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Summary of reviewsAlbergo Romeo, situated in the heart of Noli, enjoys a prime location within the charming historic center, allowing guests easy access to shops, restaurants, bars and the beach. This central position immerses visitors in the vibrant local atmosphere, providing an ideal blend of leisure and cultural experiences.

The hotel's breakfast experience, served at an affiliated bar nearby, receives high praise. Guests enjoy outdoor café settings, indulging in croissants and cappuccinos, which add a delightful touch to their mornings. Most find the breakfast to be of high quality, despite a few suggestions for improvement.

Rooms at Albergo Romeo are noted for their cleanliness and comfort, equipped with essential amenities for a satisfactory stay. Although the rooms are not luxurious and the decor somewhat outdated, they are functional, cozy and spacious enough for families. Some guests mentioned minor issues like noise and insufficient cooling, but overall, the well-maintained premises ensure a relaxing ambiance.

The standout feature of Albergo Romeo is its exceptional staff, led by the friendly and helpful owner, Gianluca. Guests repeatedly highlight the team's warm and courteous service, making them feel at home. This personal touch, combined with the hotel's excellent price-quality ratio, enhances the guest experience significantly.

Proximity to the beach is another major advantage with the clear waters just a few minutes' walk away. This accessibility, along with the hotel's strategic location, makes it a perfect choice for visitors eager to enjoy both coastal activities and city exploration.

In summary, Albergo Romeo is commended for its strategic location, delightful breakfast experience, clean and comfortable rooms and exceptional staff service, promising an enjoyable stay for its guests.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Functional en suite room with free Wi-Fi, a cooling fan and tiled floors. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Triple Room Functional en suite room with free Wi-Fi, a cooling fan and tiled floors.

Quadruple Room Functional en suite room with free Wi-Fi, a cooling fan and tiled floors.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Albergo Romeo boasts an enviable position in the heart of Noli. Guests repeatedly highlight the hotel's central and convenient location, nestled within the charming historic center. This prime spot immerses visitors in the city's vibrant atmosphere and picturesque alleyways, providing easy access to key amenities such as shops, restaurants and bars. The proximity to the beach is frequently noted with the clear waters just a few minutes' walk away, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy both the leisure and cultural aspects of Noli. The combination of being situated in a historically rich neighborhood and the convenience for all local services enhances the overall appeal, promising a truly enjoyable stay.

The breakfast experience at Albergo Romeo generally receives high praise from guests. It is served at an affiliated bar located a few meters from the hotel, contributing to the local charm. Many mentioned enjoying their morning meals at an outdoor café, indulging in croissants and cappuccinos, which adds a unique touch to their stay. Reviews highlight the convenience of having the breakfast spot just steps away from their rooms. The croissants, in particular, are frequently noted for their excellence and the overall quality of the food is described as very good. While a few guests felt there was room for improvement, the majority found the breakfast to be a delicious and pleasant start to their day. The breakfast arrangements, combined with the excellent service and proximity to the beach, enhance the overall guest experience at Albergo Romeo.

'Albergo Romeo' offers a range of rooms that receive generally positive feedback from guests, highlighting their cleanliness and comfort. Despite not being luxurious, the rooms are equipped with all essential amenities, ensuring a functional stay. The hotel is favorably located in the historic center, adding convenience for city exploration.

Some guests have noted that while the rooms are cozy and tidy, they can be small and the decor is somewhat outdated. Rooms are described as spacious enough to accommodate families with comfortable mattresses, although improvements in soundproofing and electrical management could enhance the experience. The bathrooms, predominantly clean and functional, range in size and comfort with some being noted as tiny.

Overall, the structure is well-organized and simple with a welcoming and helpful manager adding a personal touch to the stay. Despite minor issues like noise, dust under the bed and insufficient cooling during hot nights, 'Albergo Romeo' provides a satisfactory and comfortable experience in a prime location.

Albergo Romeo receives consistent praise for its cleanliness, making it a standout choice for travelers who prioritize a spotless environment. Guests frequently highlight the clean premises and well-maintained facilities, reflecting the hotel's dedication to upholding high standards. The rooms are often described as clean and cozy, contributing to a relaxing and comfortable stay. Additionally, the hotel's location is repeatedly mentioned as great, offering both convenience and tranquility. The friendly and welcoming staff further enhance the experience, creating a hospitable atmosphere. The structure is characterized as simple but well-organized with a cozy and calm ambiance that appeals to many visitors. Overall, Albergo Romeo earns accolades for balancing essential comforts with exceptional cleanliness, providing a commendable stay for its guests.

Albergo Romeo in the quaint town of Noli has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional staff, especially the owner, Gianluca. Repeatedly described as extremely friendly, helpful and kind, Gianluca and the rest of the staff provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home. Many reviews praise the courtesy and availability of the entire team, highlighting their readiness to assist with any needs.

The hotel is centrally located, offering guests convenient access to local restaurants and the beach, making it a prime spot for exploring Noli. Visitors consistently appreciate the great price-quality ratio, combining superb service with an ideal location. Overall, Albergo Romeo stands out for its courteous and super helpful team, led by an owner who embodies hospitality at its finest.

Albergo Romeo is praised for its excellent location, conveniently positioned in the city center and just a few minutes' walk from the beach. Guests appreciate being just a stone's throw from the sea and have noted that it takes around five minutes to reach the nearby fishermen's beach. The hotel's position offers easy access to both city attractions and the beach, making it an ideal choice for visitors looking to enjoy coastal activities and urban exploration.

No, Albergo Romeo doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Albergo Romeo.

No, Albergo Romeo doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Albergo Romeo.

No, Albergo Romeo doesn't have a gym.

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