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   As the lockdowns ease in more and more countries and travelling becomes a possibility again, many travellers want to be informed about the specific health and safety measures each hotel has taken before making their reservations. This is why we have prepared a questionnaire regarding those health and safety measures, so that we can keep our visitors as informed as possible.

Health & Safety Category Questionnaire

The more questions you answer, the more you help potential guests who want to be aware of those measures. All unanswered questions will not show up at all in your hotel's listing. The "Health & Safety" category is only one of our 53 categories, and all this information regarding your hotel's safety measures will appear when our visitors click the specific tab at your hotel's listing.


Do visitors need a health certificate (i.e. a test) prior to arrival?

Do you perform temperature checks upon guests' arrivals?

Do you ensure contactless check-in/check-out?

Do the hotel's main entrance doors open automatically?

Can guests access their room entrance directly from outside the hotel without entering the lobby?


Are the rooms left vacant for a minimum period of time after a guest checks out?

Is there an option for no in-room housekeeping during a guest's stay?

Do you allow fresh air to enter the rooms by leaving the windows open between departures and arrivals?

Does the cleaning crew wear appropriate personal protective equipment?

Do you sanitize the common areas?

Are guests' luggage and belongings disinfected upon arrival?

Are luggage trolleys sanitized after each use?

Do you sanitize guests' keys/cards?

Do you provide thorough cleaning of the rooms?

Are all employees trained and monitored to follow a cleaning protocol?

Do you use disinfectants approved by regulatory authorities that kill the COVID-19 virus?

Do you use electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant to sanitize surfaces?

Do you disinfect high touch areas in guest rooms including light switches and door handles?


Are elevator rides limited?

Is furniture in public areas arranged to allow more space for distancing?

Are guest rooms allowed to be accessed until check-in after they were cleaned?

Does the hotel operate at a limited capacity?

Does the hotel accept domestic bookings only?

Do you allow people who don't stay or work at the hotel to enter its premises?

Do you allow people who don't stay at the hotel to enter the rooms?

Have you altered check-in / check-out hours to allow more time between departures and arrivals?

Other limitations:


Do you provide medical kits (masks, gloves and sanitizer) to the staff?

Do you provide medical kits (masks, gloves and sanitizer) to the guests?

Do you provide disinfecting wipes in each room?

Are there hand sanitizing stations throughout the hotel?

Is there a sanitizing sprayer for shoes outside each room?

Do you have any signage in lobbies to remind guests to maintain social distancing protocols?

Do you use physical distancing markers?

Do you use delivery robots to get stuff to guests' rooms?

Is there an individual air-conditioning/heating unit in each room (no central air-conditioning/heating system)?

If there are central air-conditioning/heating/ventilation systems, is air recirculation prevented?

Are carpets removed from guest rooms?

Are unnecessary items removed from guest rooms, such as decorative pillows, bed scarves, paper notepads and pens?

Are air purification and sanitization devices installed?

Are linens, towels and laundry washed in accordance with the official guidelines?

Is dirty linen bagged in the guest room to eliminate excess contact while being transported to the laundry facility?

Food & Beverage Service

Do you offer pre-made boxed meals to guests?

Do you offer single-serve options instead of buffets for breakfast?

Do you offer contactless delivery for in-room dining?

Protocols & Certifications

Do you follow any of these protocols or have you obtained any of these certifications?

Has there been a person appointed to supervise the correct implementation of the measures?

Do you check temperature for all onsite staff on a scheduled basis?

Do your staff practice social distancing guidelines?

Are there dedicated isolation zones on property?

Do you have clear guidelines on how to handle suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Is there a doctor available either on-site or on-call?

Are there any services currently unavailable due to health and safety issues (e.g. valet parking, airport transfer, spa, gym, indoor pool, conference rooms, coffee points, etc.)?
Has the hotel closed during the pandemic?

Is there anything that you would like to add or clarify regarding health and safety?
By answering this questionnaire I confirm that I'm authorized to answer on behalf of Riad Dar Saba - Saba's House and that I answer the questions to the best of my knowledge.
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