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Summary of reviewsHotel Gasthof Zum Löwen has garnered praise for its central, serene location in the charming historical village of Velburg. Ideally positioned near the A3 highway, the hotel provides easy access while maintaining a peaceful environment away from highway noise. The picturesque village setting reminiscent of a fairy tale with its well-maintained medieval streets, offers guests a delightful escape into history.

A standout feature of the hotel is its breakfast, which is frequently described as very good, superb and excellent. The freshly prepared egg dishes, varying from scrambled to boiled, are particularly appreciated. The breakfast buffet, though not vast, is well-stocked with high-quality options including fresh rolls and homemade jams. This hearty breakfast ensures a great start to the day in a cozy setting.

Dinner at the on-site restaurant also receives high marks for its delicious Bavarian specialties and standard German fare. Offering excellent value for money, the meals are praised for being tasty, satisfying and reasonably priced. Guests appreciate the daily refreshed menu and the cozy, rustic ambiance of the dining area.

Guest rooms are noted for their cleanliness, spaciousness and modern amenities. Many highlight the rooms as very clean, newly renovated and equipped with comfortable beds and good heating. The bathrooms feature modern fixtures like rain showers, adding to the comfort. The décor blends rustic charm with modern design, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

The hotel's cleanliness extends beyond the rooms with exceptional hygiene standards maintained throughout the property. Housekeeping is thorough, ensuring every corner is spotless and inviting, contributing to a highly hygienic and comfortable stay.

The staff at Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen are consistently praised for their friendliness and helpfulness. The warm and efficient service from reception to housekeeping enhances the overall guest experience, making for a welcoming and accommodating stay.

Parking is straightforward and hassle-free with free street parking available right in front of the hotel. Guests appreciate the convenience and availability of parking options, including a garage for vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles.

Families find Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen particularly inviting with its large family rooms and friendly atmosphere. The family-run nature of the hotel adds a personal touch, making it an ideal stopover for those traveling with children.

The beds at the hotel receive high marks for comfort with many guests reporting restful nights thanks to quality mattresses and spacious sleeping arrangements. While there are occasional mentions of hard mattresses or thin pillows, the overall feedback on bed quality is overwhelmingly positive.

Although the Wi-Fi service has mixed reviews with some guests experiencing issues with connectivity in certain areas, the hotel does provide high-speed internet in some parts, suggesting potential for variability in service.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen offers a blend of historical charm and modern convenience, ensuring an enjoyable stay. Be it for families, solo travelers or those seeking a quaint stopover, the hotel stands out for its excellent location, exceptional dining, cleanliness and welcoming staff.
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Room Types
Standard Single Room Spacious room with light wooden furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Standard Double Room Spacious room with light wooden furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Standard Triple Room Spacious room with light wooden furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Standard Quadruple Room Spacious room with light wooden furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Superior Double Room The spacious double room offers a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. This double room provides heating, a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a quiet street view. The unit offers 1 bed.

Superior Triple Room The spacious triple room offers a wardrobe, parquet floors, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This triple room features heating and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Quadruple Room This quadruple room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

Standard Twin Room This twin room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen offers an excellent, central location in the heart of the historic village of Velburg, making it an ideal stopover for travelers. Its strategic position near the A3 highway allows for easy access without the hassle of highway noise, providing a quiet and serene environment for guests. The hotel is nestled in a picturesque, charming village that feels like a step back in time, adding a fairy tale ambiance to your stay. Surrounded by a beautiful historic setting, the village square and well-maintained medieval streets offer a perfect place for a leisurely stroll.

Guests have praised the convenience of parking right in front of the hotel and its proximity to a gas station and other amenities. The location is perfect for those looking to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest in an enchanting environment, while still being close to the main transit routes. The hotel also features an on-site restaurant, enhancing its appeal as an all-in-one stop.

Overall, Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen stands out for its beautiful, central and quiet location in Velburg, making it an excellent choice for travelers, tourists and anyone seeking a blend of historical charm and modern convenience.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen offers an exceptional breakfast experience that has been highly praised by many guests. The breakfast is often described as very good, superb and even excellent. Freshly prepared egg dishes, such as scrambled, fried or boiled eggs, are a standout feature with guests appreciating the customization and freshness. The extensive breakfast buffet, though not enormous, is well-refilled and more than sufficient, featuring a good variety of tasty and high-quality options, including fresh rolls and homemade jams. The breakfast is served in a cozy setting, adding to its appeal. Overall, the hearty and varied breakfast receives high marks for being delicious, plentiful and well-organized, ensuring a great start to the day for travelers.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen offers an exceptional dining experience characterized by its delicious and affordable meals. Guests have consistently praised the quality of the food, whether enjoying traditional Bavarian specialties or simple and tasty German fare. The on-site restaurant, imbued with a cozy, rustic ambiance, serves both dinner and breakfast with many noting the daily renewal of the menu adds a fresh touch to the dining experience.

Diners have highlighted the excellent value for money, appreciating the reasonable prices and generous portions. The cuisine, though down-to-earth and not overly elaborate, is consistently described as very tasty and satisfying. The limited menu doesn’t detract from the enjoyment, instead reassuring guests that what is offered is carefully prepared and of high quality.

Whether indulging in a comforting Bavarian dinner, savoring standard German dishes or simply enjoying a meal in the inn’s cozy setting, the overall sentiment is one of great satisfaction. Guests also noted the friendly and welcoming environment, further enhancing their dining experience. For those seeking authentic Bavarian cuisine without breaking the bank, Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen clearly stands out as a highly recommended option.

'Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen' consistently receives positive feedback from guests who praise its rooms for their cleanliness, spaciousness and modern amenities. Many reviews highlight the rooms as being very clean, newly renovated and equipped with modern conveniences. Guests frequently describe the rooms as cozy and comfortable with comfortable beds and good heating. The bathrooms, often mentioned as spacious and featuring modern fixtures like rain showers, add to the overall comfort.

The decor of the rooms strikes a balance between rustic charm and modern design, gaining appreciation for both its tasteful and functional approach. The hotel's accommodation is noted as being very hygienic and quiet, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a restful stay. Guests also commend the personnel for their friendliness and helpful service, which enhances the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

Several reviews specifically mention the spaciousness of the rooms, making it a suitable option for families or those needing a bit more room to relax. Some rooms come with additional features, such as balconies or large showers, adding to the appeal. Overall, 'Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen' provides a well-maintained, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for its guests, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen's guests frequently praise the comfort of the beds, indicating they often enjoyed restful nights. The beds were described as comfortable, spacious and made with quality mattresses, leading to high satisfaction levels for a majority of reviewers. Remarks about very comfortable and super comfortable beds suggest a consistently good experience for many patrons. While there were some mentions of mattresses being too hard or pillows too thin, these were less frequent and did not overshadow the overall positive feedback. The bed quality, from good to excellent, was highlighted, ensuring a restful sleep is a key feature of staying at this hotel.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen consistently receives accolades from guests for its outstanding cleanliness and hygiene standards. Reviewers repeatedly highlight the spotless and well-maintained rooms, often describing them as very clean, tidy and comfortable. The rooms, whether under the roof or elsewhere in the hotel, are noted for their neatness and immaculate condition. Guests appreciate the newly decorated bathrooms and clean showers, adding to the overall positive experience. The hotel environment is described as clean, bright and inviting. The housekeeping is thorough, ensuring that every corner is spick and span, contributing to an impressively hygienic and comfortable stay. Overall, the exceptional cleanliness of Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen sets it apart as a highly recommended destination for travelers.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen boasts an outstanding reputation for its staff, who are continually praised for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness. Guests frequently describe the personnel as very friendly, approachable and accommodating, ensuring a pleasant stay from arrival to departure. The hotel's atmosphere is enhanced by its welcoming and attentive staff, who are readily available to assist and show genuine kindness. This attentive approach is apparent not only from the management but extends across all team members, creating a hospitable environment that guests deeply appreciate. The reception staff are particularly noted for their warm and efficient service, which contributes significantly to the overall guest experience. Whether it's providing timely assistance or ensuring a warm welcome, the staff at Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen epitomize superior guest service. Their dedication to hospitality, combined with a personal touch, leaves guests with fond memories of their stay.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen has received mixed reviews regarding its Wi-Fi service. Many guests praised the availability of high-speed Wi-Fi and good signal strength, particularly in some areas of the hotel. However, a notable number of guests reported issues with internet connectivity, particularly within their rooms. Weak and unstable Wi-Fi signals, especially on the second floor, were commonly mentioned. Guests often found that the Wi-Fi did not work well, if at all, in their rooms. Despite these drawbacks, the hotel does offer high-speed Wi-Fi in certain areas, hinting at potential improvements or variability in service depending on the location within the hotel.

Nestled in a convenient location, Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen offers a variety of parking options, predominantly featuring free and easily accessible street parking directly in front of the hotel. Guests praise the ease and availability of parking spaces with many noting the convenience of parking right at the door. The hotel also provides a garage for vehicles, including a specific option for storing bicycles and parking motorcycles, ensuring diverse and secure parking solutions. While there is no private parking area, the ample parking choices, including a parking lot nearby and free parking available after 6 pm, make it stress-free for travelers arriving by car. Overall, parking at this hotel seems to be straightforward and hassle-free, contributing positively to the overall guest experience.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen is highly recommended for families seeking a warm and inviting stay. Nestled in a peaceful area, this family-run establishment exudes a comfortable atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home. The large family rooms are perfect for those traveling with children and the locals are notably friendly, adding to the welcoming ambiance.

Many guests have praised the family-friendly environment, noting that the establishment’s family-centric approach contributes significantly to a pleasant holiday stay. The hotel is described as a great address for a family stopover, where the excellent services and family-treated hospitality stand out. Overall, Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen offers an enjoyable and comforting experience for families.

Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen offers a stay that balances great value with exceptional experiences. Nestled in a picturesque Bavarian town, the hotel is situated in a beautiful and historically charming location. Guests appreciate the rustic and traditional atmosphere of this authentic inn, which is not only steeped in history but also meticulously maintained. The combination of immaculate presentation and a setting in a historical building enhances the unique allure of this traditional Bavarian inn. It stands out as a destination where price-performance levels cannot be topped, providing a compelling choice for travelers seeking a rich cultural experience without compromising on quality.

No, Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen.

No, Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen.

No, Hotel Gasthof Zum Löwen doesn't have a gym.

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