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Summary of reviewsChalet du Montal enjoys broad acclaim for its unique combination of an exceptional natural setting, comfortable accommodations, delightful cuisine and warm hospitality. Nestled by the Cure River and surrounded by lush greenery, its tranquil location is highly praised by nature enthusiasts and hikers. Guests appreciate the picturesque views, easy access to hiking trails and overall serene atmosphere, which makes for a perfect retreat.

The breakfast offerings, while simple, are generous and satisfying, catering well to those with hearty appetites. Visitors savor the fresh pastries and varied selection, though some suggest expanding the options for even greater appeal. Dinner receives particular praise, especially for its delicious homemade dishes with notable mentions of the excellent burgers and other flavorful options. The quality and plentiful portions of the meals enhance the dining experience, enjoyed in a beautiful setting with attentive service.

Accommodations at Chalet du Montal are generally well-received for their spaciousness and cleanliness. Rooms are described as comfortable and functional, offering essential amenities with a few noted areas for improvement, such as updating certain furnishings. Despite some minor issues, the calm and charming atmosphere, along with the excellent cleanliness standards, provide a welcoming environment for a restful stay.

The staff at Chalet du Montal are a highlight for many with numerous guests praising their friendliness and helpfulness. The hospitable and attentive nature of the team, including the owner, significantly enhances the overall experience, making guests feel valued and well-cared for.

Though WiFi connectivity could be improved, particularly in the rooms, the available service is adequate for basic needs in public areas. The Chalet is also highly recommended for families and pet owners, offering family-friendly and dog-friendly accommodations. Spacious rooms, family dining options and a welcoming environment for pets contribute to its appeal.

Overall, Chalet du Montal stands out as a serene and inviting destination. It offers a harmonious blend of comfort, nature and excellent service, making it a preferred choice for a relaxing getaway.
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Room Types
Twin Room with Terrace This room offers a private terrace with views of the river, a living area and a private bathroom.

Family Room with Terrace This room is more spacious and offers a private terrace with views of the river, a seating area and a private bathroom.

Twin Room with Private Bathroom Located upstairs, this room offers a seating area and a private bathroom with shower and toilet. Guests have access to a shared terrace.

Double Room with Shared Toilet Located upstairs and the room comes with a shower and a sink. Guests have access to a shared terrace.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Chalet du Montal boasts a prime location nestled in the heart of nature. Guests consistently praised its tranquil setting, accentuating its placement by the river, which offers stunning and serene views. The locale is ideal for hikers and nature enthusiasts with its proximity to various hiking trails including the renowned GR long-distance footpath. The lush greenery surrounding the chalet, coupled with the soothing sounds of the river, creates a peaceful retreat that many found idyllic and relaxing.

The chalet's environment was described as beautiful and splendid with convenient ground-floor accommodations particularly beneficial for those with bicycles. Visitors appreciated the breathtaking views, especially those of the Cure River and the picturesque terrace facing the water. The establishment was easy to find and well-connected to natural sites and places of interest, enhancing its appeal.

Overall, the setting beside the river, amidst an extraordinary natural landscape, was considered exceptional by many. Guests relished the experience of being enveloped by nature, offering a perfect backdrop for both relaxation and outdoor activities. The welcoming and friendly staff paired with the hotel's delightful cuisine further complemented the superb location, making Chalet du Montal a highly recommended spot for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and nature.

The breakfast experience at Chalet du Montal receives generally positive feedback from guests. The descriptions frequently highlight a hearty and generous spread with terms like "great breakfast buffet," "delicious breakfast," and "excellent breakfast" appearing consistently. Guests appreciate the simple yet effective offerings, often mentioning fresh pastries and a varied selection. There's an emphasis on its adequacy and richness, which seems to cater well to those with a hearty appetite, such as hikers.

Some reviews note room for improvement with a few suggestions for modernizing the selection and including more options like fresh croissants, pain au chocolat and eggs. Nonetheless, adjectives like "nice," "good," and "very good" are recurrent, pointing to an overall satisfactory experience. There's also a nod to the pleasant ambiance with some guests enjoying breakfast on the terrace by the river.

In summary, Chalet du Montal's breakfast offering is appreciated for its generous and hearty nature, although some guests suggest a broader variety could enhance the experience.

Chalet du Montal impresses with its dinner offerings, consistently receiving praise for delicious meals, especially its burgers. Guests frequently commend the food as delicious, excellent and plentiful with particular mentions of homemade dishes and rich, hearty options. The restaurant maintains an excellent standard, providing a variety of meals that are both simple and flavorful, including standout items like the special XL cheeseburgers and unique offerings such as a salmon dish. Diners appreciate the good quality and generous portions, making the dinner both satisfying and affordable. The setting of the restaurant, alongside its attentive and helpful owners, adds to the overall delightful dining experience. With consistently positive feedback on both the cuisine and the location, Chalet du Montal stands out as a commendable choice for those seeking quality dining in a beautiful setting.

Chalet du Montal features a variety of rooms that have garnered mixed impressions from guests, though many lean towards the positive. The rooms are often described as spacious with some as large as apartments, offering ample room to move around. Cleanliness stands out, as multiple reviews highlight the rooms' cleanliness and well-maintained state. Simple furnishings are a common theme, providing essential comforts without excess frills, making them suitable for short stays. Despite the simplicity, many guests found the rooms comfortable and adequate for a restful night.

Some rooms boast pleasant views, adding an extra touch to the overall experience. However, not all reviews are glowing. A number of guests noted that some rooms appear outdated and in need of refurbishment with worn-out furniture and basic décor. Details such as non-closing bathroom doors and a lack of heating have been pointed out, indicating room for improvement.

For those seeking a quiet stay, the rooms generally deliver on tranquility, complementing the charming and warm atmosphere of the hotel. Despite some minor shortcomings, the spacious and clean accommodations, paired with comfortable bedding, make Chalet du Montal an appealing choice for many travelers.

Chalet du Montal offers guests a generally positive experience with its bedding. Most reviewers find the beds and bedding to be very comfortable, often highlighting the softness of the mattresses. However, some guests noted that the duvets can be too warm and a few mentioned that the bedding needs updating. While some found the mattresses too soft for their liking, the majority of feedback points to a restful night's sleep in comfortable beds.

Chalet du Montal receives high praise for its cleanliness, consistently noted in guest reviews. Visitors frequently describe the rooms as clean, super clean and well-maintained. Most guests found the rooms not only clean but also comfortable and functional with fresh and modern bathrooms adding to the positive experience. Cleanliness and hygiene are recurring themes, highlighting the hotel's commitment to upkeep. While a few reviewers noted minor issues such as humidity or small details requiring attention, the overall impression is one of a well-maintained, clean and pleasant environment suitable for all travelers, including families with children.

Chalet du Montal has garnered stellar reviews when it comes to their staff and hospitality. Guests repeatedly highlight the warm welcomes and the friendly, accommodating nature of the staff. Both the owner, Dirk and the rest of the team are described as exceptionally hospitable and attentive, ensuring a delightful stay for all visitors. The staff's polite and cordial manner, combined with their helpfulness, significantly enhances the overall experience. Numerous reviews laud the staff's kindness and the quality of the reception, making interactions pleasant and smooth. Whether seeking advice on local attractions or simply enjoying the warm ambiance, the Chalet du Montal team ensures every guest feels valued and well-cared for.

The WiFi experience at Chalet du Montal is mixed but generally functional. Visitors commented that the WiFi worked and was sufficient for basic needs, suggesting that connectivity is usually available in public areas. However, several guests pointed out that WiFi access in the rooms is unreliable or non-existent, highlighting a need for better in-room reception. Despite mentions of occasional lack of network or WiFi codes, travelers generally found the internet service adequate for casual use outside the guest rooms. If staying connected is a priority, guests might need to manage their expectations regarding in-room WiFi availability.

Chalet du Montal stands out as a family and pet-friendly destination, featuring spacious and well-maintained rooms that cater to both couples and families with children. Guests have appreciated the unique and clean setting of the accommodations, particularly the family rooms and suites designed for comfort and convenience. Many reviews highlight the property's family-centric approach, offering family dining options and a charming games and books corner for kids' entertainment. The accommodation's location by the river adds an extra touch of tranquility and natural beauty, perfect for a relaxing family getaway. Additionally, the chalet's dog-friendly status makes it an ideal choice for those traveling with pets. The warm and friendly hosts further enhance the welcoming atmosphere, making Chalet du Montal a preferred choice for families and pet owners alike.

Chalet du Montal appears to be a favored choice for weekend getaways with numerous guests noting the good value for money. Despite not having specific mentions of facilities or experiences tailored for business travelers, the general consensus is positive, suggesting a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere likely suitable for business relaxation. The establishment maintains satisfactory conditions for business stays, ensuring a comfortable environment for combining work and leisure.

Dog Friendly
Chalet du Montal is a highly recommended destination for dog owners looking for a welcoming place to stay with their pets. The establishment is consistently highlighted as dog-friendly and pet-friendly, accommodating dogs without issue. Small dogs are explicitly accepted and there’s a general rule that dogs are welcome, albeit with an extra charge. The chalet allows dogs in various areas, including the dining room, ensuring convenience for guests and their furry friends. Outdoor activities are well-suited for pets, as dogs are permitted to run free and enjoy the natural surroundings, including lakes for swimming, playing and exploring. Overall, Chalet du Montal offers a good option for those traveling with dogs, providing a comfortable and accommodating environment.

No, Chalet du Montal doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Chalet du Montal.

Yes, Chalet du Montal welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Chalet du Montal.

No, Chalet du Montal doesn't have a gym.

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