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Summary of reviewsUniversity Hotel Dorrah garners strong praise for its numerous positive attributes, making it a well-regarded choice for business travelers and tourists alike. At the heart of these reviews is its prime location, which is central yet tranquil. Nestled just outside the city center, the hotel is a stone's throw from a modern shopping center and a short walk to the bus station, striking an ideal balance between convenience and serenity. Guests feel safe and stress-free in the well-trafficked and high-value area.

The breakfast offerings at the hotel impress guests with their delicious, ample and varied choices, often likened to a hearty, home-cooked meal. Positive remarks highlight the quality and variety, including favorites such as omelettes, homemade bread and traditional Bosnian breakfast items. The convenience of early servings and the availability of meals-to-go further enhance the breakfast experience.

Cleanliness stands out as a top feature at University Hotel Dorrah, consistently praised across reviews. The hotel is impeccably maintained with rooms and common areas described as spotless and modern. This dedication to hygiene extends to the facilities and laundry services, ensuring a consistently neat atmosphere for guests.

The rooms, despite being modest and somewhat compact, receive positive reviews for their cleanliness, modern furnishings and comfort. Many guests note the peacefulness and the pleasant views from higher floors, which add to the overall restful stay. Practical amenities, such as private parking and efficient Wi-Fi, contribute to a seamless guest experience.

Guests frequently commend the hotel's staff for their friendliness, professionalism and helpful nature. The English-speaking team enhances the convenience for international visitors and their dedication to making guests feel welcomed and valued is a recurring highlight.

The provision of free and reliable Wi-Fi, coupled with fast internet speeds, ensures that guests can stay connected effortlessly, be it for work or leisure. Similarly, the hotel's parking facilities, particularly the free underground garage, receive accolades for their security organization and availability.

The comfortable beds add to the restful ambiance of the hotel with most guests finding the beds satisfactory in terms of space and comfort. While some isolated mentions of pillow and bed preferences occur, the general consensus is positive.

Overall, University Hotel Dorrah offers a modern, clean and comfortable stay that meets the needs of its guests with a strong balance of quality and affordability, solidifying its reputation as a dependable three-star hotel option for budget-conscious travelers.
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Room Types
Twin Room The twin room includes a private bathroom fitted with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The twin room's kitchenette, which has a refrigerator, is available for cooking and storing food. The air-conditioned twin room features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, soundproof walls, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker as well as city views. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Double or Twin Room The twin/double room's kitchenette, which features a refrigerator and a tea and coffee maker, is available for cooking and storing food. This air-conditioned twin/double room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with city views.

Standard Double or Twin Room The twin/double room includes a private bathroom equipped with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The twin/double room's kitchenette, which features a refrigerator, is available for cooking and storing food. The air-conditioned twin/double room offers a flat-screen TV with cable channels, soundproof walls, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker as well as city views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Located in a prime spot, University Hotel Dorrah offers an unbeatable location that guests consistently praise. The hotel's convenience is accentuated by its positioning directly opposite a large, modern shopping center, making retail therapy effortlessly accessible. It's merely a two-minute walk to the mall, ensuring guests can enjoy shopping without a long commute.

Public transportation is also easily accessible with the bus station a short 5-10 minute walk away. This makes it particularly convenient for those needing to travel around the city or catch an early flight. The hotel is just outside the city center, providing a tranquil setting while still being within walking distance of the main attractions and business appointments.

The central location is noted as being very safe, contributing to a stress-free stay. The fact that it's beside a well-trafficked area adds an extra layer of comfort for guests who might be concerned about safety in unfamiliar locations. The area also offers a high quality-price ratio, making it a practical choice for travelers looking for value.

In summary, the location of University Hotel Dorrah is described as perfect, central and convenient, making it an ideal base for both business travelers and tourists.

University Hotel Dorrah offers an exceptional breakfast experience, often highlighted for its delicious and plentiful options. Guests frequently praise the hearty servings and the quality of food, including tasty omelettes and homemade bread. The breakfast is described as sufficient to keep travelers energized for the rest of the day with some noting it feels just like a comforting meal at home.

Many reviews showcased satisfaction with the variety and taste, mentioning the abundant and freshly prepared items. Particular favorites include the Bosnian breakfast served in the attached cafe, which receives high marks for its excellent quality. For early birds, breakfast starts at 7 o'clock, offering large portions and a good selection, such as donuts and coffee, leaving guests satisfied.

While some guests noted a preference for more variety beyond the regular eggs and salami, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. The breakfast also includes the option of prepared meals-to-go, which is convenient for those in a rush. With breakfast included in the stay, University Hotel Dorrah seems to impress guests with its ample, nourishing and delicious morning offerings.

University Hotel Dorrah offers rooms that are consistently praised for their cleanliness and modern furnishings. Guests appreciate the neat and tidy environment, describing the rooms as very clean, beautiful and pleasantly arranged. Despite being modest and somewhat minimalist, the rooms are comfortable with comfortable beds and fresh, modern decor.

Many reviewers noted that the rooms are small, sometimes resembling dormitory settings, which makes them adequately equipped for short stays rather than extended visits. The compact nature of the rooms doesn't go unnoticed, though the straightforward and uncomplicated setup receives a generally positive response. Some visitors also mentioned the rooms being peaceful and quiet, contributing to a restful stay.

Additionally, several guests enjoyed a nice view from their rooms, particularly from higher floors, enhancing their overall experience. The practical amenities and convenience of private parking, along with a quality breakfast, add to the appeal of University Hotel Dorrah for those looking for an efficient, short-term accommodation option.

University Hotel Dorrah offers a generally positive sleeping experience for its guests. Most of the reviews highlight the comfortable beds with many emphasizing the quality of the mattresses. Phrases such as "comfortable beds" appear frequently, indicating a consistent level of comfort. Guests also mention that they comfortably fit on the beds, suggesting that the hotel provides adequate space for a restful night. While there are mentions of hard and high pillows and an entirely tight bed, these comments are less frequent. Some reviews note specific negatives like noisy and uncomfortable beds. However, the overall sentiment reflects a favorable view of the bed quality, contributing to an overall comfortable room experience.

University Hotel Dorrah stands out prominently for its impeccable cleanliness, as echoed consistently across guest reviews. The rooms and various parts of the hotel are described as perfectly clean, spotlessly clean and immaculate with cleanliness being spot on and tip-top. Visitors can expect a very clean, modern and comfortable environment with clean and nice furnishings contributing to a neat atmosphere. The clean establishment extends to laundry services and well-kept facilities, ensuring a hygienic stay. This clean and modern hotel comes highly recommended for maintaining an exceptionally tidy and inviting property.

When it comes to the staff at University Hotel Dorrah, guest reviews highlight an extremely positive experience. Words like friendly, very friendly and helpful consistently appear, portraying a team that is not only welcoming but also dedicated to aiding guests whenever needed. The staff is frequently described as polite, accommodating and professional, suggesting a high standard of service. Guests appreciated the English-speaking staff, which adds to the convenience for international visitors. The consistent mentions of super polite and exceptionally friendly personnel further underline a culture of kindness and attentiveness. Whether needing information, assistance or simply a warm reception, the team at University Hotel Dorrah seemingly goes above and beyond to make guests feel well-taken care of and valued.

University Hotel Dorrah receives high praise for its Wi-Fi services from guests. The hotel offers free and reliable Wi-Fi, providing good connectivity and a strong, stable signal. Many guests mentioned the fast internet speeds and the quality of the Wi-Fi, highlighting its efficiency for tasks such as WhatsApp video calls. Overall, the positive feedback emphasizes the hotel's commitment to delivering a dependable and high-quality Wi-Fi service, enhancing the overall guest experience.

University Hotel Dorrah offers an impressive range of parking options that have left a positive impression on its guests. The provision of free underground parking stands out as one of the major benefits, frequently mentioned with praise. Guests appreciate the security and organization of the parking facilities, highlighting both the safety and the ample availability of parking spaces.

The underground garage is not only well-maintained and clean but also provides a private and secure environment for vehicles. The consistency in remarks about the adequacy and sufficiency of the parking spaces reinforces the convenience experienced by the hotel's guests. Overall, the parking at University Hotel Dorrah is both a reliable and highly valued feature for those visiting the property.

3 Star
University Hotel Dorrah offers a modern establishment that adheres to an unassuming style while fulfilling many essential needs. The hotel provides a strong balance of quality and affordability, making it a great option for budget-conscious travelers. The general condition is sufficient and guests can expect a standard level of comfort and amenities typical for a strong three-star rating. Although the hotel may not have any standout features, its reasonable pricing makes it a popular choice for those seeking a budget-friendly stay.

No, University Hotel Dorrah doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at University Hotel Dorrah.

No, University Hotel Dorrah doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at University Hotel Dorrah.

No, University Hotel Dorrah doesn't have a gym.

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