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Summary of reviewsLe Genève, situated in the heart of La Bourboule, stands out for its prime location, making it a convenient choice for travelers. The central positioning offers easy access to shops, restaurants and main attractions, while excellent insulation ensures a quiet stay despite the bustling surroundings. The hotel is strategically positioned for skiing trips and provides scenic views of the mountains, complemented by the availability of free parking nearby, making it versatile for different types of travelers.

The breakfast experience at Le Genève is mostly positive with many guests enjoying the generous portions and wide range of options. The varied and complete breakfast features both sweet and savory choices, often described as delightful and charming. However, some guests feel that the breakfast is relatively expensive and lacks sufficient savory options. Despite these concerns, the overall quality and variety of breakfast leave a favorable impression on many.

Dinner at Le Genève is well-regarded, particularly for its in-house restaurant and brasserie which offer a convenient and pleasant dining experience. The local menu, including dishes like delicious gnocchis and excellent cold cuts, receives praise for its quality and portion sizes. While some find the prices slightly high, the service and ambiance contribute to an overall enjoyable dining experience.

The rooms at Le Genève are consistently praised for their cleanliness, modern decor and thoughtful functionality. Most guests highlight the spaciousness, comfort and tasteful renovations, particularly the modern bathrooms. Although there are a few mentions of narrow or outdated rooms, the majority appreciate the well-lit, well-organized spaces with practical amenities. The presence of balconies, despite occasional soundproofing issues, adds to the appeal of the rooms.

Cleanliness is a standout feature of Le Genève with guests frequently noting the spotless state of the rooms and overall establishment. The modern decor and recently renovated spaces enhance the contemporary and welcoming atmosphere. The hotel's strategic central location provides both convenience and tranquility and the soundproofed rooms ensure a peaceful stay. The friendly and attentive staff further contribute to a positive experience, making the hotel highly recommended.

Families find Le Genève particularly accommodating with rooms that are functionally suited for family stays. The family room receives consistent praise for its adequacy in space and functionality despite some minor issues like weary bedding and lack of window curtains. Overall, the hotel is seen as a convenient and practical option for family accommodations.

The beds at Le Genève generally receive positive feedback for their comfort and cleanliness with many guests finding them ideal for a good night's sleep. However, opinions vary regarding firmness and condition with some finding the mattresses overly firm or worn out. Despite these concerns, the bedding is mostly appreciated for its comfort.

In summary, Le Genève excels in offering a clean, comfortable and conveniently located stay with a high standard of service, making it a thoroughly recommended option for travelers of all types. The blend of functionality, modern aesthetics and top-notch cleanliness standards ensures a satisfying visit for guests.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room only accessible by stairs This non-smoking double room will provide you with a flat-screen TV. The private bathroom has a shower and a toilet.

Standard Triple Room This non-smoking triple room will provide you with a flat-screen TV. The private bathroom has a shower and a toilet.

Superior Room This non-smoking superior room will provide you with a flat-screen TV. The private bathroom has a shower and a toilet.

Superior Triple Room This superior suite is composed of 2 interconnecting rooms.

Double Room with Garden View Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This double room has a wardrobe, heating, a flat-screen TV and garden views. The unit has 1 bed.

Deluxe Room The double room provides a wardrobe, heating, a terrace with garden views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 1 bed.

Standard Family Room only accessible by stairs Featuring free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This family room has a wardrobe, heating, a flat-screen TV and a quiet street view. The unit has 3 beds.

Superior Family Room Featuring free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The family room features a wardrobe, a sofa, parquet floors, a flat-screen TV, as well as city views. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Le Genève boasts a prime location in the heart of La Bourboule, making it a convenient choice for travelers looking to explore the city. Nestled in the city center, the hotel offers easy access to shops, restaurants and the main attractions, providing an ideal base for getting around with ease. Guests appreciate the quiet, despite being near the bustling main street, thanks to excellent insulation.

The hotel offers scenic views of the mountains and beautiful landscapes, enhancing the charm of staying here. Free parking is available nearby, adding to the convenience of its location. It's also strategically positioned for skiing trips, making it a versatile choice for different types of travelers.

The cleanliness of the rooms and the modern, well-equipped bathrooms complement the excellent geographic positioning, ensuring a comfortable stay. With its central and convenient location, Le Genève is particularly well-suited for both short stopovers and extended stays in La Bourboule.

Le Genève offers a breakfast experience that garners mixed reactions from its guests. Many appreciate the hearty and generous portions, noting that the breakfast is good, very good and even outstanding with a wide range of sweet and savory options. Guests enjoy the varied, complete breakfast, which is said to be both filling and of good quality. Some describe it as delightful and charming, highlighting the fresh products.

However, a notable number of reviews mention that the breakfast is relatively expensive with some guests feeling that the cost does not match the value of the offerings. Comments include that the breakfast could be improved with specific mentions of a lack of savory options like cheese and ham and that cold options are disappointing considering the price. Additionally, the breakfast is sometimes described as not being generous enough with reports of limited options and inadequately refilled items.

Service timing also appears to be an issue for some with breakfast being served later than guests would prefer. Despite these criticisms, the overall sentiment indicates that while the breakfast at Le Genève may be on the pricier side, its quality and variety generally leave a positive impression on many guests.

Le Genève, a well-located and tranquil hotel, offers a dining experience that has garnered several positive remarks from guests. The hotel's in-house restaurant and brasserie are easily accessible from inside the premises, providing a convenient dining option for guests. The restaurant features a pleasant ambiance and charming décor, paired with a local menu that includes soft and delicious gnocchis, excellent cold cuts and highly praised desserts. Guests found the dinner portions to be generous and the quality of food to consistently meet expectations with several highlighting the delicious meals served. While some reviews mentioned that the prices could be on the higher side, the overall sentiment towards the dining experience remains favorable with the staff being noted for their pleasant service. The breakfast buffet also received commendation for its generous variety, further enhancing the stay at Le Genève.

Le Genève consistently impresses with its well-decorated and modern rooms, often described as spacious and clean. Guests particularly appreciate the tasteful renovations, noting the contemporary decor and thoughtful functionality. Despite a few mentions of narrow or outdated rooms, the majority highlight the comfort and pleasant atmosphere provided.

The hotel's rooms are praised for their cleanliness and good lighting. Many find the space well-organized and the newly renovated bathrooms particularly commendable for their modern and bright design. The decor throughout the rooms has been favorably received and the overall comfort is often emphasized with upgraded bedding and practical amenities.

While some rooms might lack soundproofing or blackout curtains, the positive feedback outweighs these aspects. Guests enjoy the well-equipped features, including balconies with street views that remain quiet when windows are closed. The accommodation suits various needs, from spacious family rooms to cozy, well-arranged spaces for couples or solo travelers.

Le Genève’s dedication to maintaining a high standard in room refurbishment and cleanliness has earned it numerous positive remarks, making it a solid choice for travelers seeking both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Le Genève has garnered a range of feedback regarding its beds from previous guests. On the positive side, the hotel's bedding receives consistent praise for being very comfortable and ideal for a good night's sleep. Descriptions such as excellent, pleasant and top firm bed highlight the overall high standard of cleanliness and comfort. Many guests appreciate the comfort, describing the beds as comfortable with satisfactory bedding comfort.

However, there are a few areas noted for improvement. Some guests mention the bedding is at the end of its life with worn-out mattresses and bedding fatigue being common concerns. Additionally, a few reviews note the mattress hardness with some finding it overly firm or even super hard, which may not suit everyone’s preference. There are also mentions of size issues, such as beds being too large or mattresses a bit too small which could affect the sleep experience for taller individuals.

Overall, while Le Genève’s beds generally provide a comfortable sleeping experience, there are varying opinions regarding the firmness and condition of the mattresses.

Le Genève consistently impresses guests with its exceptional cleanliness and comfortable accommodations. Reviewers repeatedly highlight the spotless state of the rooms, bedding and overall establishment, reflecting a high standard of hygiene throughout. The hotel is commended for its modern decor and recently renovated spaces, making the ambiance both contemporary and welcoming.

Visitors appreciate the well-equipped and spacious rooms with some even featuring small balconies that enhance the stay experience. The hotel’s strategic location in the city center, close to parks and shops, provides both convenience and a tranquil environment. Soundproofed rooms ensure a peaceful stay despite the central location. Additionally, the welcoming staff and environmentally conscious practices contribute positively to the overall guest experience.

In summary, Le Genève excels in offering a clean, comfortable and conveniently located stay, making it a highly recommended option for travelers. The perfect blend of functionality, modern aesthetics and top-notch cleanliness standards ensure a satisfying visit for all guests.

Le Genève boasts a notably friendly and attentive staff, earning high praise from guests for their helpfulness and kindness. Visitors have appreciated the welcoming atmosphere created by the cheerful and pleasant team, making the reception experience particularly positive. The manager’s attentiveness and the owner's accommodating nature have also been highlighted, ensuring that any guest concerns are promptly addressed. Despite occasional staff shortages, the hotel maintains a high standard of service with the overall establishment being described as clean and inviting. This positive reception contributes to a warm and enjoyable stay, encouraging many guests to recommend the hotel.

Le Genève in La Bourboule is praised for being a family-friendly establishment, offering rooms that are particularly suitable for families. Guests consistently recommend the family room, highlighting its adequacy in space and functionality, making it an ideal choice for family stays. The hotel is clean and provides functional accommodations, ensuring a comfortable stay despite some rooms being more modern than others. Although there are some minor issues such as weary bedding and lack of window curtains in the bedroom, the overall experience is positive for families seeking a convenient and practical accommodation.

No, Le Genève doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Le Genève.

No, Le Genève doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Le Genève.

No, Le Genève doesn't have a gym.

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