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Summary of reviewsPrzystań Leśniów enjoys a prime location that perfectly balances exploration and relaxation. Nestled adjacent to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Leśniewo, it offers picturesque views and convenient access for pilgrims. Positioned in the heart of the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Upland, it serves as an excellent base for visiting landmarks such as the Jurassic Highlands and the Trail of the Eagles' Nests. Surrounded by the charming and tranquil village of Żarki with nearby attractions like the Bobolice and Mirów castles, this hotel offers ample opportunities for cycling and day excursions. The peaceful, serene surroundings ensure a restful stay, bolstered by well-regarded on-site amenities, including a restaurant known for its delicious and varied dishes.

Guests frequently commend the breakfast experience at Przystań Leśniów for its abundance and variety. Consistently described as delicious and satisfying, the five diverse breakfast sets cater to different preferences, including dietary options. Freshness and flavor are standout points with portions hefty enough to share. Additional perks such as pitchers of water, tea or coffee and neatly prepared sets, enhance the overall dining experience. The breakfast provides excellent value for money, reinforcing a positive start to the day.

The hotel's on-site restaurant also earns high praise for dinner. Guests note the delicious pizzas and a diverse menu filled with tasty options at reasonable prices. Whether for lunch or dinner, the food is consistently described as exceptional, creating memorable dining experiences. The option to bring dogs for a small additional fee adds to the convenience and comfort of guests' stays.

Przystań Leśniów's accommodations are highly rated with guests highlighting the large, comfortable rooms adorned with modern decor. The freshly renovated rooms emphasize cleanliness and feature spacious bathrooms, efficient air conditioning and thoughtful touches like tea sets and local castle photos. The cozy, high-end atmosphere and serene views from certain rooms cultivate a restful environment. The hotel's spotless condition and well-maintained facilities further enhance the guests' experiences.

The cleanliness of Przystań Leśniów is often highlighted in reviews with rooms consistently described as large, clean and cozy. Meticulous maintenance and diligent staff contribute to the high standard of cleanliness, creating a comfortable and relaxing ambiance.

The staff at Przystań Leśniów are frequently praised for their friendliness, politeness and efficiency. Guests appreciate the competence and professionalism displayed by the team, particularly individuals like Ms. Elwira, who go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay. Minor mentions of improvements in guest service knowledge do not overshadow the overall positive and inviting atmosphere created by the warm and attentive staff.

While many guests find the beds comfortable, there are mixed reviews concerning their size and firmness. Some guests point out that the mattresses could be more comfortable with isolated incidents of torn sheets and uncomfortable sofa beds. Addressing these concerns could further enhance the overall sleep experience.

Overall, Przystań Leśniów offers a highly recommended stay marked by a prime location, delicious meals, comfortable and clean accommodations and exemplary staff service.
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Room Types
Apartament - Mirów This apartment features a sofa.

Family Room with Private Bathroom - Ogrodzieniec The family room offers air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. The unit has 3 beds.

Standard Family Room - Bobolice The family room offers air conditioning and a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The family room has a flat-screen TV, a sofa, a carpeted floor, as well as heating. The unit has 3 beds.

Classic Quadruple Room - Pieskowa Skała The quadruple room offers air conditioning and a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 3 beds.

Family Room - Olsztyn This family room has a sofa and view. Its interior is inspired by Olsztyn.

Guest Reviews
Przystań Leśniów boasts an enviable location ideal for both exploration and relaxation. Nestled right next to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Leśniewo, it offers lovely views and easy access for pilgrims. The hotel finds itself in the very heart of the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Upland, making it a great base for visiting the Jurassic Highlands and the Trail of the Eagles' Nests.

The surrounding village of Żarki, known for its monuments and peaceful ambiance, adds to the charm, while nearby attractions like the Bobolice and Mirów castles provide excellent opportunities for cycling trips and day excursions. The serene and quiet environment ensures a restful stay, complemented by on-site amenities like a well-regarded restaurant serving delicious and varied dishes.

Overall, Przystań Leśniów offers a high standard of accommodation with everything you need for a comfortable visit, making it a convenient and attractive option for anyone looking to explore the region.

Przystań Leśniów offers a breakfast experience that guests consistently find delicious and satisfying. The meals are abundant, ensuring that visitors start their day well-fed and happy. There is a diverse selection of breakfast sets, typically five, allowing guests to choose according to their preferences, including dietary options. Many reviews highlight the freshness and flavor of the food with some sets even being large enough for two people. The breakfasts are not only tasty but are also neatly prepared and served on the spot, adding to the overall dining experience. Additional perks like pitchers of water, tea or coffee and bread included with the sets enhance the meal further. Guests also appreciate the value for money and the restaurant's cleanliness. Overall, the breakfast at Przystań Leśniów stands out as a hearty and fulfilling start to the day, leaving many guests highly recommending it.

If you're planning a stay at Przystań Leśniów, make sure to sample the offerings at their on-site restaurant. Guests repeatedly praise the delicious and varied meals available, highlighting the fantastic pizzas and an impressive menu filled with tasty options. The dining experience here is satisfying with many noting that their dinners were particularly memorable. Breakfast, often described as very tasty and fresh, sets a pleasant tone for the day.

The restaurant doesn't just serve good food; it offers very good dishes at reasonable prices, making it a great place to dine without breaking the bank. Whether you're enjoying a rich selection of delicacies for lunch or opting for dinner, the consistent feedback is that the food is exceptional. Additionally, if you're traveling with a furry friend, you'll appreciate the option to bring your dog for an additional fee, enhancing the convenience and comfort of your stay. Overall, the restaurant at Przystań Leśniów seems to be a highlight for many, adding significant value to their experience.

Located in the beautiful and serene area of Leśniow, Przystań Leśniów offers guests an inviting retreat with its impressive accommodations. Reviews highlight the large, comfortable rooms adorned with tasteful, modern decor. Recently renovated, the rooms emphasize cleanliness and fresh, appealing designs. Many visitors appreciate the spacious bathrooms and the efficient air conditioning system that complements the modern aesthetic.

The hotel takes pride in its impeccable cleanliness and well-maintained facilities, providing an atmosphere that feels both cozy and high-end. Guests frequently mention the comfort of the beds and the serene views available from certain rooms, enhancing the restful experience. Additional amenities like tea sets, hairdryers and photos of local Jurassic castles add unique touches to each room.

Ideal for a relaxing getaway, the spacious rooms and their ambient atmospheres have garnered much praise from visitors. Whether enjoying a quiet moment on a cozy bench or soaking in the atmospheric charm of the interior design, guests consistently find their stay at Przystań Leśniów both comfortable and memorable.

Przystań Leśniów offers a mixed experience when it comes to its beds. Many guests have found the beds to be comfortable with some also praising the pillows for their comfort. However, there are remarks about the beds being small and sometimes either too hard or too soft. A few visitors noted that the mattresses could be more comfortable with some even being able to feel the springs. There were comments about sofa beds and folding sofas being particularly hard. One review mentioned torn sheets on one of the beds, which was an isolated issue but worth noting. Overall, while some guests were satisfied, a few improvements in the mattresses and bed comfort could enhance the sleep experience.

Przystań Leśniów stands out for its impeccable cleanliness, consistently highlighted in guest reviews. The rooms are described as large, clean and cozy, boasting modern renovations and thoughtful details. Fresh water provided on the table adds a touch of hospitality. Both the atmosphere and the maintenance are praised with emphasis on the comfortable and tidy environment. Air-conditioned rooms further enhance the comfort and the diligent staff ensures that cleanliness is prioritized throughout. Overall, guests find the accommodations very clean and well-maintained, contributing to a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Visitors to Przystań Leśniów frequently praise the hotel's staff for their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests consistently describe the service as very friendly, polite and efficient. The staff members are noted for their competence and professionalism, delivering a high level of service. Multiple reviews mention the diligent efforts by staff to make guests' stays as pleasant as possible. The service is characterized by its courteousness and attention to detail with some guests specifically highlighting individuals like Ms. Elwira for their exceptional assistance and care. Despite a few mentions of staff lacking in-depth guest service knowledge, the overall guest experience remains positive, thanks to the team's warm and approachable nature. The combination of friendly interaction and professional service creates an inviting atmosphere that contributes significantly to the enjoyment of a stay at Przystań Leśniów.

No, Przystań Leśniów doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Przystań Leśniów.

Yes, Przystań Leśniów welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Przystań Leśniów.

Yes, Przystań Leśniów has a gym.

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