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Summary of reviewsDe Basiliek is highly praised for its prime location in the heart of Edegem, providing easy access to restaurants, shops and popular attractions, all within walking distance. The vicinity to a bus stop ensures convenient travel to Antwerp and other major cities, all while maintaining a quiet and serene atmosphere.

Guests are enthusiastic about the breakfast offerings, describing it as delicious, varied and abundant with a rich selection that caters to many tastes. The option to enjoy breakfast outdoors on the picturesque terrace adds to the positive experience. The on-site dining options, especially the bar and restaurant, are also highly regarded with friendly and attentive service enhancing the overall dining experience.

The spacious, clean and comfortable rooms are another highlight with many guests appreciating the large beds and well-maintained environment. Despite occasional minor complaints about outdated bathrooms and street noise, the overall feedback is highly favorable. The cleanliness of the hotel is consistently commended with thorough housekeeping maintaining a high standard of hygiene throughout the property.

The staff at De Basiliek is frequently described as friendly, helpful and professional, contributing significantly to the hotel’s welcoming atmosphere. Their attentive and accommodating nature ensures guests feel well cared for during their stay.

The hotel offers reliable free WiFi, though some guests have reported occasional connectivity issues. Parking is convenient and ample with options including street parking, a secure facility and an electric car charging point.

De Basiliek's beds are often described as very comfy and spacious, contributing to a restful night's sleep, though a few guests found the beds too soft. The hotel, aligning with its three-star rating, offers excellent value for money, particularly appealing to business travelers and those on repeat visits. Despite a somewhat old-fashioned feel, De Basiliek impresses with its cleanliness, friendly staff and practical services, making it a commendable choice for travelers.
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Standard Room This air-conditioned twin/double room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with garden views. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Situated in the heart of Edegem, De Basiliek offers a prime location that's highly praised by its guests. Tucked away in a beautiful suburb yet close to the hustle and bustle, the hotel is conveniently located near a variety of dining options, including a popular pizzeria known for its crowded evenings. Visitors appreciate the proximity to restaurants, shops and attractions, all within walking distance.

Public transportation is a breeze with a bus stop just outside the hotel providing direct routes to the Antwerp city center. This makes it an excellent base for those looking to explore not only Antwerp but also other major cities like Mechelen, Ghent and Brussels. Despite being centrally located, the area maintains a peaceful ambiance, offering a quiet retreat away from the city's noise.

Parking is readily available, either in front of the hotel or nearby, adding to the convenience for those traveling by car. Guests often mention the picturesque terrace overlooking the square and fountain, adding to the charm of the location. Overall, De Basiliek strikes a perfect balance between urban accessibility and serene surroundings, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Guests at De Basiliek generally had a very positive experience with the breakfast offerings at the hotel. Many reviews highlighted the breakfast as being good, delicious and excellent. A common theme was the variety and abundance of options available with descriptions such as "great and varied," "hearty," "comprehensive," and "extensive." Guests appreciated the well-prepared, fresh and high-quality foods, including pastries, juices and hot dishes.

Several reviews also mentioned the good value for money and the cozy breakfast environment. Some guests had the opportunity to enjoy their breakfast outside, which added to their pleasant experience. Despite a few comments about the bread and rolls not being up to par and a less abundant selection compared to other places, the overall sentiment towards the breakfast was overwhelmingly positive.

The breakfast buffet stood out for being rich, fresh and well-stocked with ample choices that catered to different tastes. With friendly staff contributing to the enjoyable dining experience, many guests felt that De Basiliek's breakfast offerings significantly enhanced their stay.

De Basiliek offers a delightful dining experience with a top-notch bar and restaurant on site. Guests frequently praise the availability of good food and a delicious, superb breakfast with great choices and sufficient toppings. The beautiful courtyard provides a charming setting for enjoying breakfast outdoors in good weather. The service is highlighted as friendly and attentive with the hotel run by four brothers who contribute to the welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, various nearby eateries and restaurants provide plenty of dining options, making the location ideal for culinary exploration.

'De Basiliek' impresses guests with its consistently spacious rooms and high standards of cleanliness. Most reviews highlight the generous size of the bedrooms and bathrooms, often noting comfortable, large beds that ensure a restful stay. Guests frequently mention the rooms being well-maintained and clean, contributing to a comfortable experience. Many appreciate additional features such as balconies with lovely views, particularly those overlooking the town square. The quiet and pleasant atmosphere of the rooms is another common positive point.

However, while the bathrooms are generally described as large and clean, some guests found them to be slightly outdated. Noise from the street and occasional cleanliness issues, such as neglected corners or old pillows, are minor drawbacks reported by a few visitors. Despite these, the overall feedback remains highly favorable with many finding the rooms tidily appointed and adorned with new, comfortable furniture. The friendly and accommodating staff also enhance the overall guest experience.

In summary, 'De Basiliek' earns high marks for its exceptionally spacious, clean and comfortable rooms, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking a pleasant stay.

De Basiliek's beds seem to consistently earn positive remarks from its guests. Many highlight the comfort, noting that the beds are very comfy, good and super comfortable. The size of the beds is also frequently praised, described as large, spacious and extra large with some rooms featuring separate super king-size beds or two six-foot beds. Guests also appreciate the quality of the mattresses, often calling them very good, delicious and nice and comfy, contributing to a restful night's sleep.

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback, a few guests mention that the beds can be too soft or saggy, indicating a potential inconsistency in firmness preferences. However, the general consensus is that De Basiliek offers a comfortable sleeping experience with many guests recommending the hotel based on the quality of its beds.

'De Basiliek' has garnered consistent praise for its cleanliness from its guests. Rooms and facilities are noted as clean, super clean and well-maintained. Visitors commend the hotel's extensive cleanliness and the attentive housekeeping service which ensures everything is neat and tidy. While some areas of the hotel might appear a bit dated, they still maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Guests appreciate the clean bathrooms and the overall fresh ambiance of the hotel. The cleanliness and appearance have left a positive impression with many guests noting the rooms to be particularly clean and comfortable. Despite the property showing signs of age, cleanliness remains a strong point with rooms being described as neat orderly and fresh.

Occasional feedback highlights minor issues such as a refrigerator not being thoroughly cleaned and some leftover dust in the bathroom, but these instances seem to be exceptions rather than the norm. Overall, the extensive cleaning efforts and the hotel's good condition in terms of hygiene are repeatedly highlighted, making De Basiliek a commendable choice for those prioritizing cleanliness in their stay.

The staff at De Basiliek have consistently received high praise for their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests frequently describe the reception as welcoming and attentive, creating a pleasant first impression upon arrival. The team, from the reception desk to the service personnel, is commended for their professionalism and polite demeanor. Many reviewers highlight the exceptional kindness and support extended by the staff, often noting the family-like atmosphere this fosters within the hotel. The attentive nature of the team ensures that guests feel at home and the extra efforts by the staff, such as providing detailed assistance and accommodating special requests, are much appreciated. Overall, the staff's friendliness and dedication significantly enhance the guest experience at De Basiliek.

'De Basiliek' offers its guests complimentary WiFi that works well for most, allowing convenient internet access throughout the hotel. Many visitors have had positive experiences with the WiFi, finding it reliable and functional. However, some guests have encountered issues with the internet, describing it as slow or unstable at times. For those needing robust connectivity, the variation in WiFi reliability might be a consideration. Despite some connectivity challenges, the ease of having free WiFi available remains a beneficial feature for staying connected while traveling.

De Basiliek boasts convenient and ample parking options, capable of accommodating various needs. Guests highlight the availability of plentiful street parking, particularly noting it is free in the evenings. Public parking is abundant and there are several spots directly in front of the hotel. For those arriving early, there is a market square parking area across from the hotel with free parking until 9:00am. Additionally, there is a secure parking facility at the back of the building, ensuring peace of mind for those who prefer extra security for their vehicles. For electric car owners, a charging point is conveniently located right at the front door. This makes parking at De Basiliek hassle-free and accessible, enhancing the overall experience for guests.

3 Star
For travelers looking to stay near Kontich, De Basiliek provides a great value-for-money option. Despite having dated bathrooms and a slightly worn-out facility, guests find the rooms clean and the service good. The overall feel of the hotel is somewhat old-fashioned, but it stands out for its cleanliness and friendly staff. The value-for-money offerings are frequently praised, especially for those on repeat business trips or requiring an overnight stay in the area. Breakfast is notably fresh and better than expected, fitting well within the value-for-money category. While the hotel aligns with its three-star rating and is not overly luxurious, it proves to deliver more than what its price suggests, garnering appreciation for its practicality and efficient service.

No, De Basiliek doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at De Basiliek.

No, De Basiliek doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at De Basiliek.

No, De Basiliek doesn't have a gym.

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