhancing the convenience during their stay. The connection is consistently available, which is ideal for staying connected. However, some guests have noted that the Wi-Fi can be slow at times, especially in areas like the balcony where the coverage seems to weaken. Despite occasional speed issues, the provision of Wi-Fi overall contributes positively to the guest experience.

Hotel Garni Hubertus offers the convenience of multiple parking spaces directly in front of the building, making it easily accessible by car. Visitors appreciated the availability of parking, noting that it is on hotel grounds and often free. Many reviews highlighted the optimal and ample parking situation, which allows guests to enjoy a hassle-free stay. The hotel's location is another advantage, as it is within walking distance of the historical city center.

However, a few guests did mention that parking can sometimes be difficult to find and a small number of reviews pointed out that the parking is not 100% secure. Despite this, the overall sentiment about the parking facilities is largely positive, emphasizing the ease and convenience they add to the guests' experience. Additionally, a warning should be noted about the presence of many steps, which might be challenging for some to manage.

Overall, parking at Hotel Garni Hubertus is generally well-regarded, contributing positively to the ease and comfort of the stay.

Hotel Garni Hubertus is a family-oriented and family-run establishment that exudes a welcoming and familiar atmosphere. Guests repeatedly highlight the uncomplicated and friendly environment, making it an ideal choice for families. The hotel staff is noted for taking great care of their guests, further enhancing the family-friendly appeal. Overall, the hotel offers a pleasant and accommodating atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

No, Hotel Garni Hubertus doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Garni Hubertus.

Yes, Hotel Garni Hubertus welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Garni Hubertus.

No, Hotel Garni Hubertus doesn't have a gym.

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