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Summary of reviewsHotel am Rathaus, situated in the heart of Flensburg, provides a exceptional base for visitors to explore the city's attractions. Its prime location on Rote Strasse offers easy access to the old town, pedestrian street and picturesque harbor, as well as convenient services such as shops, restaurants and public transportation— all within walking distance. The hotel’s peaceful yet central setting is particularly appreciated by guests, along with the affordable and secure parking options, including a private garage.

The hotel's breakfast experience is predominantly positive, praised for its quality and variety. Guests often highlight the fresh selection and the pleasant atmosphere of the breakfast room on the fourth floor, which features lovely views over the city's rooftops. The breakfast staff's friendliness also enhances the dining experience. Although a few guests note the breakfast could benefit from greater variety, overall it provides a fulfilling start to the day.

While Hotel am Rathaus does not offer dinner service, its central location places guests within easy reach of numerous nearby restaurants with staff readily offering dining recommendations.

Guest rooms are well-maintained and clean with cozy, comfortable beds ensuring a restful stay. Daily housekeeping services further assure a tidy environment. Despite some furniture and decor being somewhat dated, the rooms' cleanliness, quiet atmosphere, especially those facing the courtyard and secure parking make it a satisfactory choice. Challenges such as smaller room sizes, temperature regulation issues and limited air conditioning are noted by some visitors.

The hotel stands out for its high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, frequently described as spotless by guests. The dedication of the housekeeping staff is apparent, creating a clean and comfortable environment throughout the property.

Staff at Hotel am Rathaus receive accolades for their outstanding friendliness and helpfulness. The reception team, available 24/7 and the courteous housekeeping staff greatly contribute to a positive overall guest experience with their accommodating and efficient service.

While the hotel meets its three-star standard, offering basic yet clean and comfortable accommodations, the WiFi service remains a weak point, being frequently described as unreliable with weak signals and constant disconnections. Nevertheless, the affordability, historic charm and functionality of the hotel make it a practical choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Families find Hotel am Rathaus particularly accommodating with a child-friendly environment and a welcoming attitude toward young guests. The space available for family interactions adds to its appeal as a family holiday destination.

Overall, Hotel am Rathaus excels in providing a conveniently located, clean and friendly environment with a few areas for improvement, making it a reliable choice for those visiting Flensburg.
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Room Types
Double Room Bright, simply furnished room with cable TV and a private bathroom. Some have air conditioning.

Single Room Bright, simply furnished room with cable TV and a private bathroom. Some have air conditioning.

Standard Twin Room Providing free toiletries, this twin room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The twin room provides a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Hotel am Rathaus boasts an exceptional location, making it an ideal choice for visitors looking to explore Flensburg with ease. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel offers proximity to key attractions such as the charming old town, the bustling pedestrian street and the picturesque harbor. Guests appreciate the convenient walking distance to various shops, restaurants and public transportation, as well as the peaceful yet central setting.

Many reviews highlight the hotel's strategic placement on the cozy Rote Strasse, providing an excellent starting point for excursions. The hotel's location also benefits those arriving by train, as it is just a short stroll from the station. Visitors find the parking facilities both convenient and affordable, adding to the overall positive experience of staying here.

Overall, the centrality of Hotel am Rathaus allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Flensburg, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay.

The breakfast experience at Hotel am Rathaus receives a range of feedback, largely focusing on positive aspects. Many guests appreciated the breakfast, describing it as good, very good, excellent and exceptional. The scrambled eggs stood out for one guest as the best they had in a long time and many guests found the selection sufficient and fresh.

The breakfast room on the 4th floor is frequently highlighted for its pleasant atmosphere and beautiful views over Flensburg’s rooftops. The variety and freshness of the buffet seemed to meet the expectations of most guests with many noting rich and abundant options, including hot and cold choices, smoked salmon and diverse selections. The staff and service received praise for friendliness, contributing to a positive dining experience.

However, some guests found the breakfast straightforward and lacking in variety compared to previous years, mentioning occasional issues such as limited seating, long-boiled eggs and less inspiring options. Despite these occasional remarks, overall, the breakfast seems to be consistently fulfilling, offering a good value and starting the day right for most guests.

Hotel am Rathaus is well-located and offers a lovely breakfast with exceptionally friendly staff. While the hotel does not serve dinner, there are plenty of dining options nearby, including great restaurants within walking distance. Guests appreciate the helpful support from staff in finding good restaurants in the vicinity. Overall, the dining scene around the hotel offers plenty of choices at reasonable prices, ensuring guests have access to various eating options just steps away from the hotel.

'Hotel am Rathaus' offers a comfortable stay with some notable strengths and a few areas needing improvement. The rooms are consistently praised for their cleanliness and maintenance with daily housekeeping ensuring a tidy environment. Guests often find the beds comfortable and the rooms cozy, which contributes to an overall satisfactory experience.

The central location of the hotel is another significant advantage, providing convenient access to nearby attractions. Guests appreciate the quiet atmosphere, especially in rooms facing the courtyard. Parking options are also well-received, being both secure and fairly priced.

However, the hotel does exhibit some dated characteristics. Many reviews suggest that the furnishings and decor could use a modern update with several rooms described as old-fashioned or originating from the 1970s. Room sizes tend to be on the smaller side, which might be suitable for short stays but less ideal for extended visits. Issues with room temperature regulation, particularly the lack of effective air conditioning, have also been pointed out.

Despite these drawbacks, the hotel's cleanliness, friendly staff and overall functionality make it a decent choice for travelers seeking a straightforward and conveniently located stay.

Travelers staying at Hotel am Rathaus often note the comfort of the beds, praising the cozy and restful sleep they provide. Many reviews highlight the comfortable mattresses, sometimes calling them "very comfortable" and even referring to them as the "best bed ever." The convenience of having two pillows per bed enhances the comfort for guests.

Despite the high marks for comfort, some guests do mention that the beds can be quite narrow and short, which could be a drawback for taller individuals or those who prefer more spacious sleeping arrangements. There are a few mentions of beds being hard, though this seems less common. Some guests find the beds inadequately firm while others describe the mattresses as saggy or with holes, which suggests variability in bed quality across different rooms.

In general, positive comments outweigh the negatives with many guests expressing satisfaction with the overall comfort of the bedding, even if the hotel facilities themselves are described as outdated or in need of maintenance.

Hotel am Rathaus in Flensburg receives overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding its cleanliness from its guests. Words such as clean, tidy, neat and spotless frequently appear in the reviews, reflecting a high standard of hygiene consistently maintained throughout the hotel. Rooms are described as clean and enjoyable and many reviews specifically highlight the cleanliness of both the rooms and the overall environment. The staff's dedication to cleanliness is also appreciated with guests noting daily cleaning and good hygiene practices.

Despite the occasional minor issue, such as a layer of dust on the wardrobe or a wastebasket not cleaned, the general consensus is that the hotel offers a clean and functional stay. Guests find the cleaning to be completely satisfactory and commend the cleaning staff's efforts. There is a consistent appreciation of the clean and friendly environment created by the hotel, making it a well-regarded choice for visitors to Flensburg.

Moreover, the cleanliness is not superficial; it extends to the finer details, ensuring a pleasant stay. Whether it's the cleanliness of the bathrooms, the neat arrangement of the rooms or the overall tidiness of the property, guests find little to complain about in terms of cleanliness, making it a standout feature of Hotel am Rathaus.

At Hotel am Rathaus, the staff consistently receives high praise from guests for their outstanding friendliness and helpfulness. The reception team, in particular, is noted for being approachable, accommodating and efficient with prompt check-in and convenient check-out times. Many reviews emphasize the 24-hour availability of the reception staff, ensuring assistance is always on hand. Guests repeatedly commend the breakfast staff for doing everything possible to provide a pleasant start to the day. Housekeeping also earns accolades for their friendly and courteous service. Overall, the hotel is characterized by an exceptionally attentive and service-oriented team that contributes significantly to a positive guest experience.

'Hotel am Rathaus' offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, bolstered by the extremely friendly and accommodating staff at the reception. Guests consistently praise the super friendly and helpful nature of the team, making for a pleasant and hospitable stay.

While the hotel excels in customer service, the WiFi seems to be a notable drawback. Multiple reviews highlight issues such as weak signals, constant disconnections and lack of coverage in the rooms with some guests only finding a usable internet connection in the reception area. Moreover, there are concerns about the security and availability of the WiFi with some guests not receiving any information about it upon check-in.

On a more positive note, the hotel scores highly in terms of parking facilities. Guests appreciate the ample and affordable parking spaces, including the availability of a convenient parking garage. This feature is often described as a significant plus, adding to the overall guest experience. Despite its shortcomings with WiFi, 'Hotel am Rathaus' seems to be a reliable choice for those prioritizing friendly service and convenient parking options.

The parking experience at Hotel am Rathaus appears to be consistently well-received by guests. The hotel offers a variety of parking options that are secure, convenient and affordable. Guests appreciate the availability of a private, locked garage directly at the hotel, which costs only €5 per day—a fee that many find completely reasonable given the level of security and convenience provided. The parking facilities are noted to be well-maintained with several reviews highlighting the excellent and extremely nice parking arrangements.

The convenience of the underground garage and the private parking options add significant value to the hotel stay. Many guests mentioned the ease of access to the parking areas and found the location to be very convenient. The safety of the parking spaces is frequently emphasized with terms like "secure," "safe," and "locked" being commonly used in the reviews.

Overall, the parking services at Hotel am Rathaus are praised for being inexpensive, secure and excellent in terms of both accessibility and convenience, making it a reliable choice for travelers with vehicles.

Hotel am Rathaus is highly regarded as an ideal destination for families, especially those planning city trips. The hotel is clean and tidy with a charming 80s touch that adds a cozy feel. It is particularly noted for being child-friendly with staff who maintain a positive attitude towards children, always helpful and smiling. Guests appreciate the space available for families to meet and interact, making it perfect for short trips with the whole family. While the hotel may be a bit dated, it remains a pleasant option for those looking to explore the city. Overall, it is considered a great spot for a family holiday, offering comfort and convenience for traveling with kids.

3 Star
Hotel am Rathaus delivers the essentials expected from a three-star establishment. The breakfast provided meets the standards associated with such a rating, offering an acceptable start to the day. Described as a basic yet clean and comfortable hotel, it is well-suited for those on a smaller budget who seek reliability without luxury. While some reviews suggest it might not merit a full three stars, the general consensus is that it aligns with the three-star rating, especially considering its clean environment and functionality. The interior reflects a nostalgic charm reminiscent of the 1980s, which, though dated, remains in good working condition. Overall, it delivers a satisfactory stay for those seeking practicality and affordability.

No, Hotel am Rathaus doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel am Rathaus.

Yes, Hotel am Rathaus welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel am Rathaus.

No, Hotel am Rathaus doesn't have a gym.

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