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Summary of reviewsHotel Aurora, located in Treviso, is widely praised for its highly convenient location, perfect for travelers looking to explore the area or visit nearby Venice. The hotel is just a short taxi ride from Treviso Airport and conveniently close to public transportation, the city center and a large hospital. Guests appreciate the nearby supermarkets, cafés and dining options such as an excellent pizzeria and bar. Practical amenities like 24-hour reception and free parking further enhance its appeal, making it a solid choice for visitors looking for a practical, well-located place to stay.

The rooms at Hotel Aurora are commended for their cleanliness, spaciousness and comfort, adorned with vintage décor and functional furnishings. Guests especially appreciate the spotless condition of the rooms, which are cleaned daily and equipped with essential amenities like air conditioning, mini-fridges and TVs. Though some rooms may show signs of wear or have minor issues like limited sockets for charging devices, the overall atmosphere remains welcoming and cozy. The cleanliness of the hotel is consistently praised, from the snow-white bedding to the meticulously cleaned facilities, which greatly enhances the guest experience.

Hotel Aurora has a friendly and helpful staff, which is a standout feature of the hotel. The service is warm, welcoming and accommodating with the reception staff known for their professionalism and prompt assistance. The 24-hour front desk ensures that help is always available, reinforcing the hotel's reputation for reliability and high-quality service.

While the hotel does not provide an on-site breakfast, guests find convenient alternatives at a nearby café offering delicious and reasonably priced options. The hotel also provides complimentary Wi-Fi, though some guests report issues with spotty or weak signals, especially in the upstairs rooms.

Families find Hotel Aurora accommodating with the staff being particularly attentive to children and providing thoughtful amenities like extra blankets for winter. The hotel's accessibility features, such as elevators and convenient luggage storage, add to its suitability for all guests, though improvements like adding ramps could enhance accessibility further.

In summary, Hotel Aurora is well-regarded for its convenient location, cleanliness, friendly staff and practical amenities, making it a practical, comfortable and welcoming choice for travelers visiting Treviso.
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Room Types
Single Room This air-conditioned room comes with an LCD TV, refrigerator and tiled floors.

Double Room This air-conditioned room comes with an LCD TV, refrigerator and tiled floors.

Triple Room This air-conditioned room comes with an LCD TV, refrigerator and tiled floors. It features a balcony.

Quadruple Room This air-conditioned room comes with an LCD TV, refrigerator and tiled floors. It features a balcony.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Aurora boasts a highly convenient location, ideal for travelers looking to explore Treviso and its surroundings. Situated just a short 5-minute taxi ride from Treviso Airport, it provides easy access for those arriving by plane. The hotel is strategically positioned near various points of interest, including the train station and the city center, both of which are reachable on foot within 20 minutes. Public transportation is also a strong point with multiple bus stops nearby offering connections to key areas like the train station and city center.

The proximity to a large hospital makes it a practical choice for visitors with medical needs or those attending to patients. Additionally, the hotel is well-connected to both Treviso and Venice, making it a suitable base for day trips to one of Italy’s most iconic cities. Several guests highlight the presence of supermarkets, cafés and excellent dining options such as a nearby pizzeria and bar, which add to the overall convenience of the location.

Moreover, the hotel offers practical amenities like 24-hour reception and free parking right next to the building, enhancing its appeal for travelers. Despite being slightly outside the immediate center, the location is still very accessible and offers a quieter, more relaxed environment while remaining close to essential services and attractions. For those looking for a practical, well-located place to stay in Treviso, Hotel Aurora stands out as a solid option.

Hotel Aurora presents a mixed experience when it comes to breakfast options. Guests frequently mention that the hotel itself does not offer an on-site breakfast, a service that appears to have been discontinued, possibly due to Covid-related reasons. However, visitors need not worry entirely; a small café located within the same building serves as a convenient alternative. This café has garnered positive remarks, especially for offering a delicious breakfast for a reasonable price—3€ for a cup of cappuccino and two fresh croissants. Additionally, there is a café-shop on the nearby hospital grounds that provides a tasty breakfast experience. While the absence of a direct breakfast offering at the hotel may be a drawback for some, the nearby options ensure guests can still start their day with a satisfying meal.

Hotel Aurora offers spacious, clean and comfortable rooms adorned with vintage décor and functional furnishings. Many guests appreciate the spotless condition of the rooms, which are cleaned daily and equipped with essential amenities such as air conditioning, mini-fridges and TVs. The hotel provides good value for money with a focus on maintaining a high level of cleanliness and comfort.

However, some guests note that the rooms can be modestly sized with certain facilities showing signs of wear. The bathrooms, although clean, tend to be quite small with some minor issues like small shower cabins and limited water retention. Additionally, there are reports of a limited number of sockets for charging electronic devices and occasional problems with noise from neighboring rooms or hallways.

Overall, while Hotel Aurora maintains a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, it is better suited for short stays due to the basic comfort level and occasional discomfort from older equipment and small room sizes. The hotel’s friendly management and good location are notable positives, making it a practical choice for travelers.

Hotel Aurora receives mixed feedback regarding its bedding. Many guests report a comfortable experience, praising the beds for their warmth, comfort and spaciousness. Comments mention comfortable pillows and beds with several guests highlighting the pleasant sleep quality on double beds and clean bedding. Extra blankets provided for the winter season have been noted as a thoughtful touch.

However, some reviews indicate issues with the mattresses, describing them as outdated with noticeable springs and stiff or soft to a point of discomfort. A few guests mentioned that the mattresses were so uncomfortable that they should be urgently replaced. There are also mentions of what seem to be camp beds, which some guests found unsuitable for a restful night.

Overall, while many guests commend the comfort of the beds, there are clear indications that some rooms may benefit from updated bedding to ensure a consistently comfortable sleep experience.

Hotel Aurora consistently receives high marks for its commitment to cleanliness, reflecting the meticulous care taken in maintaining the property. Guests frequently commend the hotel for being perfectly clean and they are pleased with the daily cleaning routines that ensure a tidy environment. The snow-white bedding and spotless rooms are particularly appreciated, reinforcing a sense of hygiene and comfort. Reviewers also praise the clean towels and bathrooms, highlighting the overall clean structure of the facility.

The accommodations are described as clean and cozy with furniture and facilities kept in immaculate condition. Despite a few negative remarks about isolated issues, such as occasional mold or cobwebs, the general sentiment leans towards a positive impression of cleanliness. The crystal cleanliness and freshly cleaned amenities greatly enhance the guest experience, making Hotel Aurora a reliable choice for travelers prioritizing hygiene.

Hotel Aurora's staff consistently garners praise for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness, making it a standout feature of the hotel. The service is described as warm, welcoming and accommodating with staff members frequently commended for their courteous and attentive behavior. Guests appreciate the localized knowledge shared by the hosts and the polite, supportive demeanor of the entire team.

The concierge and reception staff are notably kind and prompt, offering comprehensive service that includes quick responses to messages and helpful information. Several reviews highlight the professionalism and friendliness of the receptionists, who make the check-in process smooth and efficient with a warm-hearted approach that immediately puts guests at ease. The night doorman and the hotel's owner also receive special mentions for their friendliness and engagement with guests.

Despite some isolated mentions of language barriers and occasional unfriendliness, the overwhelming majority of reviews emphasize the staff’s excellence and genuine care for guest satisfaction. The 24-hour front desk ensures that assistance is always available, further enhancing the hotel's reputation for reliability and high-quality service.

In summary, the staff at Hotel Aurora are a major asset, consistently described as kind, helpful and attentive, making the overall experience of staying at the hotel pleasant and welcoming.

Hotel Aurora provides complimentary Wi-Fi access with an easy-to-remember password. Guests who managed to connect reported that the Wi-Fi was good and reliable, particularly appreciating this service along with other amenities like the in-room fridge. However, several guests experienced issues with reports of weak, spotty, or non-existent Wi-Fi in different areas of the hotel, especially in the upstairs rooms. While the positive feedback highlights good connectivity, the frequent issues regarding weak signals and non-functioning Wi-Fi indicate that the service may be inconsistent.

Hotel Aurora offers a welcoming experience for families, highlighted by the friendly reception staff who are particularly attentive to children. The location is convenient with the added benefit of free parking, making it easy for families to manage. Children are well accommodated with beds especially designed for them, ensuring comfort during their stay. The hotel exudes a family-oriented atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those traveling with kids. Cleanliness is a priority, contributing to a pleasant stay. Additionally, the staff provide useful guidance for those traveling with pets, adding to the overall considerate approach of the hotel.

Hotel Aurora offers good accessibility with features such as elevators and the ability to leave luggage both before and after check-in, ensuring convenience for all guests. The hotel is strategically located near the city center, making it a practical choice for visitors, especially those visiting relatives in the hospital. Although the premises boast good noise insulation and the large windows provide ample ventilation, the hotel could improve by adding ramps to enhance accessibility further. Overall, Hotel Aurora is a viable option for a short stay, offering ease of access and proximity to key locations, though some areas could benefit from additional accessibility improvements for guests with disabilities.

No, Hotel Aurora doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Aurora.

Yes, Hotel Aurora welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Aurora.

No, Hotel Aurora doesn't have a gym.

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