Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia

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Summary of reviewsHoward Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia is celebrated for its strategic and picturesque location within a historic building, providing guests with easy access to local attractions. The hotel's central yet peaceful environment, complemented by a blend of old and modern architecture, makes it an ideal choice for visitors looking to explore Alta Gracia's offerings. The staff's dedication to excellent service further enhances the overall value for money.

The rooms are consistently praised for their spaciousness, comfort and cleanliness with many featuring balconies that offer stunning vistas. Although some minor maintenance issues are occasionally noted, the general sentiment is overwhelmingly positive with guests appreciating the comfortable beds and lovely room designs.

Breakfast experiences at the hotel are mixed with some guests enjoying the offerings while others feel there's room for improvement. However, the overall dining experience for dinner is positively received, despite some concerns over service standards and pricing. The restaurant is generally considered to provide satisfying meals, contributing to a pleasant stay.

The hotel's cleanliness is a standout feature with both rooms and common areas maintained to a high standard. The staff is frequently commended for their friendliness and attentiveness, although a few guests have encountered less favorable interactions. Notably, individuals such as Lourdes and Gerardo are highlighted for their exceptional service.

Guests thoroughly enjoy the hotel's spa, describing it as a relaxing and well-maintained facility. Despite occasional unavailability, the spa remains a key highlight of the hotel. The pool amenities, comprising both indoor and outdoor options, are also well-regarded, although some improvements in maintenance are suggested.

Overall, Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia offers a generally delightful stay marked by comfortable accommodations, excellent service and notable amenities such as the spa and pools.
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Room Types
Executive Double King Room This double room has a balcony, air conditioning and minibar and two beds

Executive Twin Room This twin room's special feature is the sauna. This air-conditioned twin room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with mountain views. The unit has 2 beds.

Family Double Room This room has two double beds a balcony, minibar and air conditioning.

Guest Reviews
Nestled in a historic building, Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia boasts an exceptional location that is lauded by guests for its convenience and picturesque views. Visitors frequently highlight the hotel's prime position as ideal for exploring local attractions on foot, making it an excellent choice for those looking to dine out or enjoy nighttime activities. The blend of old and modern architecture adds a unique charm to the setting, complementing its central yet peaceful atmosphere.

The hotel's surroundings are not only visually pleasing but also provide easy access to key points of interest, offering both tranquility and connectivity. Its lodgings are described as comfortable and clean with some rooms featuring balconies that overlook scenic vistas. Guests also appreciate the overall value for money, mentioning the excellent service from the staff.

Whether for its strategic location, historical allure or the serene yet central environment, Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia is consistently commended for offering a delightful stay in the heart of Alta Gracia.

The breakfast at Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia has received mixed reviews from guests. While some visitors found the breakfast to be excellent, fabulous or very good, others noted significant drawbacks. Common criticisms included a lack of variety, insufficient savory options and undercooked scrambled eggs. Several guests also mentioned having to wait a long time for the toaster and the need to request replenishments for items that had run out.

Many reviews described the breakfast as basic, decent or adequate, but with room for improvement in terms of both variety and quantity. Some guests were particularly disappointed, labeling the breakfast as bad, poor or even disastrous. Conversely, a few guests appreciated the breakfast, finding it delicious and complete, commending the overall experience.

Despite the mixed feedback, improvements have been noted over time, suggesting ongoing efforts to enhance the breakfast offerings. Overall, while some guests enjoyed their breakfast experience, others felt that it fell short of expectations and could benefit from a wider selection and better management.

Guests at Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia have shared generally positive experiences regarding dinner at the hotel. Many described the restaurant as good or excellent and found their meals satisfying. Several mentioned having enjoyable dinners on multiple occasions, highlighting the consistent quality of the food. However, while the overall sentiment towards the restaurant's food is positive, there is room for improvement in service with some guests expressing dissatisfaction with the restaurant staff and service standards. Pricing concerns were also noted, particularly regarding the cost of items like sausages, which some felt were overpriced. Despite these criticisms, the dining experience at the hotel's restaurant is generally well-received.

Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia receives consistent praise for its rooms, which are frequently described as spacious and comfortable. Guests appreciate the ample size of both the bedrooms and bathrooms, noting that the rooms are well-equipped and offer a pleasant layout and lovely design. Comfort is a recurrent theme, highlighted by mentions of very comfortable mattresses and beds.

The cleanliness of the rooms is another positive aspect frequently mentioned by guests. They commend the good cleanliness standards maintained throughout their stay. Additionally, the stunning views from the rooms, especially from those with balconies, are highly appreciated and add to the appeal.

However, there are occasional mentions of issues such as mattresses being too soft for some, a lack of a mini-bar and maintenance problems like an unfastened bidet and non-functional sockets. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall feedback underscores the comfort, spaciousness and beautiful views that contribute to a pleasant stay at this hotel.

Visitors to the Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia generally find the beds to be clean and comfortable, often describing them as very comfortable or fairly large. Guests appreciate the cleanliness and the good quality of the white linen provided. While the overall comfort level of the beds is highly praised, some travelers have noted that the beds and quilts appear a bit outdated and suggest the need for updates. Despite this, the positive aspects of the bedding and the diligent cleaning and tidying efforts contribute to a favorable experience in terms of sleep and rest.

Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia stands out for its exceptional cleanliness, garnering positive feedback from guests. The hotel consistently receives praise for its very clean and tidy rooms, described as always impeccable and cozy. Common areas, including the outdoor spaces, are well-maintained, reflecting the hotel's commitment to a high standard of cleanliness. While the pool's cleanliness could see improvement, overall, the hotel maintains a strong reputation for cleanliness, ensuring a comfortable stay for its guests.

Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia receives generally positive remarks regarding its staff from numerous guest reviews. The majority praise the hotel's employees for their friendliness, attentiveness and excellent service. The receptionists and restaurant employees are frequently mentioned for their good vibe and high level of predisposition. Names like Lourdes and Gerardo stand out for their commendable service. Guests often highlight the cordial and friendly nature of the staff, describing interactions as very attentive and appropriate.

However, there are occasional mentions of inadequate and arrogant responses with some guests noting a bad attitude from certain staff members. Despite attempts by some officials to remedy these issues, it appears that the negative experiences still left an impression. Overall, the positive mentions about the staff's attention, help and friendliness dominate the reviews, suggesting that staff service is one of the strong points of the hotel.

The spa at Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia receives high praise from guests. The consensus highlights that the spa services and facilities are very good, providing an excellent experience overall. Visitors frequently describe the spa area as nice, relaxing and well-maintained. While most reviews are positive, there is a mention that the spa was not available at times. Despite this occasional lack of availability, the general sentiment is that the spa is a standout feature of the hotel, offering a rejuvenating and pleasant experience.

The Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino in Alta Gracia features both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Guests have praised the outdoor pool for its excellence, good condition and cleanliness. Additionally, the hotel offers a heated pool, catering to various preferences. Despite the positive impressions of the pool facilities, some reviews noted a need for better maintenance in the pool area and garden. Overall, the pool amenities are appreciated and described as wonderful, adding value to the hotel's offerings.

Yes, Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia.

No, Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia.

Yes, Howard Johnson Sierras Hotel y Casino Alta Gracia has a gym.

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