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Summary of reviewsHotel Rigel on the serene island of Lido appeals to guests with its tranquil location and convenient proximity to Venice via a short walk to the Vaporetto station. The peaceful, tree-lined streets offer easy access to a range of amenities such as restaurants, shops and the beach, making it ideal for both leisure and sightseeing, as well as for attending events like the Venice Biennale.

The hotel's breakfast is highly regarded, featuring a well-organized and varied buffet with both hot and cold options. Guests particularly enjoy the fresh orange juice, good quality coffee and the option to dine in the charming garden. Though some noted limitations in variety, overall the breakfast is seen as delicious and eco-friendly.

Rooms at Hotel Rigel are clean and well-maintained, showcasing traditional Venetian decor. Despite concerns over space and some outdated aspects, many rooms offer pleasant balconies and comfortable beds, creating a cozy atmosphere. The friendly and attentive staff enhance the experience by providing exceptional service and maintaining high cleanliness standards throughout the property.

Free WiFi at the hotel garners mixed reviews; while it is sufficient for general use, the connection strength can be inconsistent, particularly in guest rooms. However, the hotel compensates with its family-friendly environment, featuring welcoming staff and amenities tailored for all ages.

For business travelers, Hotel Rigel offers satisfactory facilities such as meeting rooms and functional workspaces, although improvements could be made in terms of desk equipment and air conditioning. The hotel excels in providing great value for money with its strategic location and warm hospitality making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Overall, Hotel Rigel is highly appreciated for its serene location, cleanliness, friendly staff and charming breakfast experiences, positioning it as a favored option for both leisure and business travelers visiting Lido and Venice.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Standard Double Room with air conditioning, a satellite TV and a classic décor. The private bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Superior Double Room This Superior Double Room comes with air conditioning, a satellite TV and a classic décor. The private bathroom features a hairdryer. Some units have a balcony or a terrace.

Superior Triple Room Superior Triple Room with air conditioning, a satellite TV and a classic décor. The private bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Single Room Single Room with air conditioning, a satellite TV and a classic décor. It features a single bed and the private bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Quadruple Room Triple room with extra bed with air conditioning, a satellite TV and a classic décor. The private bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Situated on the serene island of Lido, Hotel Rigel boasts an ideal and peaceful location that is highly praised by its guests. It is just a short walk from the Vaporetto station, which offers convenient access to Venice, making it an excellent choice for those looking to explore the beautiful city while staying away from its hustle and bustle.

The hotel is also in close proximity to a wide range of amenities including restaurants, shops, supermarkets and the beach. The quiet residential area where the hotel is located ensures a tranquil stay, yet it is central enough to provide easy access to everything Lido has to offer. Key highlights include a short five-minute walk to the water bus station and a ten-minute stroll to the main beach.

Guests appreciate the calm, tree-lined streets and the quick access to the main street with its various services. The location is not only convenient for sightseeing but also for attending events like the Venice Biennale. The combination of strategic positioning, tranquility and accessibility makes Hotel Rigel a favored option for visitors to Lido and Venice.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Rigel has garnered largely positive feedback from guests, highlighting a well-organized and high-quality buffet that caters to a variety of tastes. Many guests appreciated the option to enjoy breakfast in the charming garden, adding to the overall pleasant atmosphere. The buffet offers a wide selection of both hot and cold options, including savory dishes, fresh fruits, baked goods and gluten-free choices, ensuring something for everyone. Fresh orange juice and good quality coffee, particularly the espresso doppio, have also been frequently mentioned.

While a few reviews noted limitations in variety and organization, the general consensus is that the breakfast is abundant, delicious and well-prepared with eco-friendly options available. The inclusion of fresh croissants, a variety of yogurts, meats, cheeses and a good mix of sweet and savory items contribute to a satisfying morning meal. Guests also appreciated the friendly and attentive breakfast staff.

For those seeking a hearty start to their day, Hotel Rigel’s breakfast, often described as exceptional and sumptuous, provides a rich and varied selection that impressively exceeds expectations.

Hotel Rigel offers a mix of experiences when it comes to its rooms, blending old-world charm with varying levels of comfort. Guests have consistently praised the cleanliness of the rooms, which are well-maintained despite some being outdated. The decor tends to lean towards a traditional, Venetian style, enhancing the hotel's classic ambiance. Many rooms come with balconies, providing pleasant views and fresh air, contributing to the overall comfortable stay.

However, the rooms are generally on the smaller side with many reviewers noting the limited space, especially in single rooms and those intended for families. While the bathrooms are clean, they too often fall short in terms of size and modern amenities with some requiring renovation. Despite minor concerns like outdated furniture and the occasional musty smell, the rooms are functional and comfortable, making them suitable for short stays.

The soundproofing between rooms is reportedly weak, which may result in noise disturbances. On the positive side, the beds are often described as comfortable and the rooms’ warmth and adjustable temperature settings create a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, the hotel features charming gardens and patios, adding to the delightful surroundings.

Overall, Hotel Rigel boasts a convenient location and clean environment, making it a good choice for travelers seeking a blend of traditional decor and comfort without the need for large, modern rooms. Friendly staff and daily room cleaning add to the positive experience, although those accustomed to more contemporary accommodations might find the dated aspects a bit of a drawback.

Hotel Rigel's bedding receives a range of feedback, heavily tilted towards a positive experience. Many guests consistently highlight the comfort and cleanliness of the beds with phrases like "comfortable beds" and "comfortable bed with firm mattress" appearing frequently. Guests often mentioned that the beds are quite comfortable and many found the mattress quality satisfactory, contributing to an overall restful sleep. Remarks such as "very comfortable bed" and "beds very comfortable" suggest a predominantly good impression of the sleep quality.

However, not all comments are uniformly positive. Some guests encountered hard or firm mattresses, which might not suit everyone's preference. Observations like "very hard mattress" and "beds were a little too firm" are noted, indicating occasional discomfort. The issue of some beds being old and sagging was also brought up with mentions of "mattresses sagging and needed replacement" and "beds old and the mattresses are not comfortable." There were also reports of beds being made of two single mattresses pushed together, resulting in discomfort.

Pillows seem to be another area with mixed reviews with some guests finding them lacking in comfort and support. Terms such as "pillows also could be better" appeared, though they were not as frequently mentioned as the beds themselves.

Despite these occasional setbacks, many visitors seemed to find the beds at Hotel Rigel comfortable enough for a good night's sleep, balancing some of the negative aspects with clean and cozy linens, contributing to an overall positive stay.

Hotel Rigel's cleanliness consistently impresses guests with frequent mentions of clean rooms and well-maintained facilities. The hotel's rooms are noted for being spotless, tidy and cleaned daily, reflecting high cleanliness standards. Both bedrooms and bathrooms receive specific praise for their immaculate conditions.

Many reviews emphasize the superb and exceptional cleanliness throughout the entire property, including the common areas and surrounding environment. The roomkeeping team receives acclaim for their friendly service and thorough cleaning routines, ensuring fresh towels and clean sheets are provided regularly. Guests also appreciate the hotel's clean and comfortable rooms, contributing to an overall satisfying and pleasant stay.

However, a few reviews indicate areas for improvement, such as occasional dust under beds, worn-out furniture and sporadic issues with unclean carpets. Despite these minor setbacks, the consensus remains overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the hotel's commitment to maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for its guests.

Hotel Rigel boasts an exceptionally positive reputation, particularly when it comes to its staff. Guests commonly highlight the friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism of the hotel's team. The reception staff earn frequent praise for their welcoming demeanor and efficient service, often going the extra mile to assist guests. Additionally, the night guards are noted for their exceptional kindness.

The roomkeeping and breakfast staff are also mentioned for their attentive service and professional conduct, ensuring that guests have a pleasant stay from check-in to check-out. The overall atmosphere created by the hotel staff is one of warmth and hospitality, contributing significantly to the guests' satisfaction.

In particular, guests appreciate that the staff are not only friendly but also very knowledgeable about local amenities and fluent in multiple languages, which enhances the overall convenience and comfort for international travelers. While there are occasional mentions of minor service issues, the overwhelming feedback underscores the competence and dedication of the hotel's personnel.

In summary, Hotel Rigel's staff is characterized by consistent professionalism, a welcoming attitude and a genuine commitment to making each guest's stay enjoyable.

Hotel Rigel's Wi-Fi experience presents a mixed bag of reviews. There were mentions of the internet often being weak, especially in the rooms, which sometimes compelled guests to move to public areas for a reliable connection. Some visitors found the Wi-Fi to be slow and occasionally unstable, indicating that better Wi-Fi in-room could be beneficial. However, the Wi-Fi mostly worked well enough for activities such as streaming movies on laptops and accessing services like Disney+ and HBO. Various guests noted that the internet was good with reasonable speeds and decent performance for streaming services. Despite some issues, the Wi-Fi was described by a few as very fast and stable throughout their stay. Overall, while not perfect, the free Wi-Fi at Hotel Rigel still managed to meet the needs of many guests.

Hotel Rigel boasts a family-friendly environment that caters to guests of all ages. Located in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, the hotel is an excellent base for family excursions with its proximity to a Vaporetto stop, enabling easy and quick ferry access to the city, just 15 minutes away. The hotel is ideally situated for exploring nearby cafes and restaurants while offering onsite dining to accommodate various palates.

The family-oriented ambiance is evident with many guests appreciating the welcoming atmosphere. The facilities include cozy rooms with a nostalgic ambiance that, despite being on the smaller side for some families, are clean and well-equipped. The hotel is particularly accommodating for families, offering amenities such as family rooms and suites designed to make everyone feel at home.

One highlight frequently mentioned is the appealing breakfast spread. It features a variety of options beautifully displayed and suitable for all family members, including young children and grandparents. The attentive and polite staff ensure a delightful dining experience each morning.

Hotel Rigel is a strong choice for families visiting Venice, providing good value and a comfortable stay despite the occasional comment on room size. Its quiet location, friendly service and convenient amenities make it a favorite among family travelers seeking a peaceful retreat after a day of sightseeing.

3 Star
Hotel Rigel in Lido di Venezia, a charming and affordable three-star establishment, offers great value for money, particularly when compared to other similarly rated hotels in Venice. Despite its relatively old-fashioned decor, which some might find part of its retro charm, the hotel maintains a good standard of cleanliness with rooms being tidied daily. Guests have noted the friendly and warm welcome from staff, especially Marco.

The breakfast at Hotel Rigel has received commendations for its quality, particularly by Italian standards, though some feel it sufficient rather than exceptional. It serves as a pleasant start to the day. The hotel is suitable for families owing to its cleanliness and quiet environment.

Though the structure shows signs of aging and could benefit from renovation to modernize the furniture and improve insulation, it still stands strong and solid, offering an adequate and comfortable stay. Its central location in Lido di Venezia further enhances its appeal, especially when balanced against the cost, making it an excellent price-performance choice for budget-conscious travelers. This three-star hotel, embracing a traditional European feel, has exceeded the expectations of many guests looking for value, cleanliness and a warm welcome during their stay.

Hotel Rigel offers a mix of features catering to business travelers, ensuring a satisfying stay for those on a business trip. The hotel boasts ample workspaces and meeting rooms that are perfect for business accommodations. Guests can enjoy using the free WiFi while sitting comfortably in a quiet and undisturbed space, which is crucial for productive work sessions. The conference facilities are well-supported and users have access to interactable chat functions, making virtual meetings a breeze without any hiccups. The fully customizable and functional bathrooms add an extra layer of comfort.

However, there are some areas where the hotel might fall short for business purposes. Notably, the lack of business desks and chairs equipped with power sockets could be an inconvenience. Additionally, the absence of air conditioning might make it uncomfortable for those sensitive to heat. Despite these minor setbacks, the friendly and professional staff ensure a pleasant experience.

Overall, Hotel Rigel provides functional facilities for business travelers, even though it might require some improvements to better suit the needs of those on a business trip.

No, Hotel Rigel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Rigel.

Yes, Hotel Rigel welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Rigel.

No, Hotel Rigel doesn't have a gym.

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