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Summary of reviewsHotel Bukowiec has garnered positive feedback across multiple facets, making it a popular choice among travelers. Situated in the heart of Legionowo, the hotel's prime location offers unmatched convenience with easy access to amenities, public transportation and dining options, all while maintaining a tranquil environment. Guests consistently appreciate its central and accessible position, contributing significantly to a favorable stay experience.

The breakfast at Hotel Bukowiec receives high praise for its delicious and varied offerings with a special mention of the fresh, crunchy bread. Frequently described as "very good" and "excellent," the breakfast service is complemented by a polite and attentive staff, enhancing the overall dining satisfaction for the guests.

Comfort and cleanliness are prominent features of the hotel's rooms. Guests laud the spacious, well-furnished accommodations and the modern, clean bathrooms. Despite minor omissions like the lack of a minibar, the rooms maintain a reputation for being cozy and well-heated. The hotel extends its consideration to guests with limited mobility, ensuring accessibility for all.

Maintaining high standards of hygiene, Hotel Bukowiec excels in cleanliness. The impeccable upkeep of rooms, bathrooms and general premises contributes to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, reinforcing the positive impression among visitors.

The staff at Hotel Bukowiec are frequently highlighted for their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness. From the attentive reception to efficient housekeeping, the team's commitment to excellent service has left a lasting positive impact on guests. Although there were minor mentions of items like fans and heated beds needing improvement, the staff’s dedication remains a defining feature.

Parking is hassle-free with a large, monitored parking lot, providing ample and secure space for guests' vehicles. This convenience adds to the overall ease of staying at Hotel Bukowiec.

While most guests find the beds comfortable with clean, well-maintained bedding, a few noted issues with old pillows and overly soft mattresses. Nonetheless, the general sentiment is positive with many finding the beds suitable for longer stays.

In summary, Hotel Bukowiec stands out for its prime location, delightful breakfast, comfortable and clean rooms, exceptional staff and ample parking, making it a highly recommended option for travelers seeking both convenience and comfort.
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Room Types
Single Room The single room features heating, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The single room offers a private entrance, a wardrobe, parquet floors, a flat-screen TV, as well as garden views. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room The double room features heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The double room offers a flat-screen TV, a private entrance, a wardrobe, parquet floors as well as garden views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Triple Room The triple room provides heating, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The triple room features a flat-screen TV, a private entrance, a wardrobe, parquet floors as well as garden views. The unit has 3 beds.

Family Room The family room provides parquet floors and heating, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The family room offers a private entrance, a wardrobe, a sofa, a flat-screen TV, as well as garden views. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Bukowiec boasts a remarkably good location, repeatedly praised by guests for its convenience. Nestled in the center of Legionowo, it offers easy access to various amenities and services, making it an attractive choice for travelers. The close proximity to a hairdresser's shop, McDonald's and a clinic adds to the convenience factor. Shopping centers and take-out food options are just a short walk away.

The hotel's location is advantageous for those requiring public transportation, being near the train station and other stops, as well as being on a main road leading to Warsaw, facilitating travel to the airport and beyond. Guests appreciate the quiet surroundings despite being near numerous restaurants, ensuring both tranquility and access to dining options. Overall, Hotel Bukowiec’s central and accessible location in Legionowo makes it a practical choice for visitors.

Hotel Bukowiec receives overwhelmingly positive feedback for its breakfast offerings. Guests frequently highlight the delicious and tasty nature of the meals, often praising the wide variety and fresh, crunchy bread. Many reviews emphasize the quality, using phrases such as "very good," "great," and "excellent" to describe their breakfast experience.

While a buffet option is available, it seems to be a highlight for many, offering a sufficient selection to satisfy different tastes. Although a few reviews mention the breakfast as being standard by Polish standards or needing improvement, these are outliers in a sea of positive comments.

The breakfast service is noted as supportive of the overall experience with mentions of polite staff and a particular appreciation for a nice lady who prepares the meals. Despite the rare criticism, the consistent emphasis on tasty and fresh food, coupled with good service, speaks to a generally high standard for morning meals at Hotel Bukowiec.

Hotel Bukowiec offers spacious and comfortable rooms that have been consistently praised for their cleanliness. Guests appreciate the large and well-furnished accommodations, which include modern decor and clean, spacious bathrooms. The rooms are also noted for being well heated and cozy, providing a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation.

While some rooms lack amenities such as a minibar or refrigerator and a few guests mentioned minor issues like the absence of a beer mug or small wastebaskets, the overall feedback emphasizes cleanliness and comfort. Many guests also appreciated the good size of the rooms and bathrooms.

The hotel provides basic but efficient housekeeping, ensuring that both the rooms and shared areas remain neat and tidy. With friendly service and a quiet, calm environment, Hotel Bukowiec is described as a modern and clean place to stay, well-suited for a comfortable and restful experience. The rooms are also designed considering people with limited mobility, making it accessible for all guests.

Guests of Hotel Bukowiec generally find the beds to be comfortable, contributing to a pleasant stay. Many reviews highlight the cleanliness and comfort of the bedding, praising the smooth and well-maintained sheets. Some mention that the comfort of the beds makes the hotel suitable for multiple-day stays. However, there are a few recurring issues: the pillows are noted to be old and in some cases, there are no extra pillows available. A few guests remarked on the mattresses being too soft and one specific review pointed out an uncomfortable and non-sterile bed that aggravated allergies. Additionally, in one instance, a guest had to sleep on a couch. Despite these occasional drawbacks, the overall sentiment is positive regarding the comfort of the beds at Hotel Bukowiec.

Hotel Bukowiec consistently impresses guests with its cleanliness. Reviews commonly highlight spotless rooms, well-maintained bathrooms and fresh towels. Visitors frequently mention that both the rooms and the overall environment are impeccably tidy. Despite one mention of mold on the silicone in the shower, the overall feedback emphasizes a high standard of hygiene throughout the hotel. The clean and organized nature of the premises contributes significantly to a comfortable stay.

Hotel Bukowiec is often praised by guests for its remarkably friendly and supportive staff. Visitors consistently note the amicable nature and professionalism of the hotel employees, describing them as polite, pleasant and very helpful. The reception services stand out with staff being particularly attentive and responsive to guest needs. The overall service is characterized as good with guests experiencing a smooth, seamless interaction with the reception.

Guests appreciate the clean and orderly environment maintained by the housekeeping staff, which contributes to the positive overall experience. Several reviews highlighted the excellent communication and clear information provided by the staff, which added to the guests' comfort during their stay.

While the overwhelming majority of comments are positive, a few guests mentioned minor areas for improvement, specifically regarding the need for fans and issues with heated beds. Despite these occasional concerns, the dedicated and passionate service from the staff, especially from the individual managing the operations efficiently, leaves a lasting impression on the guests.

Overall, the staff at Hotel Bukowiec is a significant contributing factor to the pleasant and accommodating atmosphere, receiving high marks for their friendliness and professional service.

Hotel Bukowiec offers an accommodating parking experience for its guests with ample free parking spaces readily available. The hotel provides a large, monitored parking lot that is easy to find, ensuring convenience and security for those traveling by car. With private parking options and an abundance of parking spots, guests can enjoy peace of mind knowing their vehicles are well taken care of during their stay.

No, Hotel Bukowiec doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Bukowiec.

Yes, Hotel Bukowiec welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Bukowiec.

No, Hotel Bukowiec doesn't have a gym.

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