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Summary of reviewsHotel Mantova garners positive reviews for various aspects of its offerings, making it a favored choice among different types of travelers. The hotel's location is particularly noted for its convenience, situated near the highway and within reach of Ljubljana and attractions like Postojna Cave. Guests appreciate the strategic position for easy transit, ample public transportation options and free parking. The quiet ambiance of Vrhnika and the hotel's central setting in this pleasant mountain town also contribute to a comfortable stay.

The breakfast service at Hotel Mantova consistently receives high marks with guests praising the variety, quality and freshness of the offerings. The generous buffet includes options to suit different tastes, making for a hearty and satisfying start to the day. Similarly, the hotel's on-site restaurant comes highly recommended with guests enjoying the high-quality cuisine, local Slovenian dishes, cozy beer garden and reasonable prices. The convenience of dining within the hotel enhances the overall dining experience.

Guests also find the hotel's rooms to be spacious, clean and comfortable, despite some being described as outdated. Most highlight the cleanliness and ample space, though some mention occasional issues with views and noise. The beds are generally comfortable, though spare beds for children receive mixed reviews regarding comfort.

Cleanliness is another strong point for Hotel Mantova with many guests noting the well-maintained state of the rooms and facilities. Daily cleaning and fresh towels contribute to the positive impressions, though there are occasional mentions of minor cleanliness issues.

The staff at Hotel Mantova are frequently praised for their friendliness and professionalism. The reception staff, in particular, receive high marks for their helpful and accommodating nature. While there are occasional reports of unfriendliness, the overall consensus is positive with many guests appreciating the staff's efforts to ensure a pleasant stay.

The hotel also excels in offering secure and accessible parking with a spacious and private parking lot right in front of the building. This convenience is highly valued by guests.

For families, Hotel Mantova provides a welcoming and accommodating environment, offering spacious rooms and suites suitable for larger groups. The hotel's location is ideal for family outings to nearby attractions, making it a reliable choice for those traveling with children.

While feedback on the beds is generally positive with main beds described as comfortable and clean, the additional beds for children receive mixed reviews. Some guests find these beds less comfortable, but the overall comfort level remains satisfactory.

Business travelers find Hotel Mantova to be an excellent option, appreciating the professional services and efficient staff. The hotel offers good business amenities and great value, making it a convenient choice for business-related stays.

Overall, Hotel Mantova is celebrated for its excellent location, satisfying dining options, comfortable and clean rooms, friendly staff, secure parking, family-friendly environment and suitability for business travelers, making it a practical and comfortable choice for a variety of guests.
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Room Types
Double Room This room offers an LCD TV, free Wi-Fi and a minibar.

Suite (4 Adults) No extra beds are available in this room type.

Family Room Providing free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned family room provides a flat-screen TV with cable channels, soundproof walls, a minibar, a wardrobe as well as garden views. The unit offers 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Mantova boasts a highly praised location that combines the convenience of being near the highway with the charm of city center accessibility. Its strategic position makes it ideal for travelers looking to explore Ljubljana and its surroundings with easy access to both the capital and nearby attractions like Postojna Cave. Guests appreciate the hotel for being a practical stopover, particularly for long trips or a quick transit with many noting its suitability for one-night stays.

The hotel's proximity to the highway is a recurrent highlight, making it an excellent choice for those traveling to destinations such as Italy, Croatia and other parts of Slovenia. Public transportation options are available just 50 meters from the hotel, ensuring easy connectivity to Ljubljana. Additionally, free parking is available, adding to the convenience.

Guests also enjoy the quiet ambiance of Vrhnika, a pleasant mountain town where the hotel is located. The hotel's central setting in this charming locality allows visitors to enjoy nearby sights and amenities. The presence of a restaurant within the building enhances the overall experience, offering good dining options without having to venture far.

Overall, Hotel Mantova is well-regarded for its excellent position, making it a practical, convenient and comfortable choice for travelers, whether on business trips, vacations or lengthy journeys.

Hotel Mantova offers a consistently well-received breakfast experience according to guest reviews. The breakfast options are frequently described as good, very good or excellent, indicating a general satisfaction among guests. Many reviews emphasize the variety and diversity of the offerings with some guests highlighting a wide selection of products and a generous buffet. The breakfast is noted to be hearty, plentiful and often includes essential items to meet different tastes and needs.

The quality of the food is another positive aspect with the breakfast described as delicious, fresh and tasty. Some guests appreciated the central location and the helpfulness of the staff, which adds to the overall positive breakfast experience. There are mentions of both continental and Swedish buffet styles, suggesting a mix of local and international options.

Though there are a few mentions of the breakfast being average or okay, these are in the minority. Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Mantova stands out as a notable feature, contributing to a pleasant stay for guests with its ample, varied and high-quality choices.

Hotel Mantova offers a delightful dining experience with numerous guests praising the quality and variety of the food available. Visitors can enjoy delicious meals at the hotel's on-site restaurant, which features a diverse menu and pleasant ambiance. The restaurant is described as offering high-quality cuisine with some guests noting it as excellent and divine. Patrons appreciate the ability to savor local Slovenian dishes, along with good pizza and local wines, emphasizing both the good quality and reasonable prices.

The restaurant also boasts a cozy beer garden with inexpensive, delicious food, making it a popular choice for both hotel guests and other visitors. Additionally, the convenience of having lunch and dinner options within the hotel structure contributes to its great quality-price ratio. Furthermore, the attached café and pub provide further dining possibilities, ensuring something for every taste.

Overall, whether guests are looking for a hearty dinner or just a relaxing meal, Hotel Mantova's dining options come highly recommended for their excellent food and welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel Mantova provides a range of room options that cater to various needs. Most guests commend the rooms for being spacious and comfortable with many highlighting their clean state. Despite some of the rooms being described as outdated and the furniture old-fashioned, they still offer a cozy and comfortable stay. The rooms are notably large, providing ample space for guests to relax. However, a few rooms are smaller and can feel a bit cramped and there are concerns about some rooms having poor views or being located near noisy areas like ventilation systems, kitchens or street-facing restaurants. The beds are generally comfortable, but extra beds for children have occasionally been noted as less satisfactory. For those seeking a convenient overnight stop, the hotel's location is advantageous and the clean, spacious rooms add to a pleasant stay. Despite some minor drawbacks, the overall comfort and cleanliness of the rooms make Hotel Mantova a suitable choice for travelers.

When considering a stay at Hotel Mantova, guests can expect a mixed experience regarding the beds. Many visitors have praised the comfort of the double beds, describing them as comfortable and of good quality. Several reviews highlight the cleanliness and overall comfort of the main beds, which seems to be a consistent positive feature.

However, the spare beds and sofa beds designed for children have received less favorable feedback with comments about discomfort and sagging. Some guests have found the mattresses to be hard and the spare beds not up to the same standard as the main ones. Despite these issues, a number of reviews still reflect overall comfort with mentions of comfortable beds throughout their stay.

In summary, while the main double beds at Hotel Mantova generally provide a comfortable resting experience, the additional beds might not meet everyone's comfort expectations.

Hotel Mantova generally scores positively when it comes to cleanliness, as emphasized by numerous guest reviews. Visitors consistently describe the rooms as clean, very clean and well-maintained. Guests appreciate daily room cleaning and towel changes and many highlight the cleanliness of the linens and overall comfort of the accommodations. Some reviews also mention the clean and soft towels and the well-equipped nature of the rooms.

However, there are occasional reports of cleanliness issues, such as dust on the lights on the staircase, cobwebs in the rooms, dirty air conditioning, dust in the minibar and carpets that need replacement. While the majority of feedback is positive, indicating a clean and pleasant stay, these occasional issues suggest there may be room for improvement in some areas. Overall, Hotel Mantova's upkeep of cleanliness and maintenance seem to leave a largely favorable impression.

Hotel Mantova's staff consistently receive praise for their friendliness and professionalism. Many reviews highlight the reception staff as particularly friendly, smiling and accommodating. Guests appreciate the hardworking and dedicated nature of the employees with specific mentions of exceptional service for cyclists and efforts to ensure guests' needs were met, such as arranging meals later in the evening.

In terms of helpfulness, multiple reviews note that staff went above and beyond to make stays enjoyable with excellent communication skills in English making interactions smooth and pleasant. The politeness and attentiveness of the team also stand out, especially the welcoming and personable approach from the reception.

However, not all feedback is glowing. Some guests experienced instances of unfriendliness and inattentiveness from certain staff members, including receptionists and housekeeping. Despite these occasional lapses, the general consensus leans towards a positive experience with the staff's amiability and efforts to provide a comfortable stay. Overall, most guests found the staff at Hotel Mantova to be a significant highlight of their visit.

Hotel Mantova offers a convenient and secure parking experience for its guests. The facility boasts a spacious and private parking lot that is directly in front of the hotel, providing easy and comfortable access. Many reviews highlight the availability of free parking, which adds significant value to the stay. Additionally, the parking area is closed and secure, ensuring peace of mind for guests leaving their vehicles. The parking is also reserved, minimizing the hassle of finding a spot. Overall, the parking situation at Hotel Mantova receives high marks for its accessibility, security and convenience.

Hotel Mantova stands out as an ideal choice for family vacations, consistently praised for its family-friendly environment. Catering specifically to families, the hotel offers spacious accommodations, including large family hotel rooms and sizeable suites for groups of four, ensuring everyone is comfortable during their stay. The hotel's location is convenient for families who wish to explore with the old town and historical buildings nearby providing a pleasant day of walking. Whether it's for a brief stopover or an extended visit, families find Hotel Mantova to be both comfortable and accommodating, making it a reliable option for those traveling with children.

Hotel Mantova stands out as an excellent choice for business travelers, offering good business services and an efficient, professional staff. The hotel is highly regarded for its professional attention to detail, making it very convenient for business commitments. Guests find it a very good option, particularly due to its excellent structure tailored for business needs. Additionally, the hotel offers great value, balancing price and performance effectively.

No, Hotel Mantova doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Mantova.

No, Hotel Mantova doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Mantova.

No, Hotel Mantova doesn't have a gym.

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