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Summary of reviewsFolk Hostel in El Calafate receives significant praise across various aspects, creating a highly positive overall experience for its guests.

The hostel’s location is frequently highlighted as a major advantage, being only a short walk from the bus terminal and the city center. This makes it extremely convenient, particularly for travelers with heavy luggage or those arriving late at night. Guests appreciate the nearby access to shops, restaurants and bars, along with supermarkets, which add to the overall convenience. The neighborhood's peaceful and quiet ambiance provides a restful environment, complementing the hostel’s strategic balance between accessibility and tranquility.

Guests also consistently commend the breakfast served at Folk Hostel. With its early 6:30 am start, it caters well to those heading out for excursions. The buffet offers a hearty and varied selection, including fruits, cereals, homemade bread, cakes, yogurt and fresh juices. Although some guests wish for more savory items like cheese or ham, the overall sentiment describes the breakfast as delicious and a perfect start to the day. Many even consider it among the best hostel breakfasts they have experienced.

Dinner at Folk Hostel is similarly appreciated with many guests praising the quality of the cuisine, particularly the pizzas and empanadas. The hostel's vibrant atmosphere is enhanced by events such as concerts and dance evenings, where craft beer adds an enjoyable touch. The staff’s assistance with booking activities and tours, coupled with valuable advice, elevates the level of service, making it a standout feature.

The rooms at Folk Hostel receive high marks for comfort, spaciousness and cleanliness. Guests frequently note the modern and airy private rooms and well-maintained shared rooms. The comfort of the beds and the well-equipped kitchen contribute to a consistently pleasant stay. Although there are occasional mentions of thin walls and ventilation issues, the hostel’s dedication to cleanliness and comfort ensures a positive experience overall.

Cleanliness is a defining characteristic of Folk Hostel with guests noting the spotless condition of rooms, bathrooms and common areas. The hostel's modern interiors and diligent cleaning staff maintain a fresh and tidy environment, enhancing the overall stay.

The staff at Folk Hostel earn high praise for their friendliness, helpfulness and attentiveness. Many guests specifically commend individuals like Alan and Franco for their exceptional service. The professional and accommodating reception team, proficient in multiple languages, adds to the welcoming atmosphere.

The Wi-Fi service at Folk Hostel is generally good with strong signals in common areas. However, some guests report the need for frequent reconnections and weaker signals in rooms. Despite these minor inconveniences, the reliable free Wi-Fi is a valued amenity.

Lastly, the beds at Folk Hostel receive extensive praise for their comfort. Guests appreciate the cozy bedding, individual lockers and bedside charging stations. Despite some reports of softer mattresses and occasional creaky beds, the majority of feedback highlights the overall comfort and well-equipped nature of the sleeping arrangements.

In summary, Folk Hostel is highly recommended for its excellent location, quality breakfast, lively dinner events, comfortable rooms, impeccable cleanliness, exceptional staff and overall positive hostel experience.
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Hostel Taking Steps Towards Sustainability

Hostel with Parking
Location of parking spaces:
Outdoors, not covered (inside the premises). Number of spaces: 6
Number of parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities: 1
Cost of parking: Free
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Accessible Hostel
To whom is your hotel/accommodation accessible?
People who use a wheelchair  
Is there level-access route (might include lifts) from the road to the rooms? Yes, to all rooms
Are there any facilities that guests who use a wheelchair cannot reach? Yes
Please specify: Private Bathroom in Private Rooms, Garden
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Hostel where Extra Health & Safety Measures Have Been Taken
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Yes, to all guests
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Room Types
Bed in 8-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room This bed in dormitory has a tile/marble floor.

Bed in 4-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room This bed in dormitory features a patio and tile/marble floor.

Basic Room with Shared Bathroom The triple room provides a wardrobe, a tiled floor, as well as a shared bathroom featuring a walk-in shower and a hairdryer.

Deluxe Double or Twin Room The twin/double room includes a private bathroom, well-fitted with a bath, a shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The twin/double room features tiled floors and provides a wardrobe, heating and mountain views.

Deluxe Triple Room The triple room includes a private bathroom, well-fitted with a bath, a shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The triple room has tiled floors and features a wardrobe, heating and mountain views.

Guest Reviews
Folk Hostel boasts an excellent location that is frequently praised by guests for its convenience. Situated just a few minutes’ walk from the bus terminal, it offers exceptional proximity for travelers arriving by bus. The hostel is described as being merely 2 to 5 minutes away from the bus station, making it especially convenient for those with heavy luggage or arriving late at night. Its proximity to the city center, typically between 10 to 15 minutes on foot, strikes a balance between accessibility to downtown amenities and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere away from city noise.

Several reviews highlight the ease of accessing the main street with shops, restaurants and bars, typically mentioned as being a short and easy walk away. Despite some guests noting a slight distance from the central shopping area, the overall sentiment leans heavily towards the location being perfect for both relaxation and adventure in El Calafate.

Guests appreciate the cleanliness and comfort of the hostel, along with the excellent facilities. The neighborhood is described as quiet and peaceful, providing a restful environment for travelers. Supermarkets nearby add to the convenience, ensuring that essential amenities are within easy reach.

In essence, Folk Hostel's strategic location between the city's bus terminal and the downtown area makes it an ideal choice for backpackers and travelers. Its balance of convenience and tranquility sets a welcoming stage for visitors wanting to explore El Calafate.

At Folk Hostel, the breakfast experience receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. The buffet breakfast is described as great, hearty and very good with varied and abundant options including fruits, cereals, homemade bread, cakes, yogurt and fresh juice. Guests appreciate the simple yet tasty and filling meals with many noting that it's a perfect start to the day. It's served early, at 6:30 am, which is ideal for those heading out for excursions.

The sentiment towards the breakfast quality-price ratio is favorable with many reviews pointing out that it's good, complete and even the best breakfast at a hostel that some have ever experienced. The homemade items such as yogurt, cakes and banana bread are particularly highlighted for their deliciousness.

However, some guests feel that the breakfast could benefit from a greater variety, including savory items like cheese or ham, which are currently lacking. For those with dietary restrictions, the breakfast might seem limited with feedback noting that it's basic but adequate.

Overall, despite minor criticisms, the breakfast at Folk Hostel impresses with its completeness, early availability and tasty homemade options, making it a standout feature of the stay.

Folk Hostel has garnered positive feedback for its vibrant atmosphere, especially with events such as concerts and dance evenings paired with delightful meals of pizzas and empanadas. Guests frequently highlight the great and even excellent, quality of the cuisine offered. The hostel's craft beer also adds to the dining experience, making it a notable feature for visitors.

Beyond the meals, the hostel is praised for its comprehensive service offerings. It assists guests with planning and booking activities and tours, providing valuable advice and support for tickets and reservations. This level of service makes many consider it the best hostel in terms of the services provided.

Even though some guests noted that the restaurant, which is open to the public, can be noisy, this was not seen as a major drawback. Moreover, while breakfast portions are noted to be a bit small, they are described as delicious, maintaining the overall positive impression of the food.

Overall, Folk Hostel is seen as a lively and service-oriented place with commendable cuisine, though it could improve on compensating and providing special treatment for minor issues.

Folk Hostel consistently impresses its guests with its spacious and comfortable rooms. Most reviews highlight the large, airy rooms that are both modern and clean. Guests particularly appreciate the private rooms, which are noted for being cozy, well-maintained and outfitted with useful amenities like lockers, multiple outlets and bedside charging stations. Shared rooms also receive positive remarks for their comfort and cleanliness.

Frequent comments mention the comfort of the beds and the high-quality room furnishings, which include iron bed structures that don’t creak, adding to a restful experience. The bathrooms, both private and shared, are often described as spotless and well-equipped with plenty of hot showers available at all times.

Although some guests have mentioned issues like thin walls and occasional lack of ventilation, the overall sentiment remains highly positive thanks to the hostel's dedication to cleanliness and guest comfort. With rooms cleaned daily and ample storage space, Folk Hostel provides a consistently pleasant stay for its travelers. Guests also enjoy the well-equipped kitchen and varied breakfast offerings, making it a well-rounded choice for staying in the area.

The Folk Hostel has received extensive praise for its beds with most guest reviews highlighting the comfort and coziness of the accommodations. Many guests described the beds as very comfortable or super comfortable, noting the availability of spacious and clean bedding. Individual lockers and under-bed storage are a notable convenience, allowing for safekeeping of personal belongings. Power outlets near the beds and bedside charging stations enhance the user experience, providing easy access to electronics.

Dormitory rooms are frequently mentioned to have comfortable beds and some beds come with personal night lights and curtains, adding to the comfort and privacy. Despite some reports of worn-out or creaky wooden beds, the majority of feedback indicates satisfaction with bed quality. Concerns were raised about the softness of some mattresses, which led to discomfort for a few visitors and the lack of safety bars on top bunk beds was noted. Overall, guests seemed largely content with the bed situation at Folk Hostel, especially considering the numerous mentions of clean, comfortable and well-equipped sleeping arrangements.

Folk Hostel has garnered glowing praise for its impeccable cleanliness and well-maintained facilities. Guests consistently highlight the spotlessly clean environment found throughout the hostel, including the rooms, bathrooms and common areas. The hostel's cleaning staff appear to be highly dedicated, ensuring that all spaces are tidy and fresh at all times. The modern and new interiors only add to the sense of cleanliness, making guests feel comfortable and at ease during their stay. The bathrooms are particularly noted for being very clean, spacious and well-equipped with hot showers available around the clock. All shared and communal areas receive regular and thorough cleaning, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. In essence, Folk Hostel stands out as a pristine and well-organized accommodation option, where meticulous attention to hygiene is a clear priority.

Visitors to Folk Hostel consistently highlight the exceptional service of the hostel's staff. Guests are impressed by the staff's friendliness, helpfulness and attentiveness. The reception team is particularly noted for being professional and accommodating with many staff members proficient in English and some even speaking German.

Reviewers especially commend specific staff members like Alan and Franco for their exceptional service. The receptionists frequently receive praise for providing clear information and assisting with bookings for tours and buses.

The welcoming atmosphere is frequently attributed to the staff's general attitude, which many find to be warm, courteous and always ready with a smile. This creates a pleasant and supportive environment throughout the hostel.

While there are occasional mentions of uncooperative cleaning staff and a night shift receptionist, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive. The hostel’s employees clearly enjoy their work and go above and beyond to ensure guests have a memorable and comfortable stay, making Folk Hostel a recommended choice for travelers seeking friendly and efficient service.

Folk Hostel generally offers good Wi-Fi throughout the premises with many guests noting that the signal is strong and the connection works well. Several reviews specifically commend the Wi-Fi for its reliability and speed, describing it as excellent and very fast. However, there are some recurring issues that guests have highlighted. The most prominent complaint is the need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi frequently, often every hour, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, the Wi-Fi connection in the rooms is reported to be weaker and less reliable compared to common areas, a situation not uncommon in El Calafate. Despite these intermittent connectivity issues, the friendly staff and free Wi-Fi services do partially mitigate the impact on guests' overall experiences. For travelers dependent on consistent internet access, it might be helpful to prepare for potential connectivity hiccups, especially in the guest rooms.

No, Folk Hostel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Folk Hostel.

No, Folk Hostel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Folk Hostel. For more information, read the answers to the Parking questionnaire

No, Folk Hostel doesn't have a gym.

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