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Summary of reviewsHotel Reitherhof, positioned in a tranquil alpine village just 20 kilometers from Innsbruck, offers guests an enchanting blend of scenic beauty and accessibility. Its serene environment, combined with proximity to hiking trails, ski resorts and transportation options, makes it a prime choice for nature enthusiasts and travelers seeking a peaceful retreat. Guests consistently praise the hotel's picturesque setting and welcoming ambiance, complemented by the friendly and accommodating staff.

Breakfast at Hotel Reitherhof is appreciated for its richness, variety and taste. With both savory and sweet options, the well-stocked buffet, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, ensures a satisfying start to the day. Although some feel the selection could be enhanced, especially for vegans and that the breakfast room could be more spacious, the overall experience is positive.

Dinner at the hotel receives high marks for quality and taste, featuring traditional local specialties. Despite a limited menu, guests enjoy the cozy ambiance and excellent Viennese-style schnitzels. The dishes are well-prepared, reasonably priced and deliver good value for money, even though payments are cash-only and the menu could be broader.

The rooms at Hotel Reitherhof are noted for their cleanliness, comfort and functionality. Spacious accommodations with balconies and modern amenities enhance the stay and recently renovated bathrooms add to the appeal. Although some rooms may feel small or have outdated furnishings, the overall cleanliness and charm of the Tyrolean mountain style shine through. The family-oriented rooms with functional kitchens are particularly appreciated.

Cleanliness remains a strong point with guests frequently commending the hotel's spotless environment. From rooms to communal areas, high hygiene standards are maintained, making for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The staff at Hotel Reitherhof are consistently praised for their geniality and helpfulness. The team, known for their welcoming and accommodating nature, ensures a positive experience. The family-run charm and the effective communication skills of the staff further enhance the guest experience.

WiFi service receives mixed reviews with some guests finding it adequate while others experience weak or unreliable connections, especially on the upper floors. This inconsistency highlights an area for potential improvement.

Parking is ample and convenient with on-site and covered options available, including specific facilities for motorcycles. Guests rarely encounter difficulty finding a spot, adding to the hotel's overall convenience.

Families find Hotel Reitherhof especially welcoming with spacious family rooms and suites designed to meet their needs. The hotel's relaxed and family-oriented atmosphere, coupled with the accommodating staff, make it an excellent option for parents and children.

The beds in the hotel offer a varied experience; while many guests find them comfortable, others report issues with firmness or size, particularly for taller individuals. Nonetheless, the overall comfort and value for money have left a positive impression on most visitors.

Finally, Hotel Reitherhof is recognized for its pet-friendly approach. Dogs are warmly welcomed, sometimes even without a fee, ensuring a comfortable stay for both pets and their owners. This accommodating attitude makes the hotel a favorable choice for those traveling with their four-legged friends.
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Room Types
Double Room Comprises a wooden double bed, a seating area and a bathroom with shower or bathtub. Please note that the room rate is based on 2 guests. Maximum occupancy is 4 guests (see Extra Bed Rates).

One-Bedroom Apartment This apartment is comprised of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower. The apartment's kitchen, which features a refrigerator, is available for cooking and storing food. Featuring a balcony with mountain views, this apartment also offers a seating area and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit offers 1 bed.

Double Room with Balcony This double room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with mountain views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Small Double Room A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk and a private bathroom are available in this double room. The unit has 1 bed.

Small Twin Room This twin room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with a quiet street view. The unit offers 2 beds.

Single Room A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk and a private bathroom are featured in this single room. The unit offers 1 bed.

Family Suite A seating area with a flat-screen TV, a desk, a balcony and a private bathroom are available in this family room. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Reitherhof is nestled in a picturesque and tranquil alpine setting, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountain peaks and valleys. Positioned in a serene village just 20 kilometers from Innsbruck, the hotel provides an ideal retreat for those seeking peace and quiet. The location is particularly advantageous for hiking and trekking enthusiasts, serving as a convenient starting point for the Karwendel High Trail and providing direct access to the Nördlinger Hütte.

The hotel is also well-situated for travelers looking to explore nearby areas, being only a short distance from the popular ski resort in Seefeld and close to the Brenner Pass. The proximity to the train station, which is an easy 5 to 8-minute walk, facilitates seamless travel to Innsbruck and other attractions.

Guests highlight the beautiful and clean environment, along with a pleasant and authentic atmosphere that makes for a relaxing stay. The serene location, combined with the friendly and accommodating staff, creates a welcoming ambiance ideal for both a single night stopover or a longer visit. The central location within the village guarantees convenience without sacrificing the calm and quiet that guests appreciate.

Overall, Hotel Reitherhof offers a harmonious blend of scenic beauty, tranquility and accessibility, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the pristine alpine environment.

Hotel Reitherhof offers a breakfast experience that has mostly been well-received by guests, according to their reviews. Many guests praise the breakfast for being rich, abundant and offering a wide selection of options, ensuring there's something to satisfy both savory and sweet cravings. The breakfast buffet often features a variety of vegetables and fruits, along with hearty options like scrambled eggs, making it both filling and enjoyable.

Several guests highlighted the quality and taste, mentioning the delicious and very good coffee served. The buffet is described as being well-equipped, sufficient and nicely varied with some calling it fantastic and top-notch. Even within a moderate price range, the breakfast is considered good value for money, offering substantial and tasty options that fulfill guests' needs.

While the majority of comments are positive, some guests found the breakfast to be quite basic or meager with a few noting that the selection could be improved, especially for vegans. There were instances where the breakfast room was deemed too narrow and occasional remarks about reheated rolls and canned fruit salad pointed to room for improvement.

Overall, Hotel Reitherhof’s breakfast is generally appreciated for its variety and taste, making it a satisfying start to the day for most guests.

Hotel Reitherhof offers a delightful dining experience, frequently praised for its delicious and well-prepared meals. Guests have enjoyed traditional and local specialties with many noting the excellent quality and good value for money. The dinner options, while often described as limited in selection, are consistently highlighted for their taste and substantial portions.

The on-site restaurant has become a favorite among patrons for its cozy ambiance and excellent Viennese-style schnitzels. Despite the small and sometimes basic menu, visitors appreciate the variety and daily changing dishes, finding the food to be particularly tasty and freshly prepared.

Several reviews mention the dinner being reasonably priced and delivering great value, even comparing favorably to a four-course meal with local beers. Although some found the menu to be straightforward and unpretentious, the flavors did not disappoint. The restaurant’s operating hours and cash-only payment policy were noted, but the friendly service and satisfying meals made these minor inconveniences forgivable.

Overall, Hotel Reitherhof's dinner service stands out for its delicious, affordable and locally inspired cuisine, making it a noteworthy aspect of the guest experience.

'Hotel Reitherhof' offers a range of room experiences that cater to various guest needs. The majority of reviews highlight the rooms as clean, comfortable and functional with many appreciating their spaciousness and modern amenities. Rooms with balconies and gorgeous views are particularly praised, providing a cozy and picturesque stay. The recently renovated bathrooms add to the overall comfort and the Tyrolean mountain style of the hotel lends a unique charm.

However, some guests found the rooms to be on the smaller side with occasional mentions of outdated furnishings and a musty smell in a few cases. The cleanliness remains a consistent positive point and rooms tend to meet basic requirements.

Several reviews point out the convenience of having a functional kitchen and the practical layout of family-oriented rooms. Despite a few negative remarks about the lack of ventilation and steep stairs to higher floors, the spacious and clean accommodations, coupled with the kindness of the staff, contribute to a generally pleasant stay at Hotel Reitherhof.

Hotel Reitherhof offers a mixed experience when it comes to the sleep quality on their beds. Many guests appreciated the comfortable and cozy beds, often describing the mattresses as 'super comfortable.' The new and modern beds, coupled with great bed linen, were highlights for some visitors. However, others found the beds to be too soft or too hard with reports of both extremes affecting the sleep experience. Tall individuals might find the bed sizes to be a bit small. In terms of maintenance, some beds appeared to be worn out or sagging, detracting from the overall comfort. Despite these mixed reviews, the cozy rooms and good price-performance ratio left a positive impression on most guests.

At Hotel Reitherhof, cleanliness is a hallmark that guests consistently appreciate and commend. The hotel consistently scores high marks for its neat and tidy environment. The rooms are frequently described as very clean, neat and tidy with a general consensus that the cleanliness standards are impressive. Many guests note that everything is kept spotlessly clean, creating a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The bathrooms, including the new ones, are also highlighted for their cleanliness, ensuring a hygienic and refreshing experience. While some of the rooms are described as old or dated, they still maintain a good level of cleanliness. The hotel as a whole, from the rooms to the communal areas, exudes an aura of good hygiene, which many travelers value highly.

Guests specifically point out the well-maintained conditions and regular cleaning that keep the facilities in top shape. Despite some mentions of the place needing modernization and a bit of renovation in certain areas, the current level of cleanliness remains unaffected. The daily cleaning regimen ensures a pristine environment, making Hotel Reitherhof a reliable choice for those who prioritize a clean and pleasant lodging experience.

Hotel Reitherhof consistently receives praise for its exemplary staff, characterized by their friendliness and helpfulness. Guests frequently note the efficiency and courteousness of the personnel, highlighting the welcoming and polite nature of the team. The family-run hotel exudes a pleasant atmosphere, enhanced by the warm and supportive behavior of the staff members, including the hostess and the reception team. Reviewers commend the host and the lady owner for their super friendly and accommodating approach. Furthermore, the staff's ability to communicate effectively in English and their eagerness to assist contribute to the overall positive experience for guests. Despite a few mentions of less friendly encounters, the overwhelming sentiment points to a dedicated and hospitable team committed to providing a delightful stay.

The WiFi experience at Hotel Reitherhof garners mixed reviews from guests. While some guests found the WiFi functional and satisfactory, others reported issues such as weak or unreliable connections, particularly on the 2nd floor. Some noted that the WiFi signal did not reach their rooms well and the speed was described as slow by several reviewers. However, there were positive remarks on the general WiFi network and some guests considered it optimal for their needs. Overall, the WiFi service appears inconsistent with a range of experiences from acceptable to problematic.

The Hotel Reitherhof offers a variety of parking options that have been consistently appreciated by its guests. The availability of on-site parking is a significant advantage with many guests noting the extensive and fully equipped parking spaces available. Free private parking is readily accessible right in front of the hotel, adding to the convenience. Additionally, the hotel caters specifically to motorcyclists with covered parking spaces and a dedicated motorcycle parking garage, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both motorcycles and bicycles. Ample parking means that guests rarely face difficulties finding a spot. Although some reviews indicate occasional insufficiencies, the overall feedback highlights the practicality and adequacy of the hotel's parking facilities, making it a convenient choice for travelers with vehicles.

Hotel Reitherhof stands out as a wonderful option for families looking for a comfortable and welcoming stay. Reviews consistently highlight the spacious and well-appointed family rooms, which include configurations such as two double beds—catering perfectly to families of four or more. The available family suites and apartments are noted for their comfort and ample space, which ensure families have everything they need for a smooth and enjoyable visit.

The hotel exudes a cozy, relaxed atmosphere and is firmly family-oriented, offering accommodation that is both friendly and supportive. Guests appreciate the family-run nature of the hotel, which contributes to its quaint and homely feel. The staff is commended for their courteous and accommodating service, adding to the overall positive experience.

In essence, Hotel Reitherhof provides a great setting for family vacations, combining comfort, space and a welcoming environment that appeals to both parents and children alike.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Reitherhof stands out as an accommodating option for travelers with canine companions. Guests highlight the hotel's warm welcome extended to dogs, emphasizing that dogs are allowed and that they felt particularly welcomed. Some positive feedback mentions that dogs seemed to enjoy their stay, reflecting the dog-friendly environment of the hotel. Although pets are generally accepted for a fee of 5 euros per night per dog, there are instances where dogs were hosted for free, adding to the charm. The pet-friendly nature is consistently noted with courteous facilities catering to both pets and their owners. Overall, the Hotel Reitherhof is recognized for its pet-friendly approach, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests and their four-legged friends.

No, Hotel Reitherhof doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Reitherhof.

Yes, Hotel Reitherhof welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Reitherhof.

No, Hotel Reitherhof doesn't have a gym.

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