Grandhotel Pupp
Hotel in Karlovy Vary
From $166
From $166
Casino Hotel
Set right next to Grandhotel Pupp, the hotel's casino is a breathtaking space that has been described as one of the most beautiful casinos in Czech Republic. It boasts a neo-classical design and decoration, making every guest feel like true royalty upon entering its premises. Open daily from 7pm until 4am, the casino offers a wide variety of games and services, such as Blackjack, Russian poker, American roulette and many more, while it also has a casual dress code for its guests.
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Summary of reviews related to the 'Casino' categoryIf you're looking for a popular spot to try your luck, the casino attached to Grandhotel Pupp might catch your attention as it goes by the name of 'Pupp'. However, according to some guest reviews, it might not be worth the visit as the service was pretty bad and some described checking in as a pain. Nonetheless, if you're interested in having dinner at the Casino Royale, it might be worth booking a table at the Grand Restaurant at the hotel. On the other hand, there are some guests who had nothing to complain about the casino and mentioned that it was Nelze nic vytknout, meaning flawless in Czech. So whether you choose to give it a try or not, the casino is definitely an option as it is conveniently located on site at Grandhotel Pupp.
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Hotel Thermal
Hotel in Karlovy Vary
Very Good
From $138
From $138
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