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Vitoria da Conquista , , Avenida Brumado, 3600 - Bateias (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsConquista Palace Hotel provides a blend of positive experiences across various aspects of guest stays, highlighting its strong points in service, comfort and amenities.

The location receives mixed reactions, but generally, guests appreciate its proximity to the highway, airport and ease of access, which proves beneficial for travelers aiming for convenient in-and-out city trips. Its closeness to downtown and nearby restaurants adds to its convenience, despite occasional critiques about the distance from the central city attractions.

Breakfast at the hotel garners largely favorable feedback with guests often describing it as very good, delicious and excellent. The variety and quality of offerings make it a satisfying start to the day for many visitors. Although a few reviews mention a lack of variety and simplicity, the overall impression is that of a fulfilling breakfast experience.

The rooms at Conquista Palace Hotel are consistently praised for cleanliness, spaciousness and modern amenities, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Positive reviews spotlight the new beds and furniture, contributing to a comfortable stay. While there are occasional mentions of uncomfortable mattresses, noise issues and non-functional air conditioning, the general outlook on room conditions is positive with an emphasis on cleanliness and organization.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel stands out with frequent commendations for the immaculate state of both rooms and common areas. Most guests appreciate the level of cleanliness, although a few note minor areas for improvement.

The staff at Conquista Palace Hotel are frequently lauded for their politeness, friendliness and exceptional service. Guests feel well-attended to with remarkable mentions of specific employees enhancing their stay through attentive and warm service, particularly at the reception.

Parking facilities are generally well-received, noted for being secure, spacious and convenient, both in front of the hotel and within a large rotating lot. Despite minor feedback about the lack of a visible garage, the overall parking experience is satisfactory and adds to the positive cost-benefit aspect of the stay.

Beds are another highlight with many guests finding them comfortable and clean. The good spring mattresses and new beds significantly contribute to a positive sleeping experience, although some issues with single beds’ comfort are occasionally noted.

Lastly, the hotel’s dog-friendly policies make it a favorable choice for pet owners. Guests appreciate the convenience of ground floor rooms for managing pets, even though some find the pet fee to be excessive. The accommodation of pets enhances the hotel's appeal for travelers with furry companions.

Overall, Conquista Palace Hotel receives high marks for cleanliness, service and comfort, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking value and convenience.
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Room Types
Budget Double Room This room comes with a TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Economy Triple Room This room comes with a TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Standard Double Room This room comes with a TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Family Room with Bathroom This room comes with a TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Deluxe Single Room This single room offers air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and an inner courtyard view. The unit has 1 bed.

Classic Quadruple Room This quadruple room features a TV. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Conquista Palace Hotel offers a mix of experiences with its location. It is praised for being close to the highway and having easy access, making it convenient for travelers looking to get in and out of the city efficiently. The hotel is also noted for being near the BR and the city entrance, which many guests found advantageous. Some reviews highlighted the proximity to downtown and nearby restaurants, adding to the overall convenience of the location.

However, there are mixed feelings about the distance from the city center, as some guests felt it was a bit far from main attractions and the central region, potentially making it less ideal for those looking to explore the heart of the city. The quietness of the surrounding area is appreciated by some, but the lack of nearby food options and the overall feel of being somewhat remote might not appeal to everyone.

Overall, Conquista Palace Hotel's location receives accolades for offering great cost benefits and good access to highways and the airport, while the distance from the central city remains a point of contention among visitors.

At Conquista Palace Hotel, the breakfast generally receives favorable remarks from guests with many emphasizing the quality and savoriness of the offerings. Numerous reviews describe the breakfast as very good, delicious and excellent with some guests particularly highlighting the taste and variety available. Phrases such as wonderful and top breakfast were also common, suggesting a high level of satisfaction among many visitors.

However, not all feedback was positive. A few guests pointed to the simplicity of the breakfast, noting it lacked variety and options. Some mentioned that certain items were stale or tasteless. Despite these critiques, the overall sentiment leans towards a positive experience with the breakfast being consistently described as satisfying and providing good value, especially in relation to the daily rate.

For those prioritizing a full and abundant breakfast, Conquista Palace Hotel generally meets expectations, ensuring a good start to the day for its guests.

Conquista Palace Hotel offers a range of appealing features for travelers, particularly in their room accommodations. The rooms are consistently praised for their cleanliness and organization, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Guests frequently highlight the spaciousness of the rooms, ideal for comfort. The hotel also scores high marks for its modern installations, including new beds and furniture, adding a touch of contemporary comfort.

The accommodation spaces are appreciated for being clean and well-organized, ensuring a comfortable stay. Many guests find the rooms to be simple yet cozy with good room sizes and well-prepared amenities. The shower facilities also receive positive feedback for being spacious.

However, some areas need attention. There are repeated mentions of uncomfortable mattresses, noise issues in the corridors and occasional mold and musty smells. The air conditioning in some rooms has also been reported as non-functional at times. Despite these drawbacks, the overall positive reception of room cleanliness organization and spaciousness stands out, making Conquista Palace Hotel a generally reliable choice for comfortable lodging.

At Conquista Palace Hotel, guests consistently highlight the comfort and quality of the beds, describing them as comfortable and equipped with good spring mattresses. Reviews often praise the cleanliness and organization of the rooms with the bedding noted to be particularly comfortable. Many guests appreciated the good beds and the spacious areas in the bedrooms. Comments also mention new beds, which contribute to a positive sleeping experience.

However, a few guests pointed out some issues, particularly with the single beds, which were described as small with hard and uncomfortable mattresses. Additionally, there were occasional mentions of single beds lacking sheets and a double bed being a bit small. Despite these occasional shortcomings, the overall consensus from visitors is that the hotel provides a comfortable sleeping experience.

Conquista Palace Hotel stands out for its strong emphasis on cleanliness with many guests praising the immaculate state of the rooms and common areas. Visitors frequently highlight the hotel as clean and cozy with phrases such as exemplary cleaning and impeccable cleanliness frequently mentioned. Specific aspects of cleanliness, including fresh linens and furniture in pristine condition, contribute to a pleasant stay.

Positive feedback emphasizes the good cleaning quality throughout the entire hotel, clean accommodations and good service, reflecting a well-maintained environment. However, it's worth noting that a few reviews indicate a need for improvement in cleanliness, suggesting that the experience may vary. Overall, the hotel receives commendations for its clean and comfortable accommodations.

The staff of Conquista Palace Hotel consistently receives high praise for their exceptional service and hospitality. Guests particularly commend the politeness and friendliness of the employees, noting that the receptionists are both welcoming and helpful. From the moment of arrival, the attentive and warm service stands out with some specifically highlighting the excellent assistance provided by receptionist Danilo. The efficiency and promptness of the staff also contribute to a pleasant experience, ensuring that guests feel well-attended to and valued. Overall, the kind and courteous nature of the hotel’s team is frequently mentioned as one of the best aspects of staying at Conquista Palace Hotel, making visitors feel at ease and well-cared for throughout their stay.

Conquista Palace Hotel offers a generally positive parking experience for its guests. Reviewers highlight the hotel's secure, spacious and covered parking facilities. Several guests appreciated the convenience of having parking available both in front of the hotel and within a large, rotating parking lot that provided enough space, ensuring no difficulty in finding a spot. The cost-benefit aspect of the parking also received positive remarks, contributing to an overall satisfactory stay. Despite a few mentioning the absence of a visible garage, the majority commend the hotel for its good, safe and excellent parking amenities.

Dog Friendly
Conquista Palace Hotel stands out for its pet-friendly policies and amenities, making it a comfortable choice for pet owners. Guests appreciate the ground floor rooms as they offer convenience for managing pets during the stay. The hotel is accommodating, openly accepting pets, which has been a notable highlight for many visitors. However, it's important to be aware that a pet fee is required and some guests have found this charge to be excessive. Overall, the provision of a designated space for pets to settle adds to the hotel's appeal for those traveling with their furry friends.

No, Conquista Palace Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Conquista Palace Hotel.

No, Conquista Palace Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Conquista Palace Hotel.

No, Conquista Palace Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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