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Summary of reviewsNew Hotel Colon receives overwhelming praise for its strategic location in Mataró, which offers easy access to the city center, the beach and various local attractions. Guests appreciate being close to the train station, providing convenient travel options to Barcelona and other destinations. The hotel's location balances tranquility with accessibility, making it a desirable choice for exploring both Mataró and the broader Barcelona region.

The breakfast experience at New Hotel Colon is highly regarded with guests enjoying a varied and generous buffet that includes freshly squeezed orange juice and made-to-order omelettes. The pleasant atmosphere and attentive service by the breakfast staff add to the positive experience. Similarly, dinners at the on-site restaurant are well-received with many guests praising the tasty, varied dishes and the inviting ambiance. However, some noted inconsistencies in food quality and service speed.

The rooms are generally clean, modern and tastefully decorated, contributing to a comfortable stay. Guests appreciate the comfortable beds and well-maintained amenities, although some have mentioned that certain rooms can be small, particularly single rooms and may lack adequate ventilation and natural lighting.

The hotel stands out for its exceptional cleanliness with multiple reviews highlighting the spotless rooms and well-maintained public areas. The friendly and professional staff receive high praise for their warm and helpful demeanor, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Opinions on the hotel's free Wi-Fi and parking facilities are mixed. While many guests find the Wi-Fi satisfactory, others have encountered connectivity issues. The parking options, including a secure underground garage, are appreciated for their convenience, although the tight spaces and high costs can be challenging.

New Hotel Colon caters well to families, offering spacious family rooms and thoughtful services geared towards children. The comfort and quality of the beds receive positive feedback, though some guests found the mattresses too soft.

As a three-star establishment, New Hotel Colon offers excellent value for money with its comfortable and well-decorated facilities. The hotel is also noted for its accessibility features, including rooms adapted for people with limited mobility and convenient elevator access from the underground parking.

Overall, New Hotel Colon delivers a clean, comfortable and family-friendly environment with an exceptional location and attentive service, making it a highly recommended option for travelers.
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Room Types
Superior Double Room This air-conditioned room has free WiFi, a TV and a private bathroom.

Single Room This air-conditioned room has free WiFi, a TV and a private bathroom.

Junior Suite This room has air conditioning, a sofa and free WiFi. Extra bed is available upon request with a supplement.

Twin Room This room overlooks an interior courtyard or has city views, and features air conditioning.

Junior Suite - Disability Access Offering free toiletries, this twin room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bath or a shower and a bidet. The twin room offers air conditioning, a private entrance, soundproof walls, a wardrobe and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Double Room This room either overlooks an interior courtyard or has city views. It features air conditioning.

Superior Twin Room The twin room provides air conditioning, a private entrance, a balcony with city views as well as a private bathroom featuring a bath or a shower. The unit offers 2 beds.

Family Room (2 Adults + 2 Children) Offering a safe deposit box, a tiled floor and heating, this family room includes a private bathroom. The family room offers air conditioning, a private entrance, soundproof walls, a wardrobe and a TV. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The location of New Hotel Colon receives high praise from guests for its strategic placement that caters to a wide array of needs and interests. Centrally situated in Mataró, the hotel places visitors within close proximity to both the lively city center and the tranquil beach, making it an ideal spot for those looking to explore local attractions and enjoy seaside relaxation. Guests frequently commented on the convenience of being near the train station, providing easy access for day trips to Barcelona and other destinations.

The hotel is nestled in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood yet remains close to various points of interest, including the historical center, shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Most guests appreciated the short walking distances to the main beach, port and city center, allowing for a hassle-free exploration on foot. The location also benefits from excellent public transportation links with bus stops and the train station just a few minutes away.

Overall, New Hotel Colon's setting offers the perfect balance of convenience, tranquility and accessibility, making it highly recommended for travelers seeking to enjoy the best of Mataró and the greater Barcelona region.

At New Hotel Colon, guests frequently praise the breakfast offering. The breakfast options are described as varied and generous with buffet-style service that includes a selection of both sweet and savory dishes. Many guests highlight the excellent quality and taste, noting the availability of freshly squeezed orange juice and omelettes made to order at no extra charge. The breakfast area itself garners positive comments for its pleasant atmosphere.

The hotel staff's attentiveness and friendly service during breakfast enhance the overall experience. While many reviews commend the breakfast for being plentiful and of high standard, some indicate room for improvement, mentioning limited selections and higher costs when breakfast is not included in the room price. Nonetheless, the overall sentiment remains positive with guests enjoying a hearty start to their day thanks to the delicious and varied options available.

The dinner experience at New Hotel Colon's restaurant receives predominantly positive feedback from guests. The on-site restaurant is praised for its excellent and very tasty food with a full menu offering delicious and varied dishes. The attractive and well-decorated space, located on the ground floor, adds to the inviting atmosphere for diners.

Guests appreciate the delicious coffee and the convenience of dining at the hotel, noting that the kitchen operates until 23:00, allowing for late-evening meals and tapas. The staff are commended for being attentive and friendly, contributing to a pleasant dining experience.

However, some guests experienced inconsistency in food quality, describing it as average or mediocre at times and mentioning that service can be slow despite the restaurant’s fancy appearance. A few guests felt the menu offerings were limited and found the prices a little high.

Despite these occasional criticisms, the overall sentiment leans towards satisfaction with many guests highlighting the restaurant as a noteworthy part of their stay at New Hotel Colon.

New Hotel Colon offers a range of rooms that are generally clean, modern and tastefully decorated. Guests often highlight the spaciousness of some rooms with particular praise for comfortable beds and well-maintained furnishings. Many reviewers appreciate the cleanliness and the cozy atmosphere provided by the rooms, which are equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay.

However, there are consistent mentions of small room sizes, especially for single rooms and some guests have noted musty or unpleasant smells upon entering their rooms. Rooms can also get quite hot and humid when the air conditioning is turned off and some lack external lighting, leading to darker interiors. Despite these drawbacks, the overall ambiance, attention to detail and modern amenities contribute to a satisfactory experience for many visitors.

The hotel's location is described as favorable, being well-connected to public transport and close to Mataró train station. The decor of both rooms and communal areas like the spacious cafe and restaurant is appreciated for its charm and modern aesthetics. Some rooms are specifically adapted for people with limited mobility and these adaptations are well-received by guests.

In summary, New Hotel Colon provides a clean, comfortable setting with modern decor and essential amenities, though the room sizes can vary and some experience issues with ventilation and lighting.

New Hotel Colon has received numerous comments about the comfort and quality of its beds from guests. Many reviews highlight the positive aspects with frequent mentions of comfortable, well-maintained and clean bedding. Guests often praised the spacious rooms and the overall comfort they experienced during their stay, noting that the beds helped them sleep very well at night. The bedding quality prominently stood out with several remarks about the beds being big and the bedding being very comfortable.

However, opinions on the mattresses were mixed. While many found the beds super comfortable and the mattresses great, others felt that the mattresses were too soft, to the point of causing discomfort. Some guests mentioned that the beds tended to sink in the middle or felt like they were forming a hollow. Additionally, there were instances where double beds consisted of two single mattresses pushed together, leading to an uncomfortable dip in the center.

Overall, while most guests enjoyed the comfort of the beds and the cleanliness of the rooms, a segment of travelers reported that the softness of the mattresses detracted from their sleep quality.

The 'New Hotel Colon' stands out for its exceptional level of cleanliness, as consistently highlighted by numerous guest reviews. Visitors frequently praise the spotlessly clean rooms and well-maintained public areas, creating an inviting and comfortable environment. The hotel premises are kept impeccably tidy with daily room cleaning and towel changes ensuring a fresh and hygienic stay. Guests appreciate the neat and well-organized decor, contributing to the overall appeal of the hotel.

The staff's friendly demeanor enhances the experience, making guests feel welcome and well cared for. Although there are occasional minor issues such as stains on pillows and some noise disturbance between rooms, these are relatively rare occurrences. The hotel's modern amenities and clean facilities, including generously provided towels and air conditioning that works well, further add to its positive reputation.

Overall, the 'New Hotel Colon' is characterized by excellent cleanliness standards, which, coupled with its courteous staff and well-maintained facilities, promise a pleasant stay. Highly recommended for those seeking comfort and reliability.

The staff at New Hotel Colon consistently receive high praise for their friendliness and professionalism. Guests frequently highlight the warm, courteous and helpful demeanor of the entire team, from the reception desk to the restaurant personnel. Reception staff, in particular, are noted for being welcoming, attentive and efficient. Numerous reviews commend individual staff members for their exceptional service and kindness, ensuring that guests' needs are met promptly and with a smile. The overall treatment is described as excellent with many guests feeling genuinely well cared for throughout their stay. The welcoming atmosphere and attentive service extend across all areas of the hotel, making the staff one of its standout features.

The reviews for 'New Hotel Colon' present a mixed bag regarding the hotel's Wi-Fi. Many guests appreciated that Wi-Fi was available and described it as good or even great. However, some reviewers faced issues, noting that the connection was inconsistent and didn't always work well. Despite these occasional problems, the general atmosphere of the hotel remains positive with commendations for its fresh, modern and clean ambiance.

The parking situation at New Hotel Colon presents a mixed bag of experiences for its guests. The hotel offers both secure underground parking and convenient parking options on site or nearby. Guests appreciate the availability of parking spaces that can be reserved in advance, ensuring a spot for their vehicle. There are multiple mentions of both private and public parking facilities close to the hotel, some even free, particularly near the beach.

However, parking can be challenging at times. The underground parking spaces are noted as tight and the garage access a bit tricky. Guests often need to book spaces ahead of time, as availability can be limited. Additionally, the hotel parking can be expensive with some guests highlighting the high costs associated with the garage, although alternatives like pay-and-display or public parking are also available nearby.

Overall, while the hotel provides several parking options including a secure underground garage, the spaces are somewhat limited and can be pricey. This makes advance reservations crucial and for those who miss out, there are nearby public parking alternatives to consider.

New Hotel Colon is a family-friendly haven for those traveling with children. Reviews highlight the hotel's spacious and well-appointed family rooms, perfectly sized to accommodate families of all sizes and equipped with four real beds for added comfort. Guests appreciate the thoughtful and friendly service tailored for family needs, making it an ideal choice for family vacations.

Families with young children feel particularly welcomed with some guests noting special touches like gifts for the little ones. The convenience of the hotel is further underscored by its proximity to the old town and amenities like a bike facility. For a comfortable and convenient family stay, New Hotel Colon appears to be a highly recommended option.

3 Star
New Hotel Colon offers a three-star standard experience with a comforting ambiance at an affordable price. Guests are pleased with the exceptional value for money, considering the fair and often very good price-quality relationship. Despite being surprisingly superb for its rating, the hotel is optimal for short stays of 1-2 nights. The clean, cozy and beautifully decorated facilities enhance the pleasant experience. Additionally, its prime location near a beautiful beach adds to its appeal. While noted as a low three-star hotel, it provides commendable value for cost-conscious travelers.

New Hotel Colon offers a range of features that enhance its accessibility for guests with disabilities. Direct access from the underground parking to the elevator ensures a smooth arrival and departure process. The hotel provides accessible rooms that are specifically adapted for people with limited mobility, contributing to a comfortable stay. An available elevator adds to the convenience, allowing easy movement between floors.

The overall comfort and cleanliness of the hotel are commendable, adding to a pleasant experience for all guests. Additionally, the terrace and bike facility are notable amenities, although the mattresses might be a bit too soft for some preferences.

In summary, New Hotel Colon takes significant measures to be very suitable for people with disabilities, focusing on accessible rooms and convenient vertical transportation.

No, New Hotel Colon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at New Hotel Colon.

No, New Hotel Colon doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at New Hotel Colon.

No, New Hotel Colon doesn't have a gym.

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