Waldhotel Zöbischhaus

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Summary of reviewsWaldhotel Zöbischhaus offers a serene retreat nestled in a tranquil forest setting, making it an ideal getaway for those seeking peace and a connection with nature. The hotel's location is highly praised for its beauty, solitude and direct access to hiking trails, as well as its proximity to scenic areas like Vogtland and the Ore Mountains.

The breakfast experience is generally satisfactory with an ample and varied selection that includes regional items. Guests find the breakfast to be plentiful and well-priced, contributing to the overall positive value perception of the hotel.

Dinner at Waldhotel Zöbischhaus is a highlight, featuring delicious, home-style cooking prepared by the owner. The cozy restaurant atmosphere and tasty regional dishes receive consistent praise, though potential diners should note the restaurant's closure on Mondays and limited capacity.

The rooms are clean, cozy and well-maintained, offering modern amenities and scenic balcony views. Guests appreciate the quiet, relaxing ambiance that enhances the overall experience. Despite some minor criticisms about room temperature and bed types, the overall cleanliness and comfort of the rooms are frequently commended.

Immaculate cleanliness is a standout feature with both rooms and common areas maintained to high standards. The friendly and attentive hosts further enhance the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Finally, while opinions on the beds are mixed with some guests finding them too hard or creaky, many others describe the beds as comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep.

Overall, Waldhotel Zöbischhaus is a charming, peaceful retreat with excellent dining, clean and cozy accommodations and friendly service, perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a restful escape.
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Room Types
Standard Room Bright room with cable TV and a private bathroom. Please note that an extra bed is not available for this room.

Comfort Room Bright room with cable TV and a private bathroom. One extra bed can be accommodated for this room.

Guest Reviews
Waldhotel Zöbischhaus boasts an exceptionally tranquil and idyllic setting, nestled deep within a serene forest. This delightful hotel immerses guests in nature, offering immediate access to hiking trails and picturesque views of forest meadows from balconies. The ambiance is superbly peaceful and quiet, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation and a connection with the natural environment. The quiet, forested location is particularly appealing, offering a sense of seclusion and calm, away from the bustle of everyday life. While the area may not suit party enthusiasts, it is perfect for those who appreciate tranquility and pure nature. The hotel's proximity to notable regions such as Vogtland and the Ore Mountains adds to its appeal, making it a wonderful base for exploring these scenic attractions. Overall, the setting of Waldhotel Zöbischhaus is consistently praised for its beauty, peace and direct immersion into the lush greenery of the forest.

The breakfast at Waldhotel Zöbischhaus frequently receives positive comments from guests. Breakfast is consistently described as good, plentiful and sufficient, offering everything needed for a good start to the day. Some reviews highlight the small but good breakfast buffet, which provides a satisfactory selection to meet most needs. Guests appreciated the inclusion of regional menu items and noted the breakfast was abundant and left nothing to be desired. Additionally, the breakfast is seen as reasonably priced, aligning well with the hotel's overall good price-performance ratio. While a few reviews mentioned it could use some adjustments or described it as average, the general feedback points to a satisfying and complete breakfast experience.

Waldhotel Zöbischhaus offers a wonderful dining experience that consistently receives high praise from guests. The restaurant’s diverse dinner menu features delicious homestyle cooking and excellent cuisine with meals freshly prepared by the owner herself, adding a personal touch to the dining experience. Guests appreciate the tasty, regional dishes, which provide good value for money. The restaurant, described as super cozy, creates an inviting atmosphere for diners to enjoy the top-notch food on offer.

It's worth noting that the peaceful and remote location enhances the overall dining experience, although it does mean there are no nearby alternatives for dining out. Additionally, while dinners are generally excellent, potential guests should be aware that the restaurant is closed on Mondays and may have limited capacity. Despite this, the friendly hosts and delectable meals make dining at Waldhotel Zöbischhaus a highlight for many visitors.

Waldhotel Zöbischhaus offers a charming retreat with its clean, cozy and well-maintained rooms that ensure a pleasant stay. Guests frequently commend the quiet and relaxing atmosphere with rooms that are modern, functional and equipped with up-to-date amenities. The spaciousness of the rooms adds to the comfort and the modern bathrooms are particularly appreciated. The hotel’s simple yet elegant setup provides a delightful balance of comfort and functionality. Many enjoy the balcony and the scenic views it offers. Although some guests noted that the rooms could be cold and lacked double beds, the overall cleanliness and well-kept nature of the spaces received high praise. The hotel’s peaceful location further enhances the tranquil experience, making it ideal for restful nights and short stays.

The beds at Waldhotel Zöbischhaus have received mixed reviews from guests. On the positive side, many guests have found the beds to be comfortable, large and suitable for a good night's sleep. Descriptions such as "beds are comfortable to sleep in" and "beds are very comfortable" appear frequently, indicating that a significant number of visitors have had a pleasant experience.

However, there are recurring mentions of the mattresses being extra hard and the beds being tough and creaky. Phrases like "beds are extra hard" and "beds hard and creaking" suggest that some guests might find the sleeping arrangements less than ideal. Despite these concerns, other reviews simply mention the beds as "okay" or "not bad," suggesting a degree of variability in guests' experiences with the hotel's bedding.

Waldhotel Zöbischhaus consistently receives high marks in guest reviews, particularly regarding its cleanliness and overall upkeep. Visitors praise the hotel for its immaculate premises, noting that the indoor areas are well-maintained and hygienic. The rooms are frequently described as cozy, very clean and well-equipped with all the necessary amenities, ensuring a functional and relaxing stay. Guests appreciate the modern and clean bathrooms, as well as the spacious balconies offering a quiet retreat.

Despite being situated in a forest, which can naturally affect the cleanliness of the outdoor areas, the interior cleanliness remains commendable. The hotel is described as clean overall with a good general standard of hygiene. The hosts contribute to the positive experience with their pleasant demeanor, complementing the nice facilities and quiet location that add to the hotel's charm.

At Waldhotel Zöbischhaus, the guest experience centers around the positive attributes of the staff. Visitors have praised the hotel’s hosts, describing them as very friendly, attentive and nice. The courteous staff ensures that check-in processes go smoothly and that special requirements are met, contributing to an overall atmosphere of great service and friendliness. Despite some isolated remarks about unfriendly service, the general consensus highlights the staff’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment, perfectly complementing the peace and quiet of the surrounding woods.

No, Waldhotel Zöbischhaus doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Waldhotel Zöbischhaus.

Yes, Waldhotel Zöbischhaus welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Waldhotel Zöbischhaus.

No, Waldhotel Zöbischhaus doesn't have a gym.

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