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Summary of reviewsLöwen Hotel & Restaurant, nestled in the heart of the historic old town of Marktbreit, is widely acclaimed for its charming and picturesque location. Guests appreciate its central proximity to the Main River and major highways, which blend convenience with tranquility amidst a beautifully restored historic building.

A major highlight of the guest experience is the hotel's breakfast service, which is frequently praised for its quality, variety and the inviting atmosphere of the breakfast room. Guests often describe the breakfast as delicious and plentiful with a well-stocked selection that includes fresh eggs, various breads, cereals and vegan options accompanied by excellent coffee.

The dining experience extends to evening meals with the hotel's restaurant receiving high marks for its Franconian cuisine. Guests commend the excellent quality of the dishes, notably the sausage salad, Wiener Schnitzel, lamb shank and pork shoulder. The cozy atmosphere and the option to dine in the beer garden enhance this culinary experience, making the restaurant a favored spot for a satisfying and authentic regional meal.

The hotel’s rooms offer a blend of historical charm and modern comfort, consistently noted for cleanliness and tasteful decoration. While spacious and modern for the most part, some rooms, particularly those in the attic, might be smaller or have lower ceilings. The comfort of the beds is another plus, although there are occasional comments about firmness or lumpy pillows.

Cleanliness is a standout feature across the hotel with guests frequently noting the immaculate condition of both individual rooms and common areas.

The staff at Löwen Hotel & Restaurant receives high praise for their friendliness and attentiveness, contributing significantly to the welcoming and family-like atmosphere of the hotel. Guests consistently highlight the warm reception and helpful service, which add to the overall positive impression.

The hotel is particularly noted for its family-friendly environment, offering a warm and accommodating atmosphere that ensures a comfortable stay for parents and children alike.

Moreover, the Löwen Hotel & Restaurant is highly accommodating for pet owners, providing a dog-friendly environment with easy access to walking paths by the Main River, making it an excellent choice for those traveling with their furry companions.

In summary, Löwen Hotel & Restaurant combines historical charm, comfort and excellent service, making it a highly recommended destination for a memorable stay in Marktbreit.
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Room Types
Comfort Single Room Bright room with a TV, safety deposit box and internet access. The private bathroom includes a hairdryer. Some of these rooms are located in the annex which is located 80 metres from the main building.

Comfort Double Room Bright room with a TV, safety deposit box and internet access. The private bathroom includes a hairdryer. Some of these rooms are located in the annex which is located 80 metres from the main building.

Standard Double Room Some of these rooms are located in the annexe, 80 metres away from the main property.

Standard Single Room Some of these rooms are located in the annexe, 80 metres away from the main property.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Löwen Hotel & Restaurant boasts an enviable location that is frequently praised by its guests. Nestled in the heart of the historic old town of Marktbreit, the hotel offers a charming and idyllic setting amidst picturesque, narrow streets and beautiful old buildings. This centrally located gem is just 150 meters from the Main River, making it a superb spot for visitors who appreciate being close to both natural beauty and the conveniences of a quaint town.

The hotel's proximity to major highways, including the A7, makes it an excellent choice for travelers looking for a convenient stopover. Despite being near these main routes, it offers a tranquil and quiet atmosphere, ideal for relaxation after a day of travel. The central location ensures easy access to the town's attractions, many of which are steeped in history and charm.

Guests also appreciate the blend of old-world allure and modern comforts. The property itself is a beautifully restored historic building, maintaining its nostalgic essence while providing a cozy and well-maintained environment. Additionally, the close proximity to the train station and the city gate adds to its accessibility.

Overall, Löwen Hotel & Restaurant stands out for its perfect positioning in the scenic and historic setting of Marktbreit, combining convenience, charm and tranquility in an ideal package for visitors.

Nestled within a historic ambiance, 'Löwen Hotel & Restaurant' consistently receives glowing reviews for its breakfast offerings. Guests frequently highlight the breakfast as very good, often describing it as delicious, extensive and varied. The breakfast buffet garners praise for its well-stocked variety, including fresh, soft-boiled eggs, various bread rolls, cereals and vegan options. Visitors appreciate the pleasant and special atmosphere of the breakfast room, contributing to an overall positive start to their day.

Notably, the quality and abundance of the food receive considerable commendation. Phrases like ample, rich and plentiful are commonly used, indicating a satisfying and hearty experience. The selection of products is often described as fresh and high-quality with some diners specifically mentioning the excellence of the coffee.

The breakfast service is also well-regarded with mentions of friendly staff enhancing the overall experience. While a few reviews note that the variety can be modest or repetitive, the overwhelming sentiment remains positive, emphasizing the extensive options and good quality.

In summary, breakfast at 'Löwen Hotel & Restaurant' stands out as a highlight with a diverse and plentiful spread that leaves guests highly satisfied and ready for their day.

The Löwen Hotel & Restaurant offers an impressive dining experience, particularly in the evening. The restaurant is highly recommended with patrons frequently mentioning very good and solid cuisine. Guests can expect delicious Franconian dishes, including specialties like sausage salad, Wiener Schnitzel, lamb shank and pork shoulder, which have been noted as particularly delicious. Additionally, the menu features regional cuisine and a good selection of wines, adding to the authentic Franconian experience.

The food quality consistently receives praise with many reviews highlighting excellent, great-tasting and delicious meals. Despite a minor note about the food being lukewarm on one occasion, the overall consensus is that the dinner is of high quality, offers good value for money and often exceeds expectations. The restaurant's offerings are considered a pleasant surprise, especially for those seeking a taste of traditional Franconian cuisine.

Dining at the Löwen Hotel & Restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere, which enhances the overall experience. Guests find the option to dine in the beer garden particularly enjoyable. The restaurant's solid reputation for its good dinner and very delicious food makes it a recommended stop whether traveling to or from the area. Overall, it’s a great location for a satisfying meal, combining regional specialties with an inviting ambiance.

Löwen Hotel & Restaurant offers a blend of historical charm and modern comfort in its rooms, appealing to those who appreciate both authenticity and contemporary amenities. Many guests found the rooms beautifully decorated and spacious, often highlighting the modern renovations that respect the building's antiquity. Cleanliness is a recurring compliment with many guests noting the rooms are very clean and well-kept.

The rooms are described as cozy and comfortable, featuring modern furnishings and amenities. Guests often mention the spaciousness of the rooms, although some pointed out that certain rooms are small or have low ceilings, particularly in the attic. The bathrooms received mixed reviews, varying from spacious and modern to small and less accommodating.

Noise can be an issue, especially for rooms situated above the tavern, though a number of guests found their rooms to be quiet and relaxing. The beds are frequently praised for their comfort, contributing to a good night's sleep.

Overall, the balance between historical features and contemporary updates makes the hotel a unique and pleasant stay. The ambiance of the historic building complements the newly renovated rooms, creating a cozy yet modern atmosphere.

Guests of Löwen Hotel & Restaurant frequently mention the comfort of the beds in their reviews, highlighting positive phrases such as "comfortable beds," "great beds," and "good mattresses." The majority of guests find the beds to be very accommodating, ensuring a restful sleep. Some minor critiques include comments on hard beds, lumpy pillows and occasional mentions of worn-out mattresses. Despite these few negatives, the consensus leans towards guests experiencing good sleep quality during their stay, supported by the overall positive remarks emphasizing bed comfort and functionality.

The cleanliness at Löwen Hotel & Restaurant consistently stands out in guest reviews. Visitors have frequently highlighted the clean and spacious rooms, emphasizing the immaculate conditions of both the accommodation and the overall facilities. Descriptions such as very clean, super clean and spotlessly clean are commonly used, indicating the hotel's high standards of hygiene. Rooms are described as clean and functional with many guests praising the well-kept accommodation and tidy environments. The cleanliness extends to specific areas such as bathrooms, ensuring a thoroughly hygienic experience throughout the hotel. Guests also appreciate the maintained drinks and the beautiful, clean atmosphere, making the Löwen Hotel & Restaurant a consistently reliable choice for those who prioritize cleanliness during their stay.

Löwen Hotel & Restaurant is highly praised for its friendly, attentive and accommodating staff. Guests frequently mention the warm and welcoming reception they receive with many describing the service as super friendly and lovely. Reviews highlight the family-like hospitality and friendly atmosphere maintained throughout the hotel and restaurant.

The staff is noted for being helpful and attentive, making guests feel at ease, offering early check-in and late check-out without hassle and providing careful explanations when needed. The reception, in particular, is often described as very friendly and polite, contributing to an overall pleasant and nicely run environment.

While the majority of staff interactions are positive, a few reviews mention less favorable encounters. The owner and some staff members are occasionally described as taciturn or reserved and there are isolated comments about unfriendly behavior. Despite these minor criticisms, the general consensus remains that the staff at Löwen Hotel & Restaurant are committed to providing a friendly, supportive and welcoming experience to all guests.

Nestled in a historic setting, Löwen Hotel & Restaurant stands out as an exceptionally child-friendly destination. Praised for its warm, family-like atmosphere, this family-run hotel excels in providing a welcoming environment for both parents and children. Guests consistently highlight the family-friendly service that ensures a comfortable stay. The hotel's commitment to creating a homely ambiance makes it an ideal choice for family gatherings. Combining historic charm with modern comforts, it offers a delightful experience that caters to the needs of families, making it a highly recommended spot for a memorable family vacation.

Dog Friendly
Löwen Hotel & Restaurant is highly praised for its dog-friendly environment, catering well to guests traveling with their furry companions. Guests have appreciated the close proximity to walking paths near the Main river, which provides excellent surroundings for dogs. The accommodations are specifically designed to be dog-friendly, allowing dogs even on the upper floors, making it a comfortable stay for pet owners. Despite the owner’s own dog, Stan, not frequently interacting with guests, visitors still find the setting pleasant for their pets. The overall atmosphere of the hotel is considered very welcoming for dogs, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both dogs and their owners.

No, Löwen Hotel & Restaurant doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Löwen Hotel & Restaurant.

Yes, Löwen Hotel & Restaurant welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Löwen Hotel & Restaurant.

No, Löwen Hotel & Restaurant doesn't have a gym.

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