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Summary of reviewsDieckmann's Hotel offers a superb blend of tranquility and convenience, as attested by numerous positive reviews focused on its location, dining and staff. Positioned right by a picturesque forest, the hotel also enjoys proximity to major highways, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat without forgoing accessibility to urban centers such as Dortmund. The idyllic, rural setting—enhanced by the hotel's rustic charm and ample free parking—provides guests with stunning countryside views and an overall serene atmosphere.

Dining at Dieckmann's Hotel stands out, particularly the dinner experience. The restaurant is consistently praised for its delicious, high-quality food and excellent service, further complemented by a cozy ambiance and an attractive outdoor terrace. This high standard continues with breakfast offerings, deemed delicious and plentiful by many, although some guests have suggested a desire for more variety.

The rooms at Dieckmann's Hotel are another highlight, appreciated for their spaciousness, cleanliness and comfort. Many of the rooms feature country charm with some offering beautiful forest views and balconies. Comfortable beds and well-maintained, renovated bathrooms enhance the guest experience. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as occasional noise from the street and small bathroom sizes, the overall impression remains positive.

Cleanliness is a strong point for the hotel with most reviews pointing out the tidy and well-maintained environment. Although a few guests have noted areas for improvement, these are generally isolated incidents. The staff at Dieckmann's Hotel receive particular acclaim for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism, contributing significantly to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel at home.

However, there are areas that need attention, such as the Wi-Fi services, which have been described as weak and unstable. Despite these few critiques, the hotel’s strengths—its fantastic location, comfortable accommodations, excellent dining options and exceptional staff—make Dieckmann's Hotel a highly recommended destination for travelers.
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Room Types
Single Room This room includes a TV and a private bathroom.

Double Room This room includes a TV and a private bathroom.

Comfort Double Room This room includes a TV and a private bathroom. Extra space is offered in this room. An extra bed can be booked upon request, extra fees will apply.

Three-Bedroom Apartment The unit offers 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Dieckmann's Hotel boasts an exceptional location that has garnered praise from many visitors. Nestled right by the forest, the hotel's picturesque and secluded environment is one of its main highlights. Guests appreciate the serene, naturally beautiful setting, which offers a peaceful contrast to the nearby busy streets and highways. The hotel’s proximity to the motorways makes it convenient for travelers, while the surrounding greenery ensures a quiet stay without unwanted noise.

The property is described as being in a naturally rural and beautiful area, providing an ideal retreat for those looking to connect with nature. Its location makes it a perfect base for excursions around Dortmund and the surrounding green south. Ample free parking is an added convenience for guests.

Despite being close to main roads, the hotel maintains a tranquil atmosphere with many rooms offering stunning views of the countryside. The proximity to forested areas adds to the charm, making it a quiet and beautiful location overall. The rustic charm of the building and its surroundings further enhances the guest experience, combining accessibility with a peaceful, natural setting.

Overall, Dieckmann's Hotel offers the best of both worlds: close connections to major highways and urban centers like Dortmund, while still providing a restful and scenic environment. Visitors commend the location for its perfect blend of convenience and serene beauty.

Dieckmann's Hotel offers a breakfast experience that has received mixed feedback from guests. Many reviewers appreciated the breakfast, describing it as good, delicious and plentiful with high quality and well-organized variety. Guests particularly noted the availability of many types of bread and praised the super delicious cappuccino. Some even called the breakfast excellent and highly recommendable.

However, several guests found the breakfast options to be very simple, spartan and meager, expressing a desire for more variety such as scrambled eggs or yogurt. Despite these limitations, some felt the breakfast was sufficient and good value for the €9.50 price point. A few reviewers mentioned that the coffee machine could be cleaner and noted the absence of some items such as green tea.

In summary, while the breakfast at Dieckmann's Hotel has its commendable aspects, there is room for subtle improvements to meet all guests' expectations.

Dieckmann's Hotel boasts a highly regarded dining experience with guests consistently praising the quality of the food and service at the hotel’s restaurant. The food has been described as delicious, very tasty and even outstanding, making it one of the highlights of a stay at this establishment. The menu offers a wide range of appealing options, often earning high recommendations from visitors.

The restaurant itself is noted for its cozy and beautiful ambiance, particularly the attractive outdoor terrace that enhances the dining experience. Guests appreciate the excellent service and the efficient staff make sure that even last-minute meal requests are accommodated smoothly. Overall, dining at Dieckmann's Hotel consistently impresses, making it a highly recommended choice for both hotel guests and nearby visitors.

Dieckmann's Hotel offers a range of rooms that generally impress with their spaciousness and cleanliness. Many guests appreciate the large, comfortable and beautifully styled rooms, including some with balconies and ambiance that exude a country charm. The hotel is quietly located with some rooms providing a beautiful view and proximity to the forest.

Comfortable beds and renovated bathrooms add to the appeal, though some bathrooms are noted to be relatively small. The hotel rooms are sufficiently heated during winter, ensuring a cozy stay.

However, there are minor drawbacks. The attic rooms feature beams that some might find inconvenient and the absence of air conditioning could be a concern during warmer months. Occasional cleanliness issues, such as dust on windowsills and open transformers, have been mentioned. Additionally, noise from the street can be a disturbance for some guests.

Despite these issues, the overall guest experience is positive with many highlighting the beautiful and functional rooms, the hotel's quiet and serene environment and its attractive amenities.

Dieckmann's Hotel consistently receives high praise for the comfort of its beds. Terms like "very comfortable," "extremely comfortable," and "comfy" frequently appear in reviews, indicating a high level of satisfaction among guests. Descriptions such as "top" and "worthy of more" suggest that the beds exceed typical expectations for hotel accommodations. Additionally, mentions of "clean and ideal" beds reinforce the overall quality and hygiene standards upheld by the hotel. While there are occasional notes suggesting that some beds "could be improved," the general consensus points to Dieckmann's Hotel offering a restful and pleasant sleeping experience.

Dieckmann's Hotel prides itself on maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for its guests. Many reviews consistently highlight the hotel's attention to cleanliness with phrases such as "super clean," "very clean," and "clean room" appearing frequently. Guests have found the rooms to be tidy and well-maintained, emphasizing the overall neatness of the premises. Words like "clean and tidy rooms" and "everything clean" further reinforce the hotel's commitment to hygiene.

However, there are occasional mentions suggesting that cleanliness could be improved in certain areas with some guests pointing out dust and dead insects and a desire for more frequent and thorough cleaning. Despite these isolated remarks, the general sentiment is positive with the majority of guests appreciating the clean and comfortable atmosphere that Dieckmann's Hotel offers. The cozy and comfortable premises, coupled with large and well-appointed rooms, make for an enjoyable stay overall.

Dieckmann's Hotel is consistently praised for its outstanding staff. Reviews highlight the exceptionally friendly, super helpful and welcoming nature of the team, ensuring a pleasant experience for all guests. Visitors repeatedly mention that the staff is very attentive and eager to address any concerns immediately, providing excellent and competent service. The warm and familiar atmosphere is enhanced by the informal yet professional approach of the employees, making it feel like a home away from home. Whether during check-in or throughout the stay, the staff's enthusiasm and accommodating demeanor shine through, creating an inviting environment that guests genuinely appreciate.

In addition to the remarkable service, the hotel's breakfast receives accolades for being delicious, serving as a great start to the day. While there are minor critiques, such as the need for larger bed toppers, the proactive and swift reactions of the staff showcase their commitment to guest satisfaction. Overall, Dieckmann's Hotel's friendly and attentive staff leaves a lasting positive impression on all who stay there.

Dieckmann's Hotel faces significant challenges with its internet services, as highlighted by multiple guests. Numerous reviews indicate that the Wi-Fi signal is often weak or unstable, particularly in peripheral areas of the hotel. Guests experienced issues with the Wi-Fi code, describing it as either incorrect or problematic. Additionally, frequent comments point to a generally poor internet connection with terms such as "bad signal" and "intermittent WiFi" recurring throughout. Overall, the hotel's Wi-Fi requires notable improvements to meet guest expectations.

No, Dieckmann's Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Dieckmann's Hotel.

Yes, Dieckmann's Hotel welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Dieckmann's Hotel.

No, Dieckmann's Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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