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Summary of reviewsHotel Tor in Geneva receives positive feedback on numerous fronts, making it an appealing option for both leisure and business travelers.

The hotel boasts a prime central location, providing easy access to key attractions such as Lake Geneva, the old town and iconic landmarks like Jet d'Eau. Its proximity to the central train and bus stations facilitates effortless day trips, while nearby amenities including restaurants, shops and cultural venues add to the convenience. Despite its central positioning, the hotel is situated on a quieter street, ensuring a peaceful stay.

Breakfast at Hotel Tor is a highlight, often praised for its generous and delicious offerings. Guests appreciate the convenience of room service, which allows for a relaxed start to the day with an assortment of fresh bread, croissants, cheese, fruit, pastries and beverages delivered directly to their rooms. The friendly and attentive service further enhances the breakfast experience.

While the hotel does not offer an on-site dinner service, the abundance of nearby dining options satisfies the culinary needs of visitors. Guests enjoy the diverse range of restaurants and food places around the hotel, especially near the train station. Some rooms are even equipped with small kitchens, allowing for meal preparation if desired.

The accommodations at Hotel Tor are characterized by cleanliness and basic comfort, though the decor and facilities may appear somewhat outdated. Guests appreciate the clean rooms, comfortable beds and amenities such as TV and private bathrooms. However, there are occasional mentions of maintenance issues and the lack of air conditioning.

Despite some mixed experiences with cleanliness, many guests find the rooms to be well-maintained and tidy. The housekeeping staff is noted for their regular towel exchanges and clean beddings. However, isolated reports of mold and insufficient sanitation suggest room for improvement in cleaning standards.

The staff at Hotel Tor receive consistent praise for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Their attentive service ensures guests feel welcomed and well-guided, significantly contributing to a positive stay. Even with occasional staffing constraints, the team's dedication to guest satisfaction remains commendable.

The wifi experience at Hotel Tor is generally good with many guests finding it fast and reliable. However, some reviews mention issues with connectivity and inconsistent coverage, indicating that the wifi service could benefit from enhancement.

Hotel Tor is also appreciated by families for its central location and comfortable accommodations. While room sizes may not always accommodate larger families, the hotel is recommended for shorter stays with children.

Dog owners will find Hotel Tor particularly welcoming, as the hotel goes above and beyond to ensure pets are comfortable. The pet-friendly policy and thoughtful touches such as dedicated night corners for dogs make for a seamless experience for travelers with canine companions.

In summary, Hotel Tor offers a convenient and comfortable stay in Geneva, marked by its excellent location, quality breakfast, attentive staff and pet-friendly atmosphere. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in room updates and wifi consistency, the positive aspects make it an attractive choice for many guests.
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Room Types
Standard King Room Modern rooms with cable TV, a refrigerator, and a bathroom.

Triple Room Modern rooms with cable TV, a refrigerator, and a bathroom.

Quadruple Room Modern rooms with cable TV, a refrigerator, and a bathroom.

Standard Twin Room Modern rooms with cable TV, a refrigerator, and a bathroom.

Compact Room Budget rooms, 15 square meters with a single bed, cable TV, bathroom with shower and toilett

Studio (1-2 Adults) Modern rooms with a kitchenette, cable TV, and a bathroom.

Studio (3 Adults) Modern rooms with a kitchenette, cable TV, and a bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Tor boasts a prime location in the heart of Geneva, making it an excellent base for exploring the city. Guests frequently highlight its close proximity to key attractions such as Lake Geneva, the old town and iconic landmarks like Jet d'Eau. The central train and bus stations are just a short walk away, providing easy access to public transportation and making day trips a breeze. Visitors appreciate being within walking distance to various amenities, including restaurants, shops and cultural venues like the Theater du Léman. Despite its central positioning, the hotel is situated on a quieter street, ensuring a peaceful stay. The perfect combination of convenience and accessibility at a competitive price makes Hotel Tor an attractive choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Hotel Tor's breakfast experience leaves a lasting impression on its guests with its emphasis on room service and quality offerings. The included breakfast is often described as excellent, generous, hearty and delicious, featuring fresh and varied items such as fresh bread, croissants, cheese, fruit, pastries and beverages like coffee and tea. Many appreciated the convenience of having breakfast delivered directly to their rooms at a chosen time, making for a pleasant and relaxing start to the day.

Guests highlighted the friendly and attentive service that accompanies breakfast, ensuring it is delivered on time and meets expectations. The continental style, while simple for some, includes fresh and local products that make for a delightful meal. The option of French-style breakfasts with items like crispy baguettes and Nutella seems to be a charming touch that guests enjoy.

While most comments about the breakfast are positive, a few noted it as basic or minimalist and some experienced issues such as incomplete service or lukewarm beverages. However, the overall sentiment remains favorable with many guests praising the quality, variety and punctuality of the in-room breakfast service. The personalized aspect of enjoying meals in the privacy of one's room enhances the experience for many visitors at Hotel Tor.

Hotel Tor offers an impressive range of nearby dining options, making up for its lack of an on-site dinner service. Guests appreciate the superb variety of restaurants and food places around the hotel, especially near the train station, providing convenient choices for dining. The spacious rooms, some of which are equipped with small kitchens, allow visitors to prepare their own meals if desired. Positioned near the market and various eateries, Hotel Tor is well-situated for those looking to explore local culinary delights. Its location near everything adds to the convenience, making it easy to access numerous restaurants and food venues in the vicinity.

Hotel Tor offers a stay characterized by its comfortable yet somewhat outdated accommodations. Guests appreciate the ability to open windows, allowing for a refreshing lake breeze—a rare treat in many modern hotels. The rooms are generally clean and functional, adequately equipped with TVs offering numerous channels and private bathrooms and in some cases, even featuring simple kitchen facilities. The beds are frequently noted for their comfort.

However, the rooms vary significantly in size, often being quite small and sometimes lacking natural light or fresh air. Guests also mention certain maintenance issues, such as outdated decor, old and insufficiently insulated windows and small bathrooms that could benefit from modernization. Additionally, regulating shower water temperature and room temperature can be challenging with some rooms being cold or overly warm without air conditioning.

Soundproofing appears to be a significant drawback, as guests report being disturbed by noise from neighboring rooms and external corridors. Despite these negatives, many guests find the hotel suitable for short stays, praising its cleanliness, comfort and handy in-room amenities like kettles and microwaves. While the overall experience is mixed with areas for improvement, the basic comfort and cleanliness of the rooms are consistently highlighted.

The reviews for the beds at Hotel Tor present a mixed picture. On the positive side, many guests found the beds comfortable and noted the bedding to be very comfortable and clean with some highlighting that it was changed daily. Several guests mentioned that the beds were perfect for their backs and praised the snow-white, soft beds.

However, a significant number of reviews revealed issues with the beds. Numerous guests felt the mattresses were very uncomfortable, old and worn-out with noticeable springs causing discomfort. There were also complaints about the beds being hard and some noted experiencing pain in the mornings due to the beds' condition. The pillows also didn’t fare well with several guests finding them uncomfortable and unable to hold their shape.

While there are mentions of comfortable beds, the recurring issues with the condition and comfort of the mattresses and bedding indicate that there might be room for improvement in providing consistent comfort for all guests.

Though Hotel Tor boasts several commendable aspects, cleanliness seems to be a mixed experience for guests. Many reviews highlight the positives, praising the clean rooms, bed linens and daily housekeeping services. Guests have acknowledged that the rooms, albeit dated, are consistently neat and well-organized. The hotel's commitment to cleanliness, seen in regular towel exchanges and clean beddings, is evident.

However, the experiences are not universally positive. Some guests reported instances of mold in the bathrooms and noted that specific rooms and facilities appeared tired or dusty. There have also been observations of unclean bathrooms with hair in sinks, dirty showers and stained curtains. These issues, coupled with occasional lack of proper sanitation, suggest that the hotel’s cleaning standards may sometimes fall short.

Despite these concerns, many guests found their rooms to be clean and generally well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable stay. While the hotel's facilities are described as old, their cleanliness and the staff's helpfulness remain significant positives noted by visitors.

In exploring 'Hotel Tor', one striking consistency stands out—the exceptional staff. Numerous guest reviews emphasize the splendid attention and kindness shown by the staff throughout their stay. The receptionists at the hotel are particularly highlighted for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. The team is described as welcoming, cheerful and meticulously attentive, ensuring guests feel comfortable and well-guided around both the hotel and the city.

Despite occasional mentions of stress due to limited staffing, the overall service quality remains commendable. The staff's efficiency and commitment to guest satisfaction shine through with numerous instances where their consideration and responsiveness made a positive impact. The hotel's central location only amplifies the benefits derived from the staff's warm and accommodating demeanor, making it easier for guests to enjoy the surrounding area.

The consensus points toward an excellent experience with the team being repeatedly praised for their friendliness, helpfulness and willingness to go above and beyond to meet guests' needs. This outstanding level of service, coupled with the hotel's strategic location, ensures that visitors leave with fond memories and high recommendations for 'Hotel Tor'.

Hotel Tor’s wifi experience presents a blend of both positive and negative encounters from guests. On the bright side, several reviews highlight that the wifi was fast and reliable. Guests appreciated that the wifi worked well, was good and even described it as working perfectly in some instances. The infrastructure, while a bit aged, is maintained well, contributing to an enjoyable stay alongside a commendable wifi service.

However, not all guests had a seamless experience. Several reviews pointed out issues such as poor wifi in rooms, frequent drops in connectivity and instances where wifi was not available at all. Some guests had to find specific spots where the wifi signal was stronger, indicating inconsistent coverage throughout the hotel. Complaints also included wifi being practically non-existent or uncomfortable due to its choppy nature.

In summary, while Hotel Tor offers clean organized accommodations with generally good wifi, there are notable inconsistencies in the connectivity that may affect some guests' experiences.

Hotel Tor generally receives positive feedback from families regarding their stay, particularly highlighting its suitability for both adults and children. Families often find the hotel to be a convenient base for their trips, appreciating its central location. The family rooms and overall accommodations are noted for being comfortable, though some guests express concerns about the size of the rooms, especially for larger families.

While many families find the rooms relatively spacious and appropriate for stays with kids, there are mentions that some rooms are too small to accommodate four people comfortably, lacking space for family dining tables or sufficient room for extended stays. Despite these drawbacks, the hotel is frequently recommended for its family-friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for shorter visits with children.

Overall, Hotel Tor strikes a balance as a good option for families seeking comfort and convenience in a central location, although it may be more suitable for shorter stays or smaller family groups.

3 Star
Hotel Tor offers a good Geneva experience but falls short of a consistent three-star rating in various aspects. The location is wonderful and convenient for travelers looking to explore the city. The hotel maintains basic three-star standards, yet some visitors have noted the absence of essential amenities like air conditioning and a mini fridge in the room. Cleanliness issues such as dust on windows and mold in the bathroom have also been pointed out. Additionally, the lack of a restaurant or breakfast facility has left some guests disappointed. While the hotel's pricing is noted to be higher compared to similar-rated hotels in other cities like Paris, it may still serve well for travelers focused more on the destination rather than luxury.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Tor stands out as an ideal destination for travelers accompanied by their canine companions. The establishment takes pride in its welcoming approach to dogs, ensuring that pets feel just as comfortable as their owners. Dog lovers will find the pet policy notably accommodating, making it a pleasant stay for both pets and their owners. The hotel's commitment to providing dog-friendly accommodations is evident with thoughtful touches such as the housekeeping staff preparing a dedicated night corner for dogs. Guests traveling with dogs can expect a warm reception and a seamless experience at Hotel Tor.

No, Hotel Tor doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Tor.

Yes, Hotel Tor welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Tor.

No, Hotel Tor doesn't have a gym.

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