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4-Star HotelSummary of reviews related to the '4 Star' categoryLaSpa is a hotel that has received mixed reviews from its guests. While some describe it as a top-notch hotel in Europe, others feel that it's not even worth the four-star rating. The hotel has an outdated decor and lacks a cozy atmosphere. Some guests have also mentioned that certain saunas were not working and the absence of a refrigerator in the room was disappointing. However, the hotel's food presentation and general facilities have received some positive comments. Ultimately, whether or not this hotel is for you may depend on your travel style and who you're traveling with. Those with toddlers may want to think twice before booking, while others may appreciate the prime location close to the beach.
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Cozy nature house with Iglusauna
Vacation Home in Kloogaranna
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4-Star Vacation Home

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Vacation Home with Free Wi-Fi

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