Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm

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Summary of reviewsTyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm offers a centrally located, budget-friendly option with easy access to Hannover's amenities and public transportation. Guests value its proximity to the city center, music center, university and a lively street filled with cafés, restaurants, bars and supermarkets. The convenience of street and free parking adds to the appeal, especially for those visiting for events, appointments or leisure.

The breakfast experience at the hotel is mixed but leans positively when available. Many guests appreciated the affordable and plentiful offerings, including fresh rolls and juice, served by friendly staff. However, inconsistencies in breakfast availability, sometimes due to renovations or miscommunication, left some guests disappointed.

Room reviews also reflect a mix of opinions. Some guests enjoyed the spacious, clean and cozy environment, particularly in the freshly renovated rooms with new mattresses. Nevertheless, the overall décor is minimalistic and somewhat dated and the hotel struggles with maintenance issues and occasional cleanliness lapses. Problems like broken fixtures, mold and thin walls affecting noise levels are frequently mentioned.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel is another area requiring attention. Despite some guests finding their rooms superficially clean, deeper inspections revealed dust, hair, mold and unpleasant odors. Common areas like hallways and staircases also showed signs of neglect. Positive notes include clean bed linen and towels in some instances, but consistent housekeeping remains a challenge.

The standout feature of Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm is its friendly and helpful staff. Employees, particularly receptionists Hasan and Abbas, receive high praise for their hospitality, flexibility and attentiveness, contributing significantly to the welcoming atmosphere. Yet, there are occasional reports of unapproachable or impatient staff, which slightly tarnish the overall positive impression.

Wi-Fi accessibility is another mixed aspect; some guests experienced excellent connectivity, while others encountered weak or unstable signals, sometimes needing to move into corridors to access the internet.

When it comes to beds, many guests found them clean and extremely comfortable, highlighting new mattresses and quality bed linens. Nevertheless, issues such as overly soft or worn-out mattresses, noisy bed frames and, in some cases, bed bugs were noted, impacting the comfort for a few visitors.

Overall, Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm appeals with its strategic location and friendly staff but needs improvement in maintenance, cleanliness, breakfast consistency and Wi-Fi reliability to meet guest expectations fully.
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Room Types
Single Room En suite bathroom in the room.

Double Room En suite bathroom in the room.

Economy Single Room The single room offers a wardrobe and a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. This single room features heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Economy Double Room The double room provides a wardrobe and a carpeted floor, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. This double room features heating and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm is centrally located and provides easy access to various local amenities. It's a short walk from public transportation, including a nearby U-Bahn station and train connections, making it easy to explore Hannover and its surroundings. The hotel is conveniently close to the music center, university and a lively street lined with cafés, restaurants, bars and supermarkets. Guests appreciated the street parking and free parking spaces directly in front of the hotel, which adds to the convenience.

Despite some noise from the busy road, the majority of reviewers found the location to be ideal for their needs, whether visiting for events, appointments or leisure. The hotel’s proximity to the city center, about a 20-minute walk or a quick subway ride, allowed guests to reach downtown easily. The affordable pricing, particularly during fair times, combined with the favorable location, makes it an appealing choice for a short stay in the North district of Hannover.

Many guests of Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm have shared mixed experiences about the breakfast offerings or the lack thereof. On the positive side, when breakfast was available, it was often described as affordable and plentiful with some noting the presence of fresh rolls and juice. A few reviewers appreciated the good quality of the breakfast, highlighting the competitive price and the friendly staff at the breakfast buffet.

However, numerous guests mentioned that breakfast was not included or simply not available during their stay. There were instances where breakfast was not offered due to ongoing renovations or other reasons, even though it was advertised as a possibility. Some guests were disappointed to find no breakfast options despite the hotel’s claims. Additionally, the ambiance of the breakfast room, which is located in a basement, did not appeal to everyone with some finding it uninviting.

Overall, while there were instances of a satisfactory and cost-effective breakfast, the inconsistency and inaccuracies in the hotel's breakfast offerings have left several guests dissatisfied.

Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm offers rooms that are basic and functional with some highlights including spaciousness and good cleanliness, though the decor is quite minimal and dated. Some rooms have been freshly renovated and feature new mattresses, which add to the comfort. Guests appreciated the coziness and warmth of the rooms and some found them surprisingly quiet despite facing the street.

However, there are several recurring issues reported. The hotel appears to suffer from neglect in maintenance and general upkeep with multiple mentions of broken fixtures, damaged sockets and outdated furniture. A significant number of reviews noted that the rooms were noisy, largely due to thin walls and windows that don't close properly.

Cleanliness is a mixed bag with some guests finding the rooms satisfactory while others highlighted severe hygiene deficiencies, including visible mold, musty smells and dirty linens. Essential amenities like bedside lamps, desks and adequate lighting are often missing and there are frequent complaints about malfunctioning TVs and limited power outlets.

Overall, while Tyros Hotel is budget-friendly and offers some comfort, it seems to require significant improvements in maintenance and amenities to meet typical guest expectations.

Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm has a widely varied reputation when it comes to the comfort and quality of its beds. Many guests have noted that the beds are clean and significantly comfortable, often emphasizing that both the mattresses and bed linen were of good quality. Several visitors praised the beds as incredibly comfortable with new mattresses and bedding frequently highlighted as major positives.

However, not all experiences were uniformly positive. Some guests found the beds to be too soft or mentioned that the mattresses were worn out, leading to uncomfortable nights. Reports of wooden bed frames making loud squeaking noises and, in some cases, broken beds, detracted from the overall experience for a few.

There were also some significant issues pointed out by certain guests, including instances of dirty bed linen and bed bugs, which clearly indicated a need for better maintenance and cleanliness standards. Despite these shortcomings, the general feedback leaned more towards a comfortable sleeping experience for many, particularly for those who favor soft bedding.

Overall, while there are areas for improvement, particularly with older or softer mattresses, many guests have had a comfortable and satisfying rest at Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm.

Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm has received mixed feedback from guests regarding the cleanliness of its facilities. While the rooms and bathrooms were generally noted to be clean initially, deeper inspection often revealed significant issues. Many guests reported finding hair and dust in various places, including the sink, table and floors. Mold was a recurrent problem, particularly in the bathrooms and ceilings and there were numerous complaints about unclean tiles and stained grout.

The common areas such as hallways and staircases were frequently described as dirty and poorly maintained with worn-out carpets and visible dust. Specific hygiene concerns were raised about bed bugs and small animals, as well as bedding and towels appearing unclean or stained. The presence of unpleasant smells, including musty and cold smoke odors, added to the negative experiences of many visitors.

However, there were a few positive mentions of clean bed linen and towels and the rooms' basic but clean status. The hotel staff received some praise for their attempts to maintain cleanliness in certain areas, although these efforts were inconsistent.

Overall, though there are sporadic notes of satisfactory cleanliness, persistent issues indicate a need for significant improvements in housekeeping and maintenance to meet guest expectations.

The staff at 'Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm' are frequently described as friendly and helpful, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Receptionists, including Hasan and Abbas, received particular praise for their exceptional friendliness and willingness to assist. Various reviews highlight the staff's hospitality, flexibility and attentiveness with mentions of courteous service at all hours, including late at night and early in the morning. However, there were instances of dissatisfaction with some staff members being described as unapproachable, cold or impatient and specific issues with reception messing up bookings and a lack of assistance at times. Despite these occasional negative interactions, the overall impression of the staff is positive with many guests appreciating the friendliness, helpfulness and accommodating nature of most employees.

Guests have had mixed experiences with the Wi-Fi at Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm. Some reported a very good internet connection via WLAN and excellent WiFi, praising the advanced telecommunications system. Others noted that the WiFi worked well and was good. However, a significant number of reviews highlighted issues, mentioning that the Wi-Fi did not work at all, was very weak or suffered from instability. Several guests had to go out into the corridor for a signal and some found no internet available in their rooms. While a few had satisfactory experiences, consistent and reliable Wi-Fi remains a concern for many staying at the hotel.

No, Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm.

No, Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm.

No, Tyros Hotel und Gästehaus am Weidendamm doesn't have a gym.

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