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Summary of reviewsKarczma Pod Topolami receives high praise for its strategic and peaceful location, which blends convenience with tranquility. Despite its proximity to the main roads and the "Via Baltica" highway, the guest house remains remarkably quiet, offering a restful stay in a quaint and romantic countryside setting, perfect for travelers en route to Lithuania.

The dining experience is a standout feature with guests consistently highlighting the quality and variety of the breakfast and dinner options. The breakfast, described as delicious, fresh and typical of Polish cuisine, is a hearty and satisfying start to the day. Despite some comments on limited variety, the homemade quality and generous portions make it a highly recommended part of the stay. Dinner at the on-site restaurant also impresses with its freshly prepared and tasty dishes, ranging from traditional meals to more intricate culinary creations, served quickly even for late arrivals.

The rooms, though simple and tastefully decorated, are clean and comfortable with spacious quarters and cozy beds fitted with fresh linens. While some rooms lack certain amenities like air conditioning and soap and a few show minor signs of wear, overall cleanliness and comfort are well-maintained. The picturesque location and quiet surroundings further enhance a restful experience, despite minor inconveniences such as small shower facilities or occasional thin walls.

Cleanliness is a consistent highlight with everything being tidy and well-kept, creating a calm and cozy atmosphere. Towels and free Wi-Fi add to the convenience and the spacious and secure parking lot is highly appreciated by guests.

The exceptionally friendly and welcoming staff are frequently mentioned as a highlight of the stay with hosts going out of their way to assist guests. Their warm hospitality, courteous demeanor and helpfulness significantly enhance the overall experience, making guests feel at home.

Lastly, the beds generally receive favorable reviews for their comfort with clean and neatly arranged bedding. While opinions on mattress firmness vary, contributing to differing sleep experiences, the overall comfort and cleanliness of the bedding and rooms are positively noted.

Overall, Karczma Pod Topolami combines a strategic location, delicious dining, clean and comfortable accommodations and exceptional hospitality, making it a favored stop for travelers.
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Room Types
Standard Twin Room - Building A This twin room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

Standard Triple Room - Building A This triple room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 3 beds.

Standard Family Room - Building B This family room's special feature is the fireplace. This family room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 4 beds.

Double Room with Fireplace - Building B This double room's standout feature is the fireplace. This double room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 2 beds.

King Room - Building A This double room features an extra large canopy bed with mirrors in the headboard, a flat-screen TV and a welcome tea set.

Economy Double Room - Building B This double room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Karczma Pod Topolami is situated in a strategic and peaceful location that has won positive feedback from guests. Despite being close to the main roads and the "Via Baltica" highway, the guest house remains remarkably quiet, allowing for a restful stay. The countryside setting adds to its tranquility, making it an excellent stop for those traveling through Poland to Lithuania. The building itself exudes a quaint and somewhat romantic charm. Its proximity to the highway offers convenient access without the disturbance of traffic noise, making it a prime choice for transit travelers. Overall, the location combines convenience with serenity, ideal for a brief yet comfortable respite.

At Karczma Pod Topolami, the breakfast receives consistent praise from guests for its quality and variety. Described as delicious, fresh and typical of Polish cuisine, the breakfast is a highlight for many visitors. The hearty and filling meals are often regarded as excellent with some guests noting the homemade quality that enhances the dining experience.

Breakfast can be enjoyed directly at the hotel, an added convenience for travelers. The portions are generous, often surpassing expectations and the option to have breakfast at a reasonable additional cost is appreciated by guests. Despite some remarks on the limited variety, the overall consensus emphasizes the tasty and satisfying nature of the meals.

The breakfast is served in a separate building, adding to the quaint and authentic atmosphere of the inn. Guests also appreciate the availability of free teas and coffees, complementing the luxurious and abundant offerings. Overall, the breakfast at Karczma Pod Topolami is both a functional and delightful start to the day, making it highly recommended by those who have stayed there.

Dining at Karczma Pod Topolami is a remarkable experience that stands out in various guest reviews. The on-site restaurant consistently receives praise for its good quality and enjoyable dining options. Meals, including both dinner and breakfast, are described as homemade and freshly prepared, never bulk pre-cooked, ensuring fresh and excellent-tasting food every time.

Guests frequently highlight the filling and tasty nature of the dishes, which range from traditional dinners featuring items like shin and potatoes, to more intricate culinary creations that seem straight from a wanderer’s tale. The restaurant is noted for its delicious offerings with dinner regularly exceeding expectations, thanks in no small part to an excellent chef.

Travellers also appreciate the practicality and comfort provided by the restaurant, which serves big dishes quickly, allowing for a satisfactory experience even upon late arrival. Karczma Pod Topolami's combination of delectable cuisine and charming service makes it a cherished part of any stay.

Karczma Pod Topolami boasts charming and tastefully decorated rooms that are generally clean and simple, yet comfortable. Guests appreciate the spacious quarters and the comfortable beds fitted with clean bed linens and towels. While the accommodation offers bright, simplistic colors and a pleasant atmosphere, some rooms lack amenities such as air conditioning and soap. The shared kitchen is fully equipped and located outside the rooms, providing added convenience.

The rooms, despite a few showing signs of wear and occasionally hosting flies, are generally tidy and well-maintained. The beautiful hall on the first floor adds a touch of elegance to the setting. While some may find the mattress firmness a matter of personal preference and might be annoyed by the thin walls or creaking building, the overall experience is deemed quite comfortable.

The inn's picturesque location and quiet surroundings contribute to a restful stay. Though the small size of the shower and toilet facilities may be inconvenient for some, the spacious and clean rooms alongside the availability of free Wi-Fi make for a comfortable and uncomplicated visit.

Guests generally find the beds at Karczma Pod Topolami comfortable with frequent praises for their overall comfort. Some people describe the conditions as mega comfortable, contributing to an enjoyable stay. The rooms are noted for being clean with fresh, neatly plated bedding and white linens and towels provided, enhancing the cleanliness and inviting atmosphere. However, opinions on mattress firmness vary with several guests mentioning that the mattresses were soft or worn out, which may affect sleep quality for those who prefer a firmer bed. Despite this variability, the common theme remains the comfort and cleanliness of the bedding and rooms.

Karczma Pod Topolami consistently impresses with its cleanliness, featuring simple yet immaculate rooms and comfortable beds. Guests repeatedly note that everything is clean, tidy and well-maintained, creating a calm and cozy atmosphere. The hotel also provides amenities such as towels and free Wi-Fi. The area is spacious with the parking lot being large and safe, adding to the overall comfort and convenience of the stay. The friendly staff further enhances the positive experience at this spotless establishment.

The hospitality at Karczma Pod Topolami is consistently praised by guests for its exceptionally friendly and welcoming staff. Visitors frequently highlight the warm welcome they receive, whether arriving late or on time. The hosts and hotel owners are described as very kind and courteous, always ready to show guests to their rooms and assist whenever needed. A common sentiment is the helpfulness and politeness of the staff with many recounting instances of receiving timely aid and considerate service. The lady working behind the bar, in particular, leaves a positive impression with her courteous demeanor. The excellent service extends to the management with the boss often noted for going out of his way to ensure guests are not left in need. Guests appreciate the pleasant and accommodating personnel who make them feel at home. The fine attention to detail in hospitality, from breakfast adjustments to general assistance, consistently earns commendations from visitors.

At Karczma Pod Topolami, guests frequently highlight the excellent parking facilities. Many appreciate the ample private parking that's both secure and easy to navigate. The spacious and large parking lot receives consistent praise for providing numerous parking spaces, ensuring visitors never struggle to find a spot. Travelers value the safety and convenience of the parking area, contributing to an overall positive experience at the hotel.

No, Karczma Pod Topolami doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Karczma Pod Topolami.

No, Karczma Pod Topolami doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Karczma Pod Topolami.

No, Karczma Pod Topolami doesn't have a gym.

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