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Summary of reviewsHotel Alpenhof is widely praised by guests for its convenient and picturesque location, ideal for both short and extended stays. Nestled in a central area close to the train station and major highways, it offers easy access to attractions such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Zugspitze, Schloss Linderhof and Oberammergau. The practical setting is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers heading towards South Tyrol, though some guests find the proximity to a main road and gas station slightly noisier and less attractive.

The breakfast at Hotel Alpenhof is generally well-received with numerous guests appreciating the rich, varied and hearty buffet included in the room rate. The fresh vegetables, freshly baked rolls and tasty breakfast options are frequently highlighted, although some guests desire more variety and earlier availability to better accommodate business schedules.

Hotel Alpenhof's rooms are often described as spacious, clean and comfortable, providing all necessary amenities and recently renovated bathrooms. Although some furnishings have a slightly outdated 70s style, the daily cleaning and tidy environment add significantly to the comfort of the stay. Rooms facing the garden or side streets offer quieter surroundings, though some guests have reported minor inconveniences such as poor ventilation, limited heating and power outlets.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Hotel Alpenhof with the vast majority of guests commending the spotless rooms and bathrooms. Enhanced by recent renovations, the hotel's overall hygiene concept contributes to a sanitized and pleasant environment.

The staff at Hotel Alpenhof are frequently praised for their friendliness, accommodation and politeness, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The family-run nature of the hotel adds a personal touch to the service with particular accolades for the owners and hosts who go out of their way to assist guests. While there are a few isolated mentions of less friendly interactions, the overall hospitality remains a significant positive aspect.

The Wi-Fi service at Hotel Alpenhof, however, faces substantial criticism with many guests experiencing weak or non-functional connections, particularly on the top floor. Despite a few positive remarks, the Wi-Fi's inconsistency detracts from the overall guest experience.

Regarding the beds, reviews are mixed. While many guests find the beds comfortable and cozy, others noted issues such as overly soft, worn-out mattresses or occasional squeakiness. Despite these concerns, the majority of guests reported good sleep quality, praising the cleanliness and coziness of the beds.

Overall, Hotel Alpenhof offers a combination of convenient location, comfortable accommodations, excellent cleanliness and friendly service, making it a favorable destination for many travelers.
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Room Types
Double Room Some of these rooms have a balcony and some have a patio.

Triple Room Some of these rooms have a balcony and some have a patio.

Quadruple Room Some of these rooms have a balcony and some have a patio. All these rooms offer lovely views.

Family Room Includes 2 double rooms for 2 adults and 2 children up to the age of 16.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Alpenhof boasts a well-reviewed location that caters to a variety of travelers' needs. Nestled in a spot that's both practical and picturesque, it is conveniently close to the train station and offers plenty of parking spaces right at the entrance. Guests frequently commend the close proximity of public transport and easy highway access, making trips to nearby attractions like Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Zugspitze, Schloss Linderhof and Oberammergau straightforward and enjoyable.

The hotel's setting is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts with mountains just a short drive away and opportunities for excursions aplenty. Ideal for weekend trips or overnight stays on the way to South Tyrol, the location is described as both central to the town and perfectly suited for exploring the region.

Nevertheless, it's important to note that Hotel Alpenhof is situated directly on a main road, adjacent to a gas station, which some guests have found noisier and less attractive. Despite this, many reviews highlight the beautiful natural surroundings and the practicality of the location, emphasizing its convenience for both brief and extended stays in the area.

Hotel Alpenhof's breakfast offerings have garnered a range of opinions from guests with many highlighting positive aspects. Numerous reviews describe the breakfast as good, rich and varied, often emphasizing its inclusion in the room rate as a positive point. Guests frequently mention that the breakfast buffet is well-stocked, offering a hearty and full continental style with fresh and diverse choices, including fresh vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers, which are often appreciated. Reviewers also commend the quality of the breakfast, noting that it is well-prepared and delicious with freshly baked rolls and tasty options such as cheese, sausage slices and pastries.

Despite some criticisms regarding limited choices and simplicity, many find the breakfast sufficient and adequate for their needs. The friendly service and the fact that breakfast can be abundant and tailored to individual preferences also receive praise. However, there are mentions of breakfast being a bit spartan or just enough in certain instances with some wishing for more variety or earlier availability, especially for business travelers. Overall, Hotel Alpenhof seems to provide a generally satisfactory breakfast experience with notable positive elements that many guests enjoy.

Hotel Alpenhof offers a variety of spacious and clean rooms with many guests appreciating their size and comfort. The rooms are generally well-equipped, featuring all necessary amenities and modern bathrooms that have been recently renovated. Frequent daily cleaning ensures a tidy environment, adding to the comfort of the stay.

However, some aspects of the rooms appear somewhat outdated, including the furniture and overall decor, which hark back to the 70s style. Despite this, the practicality remains high with functional small bathrooms, although some guests have noted issues such as poor ventilation and limited heating.

Rooms facing the side streets or garden benefit from quieter surroundings, despite the hotel's proximity to the main road. Additionally, features like direct garden access and modern TVs are mentioned, although the latter sometimes suffer from poor reception and limited channels. A lack of power outlets near the bed and other minor inconveniences like the non-functional balcony or the occasional strange odor were also noted by some guests.

Overall, while the furnishings might be dated and some rooms could use additional amenities like refrigerators, the cleanliness, space and daily upkeeps are consistent highlights that contribute positively to the guest experience at Hotel Alpenhof.

Hotel Alpenhof receives mixed reviews regarding its beds. While many guests found the beds to be very comfortable, clean and cozy, there were also some who felt that improvements were needed. A recurring positive remark highlighted the large, comfortable beds and super comfortable mattresses. However, some guests mentioned that the mattresses were either too soft or worn-out and a few noted that the beds could be squeaky and that some were even broken. Despite these issues, the clean and cozy nature of the beds received frequent praise with many guests reporting a good night's sleep. The bedding was generally appreciated, though a few found the duvet too warm and the pillows uncomfortable. In summary, while the beds at Hotel Alpenhof often provided comfort and coziness, there are occasional concerns about softness, maintenance and accompanying bedding items that might need addressing.

Hotel Alpenhof receives consistently positive feedback regarding its cleanliness. Guests frequently describe the hotel as very clean with specific praise for the spotless condition of the rooms and bathrooms. Many reviews highlight the rooms as not only clean but also spacious, comfortable and tastefully furnished. Renovations in the bathrooms are noted to have further enhanced the freshness of the hotel. The overall hygiene concept of the hotel is described as good, contributing to a proper and sanitized environment. On the rare occasion, there are mentions of cleanliness issues, such as dirty rooms and bedding, as well as some instances where the toilets were not up to standard. Generally, however, the consensus remains that Hotel Alpenhof maintains a high level of cleanliness, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay for its guests.

Hotel Alpenhof receives high praise for its staff with multiple reviewers noting that the team is friendly, accommodating and polite. Guests consistently highlight the warmth and attentiveness of the staff, making their stays comfortable and pleasant. The hotel is often described as being family-run, adding an extra touch of personalized service that many travelers appreciate.

The owners and hosts, in particular, receive accolades for their dedication and flexibility, often going out of their way to assist guests. The landlady stands out for her exceptional friendliness and many reviews mention the super friendly and helpful nature of both the staff and the room service team. The reception staff, too, are frequently mentioned for their warm welcomes and detailed information.

However, it's worth noting that there are a few mentions of less friendly interactions with a host, described as not very friendly and even arrogant. Despite these isolated comments, the overwhelming majority of reviews speak highly of the overall hospitality and the welcoming atmosphere created by the staff at Hotel Alpenhof.

The majority of guest reviews for Hotel Alpenhof point to significant issues with the Wi-Fi service. Many guests reported experiencing a weak or non-functional Wi-Fi connection throughout their stay with some specifying that there was no Wi-Fi available in the rooms. Intermittent connectivity and regular crashes were common complaints and some mentioned that the Wi-Fi was particularly problematic on the top floor. Despite these issues, there were a few positive remarks about the Wi-Fi being good in certain areas or at certain times. Overall, the Wi-Fi service at Hotel Alpenhof appeared to be unreliable and inconsistent, detracting from the overall guest experience.

No, Hotel Alpenhof doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Alpenhof.

No, Hotel Alpenhof doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Alpenhof.

No, Hotel Alpenhof doesn't have a gym.

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