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Summary of reviewsHotel Poświętne enjoys a prime location near the S7 route and just off the highway, making it a convenient stop for travelers, particularly those journeying by car. The proximity to the city center, shopping centers and dining options like McDonald's further enhances its appeal. Despite some noise from fast traffic, the ample parking spaces, clean environment, comfortable beds and friendly reception service create a favorable impression.

The breakfast at Hotel Poświętne largely receives positive feedback. Guests appreciate the tasty and abundant offerings with highlights like scrambled eggs made from high-quality ingredients. Including breakfast in the room rate and providing generous portions are also appreciated. While some find the breakfast simple, akin to hospital food with instant coffee and basic tea selection, the general consensus is that it is good, clean and fulfilling.

Hotel Poświętne's rooms, set in a charming locale, are clean and tidy with recent upgrades. Freshly painted and well-equipped despite their compact size, the rooms balance cozy decor with practicality. Cleanliness, particularly in the rooms and bathrooms, is consistently praised, although some rooms retain nostalgic touches from the 80s and show signs of wear. Functional aspects such as balconies with garden views and spacious bathrooms are appreciated, though the lack of a kettle and fridge and some noise issues are noted.

The hotel's cleanliness stands out with excellent linens and towels, contributing to a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Despite the hotel’s age, the high cleanliness standards combined with affordable rates make it a reliable choice for travelers.

The staff at Hotel Poświętne are exceptionally friendly and helpful, consistently noted for their warm and eager assistance. The friendly receptionists and smooth service enhance the overall positive experience, making the hotel welcoming and guest-focused.

The beds receive mixed reviews; some guests enjoy new beds and good mattresses, contributing to a comfortable stay, while others experience worn-out and saggy mattresses with creaky bed frames. Although the hotel maintains cleanliness and some modern comforts, further improvements in bed quality and consistency could enhance the overall guest experience.

In summary, Hotel Poświętne offers a prime location with convenient access, a generally positive breakfast experience, clean and tidy rooms, excellent cleanliness, friendly staff and a comfortable environment. Some minor improvements, particularly in the bed quality and breakfast variety, could elevate the overall guest experience even further.
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Room Types
Double Room The double room provides a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 2 beds.

Family Room - Disability Access The family room's kitchenette is available for cooking and storing food. The spacious family room provides a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 5 beds.

Large Double Room The spacious double room features a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The unit has 1 bed.

Apartment The apartment features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. Featuring a balcony with garden views, this apartment also provides a seating area and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Poświętne is noted for its advantageous location, making it a convenient stop for travelers. Positioned near the S7 route and just off the highway, it offers easy access for those traveling by car. The hotel is close to a main route, as well as the city center, which is approximately a 20-minute walk away. Its proximity to the shopping center and McDonald's brings added convenience for guests. Despite being near a fast traffic road, which some guests mentioned can contribute to noise, the hotel remains a favorable choice due to its ample parking spaces and clean, pleasant environment. Additionally, the nice service at the reception and comfortable beds enhance the overall guest experience.

The breakfast offerings at Hotel Poświętne have garnered a mix of feedback but largely lean towards the positive. Many guests commended the breakfast for being tasty with highlights often pointing to the delicious scrambled eggs and general abundance. The breakfast is described as modest but made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring that guests find it both delicious and filling. The inclusion of breakfast in the room rate is appreciated with some finding the portions substantial and even difficult to finish.

However, there are areas noted for improvement. Some guests found the breakfast to be quite simple and more reminiscent of hospital food than a hotel dining experience. Complaints included the use of instant coffee and limited tea selection, reflecting some dissatisfaction with beverage options. A few reviews mentioned that the breakfast is rather basic with offerings like half a boiled egg, slices of cheese and ham and microwave-defrosted bread.

Despite these minor negatives, the breakfast is generally seen as good, tasty and clean. While suggestions indicate a desire for more variety and a more contemporary presentation, most guests conclude their stay with a positive impression of the breakfast service at Hotel Poświętne.

Set amidst a charming locale, Hotel Poświętne is appreciated for its clean and tidy rooms, which have seen recent upgrades. Many rooms have been freshly painted and are well-equipped despite their compact size. The hotel has managed to maintain a good balance between cozy decor and practical amenities, even though elements of the space evoke a nostalgic touch from the 80s.

Guests have noted the cleanliness of both rooms and bathrooms with daily fresh bedding adding to their comfort. A select number of rooms have undergone renovations, boasting new furniture and improved aesthetics. While cleanliness is consistently praised, some rooms still bear signs of wear and have old equipment.

Balconies offering garden views and spacious bathrooms add to the overall appeal. However, certain functional aspects such as the lack of a kettle and fridge, as well as bathroom design quirks, have been highlighted. Sound insulation also leaves room for improvement, as noises from adjoining rooms can often be heard.

Overall, Hotel Poświętne presents a blend of nostalgic charm and modern upgrades, making it a comfortable stay for travelers appreciating cleanliness and essential amenities at a reasonable price.

Hotel Poświętne offers a variety of bed experiences according to guest reviews. Some guests have highlighted the presence of nice new beds and good mattresses with soft mattresses and carpeting contributing to a comfortable stay. The bedding is consistently clean and fresh. However, there are also mentions of some beds being heavily worn out with uncomfortable and saggy mattresses where individual springs can sometimes be felt. Creaky beds and small single beds have also been noted. While the hotel succeeds in maintaining cleanliness and providing some modern comforts, improvements in bed quality and consistency could enhance the overall guest experience.

Hotel Poświętne maintains a commendable standard of cleanliness, which is consistently highlighted by the guests. The linens and towels are described as excellent and always clean, contributing significantly to the overall impression of the rooms. The rooms themselves, including the bathrooms, are consistently noted for being clean and tidy, often described as pleasant and cozy. Although the hotel is old, it does not detract from its cleanliness, as everything remains super clean. The combination of affordable rates and high cleanliness standards makes this hotel a reliable choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and hygienic stay.

Hotel Poświętne boasts an exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, consistently noted by guests for their warmth and eagerness to assist. Guests have frequently highlighted the hotel’s friendly receptionists and smooth service, making every effort to resolve issues promptly, such as helping with technical difficulties like turning on the TV. The staff's approachable demeanor ensures good communication and a pleasant stay. Moreover, the friendly service contributes significantly to the overall positive experience at the hotel, enhancing its reputation as a welcoming and guest-focused establishment.

No, Hotel Poświętne doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Poświętne.

Yes, Hotel Poświętne welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Poświętne.

No, Hotel Poświętne doesn't have a gym.

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