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Summary of reviewsHotel Rheingold has received high praise from guests in many categories, making it a popular choice for travelers. The hotel's strategic location near the Swiss border in Gailingen offers easy access to attractions like Lake Constance, the Rhine Falls and the Black Forest. The serene setting of Diessenhofen with its historic wooden bridge over the Rhine adds to the charm. Guests find the location ideal for excursions, bike tours and attending nearby events, enjoying the peaceful environment and convenient proximity to shops and parking.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Rheingold is consistently praised for its quality and variety. Guests appreciate the rich and extensive buffet, which includes a wide selection catering to diverse tastes with fresh rolls, cereals, boiled eggs and fresh fruits. The pleasant dining ambiance and the option to enjoy breakfast on the terrace enhance this positive experience.

For dinner, the hotel’s restaurant is lauded for its exceptional food and high standard cuisine. Diners enjoy the great selection and fine menu options with special occasions like New Year’s Eve receiving particular acclaim. The pleasant ambiance, friendly service and charming terrace setting contribute to an overall enjoyable dining experience.

Guests also commend the rooms, which are modern, well-equipped and beautifully furnished. The spacious, bright and clean rooms often come with balconies that offer stunning views, including the Alps. The modern design, comfort and cleanliness of the rooms meet guests' expectations well, contributing to a restful stay.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Hotel Rheingold, where guests repeatedly note the impeccable condition of the entire property. Modern furnishings and meticulous maintenance enhance the overall aesthetic and comfort of the hotel.

The staff at Hotel Rheingold consistently receive accolades for their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests appreciate the warm and cordial welcome, noting the team’s dedication to meeting all guest needs. The positive interactions with staff members significantly enhance the overall guest experience.

The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, though some guests have noted that the reception could be stronger and more consistent, particularly in the evenings. Despite this, the hotel’s effort to provide complimentary internet access is appreciated.

Parking facilities at Hotel Rheingold are outstanding with ample, secure and conveniently located spaces available to guests free of charge. The presence of charging stations for electric cars and the safe storage for bicycles further enhance the parking experience.

Finally, Hotel Rheingold is notable for being exceptionally dog-friendly with no fees charged for non-shedding dogs and a welcoming attitude towards canine companions.

Overall, Hotel Rheingold offers a blend of excellent location, quality dining, comfortable accommodations, top-notch cleanliness, friendly staff and exemplary pet-friendly policies, making it a highly recommendable choice for travelers.
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Room Types
Double Room This soundproofed double room has a seating area and sofa. It faces the street but is not very noisy at all. If you wish to have an absolutely quiet room, please consider Comfort Room.

Large Single Room This single room features a seating area, cable TV and soundproofing. Some of the rooms have a tilted roof and some are actually Double Rooms for single use, depending on availability.

Single Room This single room has a soundproofing, a desk, a seating area and a cable TV. This room faces the street.

Comfort Double Room A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk, a terrace and a private bathroom are provided in this double room. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Rheingold is highly praised for its strategic location, making it an ideal base for various excursions and activities. The hotel is conveniently situated in Gailingen, near the Swiss border, providing easy access to attractions such as Lake Constance, the Rhine Falls and the Black Forest. Guests appreciate the proximity to both Singen on the Hohentwiel and Schaffhausen, which are just a short drive away.

The serene setting of Diessenhofen with its historic wooden bridge over the Rhine, adds to the charm of staying at this hotel. Cyclists find the hotel perfectly located for bike tours, including routes along EuroVelo 6 and other picturesque paths along the Rhine. The location is also convenient for those attending events at nearby venues like Gasthaus Schupfen and the Hegau Youth Center.

Guests enjoy the peaceful and quiet environment, particularly those with rooms facing the back. The central village location ensures easy access to local shops and provides ample parking spaces right at the hotel. Rooms are noted for their cleanliness and brightness with the added bonus of beautiful views from balconies.

Hotel Rheingold stands out as a great starting point for exploring both the German and Swiss regions, offering a balanced mix of tranquility, accessibility and convenient proximity to natural and cultural attractions.

Hotel Rheingold offers a highly praised breakfast experience that consistently receives positive feedback for its quality and variety. Guests often describe the breakfast as delicious, rich and extensive, featuring a wide selection that caters to diverse tastes, including fresh rolls and multiple bread varieties. The buffet-style setup is noted for being well-stocked and providing everything one might desire, from cereals and boiled eggs to fresh fruits and juices. The presence of a self-service hot drink machine is particularly popular among visitors.

Despite the numerous compliments, a few areas for improvement are highlighted. Several guests mention the absence of scrambled or fried eggs and a lack of vegan options beyond fruit. Some reviews also point out occasional crowding and slow service during peak times. A handful of guests feel that the breakfast was not up to the standard expected from a 3-star hotel, describing it as simple or sparse.

Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Rheingold is regarded as very good with an ample and varied selection that generally satisfies the tastes and preferences of most guests. The bright and pleasant dining ambiance, alongside the option to enjoy breakfast on the terrace, adds to the positive experience, making it a noteworthy feature of the hotel.

Hotel Rheingold offers an exceptional dining experience, consistently praised by guests. The restaurant is known for its phenomenal food and excellent cuisine with the dinner often described as rich, delicious and of a high standard. Diners frequently highlight the great selection of food and the fine menu options available. Positive mentions extend to special occasions with the New Year's Eve menu receiving particular acclaim.

Guests enjoy the pleasant ambiance while dining with a lovely terrace providing a charming setting for evening meals. Friendly service and a super nice staff contribute to the overall enjoyable experience and the restaurant’s waitstaff receive special commendations for their excellent service.

While the restaurant does close on Sundays and Mondays and there was a mention of an untimely closure one evening, the consistently high quality of the food means it remains a favorite. The adjoining partner restaurant is also recommended, ensuring that visitors have worthwhile dining options even when the main facility is closed.

Breakfast at the hotel continues the positive trend with guests noting that everything the heart or stomach desires is available, rounding out a truly pleasurable gastronomy experience at Hotel Rheingold.

At Hotel Rheingold, guests can expect to find modern, well-equipped and beautifully furnished rooms. Many reviews highlight the spaciousness of the accommodations with numerous mentions of large, bright and clean rooms. The rooms often come with balconies, offering stunning views, including a picturesque view of the Alps, making for a delightful stay.

Most visitors appreciate the modern design and functionality of the rooms, which are tastefully furnished and feature comfortable beds. The hotel's cleanliness standards are repeatedly noted with many guests commenting on the impeccable condition of both the rooms and bathrooms.

Despite some mentioning that rooms can be a bit small or basic, the overall sentiment indicates that the accommodations are adequate and meet guests' needs well. The soundproofing appears generally effective with many guests describing the rooms as very quiet, allowing for a restful experience.

The presence of balconies is a recurrent positive aspect, providing additional space and a way to enjoy the surrounding views. Several guests were particularly pleased with rooms that have a garden view or those located on higher floors for better scenery.

Rooms are frequently noted to be newly furnished and modern, contributing to a pleasant stay. The combination of modern amenities, cleanliness and good design ensures that most guests find the accommodations at Hotel Rheingold to be quite satisfactory.

Hotel Rheingold offers a mixed experience when it comes to the comfort of their beds. Many guests found the beds to be very comfortable, often highlighting the spacious double beds and large, modern bedding. Some noted that they slept very well thanks to the good quality of the mattresses and overall excellent bedding. However, the comfort levels did vary among guests with some describing the beds as too hard or too firm and a few mentioning that the beds could be too soft. Despite these varied opinions, a considerable number of reviews agreed that the overall quality of the bedding was commendable with many guests enjoying a good night's sleep.

Hotel Rheingold has garnered impressive reviews for its cleanliness with guests praising the property profusely. Many noted that the rooms are modernly designed, well-maintained and spotlessly clean. The hotel's overall cleanliness is frequently described as top-notch with several guests highlighting how every corner of the property is meticulously tidy. Guests consistently reported that their rooms, including bathrooms, were extremely clean and comfortable. The attention to maintaining a clean and aesthetic environment extends to the entire hotel, making it a pleasant and enjoyable place to stay. Modern furnishings and functional design elements further enhance the hotel's appeal, contributing to an overall sense of well-being for visitors.

Visitors to Hotel Rheingold consistently highlight the exemplary friendliness and helpful nature of the staff. Guests appreciate the warm and cordial welcome they receive, remarking on the super friendly and attentive service provided throughout their stay. The team, including the owner and receptionists, is noted for being accommodating and courteous, striving to meet all guest wishes with dedication and care. Encounters with the staff are characterized by kindness and approachability, contributing significantly to positive guest experiences. Despite a few mentions of less favorable interactions, the overwhelming consensus is that the staff at Hotel Rheingold stands out for their friendliness, attentiveness and helpfulness, enhancing the overall comfort and enjoyment of the stay.

Hotel Rheingold offers free Wi-Fi for its guests, a feature often appreciated by many. However, the quality and reliability of the internet service have room for improvement. Several guests have pointed out that the Wi-Fi reception could be stronger and more consistent with difficulties particularly notable in the evenings. For those needing to stay connected for work or other important tasks, the Wi-Fi's performance might fall short of expectations, as it has been described as weak, slow and occasionally dysfunctional. While the effort to provide complimentary internet access is acknowledged, the service could benefit from enhancements to better meet the guests' needs.

Hotel Rheingold offers outstanding parking facilities that are widely praised by its guests. The hotel provides ample parking spaces, conveniently located just steps away from the main building. Guests appreciate the large and secure private parking areas which are often free of charge. There are also two charging stations available for electric cars, along with covered parking options. The parking spaces are adequately large and easily accessible, making the experience hassle-free.

For those traveling with bicycles, the hotel offers safe and suitable storage options. The extensive parking facilities include parking directly in the courtyard and a large lot behind the hotel. Overall, the convenience and quality of the parking at Hotel Rheingold stand out as significant positives for visitors.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Rheingold stands out for its exceptional dog-friendly environment. A notable policy is that no fee is charged for non-shedding dogs, offering pet owners a considerable advantage. The hotel not only allows dogs but warmly welcomes them with an inclusive approach extending even to large breeds. Guests frequently note the kind treatment their dogs receive, highlighting a genuinely welcoming atmosphere for canine companions. Overall, for travelers seeking a hotel that accommodates and appreciates their four-legged friends, Hotel Rheingold is a commendable choice.

No, Hotel Rheingold doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Rheingold.

Yes, Hotel Rheingold welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Rheingold.

No, Hotel Rheingold doesn't have a gym.

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