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Summary of reviewsHotel Browar Wiatr consistently garners high praise from its guests, particularly highlighting several key aspects that contribute to its stellar reputation.

The hotel's location is frequently lauded for its perfect blend of accessibility and tranquility. Guests appreciate its close proximity to the heart of the town and the renowned Uniejów thermal baths, making it ideal for both convenience and relaxation. The atmosphere is complemented by an on-site brewery and restaurant, enhancing the overall experience with a cozy, unique charm.

The breakfast offerings are another standout feature, consistently described as very good, abundant and available at a reasonable rate. Guests are impressed by the wide selection of fresh, delicious items with specific mentions of pancakes and coffee. While there are occasional minor critiques regarding specific items, the general feedback remains overwhelmingly positive, contributing to a delightful start to the day.

Similarly, the restaurant's dinner service receives high praise for its pleasant atmosphere, excellent design and varied, delectable menu. Specific dishes like herring soup, sauerkraut soup and baked trout come highly recommended and the great beer further enhances the dining experience. Excellent service and cleanliness also contribute to making the restaurant a key highlight.

The hotel's rooms stand out for their spaciousness, modern industrial decor and cleanliness. Features such as mezzanines, garden areas and terrace access add to the appeal, making the rooms inviting and comfortable. The rooms are well-equipped with necessary amenities, large bathrooms and soundproofing, ensuring a peaceful stay.

Cleanliness is a consistent point of praise with the well-maintained environment extending from rooms to common areas. The immaculate condition of the hotel leaves a lasting positive impression on guests.

The staff at Hotel Browar Wiatr are frequently commended for their friendliness, helpfulness and professional service. The team's attentive and quick responses to issues enhance the overall guest experience, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the hotel.

While the beds receive a mix of reviews, many guests find them very comfortable, though there are occasional mentions of issues with specific bed types and maintenance.

Overall, Hotel Browar Wiatr excels in providing a comfortable, clean and welcoming environment with excellent service, strategic location and delightful dining experiences, making it a favored choice among travelers.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room with Garden View The twin/double room offers air conditioning, a wardrobe, a terrace with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower. The unit has 2 beds.

Double or Twin Room with Mezzanine and Garden View This double room features a flat-screen TV, a seating area and air conditioning.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Browar Wiatr boasts a fantastic and convenient location that consistently receives high praise from its guests. Positioned close to the heart of the town and near the renowned Uniejów thermal baths, it offers the perfect blend of accessibility and tranquility. Visitors appreciate the ease with which they can reach the most important local attractions, all within a few minutes' walk.

The hotel's proximity to the thermal baths is a highlight, allowing guests to enjoy the soothing springs while still retreating to a peaceful and quiet accommodation. Its location near the highway adds to the convenience, making it accessible for travelers while maintaining a serene atmosphere.

Guests also commend the hotel's unique combination of a cozy, atmospheric setting with the added charm of an on-site brewery and restaurant, which enriches the overall experience. This blend of comfort, strategic positioning and distinctive features makes Hotel Browar Wiatr a favored choice for those visiting the area.

Hotel Browar Wiatr consistently receives accolades for its breakfast offerings, which are described as very good, abundant and included in the room rate. Guests frequently highlight the wide selection available, noting that the breakfast is varied, delicious and made from fresh products. The breakfast buffet is praised for its richness and excellent preparation with many guests singling out specific items like pancakes and coffee as particularly enjoyable.

Despite some mentions of monotony and mediocre quality in specific food items like store-bought cakes and juices, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. Visitors appreciate the delicious and diverse menu, which contributes to a pleasant dining experience. Additionally, the modern hotel's good location and the comfort of the rooms add to the appeal for those enjoying breakfast. The pricing is also considered reasonable, adding further value to what is already regarded as a delightful start to the day at Hotel Browar Wiatr.

Hotel Browar Wiatr's restaurant is frequently praised for its pleasant evening atmosphere and excellent interior design. Guests consistently highlight the delicious and varied food offered both for breakfast and during dinner. The menu comes highly recommended with particular commendation for dishes such as the herring soup, sauerkraut soup and baked trout. Regular mentions of the great beer complementing the meals also underline the overall dining experience. Positive remarks extend to the hotel's friendly service, immaculate cleanliness and well-maintained conditions. Whether enjoying breakfast or dining à la carte, the delicious and well-presented food, in conjunction with the 10/10 service, makes the restaurant a standout feature of the hotel.

Hotel Browar Wiatr boasts impressively spacious and well-maintained rooms, making it an ideal choice for travelers who appreciate comfort and cleanliness. Many of the rooms feature appealing mezzanines, providing a unique structural element that adds to the spacious feel. This ample space is put to good use with rooms offering separate garden areas and terrace access, allowing guests to enjoy both indoor and outdoor relaxation.

The decor of the rooms aligns with a beautiful, modern industrial style that is both aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully designed. Each room is clean and furnished according to the latest trends, creating an inviting atmosphere. The soundproofing in the rooms ensures a peaceful stay, allowing guests to relax without disturbance.

In terms of amenities, the hotel rooms are equipped with all necessary conveniences, including large bathrooms and well-organized space, which adds to the overall comfort. The hotel's decor extends beyond individual rooms to the whole establishment, including the restaurant, contributing to a cohesive and attractive environment.

Overall, Hotel Browar Wiatr delivers a consistent experience with its expansive, beautifully designed rooms, intimate setting and attention to detail in cleanliness and decor.

Hotel Browar Wiatr receives mixed reviews when it comes to the quality of their beds. Many guests praise the beds as very comfortable and top-notch, indicating that good sleep quality is prioritized. Some reviews describe the beds as "comfortable" or "great," highlighting positive experiences.

However, there are a few critiques concerning certain aspects. Some guests mention that the beds for children are hard. Issues with creaky mattresses and old single beds have been noted, along with comments about generally uncomfortable beds and unsatisfactory deliveries.

Overall, while there are numerous commendations for comfortable and high-quality beds, there are occasional concerns about specific bed types and maintenance issues that may need attention.

Hotel Browar Wiatr has consistently received praise for its cleanliness and well-maintained environment. Guests have highlighted the new and clean rooms, which are also noted for their spaciousness and minimalist design. Many reviewers remarked on the exceptionally clean atmosphere, from the rooms to the front desk area. The neatness extends throughout the hotel, contributing to an overall sense of calm and order.

The hotel's service also garnered positive feedback, enhancing the guest experience. Although a few comments mentioned isolated areas like bathrooms not being thoroughly cleaned, the overwhelming consensus points to top-notch cleanliness. Impressively maintained, the property left a lasting impression on visitors, making it a favorable choice for those prioritizing hygiene and order during their stay.

Hotel Browar Wiatr enjoys an outstanding reputation for its approachable and courteous staff. Guests frequently highlight the friendliness and helpfulness of the team, noting that the service is both attentive and professional. The staff's quick response to any issues adds to the overall positive experience. Visitors appreciate the warm, welcoming and well-organized nature of the personnel, which significantly contributes to a comfortable stay. Mention is also made of the polite and accommodating manner the staff maintains, ensuring that interactions at the reception and throughout the hotel are pleasant. The cleaning service is particularly noted for its niceness and efficiency. Overall, the service at Hotel Browar Wiatr is consistently described as being of the highest level, making it a key highlight for guests.

No, Hotel Browar Wiatr doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Browar Wiatr.

Yes, Hotel Browar Wiatr welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Browar Wiatr.

No, Hotel Browar Wiatr doesn't have a gym.

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