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Summary of reviewsThe Queen Hotel Wetherspoon in Aldershot distinguishes itself through various aspects that collectively offer an exceptional stay. Located centrally with close proximity to Aldershot train station, local bus services and popular eateries, guests find its accessibility and convenience impeccable. The location is further valued for providing easy access to shops, restaurants, pubs, a casino and events, making it ideal for both leisure and practical purposes. Despite its central position on a main road, guests consistently report a tranquil experience.

The breakfast service emerges as a significant highlight, praised for its quality, value and convenience. Guests appreciate the ease of heading downstairs to the pub to enjoy a meal and commend the efficient and friendly service. Dinner at the on-site pub also receives positive feedback for affordability, quality and the broad menu selection. The cheerful setting, alongside fast service, further enhances the dining experience for guests, making it a dependable option for both breakfast and dinner.

The rooms at The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon stand out for their spaciousness, cleanliness and modern comfort. Guests frequently mention the generous size of the rooms and the impressive modern bathrooms. Equipped with TV channels, tea trays and strong attention to cleanliness, the rooms offer excellent value for money. The consistency in the comfort and quietness despite the central location adds to the appeal.

Cleanliness is a recurring accolade with guests consistently noting the immaculate condition of both the rooms and common areas. The hotel staff also receives high praise, described as friendly, helpful and professional, which significantly contributes to the overall positive experience. The beds, often highlighted as very comfortable, further enhance the restful ambiance of the hotel.

Altogether, The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon in Aldershot earns commendations for its prime location, quality breakfasts and dinners, exceptional room standards, consistent cleanliness and exceptional staff service, making it a favored choice for many travelers.
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Room Types
Double Room The spacious double room features air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. This double room has an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, flat-screen TV, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Family Room Providing free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. This family room features air conditioning, a wardrobe, flat-screen TV, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit offers 2 beds.

Double or Twin Room The spacious twin/double room provides air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower and a hairdryer. This twin/double room features an electric kettle, a carpeted floor, flat-screen TV, as well as chocolate for guests.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in a prime location, The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon in Aldershot garners praise for its accessibility and convenience. It stands centrally, providing easy access to a multitude of amenities and attractions. Guests appreciate its proximity to Aldershot train station, local bus services and popular eateries like Nandos and various pizzerias. The hotel's position in the town center places visitors within walking distance of shops, restaurants, pubs and even a casino.

Many find the location ideal for attending events at the nearby Princes Hall Theatre and for supporting local football matches. The convenient central location also facilitates shopping, visiting the cinema and exploring the surrounding areas. Moreover, the hotel is complimented for its comfortable and clean accommodations, often described as a perfect spot for travelers needing access to Aldershot’s diverse offerings.

Convenience extends beyond immediate amenities with free parking options at nearby Morrison’s car park, just a short walk from the hotel. Despite its central placement on a main road, guests comment on the tranquility of their stay.

Overall, guests laud The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon for its superb location, easy access to local and regional transport and the added value of comfortable, clean rooms and facilities.

The breakfast at The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon emerges as a highlight in guest reviews. Described frequently as great, brilliant and excellent, it consistently garners praise for both quality and value. Many guests appreciate the convenience of having breakfast in the pub on the ground floor, noting the ease of simply going downstairs to enjoy a meal. The reasonable pricing and efficiency of service further add to its appeal. Despite a few minor setbacks such as occasional missing items or cold food, the overall sentiment remains positive with many users emphasizing the friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness during breakfast. The offering is especially noted for combining good quality with affordability, making it an attractive option for visitors.

The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon provides a pleasant dining experience with a focus on affordability and quality. Guests appreciate the reasonably priced food and drinks, describing them as good to excellent. The menu offers a wide selection, ensuring there is something for everyone and the food consistently meets expectations with fast and efficient service. The convenient on-site pub is highlighted, making it easy to grab a meal for breakfast or dinner, even post-concert or late into the evening.

The setting itself adds to the appeal. The spacious, clean rooms and the charming beer garden contribute to a comfortable stay. Overall, the ability to order food at nearly any time and the welcoming atmosphere of the pub downstairs make it a convenient and enjoyable dining option for hotel guests.

Located in a charming old property, The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon offers guests a surprisingly quiet and comfortable stay in the heart of the city. The rooms, consistently described as spacious and clean, exceed expectations with ample space, modern bathrooms and comprehensive facilities. Guests frequently mention the comfort of the beds and the impressive size of both the rooms and the en-suites, often highlighting the excellent value for money.

Rooms are well-equipped with modern conveniences, including a good selection of TV channels and well-stocked tea trays with sparkling and still water. The décor is up-to-date, creating a bright, airy atmosphere that enhances the overall comfort. The large windows with thick curtains allow for a restful sleep, blocking out any unwanted light.

Whether opting for a cosy corner double room or a larger suite, guests appreciate the thoughtful layout and attention to detail, noting that even the rooms on the upper floors and those near the pub area remain surprisingly quiet. Cleanliness is a recurring theme in the reviews with many describing the rooms as spotless.

Overall, The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon stands out for its excellent room quality, spaciousness and the consistent comfort it provides to its guests, making it a reliable choice for both short and extended stays.

The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon receives highly favorable feedback regarding its beds, frequently described as comfy and very comfortable. Guests appreciate the spacious rooms and the generous size of the beds with some highlighting the queen-sized option. Bedding quality is consistently praised, contributing to an overall comfortable experience. Although a minority have mentioned that the beds were either too soft or a bit hard, the majority find them satisfactory, offering a restful night's sleep. This comfort extends beyond the beds, as the rooms themselves meet or exceed guests' expectations, often noted as providing a pleasant stay above a great pub.

The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon consistently impresses with its outstanding cleanliness and spacious accommodations. Guests frequently highlight the immaculate and spotless state of the rooms, noting that they are always very clean and well-maintained. The hotel’s clean and spacious rooms are often mentioned along with the excellent condition of the facilities provided. Visitors appreciate the lovely old property's cleanliness, finding it both comfortable and quiet.

Additionally, the hotel offers great value with clean, well-equipped rooms that also smell pleasant. The friendly and approachable staff contribute to the overall positive experience by ensuring cleanliness and attentive service. Many reviews remark on the cleanliness of the entire property, from the spacious rooms and well-equipped bathrooms to the common areas.

Despite a few minor issues, such as an overflowing bathroom bin, the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the impeccable cleanliness and comfort of the rooms makes The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon a top choice for travelers looking for a tidy and cozy stay. Its clean, convenient location, friendly staff and excellent value add to the appeal, making it a favored destination for many visitors.

The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon is renowned for its exceptional service, particularly highlighted by the numerous commendations it receives for its staff. Guests consistently praise the staff as being friendly, helpful and approachable. Notable mentions include staff being polite, welcoming and providing excellent customer service, often described as going above and beyond to ensure a comfortable stay. The reception staff receives specific accolades for their professionalism and helpfulness, making check-in processes smooth and informative.

While the overwhelming majority of reviews speak to the warmth and efficiency of the staff, there are minor mentions of occasional issues such as abrupt cleaning staff or a rude manager. However, these instances seem to be exceptions rather than the norm. The positive experiences significantly outweigh any negatives with many guests emphasizing the staff's dedication to making their stay enjoyable.

In summary, it’s the amicable and considerate nature of the staff that sets The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon apart, contributing greatly to its positive reputation amongst travelers.

No, The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon.

No, The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon.

No, The Queen Hotel Wetherspoon doesn't have a gym.

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