Rezydencja Sunny Hill

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Summary of reviewsRezydencja Sunny Hill is a highly recommended destination for travelers, combining a prime location with exceptional amenities and service. Nestled in a tranquil part of Karpacz, it offers peaceful seclusion while being just a ten-minute stroll from the city center and close to various mountain trails. The property's picturesque environment, highlighted by mountain views from the balconies, creates an atmosphere of serene beauty.

The accommodations receive consistent praise for their spaciousness, cleanliness and thoughtful furnishings. Guests particularly appreciate the well-equipped kitchens and cozy features like fireplaces with ready-to-use firewood. Rooms maintain high standards of cleanliness, contributing to an overall pleasant ambiance enhanced by beautiful decor.

The spa facilities are a standout feature, offering a private and luxurious experience with amenities such as a jacuzzi and saunas included in the accommodation price. Guests value the exclusive access and meticulous upkeep of the spa area. Additionally, the availability of billiards, a fireplace and a swimming pool adds to the comfort and enjoyment of the stay.

Staff at Rezydencja Sunny Hill are frequently commended for their friendliness, professionalism and attentive service. From warm welcomes to practical assistance with parking, the team goes above and beyond to ensure a pleasant experience. Personalized touches, such as greetings with champagne and cookies, reflect their commitment to hospitality.

Parking facilities are convenient with free on-site parking available. Despite some minor issues related to ongoing construction, parking generally poses no problem for guests.

The comfort of the beds is another highlight with many guests praising their spaciousness and softness. The provision of cribs for babies and outdoor electric blinds further enhances the sleeping experience, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Overall, Rezydencja Sunny Hill offers a harmonious blend of peaceful privacy, scenic beauty and practical convenience, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking relaxation while staying close to Karpacz’s activities.
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Room Types
Deluxe Apartment This apartment features a fireplace. The apartment has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and bathrobes. In the kitchen, guests will find a stovetop, a refrigerator and a dishwasher. This apartment features a tea and coffee maker, a seating area, flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Apartment This apartment features a fireplace. This spacious apartment features 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and bathrobes. Guests can make meals in the kitchen that has a stovetop, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and an oven. This apartment has a tea and coffee maker, a seating area, flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Rezydencja Sunny Hill boasts an enviable location that consistently delights its guests. Nestled in a tranquil part of Karpacz, this retreat provides a perfect balance of peaceful seclusion and accessibility. Just a ten-minute stroll from the city center and close to various mountain trails, the hotel's proximity to tourist spots like hiking trails and skiing locations makes it a convenient choice for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

The picturesque environment with views of the mountains from the balconies, enhances the serene experience. Guests frequently praise the well-maintained property, noting its high level of cleanliness and the quality amenities, including a private spa room and spacious apartments. The peaceful setting and easy access to the town and natural attractions create a balanced retreat ideal for a relaxing getaway.

Additionally, free parking in front of the residence adds to the convenience, making it easy to explore the surrounding area. Whether enjoying a quiet stroll to nearby restaurants or embarking on a hiking adventure, visitors find the location to be excellently situated for a varied and fulfilling stay.

Overall, Rezydencja Sunny Hill offers a harmonious blend of peaceful privacy, scenic beauty and practical convenience, making it a highly recommended destination for travelers looking to unwind yet remain close to the heart of Karpacz’s activities.

Rezydencja Sunny Hill receives high praise from guests, particularly for its accommodations. The apartments are frequently described as spacious, clean and beautifully furnished. Many guests appreciate the fully equipped kitchens, complete with modern appliances like stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers. The inclusion of amenities such as fireplaces and well-prepared firewood adds to the overall cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

The cleanliness of the rooms stands out with many reviews highlighting how neat and tidy the apartments are upon arrival. Guests also mention the lovely mountain views and the advantageous location of the hotel, which serves as a good starting point for activities.

The hotel's spa facilities contribute to a relaxing stay, featuring amenities such as a jacuzzi and various saunas. The modern furnishings and well-decorated interiors are consistently noted, making the stay aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable.

Families and groups find the larger apartments particularly convenient, appreciating that everything they need is provided. The warm and comfortable environment is enhanced by additional features like billiards and ski storage, catering to a range of guests' interests.

The staff's helpfulness and the pleasant atmosphere of the hotel contribute significantly to a positive guest experience. Overall, Rezydencja Sunny Hill seems to offer a perfect blend of comfort, cleanliness and thoughtful amenities, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable stay.

Rezydencja Sunny Hill offers a sleeping experience that is frequently praised for its comfort. Guests consistently describe the beds as very comfortable with some highlighting their super or comfy nature. The spaciousness of the beds and the availability of a crib for babies add to the convenience for families. Additionally, outdoor electric blinds enhance the sleeping environment by ensuring complete darkness. Some reviews note the beds' softness, which is generally viewed positively, although there was an isolated mention of a bed collapsing. Overall, the focus remains on providing a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

Rezydencja Sunny Hill impresses with its exceptional standards of cleanliness, consistently highlighted by guests in their reviews. Visitors often describe the apartments and rooms as clean, spacious and comfortable, exactly as depicted in the property’s photographs. The maintenance is consistently praised with multiple mentions of the rooms being spotless and well-kept. Beautiful and functional decor further enhances the overall ambiance, contributing to a peaceful and pleasant stay.

Guests have noted that everything is well-prepared for their arrival, including thoughtful touches like ready-to-use firewood. The property’s commitment to cleanliness extends to its SPA area, which also receives top marks for its immaculate condition. The location is convenient, offering a blend of tranquility and practicality, making it a highly satisfactory choice for a relaxing getaway.

Guests of 'Rezydencja Sunny Hill' consistently praise the hotel's staff, highlighting their friendliness, politeness and professionalism. Many reviews emphasize the exceptional kindness and attention offered by the reception team, frequently mentioning helpful and accommodating service. Several guests specifically noted the warm welcome from the receptionists, often describing them as not only friendly but also very helpful. The administrator is recognized for flexibility and comprehensive assistance, ensuring guests receive excellent experiences and resolution to any inquiries they may have. The positive interactions extend from friendly greetings to direct assistance with practical matters such as parking. Furthermore, personalized gestures, including a warm greeting with champagne and cookies, underscore the staff's dedication to hospitality. Despite occasional minor issues, the overwhelmingly positive feedback suggests a high level of professionalism and a commitment to making guests feel welcomed and cared for during their stay at Rezydencja Sunny Hill.

Rezydencja Sunny Hill offers a top-notch spa experience, which guests can reserve for an hour each day, providing an opportunity for exclusive relaxation. The inclusive price of the accommodation covers access to a wonderful private spa area, complete with a jacuzzi and saunas, ensuring high standards of wellness without extra costs. Visitors appreciate the variety of amenities available, including billiards, a fireplace, a swimming pool and more, all contributing to a luxurious and comfortable stay. The private and exclusive nature of the spa zone adds an element of convenience and luxury with the accommodating staff making it easy to arrange specific hour reservations. Overall, the spa facilities at Rezydencja Sunny Hill are frequently highlighted as a standout feature, offering exceptional value and indulgence.

Rezydencja Sunny Hill offers convenient parking options, including free parking on-site with easy access for guests. Some reviewers appreciated the availability of parking directly at the accommodation, under windows or near apartments. Although the parking lot is described as large and easily accessible, some guests noted that it can be a bit tight and constrained, particularly due to ongoing construction. Despite these minor issues, parking at the residence generally posed no problem for visitors.

No, Rezydencja Sunny Hill doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Rezydencja Sunny Hill.

No, Rezydencja Sunny Hill doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Rezydencja Sunny Hill.

No, Rezydencja Sunny Hill doesn't have a gym.

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