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Summary of reviewsAppart International Boarding House is favorably reviewed for its serene and green location, situated in a tranquil residential area that offers easy access to the city's vibrant center. Just a 20-minute walk or a 15-minute bus or car ride away from the city center, it is an ideal spot for those seeking both peace and proximity to urban attractions. Guests appreciate the convenient location, excellent public transport links and the availability of parking. The boarding house's setting is particularly advantageous for visitors attending nearby medical facilities or campuses.

The accommodations are noted for their cleanliness and functionality. While the rooms are generally small, especially for extended stays or larger groups, they are equipped with essential amenities, including a kitchenette with basic cooking facilities. The rooms are praised for being tidy, well-maintained and often come with private balconies offering impressive views. Despite their compact size, guests find the rooms cozy and suitable for short stays.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at the Appart International Boarding House with guests frequently mentioning the spotless and well-maintained condition of both the rooms and common areas. The cleaning staff's thoroughness and friendliness contribute significantly to the positive experience, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable stay.

The staff, including the landlord and cleaning personnel, receive high marks for their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests appreciate the courteous service and the landlord's responsiveness to any concerns. Customer service is generally commendable, although there are occasional lapses in communication, particularly issues related to language barriers and check-in procedures.

Parking at the boarding house is noted to be convenient and adequate with various free parking options available both on-site and on the street. Despite some minor inconveniences with narrow entrances and blocked spaces, the ample and secure parking facilities are a significant benefit for guests with vehicles.

The beds at the boarding house are another highlight, frequently praised for their comfort. Guests describe the beds as soft and well-scented with a good balance of firmness. Although there are some concerns about the size of the double beds and their positioning within the rooms, the overall comfort and quality of the beds are appreciated, ensuring a restful sleep.

In summary, Appart International Boarding House is recommended for its peaceful yet accessible location, high standards of cleanliness, friendly staff, convenient parking and comfortable beds. The small room sizes are a consideration mainly for longer stays or larger parties, but for short visits, the boarding house delivers a pleasant and comfortable experience.
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Room Types
Apartment This studio apartment features a fully equipped kitchenette, a flat-screen TV and a furnished balcony.

Apartment Attic (4 Adults) This large, top-floor apartment features a double bedroom, twin bedroom, living room, and kitchen with dishwasher. The bathroom includes a bathtub.

Budget Single Room The unit offers 1 bed.

Single Room with Balcony The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Located in a serene, green residential area, Appart International Boarding House offers a quiet retreat that is nonetheless conveniently situated near the city's vibrant center. With its proximity to the South Station and excellent access to public transport, visitors can easily reach the heart of the city. The city center is just a 20-minute walk away or can be accessed in about 15 minutes by car or bus, making it a perfect spot for those who prefer a tranquil environment without being far from urban attractions.

Guests appreciate the accessibility of the location, whether they're attending conferences, visiting the old town or exploring local parks and residences. The hotel also boasts convenient parking options, which are often highlighted as a significant advantage. Despite its central position, the area remains remarkably calm and peaceful, offering a relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

For those attending nearby medical facilities or campuses, the boarding house's proximity is particularly convenient. Overall, the location is highly regarded for balancing ease of access with a quiet, green setting, ensuring a comfortable stay for a variety of travelers.

The Appart International Boarding House offers accommodations that may not be suitable for longer stays due to the generally small size of the rooms. Many guests have commented on the compact nature of the apartments, mentioning that spaces such as the kitchen, living room and bedrooms are often combined or closely situated, making it a tight fit, especially for larger groups or families. Despite the small size, the rooms are praised for being very clean and well-equipped. Each room typically features a small kitchenette with basic cooking facilities, which includes a refrigerator, kettle and coffee machine.

A notable highlight is that many rooms come with a private balcony, some of which offer impressive views. The apartments are designed with functionality in mind, featuring practical and clean furnishings. The size of the rooms might be a challenge for those planning an extended stay, but they are deemed sufficient for short visits.

While some of the rooms are quite small and may feel cramped, especially for more than two guests, they are described as cozy and sweet, offering all necessary amenities. Noise levels are generally low, providing a quiet environment and the location is conveniently near the city center.

In summary, the Appart International Boarding House provides clean, functional and well-equipped accommodation that might be more suited to short stays due to the small size of the rooms. The convenient location and availability of private balconies add to the overall appeal, particularly for shorter visits.

The beds at Appart International Boarding House have received considerable praise from guests, who frequently describe them as soft, well-scented and overall comfortable. Many reviews highlight the excellent balance of firmness, noting that the beds are neither too hard nor too soft. The pillows are also mentioned positively, often noted as pleasantly firm. However, there are recurring comments about the size of the double beds with several guests mentioning that they are too small for two adults. The positioning of beds within rooms, particularly in double rooms where beds share space with kitchen areas, is also noted as a drawback. Despite these size and positioning issues, the general comfort of the beds remains a strong point for the hotel. Single beds receive fewer complaints and are often cited as well aligned and comfortable. Overall, while the size and layout issues are a concern for some, the comfort and quality of the beds are consistently appreciated.

Appart International Boarding House consistently receives high praise for its impeccable cleanliness. Guests note that the accommodations are extremely clean with rooms that are not just tidy but spotless and well-maintained. The cleaning staff is frequently highlighted for their friendliness and thoroughness, ensuring that every corner of the property is kept in pristine condition. The daily room cleaning service is appreciated, keeping everything neat and orderly. Visitors commend the apartments for being both spacious and impeccably clean, further emphasizing the comfort of a genuinely spotless stay. Overall, the level of cleanliness at this boarding house exceeds expectations, making it a top choice for travelers who prioritize hygiene and tidiness.

The Appart International Boarding House receives high marks for its friendly and helpful staff. Many reviews commend the staff and cleaning personnel, highlighting their friendliness and reliability. Guests appreciate the attentive and courteous service provided by the cleaning ladies, who are described as both friendly and meticulous in their work.

The landlord is frequently mentioned as responsive, friendly and quick to address any concerns. Guests have found the landlord to be reliable and helpful, enhancing their stay with swift communication and support.

While most experiences with the hotel's team are positive, a few reviews mention issues with check-in and communication, noting that information is sometimes provided only in German. There was also an instance of the owner struggling to reach a guest and a minor mishap involving a TV remote. Some guests reported that staff didn't always respond to messages, which indicates occasional lapses in communication. The check-in and check-out processes, however, are generally described as smooth, facilitated by a convenient key box system.

Overall, the positive interactions with the staff significantly contribute to the pleasant atmosphere at Appart International Boarding House, making it a welcoming place for travelers.

The Appart International Boarding House offers a variety of parking options, making it a convenient choice for travelers with vehicles. Guests appreciated the numerous free parking spaces available either behind the house or in front on the street. The availability of private and safe parking spots further enhances the appeal. Visitors found the parking to be easy and convenient with many noting the luxury of having such facilities in Würzburg.

Parking on-site is plentiful and includes options in the courtyard. However, some guests did mention that a few of the spaces were blocked and that the parking entrance is somewhat narrow. Despite minor inconveniences, the overall sentiment regarding parking is positive with sufficient spaces available for guest use.

While the boarding house does not offer secured bicycle storage, the provision of free and secure parking for cars is consistently highlighted as a significant benefit.

No, Appart International Boarding House doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Appart International Boarding House.

Yes, Appart International Boarding House welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Appart International Boarding House.

No, Appart International Boarding House doesn't have a gym.

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