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Info Situated in the luxurious Seefeld district the hotel is just a few steps away from the lake offering free Wi-Fi throughout.
Summary of reviewsOpera Hotel Zürich boasts an exceptional location that garners high praise from guests. Centrally situated, the hotel is within walking distance of key city attractions, including Lake Zurich, the Zurich Opera House and the old town. Its proximity to public transportation, like the Stadelhofen train station and local tram stops, adds further convenience, making it easy for guests to explore the city and reach the airport directly. The quiet yet vibrant neighborhood, replete with restaurants, cafes, shops and supermarkets, caters to both leisure and business travelers.

The breakfast at Opera Hotel Zürich receives general acclaim for its quality and variety, featuring fresh produce such as high-quality cheese, pastries and fruits. Friendly and helpful staff further enhance the breakfast experience in an inviting setting. However, some guests feel that the breakfast could benefit from more variety and better value for its cost.

Dinner options at the hotel are appreciated with positive feedback for evening meals and efficient room service. The bar serves as a relaxing venue for guests to unwind at night. However, lunch options are viewed as excessively expensive and a dedicated restaurant for lunch or dinner is noticeably absent. The rooftop dining atmosphere also received mixed reviews.

Room experiences vary, but positive mentions include cleanliness, comfort and modern technology. Some rooms offer beautiful views and amenities like minibars and coffee makers are well-received. However, room sizes, particularly the standard and smart rooms, are a frequent point of contention with guests noting them as too small and occasionally misrepresented online.

Cleanliness is a standout feature with numerous guests praising the hotel's immaculate standards. The well-maintained common areas and stylish interiors contribute to an overall clean and welcoming environment.

The staff at Opera Hotel Zürich receive overwhelmingly positive reviews for their politeness, professionalism and helpfulness. Specific individuals are often highlighted for exceptional service and the overall team is described as attentive and responsive.

Wi-Fi experiences are mixed with some guests praising the service while others report connectivity issues and a lack of secure network options. The family experience at the hotel can be described as mixed with junior suites offering ample space for small families but a noted lack of family-specific amenities.

The surrounding nightlife offers plenty of options for evening entertainment, although noise from nearby streets can affect light sleepers. Beds receive varied feedback with many finding them comfortable but some pointing out issues with size and firmness.

Although Opera Hotel Zürich markets itself as a four-star establishment, guest experiences suggest room for improvement to meet this standard consistently. For business travelers, the hotel provides useful amenities and a convenient location for combining work with leisure, despite occasional logistical hiccups.

In summary, Opera Hotel Zürich shines with its prime location, cleanliness and stellar staff service, though areas such as room sizes, breakfast variety and consistent dining options could enhance the overall guest experience.
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Room Types
Opera Classic Air-conditioned room with free WiFi and free wired internet access.

Opera Deluxe Large, air-conditioned room with a seating area, a well-lit workspace and free WiFi and wired internet access.

Opera Superior Air-conditioned room with free WiFi and free wired internet access.

Opera Classic Plus Spacious, bright and air-conditioned room with a 1.40 metre-wide bed and free WiFi and wired internet access.

Opera Superior Plus Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a bath or a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The spacious air-conditioned double room offers a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, soundproof walls, a minibar and a tea and coffee maker. The unit offers 1 bed.

Smart Room This room features a multi-functional bed, electric kettle and air conditioning. Guests can control via tablet or smartphone all features, such as curtains, room service, as well as the color-changing lighting system for individual ambience. Free WiFi, multimedia TV system, laptop safe, bathroom with bathtub or shower are also featured.

Small Single Room This room cagegory offers a single bed (100 cm), a multimedia TV system, a safe, and air-conditioning. The bathroom is equipped with bathtub or rain-shower. Free Nespresso coffee machine and tea selection.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Opera Hotel Zürich enjoys an exceptional location that has received high praise from guests. Situated centrally, it is within walking distance to many of the city's top attractions, including Lake Zurich, the Zurich Opera House and the bustling old town. Guests have found the proximity to public transportation, such as the nearby Stadelhofen train station and local tram stops, to be extremely convenient, providing easy access to explore the city further and even reach the airport directly.

The surrounding neighborhood is described as quiet, yet vibrant with numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and supermarkets nearby, making it ideal for both leisure and business travelers. This prime location allows visitors to enjoy leisurely walks by the lakeside, quick visits to cultural landmarks like the opera and effortless trips to shopping streets and parks. The hotel's central setting is also noted to be beneficial for those attending events at both the opera house and the Bernhard Theater.

Overall, Opera Hotel Zürich's guests repeatedly highlight its perfect and convenient location, contributing to their enjoyable stay in this beautiful Swiss city.

Guests at Opera Hotel Zürich generally have positive impressions of the breakfast offerings, though they highlight areas for improvement. Many describe the breakfast as very good with phrases such as excellent, delicious and fantastic frequently appearing. The breakfast buffet is commended for its variety and fresh produce, including high-quality cheese, pastries and fruits, catering to various dietary needs, including gluten-free and lactose-free options.

The breakfast area is noted to be clean and inviting with a friendly and helpful staff, particularly Ali, who made the breakfast experience more pleasant for several guests. The breakfast room itself, though sometimes critiqued for being impractical or small, contributes to a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

However, some guests feel the breakfast could benefit from more variety with specific mentions of limited cereal choices and repetitive options. A few comments also touch on temperature issues, such as lukewarm scrambled eggs. Additionally, while some guests find the breakfast worth its cost, others feel it is overpriced and not reflective of a 4-star establishment’s standards.

Overall, the breakfast at Opera Hotel Zürich receives high praise for its quality and variety, though there's room for enhancing the selection and value-for-money perception.

Guests of the Opera Hotel Zürich have often appreciated the dining options available. Many have enjoyed the evening meals at the hotel's restaurant, which is open until 11 pm. The bar at night is a good spot to unwind and enjoy drinks. Room service has received positive feedback for its efficiency during dinner time. While there were mentions of a speed-dating event occupying the lobby, this did not seem to detract significantly from the dining experience. However, some guests noted that lunch options were excessively expensive and that the hotel did not offer a dedicated restaurant for lunch or dinner, which may be a consideration for future visitors. Additionally, the roof top dining atmosphere was described as less open and friendly than expected. Overall, the hotel provides satisfactory dining experiences, especially for evening meals and room service.

Opera Hotel Zürich offers a mixed experience when it comes to room sizes and facilities, but there are many positives highlighted by guests. Most agree that the rooms are generally clean and comfortable with well-maintained and well-decorated interiors. Many reviews mention the spaciousness and tasteful design of the rooms, particularly appreciating the modern technology integrated into the smart rooms, which includes features for controlling lights and music.

Several rooms offer beautiful views with some guests enjoying views of the lake or the river from their accommodations. There are also positive comments about the large, comfortable beds and spacious bathrooms which include modern fixtures such as rain showers and dual sinks. The presence of amenities like minibars, coffee makers and balconies in some rooms is also well-received.

However, many of the reviews consistently note the small size of certain rooms, especially the standard and smart rooms. Some guests found the space to be insufficient, particularly when the booked room did not match the photographs or descriptions provided online. Issues such as outdated decor, lack of ventilation, thin pillows and impractical storage solutions were mentioned with some rooms in need of renovation. Noise and poor lighting were also concerns for a number of guests.

Despite these drawbacks, the general consensus is that the hotel offers cozy and elegant accommodations with high-quality furnishing and unique decor, making it a pleasant stay for those who prioritize comfort and modern amenities.

At the Opera Hotel Zürich, guests have shared varied experiences regarding the beds. Many enjoyed a comfortable night's sleep, noting the bedding and mattresses as being particularly agreeable. Descriptions of "extremely comfortable" and "super comfortable" give a strong impression of relaxation. Moreover, the presence of fluffy duvets and pillows adds to the sense of comfort.

However, it’s evident that bed size and placement issues are recurrent. Several guests found the beds too small, especially for two people with frequent mentions of double beds measuring about 140 cm being insufficient. A few reviews highlight inconvenience due to beds being pushed against the wall, making access challenging from one side.

Opinions on the firmness of mattresses and pillows also varied. While some appreciated the softness, others found them too soft, echoing a preference for firmer options. The hotel could benefit from offering more variety in pillow types.

Overall, while many guests left satisfied with the comfort level of the beds, there is a significant number who felt improvements could be made to bed sizing and the range of firmness available. The bedding, though generally praised for comfort, varied too widely in experience, indicating that consistency could be an area for enhancement.

At Opera Hotel Zürich, cleanliness is a standout feature frequently highlighted by guests. Many reviews praise the hotel for its immaculate standards with phrases like "very clean rooms," "spotlessly clean," and "impeccable cleanliness" appearing repeatedly. The overall environment is described as clean and well-maintained, contributing to a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Guests note that the rooms are not only clean but also comfortable and well-furnished, adding to their overall satisfaction.

The hotel’s modern and tastefully decorated interiors also receive positive mentions, creating a stylish yet cozy ambiance. The common areas, including the lobby and bar, are well-kept and contribute to the hotel’s clean and elegant environment. The attention to cleanliness extends to the bathrooms, although a few reviews mention small or cracked bathrooms as areas needing improvement.

Despite the occasional comment about old carpets or small room sizes, the overall sentiment remains positive regarding cleanliness. Guests also appreciate the quiet and comfortable rooms, often noting that the hotel's central location does not compromise its peacefulness. The quality bedding and high-standard hygiene further enhance the guests' experience, making Opera Hotel Zürich a reliable choice for a clean and comfortable stay in the city.

Reviews about the staff at Opera Hotel Zürich are overwhelmingly positive. Guests frequently highlight the polite, friendly and helpful nature of the staff, often noting their exceptional service and dedication. Individuals such as Alex at the reception and Abdelrahman have been singled out for their outstanding hospitality. The team is described as professional, attentive and responsive with front desk services receiving high praise for their efficiency.

Frequent mentions of the staff's ability to go the extra mile, their courteous demeanor and impressive customer support add to the hotel's excellent reputation. Guests appreciated the warmth of the reception, the knowledgeable concierge and the welcoming nature of the entire team. The friendly and accommodating attitude extended to all areas, from reception to housekeeping.

Though mostly glowing, a few criticisms mention occasional moments of indifference or impersonal interactions. Nevertheless, these instances appear to be rare exceptions in an otherwise consistent record of fantastic service.

Overall, the staff's friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness significantly enhance the guest experience, making Opera Hotel Zürich a standout choice for travelers seeking excellent hospitality.

Guests at Opera Hotel Zürich had varied experiences with the hotel's Wi-Fi service. Many appreciated the availability of free Wi-Fi that they found effective and, in some cases, even superb with high download speeds. However, others encountered issues with connectivity, reporting slow or unreliable service. Some pointed out that the Wi-Fi signal was unstable with occasional disconnections and poor reception in their rooms. It was noted that there was no secure network available and no public or premium Wi-Fi options. Additionally, the hotel seemed to lack information regarding Wi-Fi at the time of check-in, which left some guests unprepared. Despite these challenges, there was a general sense of satisfaction among those who were able to connect without trouble.

Opera Hotel Zürich presents a mixed experience for families with children. The junior suites offer ample space, making them a good fit for a small family with a child. Guests can appreciate modern bathrooms and reasonably decorated rooms that provide a comfortable environment. The hotel is described as a suitable option for quiet families, ensuring a peaceful stay.

However, it must be noted that the overall family experience could benefit from enhancements. Larger families may find the rooms less accommodating and there are no specific family amenities available. Reviews highlight that the hotel does not particularly cater to families with some describing it as family-unfriendly. Given these points, while the hotel offers a pleasant stay for small families or those traveling with one child, those needing more space or family-specific facilities might need to consider other options.

The nightlife around Opera Hotel Zürich is vibrant and diverse, providing numerous options for evening entertainment. Guests particularly appreciate the abundant selection of nearby bars and nightclubs, making it easy to find a spot for a late-night drink or a lively night out. While some bars may close earlier than expected or not operate on weekends, the overall availability of many places to socialize compensates for these minor inconveniences. However, it's worth noting that the area can be noisy at night with car convoys audible until the early hours of the morning, which might affect light sleepers. Despite this, the plentiful choices for nightlife make it a bustling and exciting area to explore after dark.

4 Star
Opera Hotel Zürich presents itself as a four-star establishment, yet it delivers a mixed experience according to guest reviews. Many visitors note its central location and good facilities, appreciating the high ceilings and amenities typical of a four-star hotel. However, several guests feel the hotel does not meet the high standards expected of such a rating. Concerns include small beds, inconsistent bathroom water temperatures and dated decor. Some reviews suggest that the service quality and overall standards are more aligned with a three-star hotel. While some positive aspects remain, such as the provision of quality toiletries and the general amenities, it appears that the hotel struggles to consistently deliver the hallmarks of a four-star experience.

Opera Hotel Zürich offers an array of facilities and services tailored for business travelers. Guests commend the secure WLAN network, which ensures safe and reliable internet access crucial for business needs. The hotel's business center and various business amenities, including business services, make it well-suited for professional activities.

The friendly and helpful staff contribute to a smooth check-in process, an aspect that is particularly appreciated by travelers on tight schedules. Additionally, the convenience of online parking extension adds to the ease of planning and logistics during a stay.

The hotel's comfortable facilities provide an ideal environment for business trips and it stands out as a business-friendly option in Zürich. While updating credit card data can sometimes be problematic during the booking process, the overall experience for business travelers remains positive and efficient.

Moreover, its location is particularly advantageous for those combining work with leisure, being ideally situated for attending events at the opera. Overall, Opera Hotel Zürich presents a reliable and comfortable option for business travelers seeking efficiency and convenience.

Located in a central area, the Opera Hotel Zürich exudes trendy charm and cozy elegance. This boutique hotel offers a soothing atmosphere with well-maintained modern rooms and public areas, making it a beautiful and captivating choice for travelers. The stylish decor, high ceilings and large windows contribute to its welcoming and boutique ambiance. Both the rooms and general environment reflect a meticulous attention to detail that enhances the boutique hotel experience. Medium-sized, yet intimate, the hotel successfully combines contemporary comfort with a distinctive sense of charm.

Opera Hotel Zürich shines as a luxurious retreat with its newly renovated interiors that exude a lavish look and feel. Guests consistently highlight the exceptional quality and aesthetics of both the amenities and the rooms, ensuring a magnificent experience. The quality of service is reportedly outstanding with an exceptional manager leading a highly committed team. This dedication to excellence extends to every service offered, from the well-insulated, quiet rooms that promise restful sleep to the high-end amenities that meet the highest standards of luxury hotels.

The hotel's luxurious offerings are frequently praised, as are its top-tier customer service and overall luxury experience. Despite some concerns over the pricing, the consensus emphasizes a highly satisfactory and indulgent stay, making the Opera Hotel Zürich a recommended destination for those seeking refined comfort and quality.

Dog Friendly
Opera Hotel Zürich offers a welcoming environment for guests traveling with dogs. Dogs are allowed on the premises and stay free of charge, making it a dog-friendly hotel. Several rooms are designated as dog-friendly and the hotel provides dog beds for added convenience.

However, experiences with the staff are mixed with some guests finding them unhelpful despite their kindness. Accommodations vary with some rooms being noted as large and clean, while others are described as very small. Furthermore, poor sound insulation in the hotel has been an issue, as it does not sufficiently block out the noise of barking dogs, potentially causing disturbances. Overall, while the hotel is equipped to welcome dogs, there are some service and sound insulation challenges that may affect the overall experience.

No, Opera Hotel Zürich doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Opera Hotel Zürich.

Yes, Opera Hotel Zürich welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Opera Hotel Zürich.

No, Opera Hotel Zürich doesn't have a gym.

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