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Summary of reviewsHotel Albertin, located in the tranquil district of Weißensee, receives positive feedback for its strategic location, offering quick access to Berlin's city center via nearby tram and bus stops. Guests appreciate the peaceful, residential neighborhood, which is also near dining options, shops and the picturesque Weißensee lake. Its convenience extends to both leisure and business travelers, as it is close to local amenities and educational centers. The accommodation offers spacious rooms and free parking, making it an appealing choice for varied types of guests.

The breakfast at Hotel Albertin is reasonably priced at €7.50 and provides basic yet satisfactory offerings such as rolls, cheese, sliced sausage, eggs and vegetables. Some guests find the breakfast delicious and filling, although it lacks variety and may not suit early risers. Despite some critiques on specific items like reheated rolls or weak coffee, the overall sentiment is positive with the breakfast fulfilling the basic needs for a budget-friendly start to the day.

The rooms at Hotel Albertin are spacious and functional and many guests appreciate the clean and tidy environment, especially the newly renovated bathrooms. The presence of small kitchenettes adds convenience for those needing extra space. However, inconsistent cleanliness and outdated decor are noted with reports of dirty carpets, cobwebs and cigarette odors detracting from the experience. Addressing these issues could significantly enhance the guest experience.

Cleanliness reviews are mixed with some praising the clean bathrooms and bedding and the friendly cleaning personnel. Yet, others report dust, cobwebs and stained carpets, highlighting a need for a more rigorous cleaning regimen. Negative comments on unkempt stairwells and unpleasant odors suggest areas for improvement in overall hygiene standards.

Staff interactions range from friendly and helpful to unresponsive and unprofessional. While some guests commend the staff's effort to ensure a pleasant stay, others face challenges like an often unstaffed reception and chaotic management. Consistency in customer service could improve guest satisfaction substantially.

Free Wi-Fi is available but inconsistent. While some guests find it convenient, others struggle with weak signal strength, particularly beyond the second floor, affecting their ability to stay connected.

Beds at Hotel Albertin generally receive positive feedback for their cleanliness and comfort, contributing to a good night's sleep. Nevertheless, some guests find certain beds too soft or the mattresses worn out with occasional issues like thin pillows. Despite these minor concerns, the majority of guests find the bedding clean and adequate for a mid-range stay.

In summary, Hotel Albertin offers a well-connected and peaceful base with adequate amenities and spacious rooms. While the breakfast, cleanliness and bed comfort meet basic expectations, addressing inconsistencies in these areas and improving staff service could enhance the overall guest experience.
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Hotel Albertin in the district of Weißensee boasts an ideal location for travelers seeking a blend of convenience and tranquility. Guests consistently praise its strategic position, highlighting its close proximity to tram and bus stops, which provide quick connections to Berlin's city center, Alexanderplatz and other notable areas. The neighborhood is described as peaceful and residential, offering a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of central Berlin.

The hotel's vicinity to local amenities adds to its appeal. Numerous dining options, including restaurants and cafes, are within walking distance. Additionally, a variety of shops and supermarkets cater to everyday needs, ensuring that guests have everything they require close at hand. For those interested in nature and leisure, the picturesque Weißensee lake and its surrounding greenery are just a short stroll away, providing a serene escape.

Visitors also appreciate the accessibility Hotel Albertin offers for both leisure and business purposes. Whether attending a seminar at the nearby Peter Edel Education and Cultural Center or visiting family and friends in the area, the location proves to be advantageous. The accommodation itself is noted for being simple yet adequate with spacious rooms and free parking enhancing the overall convenience.

In summary, Hotel Albertin offers a well-connected base with excellent transport links, a quiet and pleasant neighborhood and easy access to dining, shopping and natural attractions, making it a suitable choice for various types of travelers.

Hotel Albertin offers a breakfast that, while simple, tends to meet the basic expectations of its guests. The price for breakfast, usually set at €7.50, is considered reasonable and satisfactory by many visitors, providing value for money with options that include a variety of rolls, cheese, sliced sausage, eggs and some vegetables. Several guests noted the breakfast as being delicious and more than sufficient.

However, there are some areas for improvement that travelers should be aware of. The breakfast selection is somewhat limited with several mentions of the lack of variety and certain items like whole wheat rolls not being available. Additionally, breakfast is typically served starting at 8:00 am, which may be too late for business travelers or those with early plans.

While some appreciated the flexibility and the sufficiency of the breakfast offerings, others found the quality fluctuating with remarks about weak coffee and occasional lackluster items such as reheated rolls. Despite these points, the overall sentiment suggests that the breakfast, though basic, fulfills its role for an affordable start to the day. For those seeking more variety or different timings, local cafes and bakeries might be a better option.

Hotel Albertin offers spacious and functional rooms that are well-received for their size and simple comfort. Many guests appreciated the clean and tidy environment with particular praise for the reception's service quality. Rooms are generally clean with comfortable beds and functional furnishings ideal for short stays. The bathrooms in some rooms looked newly renovated and were well-equipped, showcasing modern and accessible facilities.

The hotel's location is advantageous, situated in a calm, fairly quiet neighborhood with convenient access to public transportation, including a nearby tram. The spaciousness of the rooms and the presence of necessary amenities such as small kitchenettes make it an accommodating choice for visitors requiring extra space.

However, some inconsistencies in cleanliness were noted with several reports of dirty carpets, cobwebs and rooms that could benefit from a thorough update. The decor and furnishings appear outdated in various rooms with worn-out carpets and tattered curtains diminishing the overall appeal. Issues such as cigarette smoke odor in hallways and rooms, cold temperatures in the morning and noisy environments were also reported by guests.

Overall, while Hotel Albertin provides a practical and spacious accommodation option at a reasonable value, attention to cleaning standards and renovations could significantly enhance the guest experience.

Hotel Albertin's bed-related reviews present a mix of opinions, though the overall feedback leans towards a positive experience. Many guests praised the cleanliness and comfort of the beds, noting that the mattresses were generally good and contributed to a good night’s sleep. Comments frequently highlighted that the beds were comfortable with multiple mentions of them being very or quite comfortable.

However, there were some issues reported, such as some beds being too soft or mattresses being worn out. Pillows received mixed reviews; some found them too thin and uncomfortable. Despite these concerns, many found the bedding clean and the mattresses decent, indicating a commitment to hygiene and basic comfort.

Some reviews did highlight isolated negative experiences, pointing out ripped bed sheets and beds that urgently needed replacement. Nonetheless, the general consensus suggests that guests found the beds acceptable for a mid-range stay, offering decent comfort and, in most cases, a peaceful night's rest.

Hotel Albertin has received mixed reviews regarding its cleanliness. While some guests praised the hotel for its clean and spacious rooms with particular mention of clean bathrooms and bedding, other reviews highlighted significant areas requiring improvement. Positive feedback pointed out that the apartments and rooms were generally clean and well-equipped with the cleaning personnel noted as friendly. These reviews mentioned that the hotel was suitable for families on a small travel budget and complimented the new condition of some bathrooms, as well as the comfort and spaciousness of the accommodations.

However, several reviews indicated serious concerns, reporting dust, cobwebs, stained carpets and dirty walls. Multiple guests mentioned unpleasant odors and visible stains of various kinds on furniture and carpets. The stairwells and hallways were described as creaky and unkempt with some guests encountering uncleanliness such as cigarette butts at the entrance.

Overall, while there are reports of satisfactory cleaning in some areas, significant attention to detail and a consistent cleaning regimen appear to be necessary to address the numerous complaints and improve the hotel's overall hygiene standards.

The guest reviews for Hotel Albertin reflect mixed opinions about the staff and management. On the positive side, many guests found the staff to be friendly, helpful and accommodating. Reviews mention the courteous and professional handling of complaints with reception staff being described as attentive and welcoming. Some guests appreciated the effort made by the staff to ensure a pleasant stay, despite the challenges of short-time work.

However, a considerable number of reviews highlight significant issues with customer service. Notably, the reception was often unstaffed, even at announced arrival times, leading to a lack of warm welcomes and information. Some guests encountered staff members who appeared unprofessional with mentions of possible substance use and unresponsive behavior. Management was frequently described as chaotic and unfriendly with instances of loud arguments among staff and poor communication from the hostess.

While some guests enjoyed the friendly interactions and found the staff to be accommodating, others reported a range of negative experiences that led to discomfort and dissatisfaction during their stay.

Hotel Albertin offers free Wi-Fi, which some guests have found convenient and easy to connect to. The Wi-Fi password is readily available, eliminating any unnecessary hassle upon check-in. For those lucky enough to be in areas where the signal is strong, Wi-Fi works without any major issues, providing a reliable connection.

However, it is clear from multiple reviews that the experience is not consistent across the hotel. Guests have noted the absence of Wi-Fi in the rooms, particularly beyond the second floor and some found the internet signal too weak to use effectively. There have been comments about the Wi-Fi being unreliable or entirely non-functional at times, making it difficult for those who need a stable internet connection during their stay.

No, Hotel Albertin doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Albertin.

Yes, Hotel Albertin welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Albertin.

No, Hotel Albertin doesn't have a gym.

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