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Summary of reviewsAlbergo Montenerone offers a charming and comfortable stay in the heart of Piobbico, praised for its exceptional central location which provides convenient access to both the town center and surrounding areas. Guests appreciate the peaceful village setting with nearby bars and restaurants, making it ideal for excursions and mountain treks.

The hotel stands out for its cleanliness, maintaining spotless and well-kept facilities including a well-maintained pool. Rooms, though minimalistic and sometimes small, are clean, cozy and comfortable. They feature basic amenities and some have new bathrooms with top showers. Bedding is generally firm but comfortable, contributing to a restful stay.

Dining at Albergo Montenerone is a delight with the attached restaurant and bar earning high praise for its variety of dishes and excellent chef. The restaurant’s offerings, including options for those with celiac disease, are complemented by friendly staff. Although breakfast options from a nearby bar were considered basic and could use more variety, the dinner experience compensates with its high quality.

The staff at Albergo Montenerone are noted for their friendliness, kindness and helpfulness, enhancing the overall guest experience. The pool, a major highlight, is beautifully maintained and provides a refreshing retreat, further enhancing the hotel’s appeal.

Overall, Albergo Montenerone is highly recommended for its welcoming and clean environment, central location, excellent dining, friendly staff and impressive pool, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
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Single Room This room comes with free Wi-Fi, a TV and a minibar.

Double or Twin Room This room comes with free Wi-Fi, a TV and a minibar.

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Guest Reviews
Very Good
Albergo Montenerone boasts an exceptional central location, making it a prime choice for visitors to Piobbico. Nestled right in the heart of this charming and peaceful village, it offers convenient access to both the town center and the surrounding areas, serving as a great base for excursions and mountain treks. Guests appreciate the hotel's proximity to main streets, local bars and restaurants, which enhances the overall convenience.

The hotel is well-regarded for its pleasant environment and cozy, clean rooms. The availability of a swimming pool is a notable perk, adding to the relaxation and enjoyment of the stay. Parking facilities are easily accessible, which is a bonus for those driving. The welcoming and comfortable atmosphere further enriches the guest experience, making Albergo Montenerone a highly recommended option for those looking to explore Piobbico and its picturesque surroundings.

Guests of Albergo Montenerone have various opinions about the breakfast offered. The morning meal is provided through a bar next door to the hotel and it generally consists of a coffee or cappuccino paired with a croissant. While a few guests found the breakfast acceptable and even appreciated the friendly service, many pointed out that the options are quite basic and limited. Some described the breakfast as insufficient or unremarkable with several reviewers suggesting it might not be worth the additional cost.

There are mentions of the need for a wider variety of choices, particularly more savory options and some felt that the current offering doesn't justify its price. Overall, it appears that although the breakfast is simple and aligned with traditional Italian standards, some visitors believe there is room for improvement to better meet diverse expectations.

Albergo Montenerone offers a delightful dining experience with its attached restaurant and bar providing easy access to delicious meals right on the ground floor. The restaurant has received high praise for its excellent chef and a variety of dishes, including pasta, grilled meat and a noteworthy house wine—a young Sangiovese from the Pesaro area. Guests have appreciated the availability of typical dishes prepared with a special touch, including options for those with celiac disease. The convenience of having such a quality restaurant downstairs makes it a perfect choice for late arrivals, especially since the village itself is quite small. The presence of a restaurant and café next door also adds to the overall positive experience. Despite occasional closures due to annual leave, diners generally find the food delicious and the staff friendly, further enhancing the overall experience at the well-maintained hotel.

The guest reviews for Albergo Montenerone highlight a generally positive experience with a few recurring themes. The rooms are consistently praised for their cleanliness and being well-maintained with many guests finding them welcoming, cozy and comfortable. The minimalist and sometimes old-fashioned decor is noted but does not detract from the overall satisfaction. The spaciousness of some rooms is appreciated, though others point out that certain rooms can be quite small and dimly lit.

Functionality is emphasized with rooms being well-arranged and equipped with basic amenities. A few rooms feature new bathrooms with top showers, adding to the comfort of the stay. Despite the small size of some rooms, many guests still find them lovely, warm and perfect for short visits or offering great value for money. The bedding receives mixed reviews, described as firm but comfortable by some.

However, a few negative aspects are noted, such as outdated elements in the rooms and occasional issues with lighting and bathroom facilities. Noise from the street-facing rooms and the absence of an elevator can be a drawback for some, along with the small and uncomfortable bathrooms in certain rooms. Overall, the Albego Montenerone is seen as a charming inn with friendly staff, a clean and well-kept environment and a tranquil atmosphere conducive to a good night's sleep.

Albergo Montenerone has received positive remarks for its bedding and overall comfort of the beds. Guests appreciated the cleanliness and firmness of the mattresses, calling them very good and providing a great sleep experience. The cozy and clean beds, along with comfortable bedding, contributed to a restful stay. Many highlighted the excellent beds that were described as quite firm, aligning with personal preferences for harder mattresses.

Rooms were generally praised for their quiet and comfort, despite a few mentions about the size and arrangement of the beds. Some guests noted that the quadruple rooms included small single beds and bunk beds, which might not suit everyone's expectations. The allocation of extra beds in limited space was mentioned as a drawback with the folding bed being notably uncomfortable for some. Nevertheless, the primary beds received consistent compliments for their comfort and coziness, ensuring a generally restful experience.

Albergo Montenerone receives high praise for its impressive cleanliness. Guests frequently mention spotless and well-kept rooms with many describing them as clean and cozy. The hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness across its facilities, including a well-maintained pool. Rooms are often highlighted as neat, tidy and welcoming with a pleasant fragrance, contributing to an overall good ambiance. While some reviews note minor issues such as mold in the bathroom and an unmaintained old structure, the general consensus is that the hotel excels in providing immaculately clean and comfortable accommodations. The consistent emphasis on the cleanliness of the rooms and the hotel, in general, forms a strong positive impression among guests.

Albergo Montenerone boasts a consistently positive reputation when it comes to their personnel. The staff is renowned for their friendliness, kindness and helpfulness. Whether it’s the courteous hotel staff, the welcoming owner or even the bartender, guests have highlighted the warmth and availability of everyone they interacted with. The owners are particularly noted for their kindness and hospitality, always ready to assist guests with their needs. The hotel also features a convenient restaurant and a great pool, adding to its appeal. With decent and clean rooms, friendly service and excellent prices, Albergo Montenerone offers a charming and hospitable stay for visitors.

Albergo Montenerone's pool consistently impressed guests with its cleanliness and maintenance. Described as lovely and beautiful, the pool offered a refreshing remedy, especially in the heat. Many guests noted the pool as an excellent feature, complimenting its quality alongside the welcoming and helpful staff. Positioned in a central location, the hotel provides a pleasant surprise with its nice swimming pool at the back, complemented by free parking. Overall, the pool at Albergo Montenerone stands out as a highlight, contributing positively to guests' experiences.

Outdoor Pool
Albergo Montenerone boasts a fantastic and well-maintained outdoor pool that has received much praise from its guests. The pool area, which includes a whirlpool corner and a solarium terrace, is nicely integrated into a beautiful garden, providing a serene and relaxing environment. Guests particularly appreciate that the use of the pool is included in the price, emphasizing its excellent condition and meticulous upkeep. The pool's central location and the welcoming and helpful staff further enhance the overall experience, making it a highlight of the hotel. Whether it's for a good night's sleep or an enjoyable summer swim, the well-maintained swimming pool adds significant value to the stay at Albergo Montenerone.

Yes, Albergo Montenerone has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Albergo Montenerone.

Yes, Albergo Montenerone welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Albergo Montenerone.

Yes, Albergo Montenerone has a gym.

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