Masia Vista Hermosa

Vallromanas , , Carretera Masnou A Granollers Km 7,5 (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsMasia Vista Hermosa is a serene retreat nestled amidst breathtaking mountainous terrain, offering spectacular views and tranquility in the heart of nature. Positioned near a natural park and featuring a large horse riding stable, it is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and those seeking to escape the city hustle. The calm and stunning surroundings, along with a charming house and inviting pool, create an idyllic atmosphere.

The breakfast at Masia Vista Hermosa receives high praise for its abundant and delicious offerings, particularly the croissants. Guests enjoy the option of having breakfast on a picturesque terrace surrounded by trees and flowers or served in their rooms, further enhancing the tranquil experience despite some noting the additional cost and later serving time.

The rooms at Masia Vista Hermosa are often described as cozy, comfortable and clean with modern touches and ample space. Suites featuring amenities like round bathtubs, saunas and fireplaces are particularly popular for their romantic ambiance and stunning views. While some guests mentioned areas for improvement, such as lighting and outdated decor, the overall cleanliness and charm of the rooms, combined with the beautiful architecture and decor of the property, ensure a pleasant stay.

Cleanliness is a strong point at Masia Vista Hermosa with most guests finding the accommodations very clean and tidy. This, coupled with the personal and welcoming service from the staff, significantly contributes to a positive experience. The staff is frequently praised for their attentiveness, friendliness and dedication, making guests feel at home.

The spa facilities, including large whirlpool or jacuzzi bathtubs and private saunas, are highly appreciated for their relaxing ambiance. The massages further add to the serene and restful escape that Masia Vista Hermosa offers.

The swimming pool at the property is another standout feature. Its large size, cleanliness and strategic location make it an excellent spot for guests to relax and unwind, complementing the overall charm of the hotel.

Masia Vista Hermosa is also noted for its family-friendly environment, offering calm and unique features that appeal to families, such as attic rooms and various outdoor activities like hiking and horseback excursions. The natural surroundings make it an appealing choice for families looking to connect with nature.

Overall, Masia Vista Hermosa provides a blend of natural beauty, comfort and tranquility, making it an exceptional destination for visitors seeking a peaceful and picturesque retreat.
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Room Types
Suite This spacious suite includes a fireplace, a balcony with countryside views and a bathroom.

Double or Twin Room - Attic This spacious attic room has wooden floors, a sofa bed and TV.

Superior Double Room This spacious room has a private balcony.

Double Room Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The double room provides a tiled floor and heating. The unit offers 1 bed.

Double Room Annex Building The double room features a private entrance, a wardrobe, a terrace with mountain views as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room with Spa Bath Annex Building The double room provides heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled amidst stunning mountainous terrain, Masia Vista Hermosa boasts an exceptional location that offers a peaceful retreat in the heart of nature. The farmhouse is set against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, providing guests with spectacular views and an incredible sense of tranquility. Situated near a natural park, the area is ideal for nature lovers and those looking to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The surroundings feature a large horse riding stable, adding to the rural charm of the place.

Guests frequently highlight the idyllic beauty of the environment, making it a perfect spot for a getaway from Barcelona. The calm and serene setting is complemented by a charming house and inviting pool, ensuring a relaxing and cozy stay. While the access road might pose some challenges during the rainy season, the natural splendor and the spectacular, privileged location more than make up for it. The area is replete with scenic routes that promise impressive views, especially appealing for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

In summary, Masia Vista Hermosa is a beautiful place to disconnect, offering an extraordinary and peaceful setting surrounded by nature. The charm of the farmhouse, combined with the serene environment, makes it an exceptional destination for visitors seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

Masia Vista Hermosa offers a charming and serene setting for guests to enjoy their stay. The breakfast at this quaint hotel consistently receives high praise. Guests describe the breakfast as phenomenal, excellent and very good. It's often highlighted for its completeness and abundant offerings. Many reviewers mentioned the presence of delicious croissants, which seem to be a standout feature.

One of the unique aspects of the breakfast experience at Masia Vista Hermosa is its setting. Breakfast can be enjoyed on the terrace, enveloped by trees and vibrant flowers, adding to the tranquil and picturesque environment of the hotel. Furthermore, the option to have breakfast served in the room is also appreciated for its abundance and taste.

Despite a few mentions of the breakfast not being included in the room price and the serving time starting at 9:30 am, the overall impression remains highly positive. The quiet, family-friendly atmosphere of the hotel enhances the breakfast experience, making it a recommended part of the stay. Facilities, the scenic location and the charming house all contribute to a delightful visit, further enriched by the memorable breakfast offerings.

Masia Vista Hermosa offers a variety of room experiences, garnering mixed but predominantly positive feedback from guests. The rooms are often described as cozy, comfortable and well-maintained with some reviewers highlighting the spaciousness and cleanliness as key positives. Many guests appreciated the modern touches and comfortable beds, noting that the rooms provide a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The suites, particularly those with amenities like round bathtubs, saunas and fireplaces, are popular for creating a romantic setting. Stunning views from the rooms further enhance the guest experience, contributing to the overall charm of the stay. Guests frequently mentioned the beautiful architecture and decor of the property, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

While several reviews noted that the rooms met high standards with adequate facilities, a few highlighted areas for improvement such as inadequate lighting and outdated decor. However, the cleanliness of the rooms was consistently praised. Despite some comments about the rooms being basic, the overall environment and value for money seemed satisfactory to the majority of visitors.

Masia Vista Hermosa's personal touch from the owners and the beautiful exterior grounds contribute to a pleasant stay, making it a good choice for travelers seeking a balance of comfort and rustic charm.

At 'Masia Vista Hermosa,' the feedback on the beds reveals a mix of experiences. Many guests appreciated the comfort, describing the beds and mattresses as comfortable and even super comfortable in some cases. Some found their mattress very comfortable, noting it as a highlight. However, a notable number of guests experienced the mattresses and bedding as hard, often describing them as quite firm. There were mentions of the beds not being to everyone's liking with comments on the beds being old, small or not very comfortable. Despite these varied opinions, the rooms were consistently described as spacious. While some bedding issues were noted, including occasional stains and firmness, the overall reception of the bed comfort appears to be polarized among guests.

Masia Vista Hermosa offers a blend of charm and cleanliness with several reviews highlighting the very clean and tidy rooms. Guests frequently describe the accommodations as spacious and comfortable, ensuring a pleasant stay. Despite some comments on the property's age, the upkeep appears commendable, contributing to a positive overall impression. However, opinions on room cleanliness are mixed with some guests finding the cleanliness lacking and noting a need for improvement. Overall, the majority of guests commend the hotel for its cleanliness, making it a reliable choice for travelers.

The reviews for Masia Vista Hermosa consistently highlight the exceptional service provided by the staff. Guests frequently mentioned the attentiveness and friendliness of the employees, describing the team as polite, professional and committed. The staff's kindness and personalized approach received particular praise with many guests noting the charming and welcoming atmosphere created by the host and owner. A frequent mention, Elvira, was recognized for her helpfulness and making everything easy for visitors. The manager's super attentive nature was also appreciated. Overall, the quality of service and the staff's dedication to guests' needs contributed significantly to the positive guest experiences at Masia Vista Hermosa, making it highly recommended, especially for couples seeking a friendly and familiar environment.

Masia Vista Hermosa offers a spa experience that receives high praise for its relaxing ambiance and excellent amenities. Guests frequently highlight the large bathtubs, some of which are whirlpool or jacuzzi style, as standout features that contribute to a serene stay. The saunas, both private and within the rooms, add an extra layer of tranquility, enhancing the overall relaxation. Additional services like massages complement the peaceful environment, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking a calm and restful escape.

Masia Vista Hermosa boasts an impressive swimming pool that has garnered favorable feedback from its guests. Many reviews highlight the pool's large size and commend its cleanliness and maintenance. The setting of the pool area is described as fantastic with a mix of sun loungers available both in sunny spots and shade, making it perfect for relaxation. Visitors found the pool to be pleasant, warm and refreshing, adding significantly to their overall experience at the hotel. The pool's location within the property further enhances its appeal, providing a serene and enjoyable spot for guests to unwind. Overall, the swimming pool at Masia Vista Hermosa stands out as a well-maintained, inviting feature that complements the hotel's charming ambiance.

Masia Vista Hermosa offers a serene and peaceful environment that many guests describe as calm and family-friendly. The hotel seems to cater well to families with children as young as two enjoying unique features like attic rooms. The establishment, which is family-run, is noted for its attention to detail, such as placing petals on stairs, adding a charming touch to the stay. Outdoor activities are a highlight with guests appreciating marked hiking trails and horseback excursions. The natural surroundings make it an appealing choice for families looking to connect with nature. Despite some comments indicating it might not be the best fit for all children, many find it an excellent option for a tranquil family getaway.

Outdoor Pool
Masia Vista Hermosa offers a notable outdoor pool that has garnered positive feedback from guests. Described as large, beautiful and well-maintained, the pool is one of the highlights of the hotel. Its strategic location within the property further adds to its appeal, making it an excellent spot for relaxation and enjoyment. The pool's great condition ensures a pleasant swimming experience for guests. This inviting pool area complements the overall charm and amenities of Masia Vista Hermosa.

Yes, Masia Vista Hermosa has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Masia Vista Hermosa.

Yes, Masia Vista Hermosa welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Masia Vista Hermosa.

No, Masia Vista Hermosa doesn't have a gym.

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