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Summary of reviewsLocanda Dal Sor Francesco is a highly recommended accommodation in the heart of Vetralla, an ideal base for exploring Tuscia and the Viterbo area. Travelers appreciate the inn's convenient access to shops, supermarkets and various attractions, including rock climbing spots and the sea. Although some guests may find the location slightly challenging to find and experience occasional noise issues, the strategic placement and charm of the town make up for these minor inconveniences.

The breakfast at Locanda Dal Sor Francesco garners high praise, especially for its homemade pastries and abundant variety. Despite the traditional Italian bias towards sweeter options, guests find the breakfast satisfying and ample with requests for more savory choices being a minor point of feedback. The peaceful and clean environment further enhances the morning meal experience.

Dinner at the inn's restaurant is a standout feature, celebrated for its exceptional Italian cuisine, particularly the meat dishes and homemade pasta. Guests rave about the quality and variety of the food, the excellent atmosphere and the professional service. The culinary skills of the chef and the welcoming staff make dining here a memorable experience, highly recommended for food enthusiasts.

The rooms at Locanda Dal Sor Francesco are described as spacious, clean and well-maintained. Guests appreciate the modern amenities and the cozy, homey atmosphere. The effective air conditioning and peaceful environment contribute to a comfortable stay, making the rooms a perfect retreat after a day of exploring.

Cleanliness is a top priority at Locanda Dal Sor Francesco with numerous guests commending the immaculate condition of the rooms and bathrooms. The well-kept and functional facilities ensure both comfort and hygiene, adding to the overall positive experience.

The staff consistently receive high marks for their kindness, efficiency and professionalism. Many guests note the helpful and courteous service, particularly the warm reception provided by Mr. Michele. The approachable and professional nature of the team enhances the guest experience, making the inn a standout choice for travelers.

Parking is generally convenient with free and public parking options available nearby. While the hotel does not have a dedicated parking area, the accessibility of surrounding parking lots ensures guests can find suitable spaces without much hassle.

Overall, Locanda Dal Sor Francesco offers a welcoming, clean and convenient stay with exceptional dining, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers visiting the area.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Rooms come with free high-speed internet, wooden furniture and a 26" LCD TV.

Triple Room Rooms come with free high-speed internet, wooden furniture and a 26" LCD TV.

Quadruple Room Rooms come with free high-speed internet, wooden furniture and a 26" LCD TV.

Penthouse Apartment This air-conditioned apartment includes 1 living room, 2 separate bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a bath. In the well-equipped kitchen, guests will find a stovetop, a refrigerator, kitchenware and an oven. Boasting a terrace, this apartment also offers soundproof walls, a seating area and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Locanda Dal Sor Francesco boasts an excellent location for travelers eager to explore the breathtaking region of Tuscia. Nestled in the heart of Vetralla, the inn provides an ideal base for visiting nearby villages and the Viterbo area. Its central placement means that guests have convenient access to a variety of shops and supermarkets, enhancing the overall travel experience. The accommodation is also perfect for those with a penchant for rock climbing or for beachgoers looking to reach the sea. Additionally, the town's positioning makes it fairly easy to reach the port of Civitavecchia and is accessible by car.

Despite these advantages, some visitors might find the location slightly challenging to find and parking can be some distance away. There are occasional remarks on noise from fan motors affecting the tranquility of some rooms. Nonetheless, for those wanting a strategic and convenient spot in a charming Italian town, Locanda Dal Sor Francesco remains a highly recommended choice.

Locanda Dal Sor Francesco offers a breakfast that has garnered high praise from its guests with many highlighting its excellence and abundance. A noteworthy feature is the selection of delicious homemade pastries, including a superb homemade tart, which adds a special touch to the morning meal. Guests frequently describe the breakfast as rich, hearty and generous with a wide variety of cakes and cookies available.

Although the breakfast skews towards the sweeter side, aligning with traditional Italian breakfast customs, it provides a satisfying and ample start to the day. A few guests mentioned a desire for more savory options and greater variety, but overall, the quality and quantity of the breakfast are well-received. The morning experience at Locanda Dal Sor Francesco is complemented by a peaceful and clean environment, ensuring a quiet and comfortable start to the day.

Locanda Dal Sor Francesco consistently receives high praise for its restaurant, which is celebrated for its delightful Italian cuisine, especially meat dishes. Guests rave about the memorable dinners featuring both meat and porcini mushrooms, as well as the exceptional quality and variety of grilled meats. The restaurant stands out for its delectable homemade pasta and exceptional desserts. Multiple reviews highlight the excellent atmosphere, top-notch service and the culinary skills of an amazing chef. The staff frequently receives compliments for their professionalism. For those seeking a remarkable dining experience with outstanding food and wines, this restaurant comes highly recommended as a must-try dining spot.

Locanda Dal Sor Francesco boasts rooms that guests consistently describe as spacious and impeccably clean. Many reviews highlight the modern, well-maintained accommodations that offer a homey and cozy atmosphere. The spaciousness extends to both the bedrooms and bathrooms, contributing to a comfortable and functional stay. Guests also note the effective air conditioning, making the rooms not just well-equipped but also comfortable in various weather conditions. The quiet environment of the rooms ensures a peaceful stay, further enhancing the overall experience. From large triple bedrooms to tidy, well-equipped spaces, the rooms at Locanda Dal Sor Francesco leave a positive impression on guests looking for a welcoming and neat space to relax.

Locanda Dal Sor Francesco maintains an exceptional standard of cleanliness with numerous guests praising its immaculate condition. The structure is frequently described as very well-kept and functional, ensuring both comfort and hygiene. Reviews highlight the spotless rooms and bathrooms, emphasizing the impeccable room cleaning that contributes to a welcoming environment. The hotel’s modern facilities are not only new but meticulously maintained, supporting a pleasant stay. Guests appreciate the spacious and comfortable rooms, noting that everything is kept in pristine condition. The overall experience is often summarized as clean and welcoming with a structure that meets or exceeds expectations in terms of cleanliness and functionality.

The reviews of Locanda Dal Sor Francesco consistently highlight the kindness and efficiency of the staff. Guests frequently describe the team as helpful, courteous and welcoming. The friendly reception and attentive service left a positive impression, contributing to the overall pleasant stay. Special mentions were given to Mr. Michele for his kindness and the courteous assistance provided during check-in. The staff's approachability and professionalism seem to be significant factors contributing to the hotel's appeal, alongside its clean facilities and quiet rooms. Highly recommended due to the exceptional guest service.

Locanda Dal Sor Francesco offers several convenient parking options for guests. Free parking is available across the street and there are public parking lots both in front of the building and nearby. While the hotel does not have its own dedicated parking, the availability of private parking (not covered) is noted. Issues like difficult parking and distant parking lots were mentioned, but the overall consensus suggests that nearby public parking is reasonably accessible and mitigates these concerns.

No, Locanda Dal Sor Francesco doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Locanda Dal Sor Francesco.

Yes, Locanda Dal Sor Francesco welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Locanda Dal Sor Francesco.

No, Locanda Dal Sor Francesco doesn't have a gym.

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