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Summary of reviewsEurostars Mar de Vigo offers an attractive accommodation option, characterized by its strategic location, impressive rooms and commendable staff service. Despite being situated in an industrial neighborhood near the port, the hotel provides beautiful sea and harbor views from select rooms, making it ideal for those attending events at the adjacent Mar de Vigo Auditorium. Visitors appreciate its proximity to highways and available parking, though some may find the 15-20 minute uphill walk to Vigo’s city center a bit challenging. The surrounding area is quieter but somewhat isolated, offering fewer dining and nightlife options within immediate vicinity.

The breakfast at Eurostars Mar de Vigo is widely praised for its quality and variety with guests describing it as hearty, delicious and complete. The buffet-style service offers fresh and diverse options and the attentive staff ensure a pleasant dining experience. However, the dining experience for other meals is less consistent. The hotel restaurant and cafeteria close on weekends, causing inconvenience for guests who may need to plan their meals accordingly.

The rooms are a highlight with their spaciousness, cleanliness and modern design. Guests appreciate the comfortable beds and quiet environment with some rooms offering stunning views. There are occasional mentions of minor maintenance issues, but these do not significantly detract from the overall positive feedback.

Cleanliness at the hotel earns mixed reviews. While many guests commend the spotless rooms and well-maintained common areas, others report inconsistencies such as dusty rooms and unclean amenities. The staff frequently receive high praise for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing positively to the guest experience despite any shortcomings in cleanliness.

WiFi connectivity presents a mixed experience; while some guests report satisfactory service, others encounter issues with weak or intermittent signals, particularly on higher floors. The hotel's gym is well-equipped and modern, though there are occasional complaints about air conditioning and booking inconveniences.

The surrounding nightlife scene is less vibrant near the hotel with more lively options found in the city center, which requires a bit of travel. Noise from nearby events can be a disturbance, but those willing to venture further afield can enjoy a bustling evening atmosphere.

The beds at Eurostars Mar de Vigo are well-received for their size and comfort with the majority of guests enjoying a restful sleep. Despite some minor complaints about firmness and pillow comfort, the bedding experience is predominantly positive.

Overall, Eurostars Mar de Vigo provides a comfortable and pleasant stay, especially suited for business travelers or those attending events nearby. While it may fall short of some 4-star expectations, its strengths in room quality, breakfast service and staff friendliness make it a reliable choice for visitors to Vigo.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room This spacious and bright air-conditioned room includes 1 king-size bed or 2 single beds. It features a 32-inch, flat-screen satellite TV, a minibar and free Wi-Fi. The private bathroom includes a hairdryer.

Superior Double or Twin Room This large, air-conditioned room includes a plasma TV, minibar and minimalist décor and free Wi-Fi. The private bathroom includes a hairdryer. There are 3 types of superior rooms, subject to availability: overlooking the estuary, with lounge or terrace.

Junior Suite This spacious, air-conditioned suite features a lounge area and comes with an extra-large bed. It includes a 32-inch, flat-screen satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. The private bathroom includes a hairdryer.

Double Room with Extra Bed This air-conditioned room has a large double bed or 2 single beds combined, as well as a third bed. It includes satellite TV, a safe and a minibar. The private bathroom comes with a bath tub and hairdryer.

Double Room with Parking Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned double room features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box and parquet floors.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Eurostars Mar de Vigo boasts an enviable position by the water, offering lovely views of the harbor and sea from select rooms. Strategically positioned next to the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, it is an excellent choice for those attending events at the convention center. The hotel, while not centrally located, is within walking distance of Vigo’s city center, though some guests might find the 15-20 minute uphill walk a bit challenging. The proximity to highways makes it easy for car travelers and ample parking is available, though it’s advised to reserve a spot due to limited street parking.

The industrial nature of the surrounding neighborhood is a noteworthy aspect – it's near the port and enveloped by a mix of industrial and somewhat dilapidated buildings. This area is quieter, offering a peaceful stay, but it may feel a bit isolated and lacks the charm and vibrancy of more central parts of the city. Visitors without a vehicle might find the location less convenient, especially for dining and nightlife options, which are predominantly centered farther away. Despite these points, the hotel itself provides comfortable rooms, friendly service and a clean environment, making it a solid choice for business stays or those attending specific events at the nearby venues.

The breakfast experience at Eurostars Mar de Vigo has generally been well-received by guests, as evidenced by a plethora of positive comments praising its quality and variety. Many guests describe the breakfast as very good, excellent and even spectacular, highlighting the diverse and plentiful options available. The buffet-style service is a favorite among many, offering fresh and varied choices, including fruits, different types of bread and other breakfast staples. Additionally, the attentive and friendly staff contribute positively to the experience, ensuring the service is smooth and enjoyable.

However, there are some critiques. Some guests noted that the breakfast could benefit from more variety, particularly in cold cuts and pancakes. A few reviews mentioned that the quality of coffee could be improved and pointed out the high cost relative to the offerings. Despite these concerns, the general consensus maintains that the breakfast is satisfying and fitting for a 4-star hotel, often referred to as hearty, delicious and complete.

Overall, while there are a few areas that could see improvements, the breakfast service at Eurostars Mar de Vigo is generally appreciated for its completeness, variety and the positive service experience, helping guests start their day on a good note.

Eurostars Mar de Vigo has garnered mixed reviews regarding its dining options with positive feedback highlighting certain aspects of the service and food quality. Guests who managed to have dinner at the hotel praised the good quality of dishes, mentioning that the room service, while available, provided meals that were of reasonable pricing and satisfactory in quality.

However, a significant number of reviews pointed out major issues with the availability of dining services. Both the restaurant and cafeteria are closed from Friday to Sunday, leaving guests without any in-house dining options on weekends. This closure causes considerable inconvenience, especially given that there are very few dining alternatives in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. The limited menu during the cafeteria’s operational days, combined with its early closure time, further adds to the guests' frustration.

Additionally, the absence of room service impacts guests' dining experiences negatively, particularly on weekends and holidays when all food outlets within the hotel are shut. Several reviews highlighted the inconvenience of being unable to have any food or drinks, especially during specific events like New Year's Eve, which compounded their dissatisfaction.

Despite these issues, when available, the restaurant service was well-received and the dishes were generally appreciated for their quality. However, guests often encountered misinformation regarding the restaurant’s operating hours, adding to their overall discontent. The atmosphere within the hotel was also under scrutiny with some reviews mentioning that certain areas showed signs of neglect and wear and tear.

In conclusion, while the Eurostars Mar de Vigo offers good dining experiences on weekdays, guests should be prepared for a lack of services on weekends and may need to plan their meals accordingly.

At Eurostars Mar de Vigo, the rooms are a standout feature, offering guests impressive comfort and space. Many reviewers highlighted the spaciousness of the rooms, often describing them as huge, large and super spacious. The rooms are noted for being impeccably clean and well-maintained with modern and elegant designs contributing to a comfortable stay.

Guests also appreciated the well-furnished and quiet rooms with many noting the comfortable, large beds that ensured a restful night. Some rooms come with balconies offering beautiful sea or harbor views, enhancing the overall guest experience. The junior suite with double bathrooms and the suite with a sea view were particularly praised for their luxurious amenities.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, a few reviewers did point out minor issues such as wear and tear, outdated decor and occasional maintenance problems like poor bathroom ventilation and unclean bathtubs. However, these did not overshadow the general satisfaction with room size, cleanliness and comfort.

For those seeking accommodation with ample space, modern amenities and stunning views, Eurostars Mar de Vigo seems to provide a reliable and comfortable stay.

Eurostars Mar de Vigo is praised for its spacious, clean and modern rooms, especially when it comes to the beds. Guests consistently highlight the generosity of the bed sizes with many reviews noting king-size and very large beds. Comfort is a recurring theme with the majority of guests finding the beds to be very comfortable, contributing significantly to a good night's sleep.

Though opinions on firmness vary, the general consensus leans towards satisfaction with many describing the beds as having firm yet comfortable mattresses. There are mentions of hard mattresses and springy, uncomfortable ones from a minority of guests, indicating some variation in bed preference.

Pillows receive mixed feedback; while some found them very comfortable and complementing the bed well, others felt they were too hard. Despite this, the overall bedding experience remains positive.

In addition to the beds themselves, the room's bedding and spaciousness are often praised, contributing to an overall comfortable and pleasant stay. While there are minor complaints regarding the lack of double beds and power outlets by the nightstands, the comfort of the beds remains a standout feature of the Eurostars Mar de Vigo.

Reviews of Eurostars Mar de Vigo offer a mixed picture when it comes to cleanliness. Many guests praised the hotel for its spotless cleanliness with numerous mentions of rooms being very clean and well-ironed. Positive feedback highlights clean and spacious rooms, impeccable cleanliness and a well-maintained environment. Guests often noted that everything smelled fresh and the common areas were also described as clean and inviting.

However, not all guests shared this enthusiasm. Some reviews pointed out issues like dusty rooms, hairs in the bathroom, mold and dirty amenities. A few pointed out that the thoroughness of the cleaning service could be inconsistent with some rooms not cleaned daily and others having leftover food or dirty sheets. Despite these occurrences, many still considered the overall cleanliness acceptable, especially for a hotel of its category.

The hotel's staff frequently received commendations for their attentive service, which may have helped mitigate some of the cleaning issues guests experienced. In conclusion, while there are areas for improvement, particularly with consistent and detailed cleaning, many guests found the cleanliness at Eurostars Mar de Vigo to meet or even exceed their expectations.

The staff at Eurostars Mar de Vigo consistently receive high praise for their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests frequently highlight the pleasant and professional demeanor of the staff, particularly noting the attentiveness and politeness encountered throughout their stay. The breakfast team, receptionists and cleaning staff are often mentioned positively with particular accolades for employees such as Pablo and Estefanía who significantly enhanced guests' experiences.

The staff's ability to resolve issues promptly and effectively is another recurrent commendation, suggesting a strong emphasis on good customer service. Many guests find the staff approachable and supportive, adding to the overall welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

While the majority of feedback is positive, a few reviews mention isolated instances of less satisfactory service, particularly in the reception area. However, these instances do not overshadow the general sentiment that the hotel staff are dedicated to providing an exceptional and friendly service.

Overall, the staff's kindness, attentiveness and professionalism contribute greatly to the favorable experiences of guests at Eurostars Mar de Vigo, fostering a warm and inviting environment.

Eurostars Mar de Vigo offers a mixed experience when it comes to WiFi connectivity. On the positive side, many guests have praised the WiFi service as secure and completely satisfactory. There are reports of good coverage throughout the premises, which can be a significant advantage, especially for those needing to stay connected for work or personal reasons.

However, several guests have encountered issues with the WiFi signal in their rooms, particularly noting that it can be weak, intermittent or even non-existent, especially on higher floors. Some visitors found the connection to be slow, impacting their ability to work effectively despite following provided instructions.

These varied experiences highlight that while the hotel does provide secured WiFi and has areas with good coverage, improvements may be needed to ensure a consistent and reliable internet connection across all rooms. For those planning to work remotely, it might be a good idea to inquire specifically about WiFi strength in the desired room location.

The fitness facilities at Eurostars Mar de Vigo consistently receive praise for being modern and well-equipped, making it a convenient option for guests looking to maintain their workout routines. Many reviews highlight the excellent quality of the gym, noting it as a positive aspect of the hotel experience. Visitors appreciate the availability of this facility, describing it as good and adequate for a short training session. Despite the overall positive feedback, some reviews mentioned drawbacks such as the gym's air conditioning being either absent or weak and the requirement to make reservations several days in advance, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, there were isolated comments on the gym lacking some equipment or having poorly managed schedules. Nonetheless, for most guests, the gym's modern facilities and general availability contribute positively to their stay.

The area around Eurostars Mar de Vigo presents a mixed bag when it comes to nightlife. Guests have noted that while the vibrant nightlife can be found in the city center, it requires a bit of a trek, as there are no immediate nightlife options near the hotel itself. For those interested in nightlife near the port, the variety might feel different, but again, there’s a general consensus that it’s somewhat limited.

The nightlife in the city seems to attract more attention with events and parties that can cause noise disturbances, particularly from the nearby congress center. Some visitors appreciated this bustling vibe, although it may not be ideal for those seeking a quiet and peaceful stay.

The immediate surroundings of the hotel do not seem suitable for leisurely walks and several guests mentioned feeling unsafe walking alone at night. The overall hospitality within the hotel itself didn't compensate for the nightlife limitations nearby, leading some to find the atmosphere lacking in coziness.

In summary, while Eurostars Mar de Vigo may not be the epicenter of nightlife activity, those willing to venture a bit further into the city can still enjoy a vibrant evening scene. However, it's important to be prepared for potential noise and to consider safety when exploring the area at night.

4 Star
The Eurostars Mar de Vigo is commonly described as a 4-star hotel, although many guests feel it falls short of the expected standards for its rating. While the hotel is generally clean and offers varied breakfast options, many reviewers suggest that it more accurately reflects a 3-star experience with the rates being comparatively high. Several comments point out that the facilities and services are lacking and some even regard the hotel as dated and not meeting the hygiene expectations of a four-star establishment. Specifically, the restaurant service has been flagged as not meeting the standard suggested by its star rating. Overall, while it's a functional business hotel, expectations for a true four-star experience may not be fully met.

Eurostars Mar de Vigo stands out as a prime choice for business travelers. Located strategically in an industrial zone near a lively square with numerous restaurants and convenient highway access, the hotel is praised for its practicality and high-quality facilities. It proves to be an excellent venue for business meetings and conferences, bolstered by its dedicated conference center and ample meeting spots.

Guests frequently highlight the hotel's suitability for business purposes, deeming it perfect for professional stays and solo travel. Its modern amenities and business suites contribute to an environment conducive to work, making it a preferred option for those on business trips. The friendly staff and good parking facilities further enhance the convenience for business guests.

Overall, Eurostars Mar de Vigo is consistently described as an ideal base for business travel with many guests considering it the best choice for their professional needs in Vigo. Its excellent location, dedicated business amenities and supportive environment make it a standout option for those in town for work.

Eurostars Mar de Vigo is a hotel that largely meets the needs of guests with disabilities, featuring elevators, wheelchair-accessible ramps and accessible rooms to ensure a comfortable stay. The spacious and modern rooms, including specialized accommodations for those with reduced mobility, receive commendable feedback for their size and comfort.

Staff members, such as Receptionist Estefanía, are noted for their flexibility in offering alternative rooms if the initial arrangement isn't satisfactory. The hotel also offers accessible parking with direct access to the facilities, enhancing convenience for guests.

However, some aspects still need improvement. For instance, bathrooms in rooms designed for guests with mobility issues have been reported to have flooding problems and mirrors that are not positioned at wheelchair-friendly heights.

Overall, Eurostars Mar de Vigo provides easy access and many thoughtful accessibility features, but some minor adjustments could further improve the experience for guests with disabilities.

Eurostars Mar de Vigo provides an enchanting experience for couples seeking a touch of romance during their stay. The suites are particularly remarkable, offering stunning views of the estuary that guests adore. Many have highlighted the romantic ambiance created by the room views, which can be especially appreciated from the balcony. The rooms are tailored for romance with features like bathtubs designed specifically for couples to share intimate moments.

The location itself is described as romantic, adding to the overall allure of the hotel. Guests have noted that the rooms not only meet but often exceed expectations with beds described as deliciously comfortable. The bathrooms with their unique views into the room, enhance the sense of charm and intimacy.

For those looking to spend quality time together, the hotel's seventh floor provides terraces that are easily accessible and well-integrated with the rooms. Eurostars Mar de Vigo stands out as an ideal setting for a romantic getaway, offering comfort, stunning views and an intimate atmosphere.

No, Eurostars Mar de Vigo doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Eurostars Mar de Vigo.

No, Eurostars Mar de Vigo doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Eurostars Mar de Vigo.

Yes, Eurostars Mar de Vigo has a gym.

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