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Info Modern city hotel in the center of Zurich Oerlikon with 56 rooms and two meeting rooms just 5 minutes' walk from Zurich-Oerlikon Train Station.
Summary of reviewsHotel Sternen Oerlikon stands out as a premier lodging choice in Zurich, especially for visitors attending events at the Hallenstadion or Theatre 11. Its strategic location in the Oerlikon district offers excellent connectivity to Zurich city center and the airport with nearby train, tram and bus stations only a short walk away. Guests appreciate the hotel's proximity to a variety of dining, shopping and essential amenities in a quiet yet central neighborhood, making it ideal for both tourists and business travelers.

The hotel’s breakfast service garners significant praise for its quality and variety. The buffet includes a wide range of sweet and savory options, such as top-quality yogurts, scrambled eggs and sausages, catering to diverse tastes. While some found the breakfast a bit pricey, most guests felt that the rich and balanced offerings justified the cost. The breakfast staff's friendliness and the overall cleanliness of the dining area further enhance the positive experience.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon’s rooms are highly regarded for their modern and attractive furnishings, spaciousness and cleanliness. These well-equipped rooms, featuring fridges, air conditioning and office areas, offer a comfortable stay for both leisure and business travelers. Guests particularly value the peaceful ambiance and cleanliness with modern fixtures in the bathrooms adding to the overall comfort. Despite minor issues like occasional street-side noise and the lack of minibars, the rooms often exceed expectations, providing a restful and pleasant stay.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel is a consistent highlight with guests noting the spotless and well-maintained rooms and common areas. The hotel’s modern décor and attention to hygiene contribute to a fresh and inviting environment. Although a few guests mentioned areas for minor improvement, the general consensus is that the hotel maintains high standards of cleanliness, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The hotel staff receives widespread acclaim for their exceptional friendliness and professionalism. From receptionists to breakfast servers, the staff is consistently described as accommodating, courteous and attentive, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Guests appreciate the helpfulness and efficiency of the personnel, which significantly enhances the overall experience.

The free Wi-Fi at Hotel Sternen Oerlikon is generally reliable and suitable for various online activities, although there are occasional reports of connectivity issues. Most guests find the internet service satisfactory with good speed and ample outlets in the rooms contributing to the convenience.

Parking options, though not private, are deemed satisfactory by most guests. A nearby covered parking garage and other local facilities offer convenient and secure solutions for guests with vehicles, despite some initial confusion about the parking arrangements.

Overall, Hotel Sternen Oerlikon excels in providing comfortable beds with guests frequently mentioning the clean and cozy bedding. While there are occasional remarks about firmness preferences, the majority of guests report a restful night's sleep, supported by the hotel's commitment to comfort and cleanliness.

In summary, Hotel Sternen Oerlikon offers a comfortable, clean and convenient stay with excellent service, making it a highly recommended choice for visitors to Zurich.
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Room Types
Standard Single Room - Street Side Air-conditioned room featuring a big single bed (120 cm x 210 cm)

Superior Single Room - Street Side Air-conditioned room featuring a large single bed (160 cm x 210 cm)

Double Room - Street Side Air-conditioned room featuring a queen-size double bed (160 cm x 210 cm)

Twin Room - Street Side Air-conditioned room featuring 2 big single beds (120 cm x 210 cm)

Triple Room - Street Side Air-conditioned room with wooden floors. This is a double or twin room with an extra bed or a sofa bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Sternen Oerlikon is widely praised for its exceptional location, making it a prime choice for visitors attending events at the Hallenstadion or Theatre 11. Situated in the Oerlikon district, the hotel is conveniently close to several key transport links, including the Oerlikon train station, trams and buses, ensuring easy access to Zurich city center and the airport. Guests appreciate the short walking distances to these modes of transport, typically just a few minutes away.

The hotel’s central position in Oerlikon means it is nestled in a lovely neighborhood brimming with restaurants, shops and essential amenities, all adding to the convenience of the stay. Additionally, the proximity to major event venues makes it an ideal spot for concert-goers with the Hallenstadion being a mere five to ten-minute walk from the hotel.

While being centrally located, the area remains quiet, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. The overall accessibility, combined with the abundance of nearby dining and shopping options, makes Hotel Sternen Oerlikon a highly recommended option for both tourists and business travelers.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon offers a breakfast experience that most guests find delightful with many praising its quality and variety. The breakfast buffet includes a wide range of sweet and savory options, ensuring something for every palate. Guests frequently mention the deliciousness of the food, noting items like top-quality yogurts and hearty options such as scrambled eggs and sausages.

The buffet is described as rich, extensive and balanced with the presentation being both simple and welcoming. Despite some comments about the breakfast being expensive at CHF 20 per person, others consider the price reasonable given the quality and amount of food provided.

Some guests did express a desire for a more extensive selection, including additional options like fish and noted the ecological impact of using separate packaging for spreads and yogurts. However, the consensus remains positive, highlighting the excellent variety and appealing setup of the breakfast service.

The friendly and helpful staff add to the pleasant breakfast experience and the cleanliness and flexibility regarding room servicing are also well-appreciated. Although there are a few suggestions for improvement, the breakfast at Hotel Sternen Oerlikon generally meets and even exceeds guest expectations.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon offers an ideal stay with its modern and clean rooms that guests find beautifully and attractively furnished. The rooms are noted for their spaciousness, making them comfortable for both singles and couples with some even accommodating extra beds comfortably. Many reviews highlight the peaceful and quiet ambiance, essential for a restful stay, although a few mention street-side noise.

The rooms are well-equipped with functional amenities including fridges, office areas and air conditioning, ensuring convenience for both leisure and business travelers. The decor is modern, reflecting recent renovations, which adds to the overall pleasant experience. Guests appreciate the cleanliness maintained consistently throughout their stay with the bathrooms particularly noted for their modern fixtures and functionality.

Despite being described as a simple three-star hotel, the rooms are spacious and comfortable, often exceeding guests' expectations. Some rooms come with balconies, adding an extra touch of luxury and the functional design ensures a comfortable and practical stay. Although there are minor drawbacks such as the lack of minibars and occasional noise, the overall consensus is that Hotel Sternen Oerlikon offers excellent room comfort and cleanliness in a central, convenient location.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon receives high praise for the comfort and cleanliness of its beds. Descriptions frequently mention the beds as comfortable or very comfortable with many guests specifically appreciating the clean and cozy bedding. The hotel's spacious rooms and neat environment further add to the positive experience. Most visitors highlight the beds as being clean and comfy, making for a restful stay.

While the feedback generally skews positive, there are occasional mentions of beds needing replacement or minor issues such as creaky bedding. A few reviews note that the mattresses varied in firmness with some too soft or too hard for individual preferences. Despite these isolated remarks, the overall sentiment is that the hotel excels in providing a good night's sleep, supported by lush, clean and cozy bedding.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon is consistently praised for its exceptional cleanliness with guests frequently noting that the rooms are very clean, spotless and well-maintained. The hotel's modern decor complements the high standards of hygiene, evident from the beautifully modern furnished rooms to the ultra-modern bathrooms. Common areas are kept very clean and the entire facility is described as clean and orderly. Despite some older aspects of the property, it remains a fresh and modern space. Practical room arrangements, coupled with professional cleaning, ensure a comfortable stay. Minor areas for improvement, such as balcony cleanliness and occasional dusty shelves, don't detract significantly from the overall positive impressions regarding the hotel’s maintenance and hygiene. The breakfast is highlighted as hygienically prepared, adding to the guest satisfaction. Overall, Hotel Sternen Oerlikon is highly regarded for maintaining top-notch cleanliness throughout the property, ensuring a pleasant and sanitary experience for its visitors.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon is highly praised for its exceptional and friendly staff. Guests consistently highlight the professionalism and attentiveness of the hotel's personnel, mentioning that the staff is not only efficient but also very courteous and accommodating. The reception and front desk teams receive particular commendations for being welcoming, knowledgeable and accessible around the clock.

The hotel personnel's approachable and kind nature seems to greatly enhance the guest experience with many reviewers appreciating the willingness of staff to assist and provide helpful information. The insistence on good service is palpable, contributing to an overall pleasant environment.

Customers also note specific instances of staff going above and beyond, whether it be the night staff's friendliness, the receptionists' professionalism or the helpfulness of the breakfast staff. It is evident that the hotel places a strong emphasis on maintaining a hospitable and supportive atmosphere, making guests feel well-taken care of during their stays. This consistent display of friendliness and helpfulness appears to be a standout feature of Hotel Sternen Oerlikon.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon offers guests a generally positive experience when it comes to Wi-Fi. Many reviewers have praised the good connectivity and reliability, noting that the internet speed is suitable for both casual browsing and more demanding tasks like handling emails. The availability of free Wi-Fi with booking and plenty of outlets in the rooms further enhances convenience, making it easier for guests to stay connected.

However, the experience is not universally positive. Some reviews mention issues such as poor Wi-Fi quality or a lack of service entirely at times. While many guests find the wifi fast and stable, others have encountered difficulties with connectivity. Overall, the Wi-Fi at Hotel Sternen Oerlikon receives mixed reviews with a substantial number highlighting satisfactory or excellent performance while others report challenges.

Hotel Sternen Oerlikon offers several parking options for guests arriving by car, providing a convenient solution for many visitors. A covered parking garage is located next to the hotel, making it easy for guests to securely park their vehicles. Although the charge is 20 CHF per day, many found the access to reserved parking hassle-free and well worth the cost.

There are also nearby parking alternatives, including an underground parking garage merely 50 meters away. Some guests mentioned the ease of finding parking in these nearby facilities, though others noted some initial confusion in locating the correct parking area upon arrival. The lack of private parking at the hotel itself was a minor inconvenience for a few, especially when transporting luggage.

Overall, while there were some minor drawbacks regarding clarity and distance for a few guests, most found the parking arrangements to be satisfactory and beneficial.

No, Hotel Sternen Oerlikon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Sternen Oerlikon.

Yes, Hotel Sternen Oerlikon welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Sternen Oerlikon.

No, Hotel Sternen Oerlikon doesn't have a gym.

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