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Summary of reviewsThe Windsor Barra Hotel, located in the vibrant neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, delights guests with its prime beachfront location. With stunning ocean views and direct beach access, it’s perfect for both relaxation and exploration. Visitors appreciate the hotel's proximity to upscale bars, restaurants and shopping centers, all within a safe and family-friendly environment. The spacious and clean accommodations, combined with a superb rooftop pool, facilitate a comfortable stay, further enhanced by the attentive and friendly staff.

Guests frequently commend the exceptional breakfast buffet, which offers a wide variety of options including gluten-free and lactose-free choices. Many describe the breakfast as amazing, spectacular and wonderful, praising the quality and sumptuousness. Despite its high price if not included in the room rate, most find the experience justifiable and memorable.

The hotel’s dining options also earn high praise with the restaurant offering delicious and varied meals. Special occasions like Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners are particularly well-received. Although some feel the meal prices are steep, the service from restaurant staff is consistently appreciated. Opinions on the rooms are largely positive with guests enjoying spacious, clean rooms with comfortable beds and stunning beach views. However, some mention the need for modernization and better maintenance in certain areas.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at the Windsor Barra Hotel with many guests highlighting the spotless condition of rooms and common areas. High praise extends to the hotel's staff, who are noted for their friendliness, attentiveness and exceptional service across all departments.

While WiFi receives mixed reviews with many guests facing instability and weak signals, the gym is consistently critiqued for being small and poorly equipped with frequent maintenance issues. The rooftop pool is praised for its views and ambiance, though some guests find it too small and often unheated.

The beach location is highly favored, offering beautiful, well-maintained surroundings and necessary amenities like beach towels and umbrellas. However, the lack of direct beach service, including chairs and umbrellas, is noted. Parking is conveniently available with a valet service, generally praised despite occasional discrepancies in fees and delays.

Additionally, the hotel provides an 11.1kW EV charging connection, although clearer communication and additional facilities could better serve electric vehicle owners. Overall, the Windsor Barra Hotel stands out for its exceptional location, cleanliness, excellent dining experiences and warm hospitality, making it a favorable choice for travelers despite some areas needing improvement.
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What is between the hotel and the beach?
A road
What is the name of the beach? Praia da Barra da Tijuca
What is the type of the beach? Sand
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Name of the pool: Main pool
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Room Types
Superior Executive Family Plan This room offers side sea view. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer, free toiletries and magnifying mirror

Superior Double Room This room offers cable TV with international channel, electronic safe, minibar, work desk and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Superior Twin Room This room offers cable TV with international channel, electronic safe, minibar, work desk and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Deluxe Room This room offers sea view, cable TV with international channel, electronic safe, minibar, work desk and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Junior Suite This room offers mountain view, cable TV with international channel, electronic safe, minibar, work desk, dining area, an separate living room and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Executive Suite This room offers side sea view, cable TV with international channel, electronic safe, minibar, work desk, dining area, an separate living room and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Superior Executive Double Room This room offers side sea view, cable TV with international channel, electronic safe, minibar, work desk, dining area and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Superior Executive Twin Room This room offers side sea view, cable TV with international channel, electronic safe, minibar, work desk and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Suite Master This room offers side sea view, cable TV, electronic safe, minibar and high-speed WiFi. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Presidential Suite This presidential room offers panoramic sea views, cable TV with international channels, electronic safe, minibar and high-speed WiFi. It also offers a work desk, living room and a dining room. Ensuite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, the Windsor Barra Hotel boasts an enviable beachfront location that guests overwhelmingly praise. With the beach right at the hotel's doorstep, visitors revel in direct access to the beautiful shorelines and the stunning ocean views from their rooms. The hotel’s proximity to various upscale bars, restaurants and shopping centers adds to the convenience, making it a prime spot for both relaxation and exploration.

Guests frequently commend the superb rooftop pool and the hotel's spacious, clean accommodations, which contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The neighborhood is noted for its safety, offering peace of mind for families and solo travelers alike. Additionally, the attentive and friendly staff enhance the overall stay with their high standards of service.

In summary, the Windsor Barra Hotel stands out for its unbeatable beachfront location, excellent facilities and warm hospitality, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy the best of Barra da Tijuca.

At the Windsor Barra Hotel, the breakfast experience is frequently highlighted as exceptional by guests. The buffet offers a diverse range of options, ensuring there is something for everyone, including gluten-free and lactose-free choices. Reviewers consistently praise the breakfast for its high quality, variety and completeness. Words like "amazing," "spectacular," and "wonderful" repeatedly describe the satisfaction guests feel toward the morning meal.

The breakfast is often noted for its abundance and sumptuousness with many reviews mentioning that it met and often exceeded their expectations. The quality of food is deemed outstanding with freshly made items and a wide array of delicious options ensuring that guests feel well-catered to. The breakfast does come with a high price tag if not included in the room rate, but many guests believe the experience justifies the cost.

The spacious dining hall and attentive staff add to the positive experience, making breakfast at the Windsor Barra Hotel a memorable part of the stay. Although some minor criticisms about cost and repetitive options appear, the overwhelming majority of reviews celebrate the breakfast as one of the hotel's standout features.

Windsor Barra Hotel receives high praise for its dining options with many guests highlighting the quality and variety of the food. The restaurant at the hotel is noted for its delicious and excellent meals, including the lunch and dinner buffets offered during the week. Special occasions like Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners are particularly well-received, described as exceptional and excellent.

Many guests appreciate having the convenience of dining at the hotel, mentioning that both room service and the restaurant menu offer a diverse range of options, including a well-served kids' meal in the room. The coffee also gets positive mentions for its quality. Moreover, the hotel's lunch buffet is characterized by its extensive variety and the overall food quality is frequently described as very good to excellent.

However, some guests felt that the prices for meals were on the higher side, referring to them as excessive or expensive. Despite this, the service provided by the restaurant staff is often commended as excellent and helpful.

On the less positive side, a few reviews mentioned that the kitchen service could be improved with some noting limited menu options for dinner. There were occasional comments about specific meals not meeting expectations and about the high cost associated with certain dining experiences, including breakfast when purchased separately from the reservation.

In summary, Windsor Barra Hotel's dining experience is generally seen as a highlight due to its high-quality food, variety in food choices and exceptional service, despite the perceived high costs of some meals.

The guest reviews of Windsor Barra Hotel reveal a consistent theme of spaciousness and comfort in its rooms. Many guests appreciated the large and clean rooms, describing them as tidy, well-illuminated and often highlighting the spectacular views of the beach or ocean. The beds were noted to be extremely comfortable with excellent bed linens, contributing significantly to the overall room comfort. Additionally, cleanliness was frequently commended with rooms being well-maintained and housekeeping services receiving high praise.

However, there were also comments pointing out the need for modernization. While the rooms were generally spacious and comfortable, some guests noted that the furniture and bathroom facilities appeared outdated and in need of renovation. Issues such as limited power outlets, poor ventilation in bathrooms and occasional maintenance problems like leaking showers or malfunctioning air conditioning were mentioned.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall impression of the rooms is quite positive with many guests enjoying the ample space, stunning views and comfortable accommodations. The hotel's beachfront location and excellent staff service further enhance the appeal, making the Windsor Barra Hotel a favorable choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and scenic stay, albeit with some room for improvement in its aging infrastructure.

Guest reviews of the Windsor Barra Hotel highlight the beds as a particular strong point, frequently describing them as very comfortable or super comfortable. Many guests appreciated the size of the beds, noting that they were large and spacious with some rooms featuring king-size beds. A number of reviewers also mentioned the high quality of the bedding, emphasizing the comfort of both the mattresses and the pillows.

However, there were a few mixed opinions. While one person described the bed as being made by the hands of God, others felt that the beds were too soft or cited issues with firmness. Smaller double beds also received some criticism for not being wide enough and there were occasional remarks about old or uncomfortable extra beds and pillows that were not up to the same high standard as the beds.

Despite these occasional criticisms, the consensus remains overwhelmingly positive with multiple guests noting that the bed comfort contributed significantly to their overall satisfaction with their stay, making Windsor Barra Hotel a desirable choice for those prioritizing a good night’s sleep.

The Windsor Barra Hotel receives high praise for its cleanliness with many guests consistently highlighting the spotless condition of the rooms and common areas. The hotel facilities are described as clean and well-maintained with excellent daily cleaning services contributing to the overall impeccable environment. Guests frequently use adjectives like spotless, crystal clean and impeccable to describe their experiences.

The hotel's bathrooms are noted to be clean and tidy, though there were occasional mentions of minor issues like humidity and dated tiles. Despite a few instances of superficial cleaning, particularly under beds, the general consensus is that room and suite cleaning are of a high standard, maintaining a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere. Specific staff contributions in housekeeping are also commended, reflecting their commitment to maintaining cleanliness.

Overall, the Windsor Barra Hotel stands out for its pristine environment, making it a highly recommended option for travelers prioritizing cleanliness and comfort.

The Windsor Barra Hotel boasts an impressive team of staff members who are consistently commended for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism. Guests frequently note the exceptional customer service with all departments—reception, housekeeping, restaurant and valet—praised for their polite and attentive nature. The check-in staff, in particular, receive high marks for their welcoming and efficient service.

Reviewers highlight the helpfulness of the employees, often exceeding guests' expectations by being one step ahead of their needs. The willingness of the staff to assist, coupled with their warm and friendly demeanor, seems to create a positive and inviting atmosphere throughout the hotel.

Special mentions are made of the rooftop pool service, breakfast staff and overall service quality, which contribute to a comfortable and satisfying stay. Many guests express their appreciation for the courteous and kind staff, noting that they are always available and eager to help.

Overall, the staff at Windsor Barra Hotel leave a lasting impression on guests, enhancing their experience through impeccable service, friendliness and attention to detail.

Windsor Barra Hotel has been garnering mixed feedback regarding its WiFi service. Positively, some guests have reported good WiFi connectivity, expressing satisfaction with the speed and stability of the internet at times. However, a significant number of reviews highlight recurring issues with the hotel's internet service. Numerous guests have found the WiFi to be unstable, experiencing frequent disconnections and weak signal strength, especially on higher floors and in specific areas like rooms and the pool. Additionally, the WiFi's limited capacity, often restricting users to a small number of devices, has caused frustration among visitors, particularly those needing reliable internet for work. Overall, while there are instances of good connectivity, the general consensus indicates a need for substantial improvements in the hotel's WiFi service.

While the Windsor Barra Hotel boasts many attractive features, one area that seems to consistently underwhelm guests is the gym. Most reviews point out that the gym is notably small and poorly equipped with many machines often out of order or in dire need of maintenance. Several guests described the fitness facilities as extremely deficient and basic, indicating that the limited number of machines available are frequently non-functional or outdated. The overall sentiment suggests that with some investment in better maintenance and updated equipment, the gym could be significantly improved. A few reviews did note that the gym, while small, managed to be functional for basic workouts. However, for those seeking a comprehensive fitness experience, the current state of the gym at Windsor Barra Hotel may be a letdown.

The pool at Windsor Barra Hotel receives mixed feedback with numerous guests appreciating its various features but also noting areas for improvement. A striking highlight is the rooftop pool, which many guests find to be amazing and offers stunning views of the beach and ocean that elevate the experience. The pool area is often described as clean, well-maintained and equipped with necessary amenities such as a bar service.

However, some guests feel the pool size is insufficient given the hotel's capacity and it tends to get crowded. The lack of heating in the pool is a common point of criticism, making the water feel uncomfortably cold for several visitors. There are also mentions that the pool area could benefit from additional facilities like more umbrellas and extended opening hours.

In terms of ambiance, the pool area is generally praised for its cleanliness and the beautiful views. Despite its smaller size, the pool area maintains a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Suggestions for improvement include adding heating to the pool, enhancing the overall inviting nature of the space and extending operating hours to better accommodate guests.

The Windsor Barra Hotel boasts an enviable location right in front of a beautiful, well-maintained beach, making it an ideal spot for families and those looking to enjoy the sun and sea. The proximity to the beach is highly praised with guests appreciating the direct access and stunning views. The hotel provides beach towels and umbrellas, enhancing the convenience for beachgoers. Safety and a lively atmosphere also contribute to the overall positive experience of the beach area.

However, there are consistent mentions of a lack of beach service with no chairs or umbrellas available directly on the beach. This has led to some disappointment, especially considering the hotel's high category. Guests would prefer a more comprehensive beach service to match the excellent beachfront location and to fully enjoy the serene and picturesque setting. Despite this, the prime location near the beach and other local amenities, including restaurants and kiosks, makes it a favorable destination for a beach-centric stay in Barra da Tijuca.

Windsor Barra Hotel offers a convenient parking option with valet parking available at a rate of around 40 Reais, which many find fair. The hotel provides good parking facilities that are easy to locate and a separate parking area is available. However, some guests experienced discrepancies in the parking fees compared to the website's information and found the parking prices to be on the higher side. There were a few instances of delays in car delivery service, adding to some inconvenience.

The garage staff's treatment varied with a few guests mentioning unsatisfactory experiences. Despite these issues, the overall feedback on the parking service is positive with helpful staff ensuring a smooth experience for most. The location of the hotel also adds to the ease of parking, making it a suitable choice for those traveling by car.

EV charging stations
Windsor Barra Hotel offers a specific 11.1kW EV charging connection, making it a good option for EV owners. However, there are some areas of ambiguity and limitation. While there is an EV charging station, it is not clearly mentioned in the hotel details, which can create confusion for guests. Additionally, the hotel does not have multiple charging spots and some reviews indicate that the EV charger might not be readily available on-site. This indicates a need for clearer communication and potentially more facilities to better accommodate the needs of electric vehicle owners.

Windsor Barra Hotel provides a favorable experience for families traveling with children. Many visitors praised the excellent cost-benefit ratio for family travel, highlighting the well-structured rooms that include child-friendly features like bed rails. Many families reported having exceptional stays, noting that the hotel offers a variety of services and activities catering to children.

The presence of a kids' club was frequently mentioned, providing a space for children to engage and have fun. However, some guests noted that the kids' club could benefit from updates. Despite this, the overall atmosphere of the hotel is described as particularly accommodating for family vacations, supported by a dedicated and thoughtful staff.

Guests appreciated the family-friendly environment with rooms offering ample comfort and suitable amenities for children. The hotel's location was also cited as convenient, nestled in a quiet neighborhood with a scenic beach view ideal for families. Additionally, the hotel takes care to clean up effectively after children, ensuring a pleasant stay for all family members.

Although the pool was noted to be less child-friendly and some felt the bar and restaurant prices were high, the overall feedback suggests that Windsor Barra Hotel is a great option for families, especially those with young children. The hotel’s infrastructure, staff and breakfast offerings also contribute to making it a preferred choice for many families visiting Barra.

5 Star
Windsor Barra Hotel presents an intriguing contrast, where its five-star aspirations are frequently called into question by guests. Many reviewers acknowledge the hotel's five-star status, noting certain elements like the breakfast options and accommodations align well with a luxury classification. The hotel is described as well-maintained despite showing signs of age and a handful of guests commend the top-notch service that some staff members provide.

However, recurrent themes of dissatisfaction emerge, particularly concerning the facilities and services that are expected from a hotel of this caliber. A common critique revolves around the need for renovations with some guests noting that the hotel resembles more of a three-star establishment in its current state. Issues such as broken bed frames, insufficient outlets near the beds and the absence of a spa or adequate beach services stand out. There is also mention of poor wifi quality and minimal staff attention, which detracts from the overall experience.

The service at Windsor Barra Hotel also appears inconsistent with mentions of poor service delivery and a lack of attention from staff. Some guests are left feeling that the hotel's service has declined, particularly when it comes to amenities like meal quality and additional charges for basic items.

In summary, while Windsor Barra Hotel strives to uphold its prestigious five-star rating, there is a significant gap between guest expectations and their actual experiences. The hotel’s charm is evident to some, but its current state and service shortfalls suggest that it might need overhauls to truly meet the five-star standard it aims to represent.

Windsor Barra Hotel appears to be an excellent choice for business travelers, boasting an ideal location and high-quality business facilities. The hotel’s convention center areas and multiple conference rooms are highlighted as particularly convenient for hosting meetings and business congresses. The quality service provided by the kind and responsive staff also stands out, making everything easy and efficient for those on business trips.

The business center and other business-related amenities are highly praised, supporting various professional needs effectively. However, while overall connectivity is good, there were some mentions of the WiFi needing improvements to better support business purposes.

For those needing extended service hours, Windsor Barra Hotel meets these expectations with excellent staff available to assist both in-person and through phone communication. Despite minor issues such as delays in car delivery service, the hotel maintains a reputation as a perfect stay for business activities. Many reviewers recommend Windsor Barra as an ideal spot for a productive and pleasant business trip.

Windsor Barra Hotel offers a mostly accessible experience for guests with disabilities. The hotel and its amenities are easily accessible with specially designated accessible rooms available. The beach nearby is also accessible. However, there are some challenges, especially with the elevators, which have been reported to frequently experience issues and long wait times, potentially posing difficulties for guests with mobility impairments. Additionally, the pool area lacks accessibility features, being only reachable by stairs. While the hotel generally provides good accessibility, there are notable areas needing improvement for a fully seamless experience for all guests.

Outdoor Pool
The Windsor Barra Hotel features an outdoor rooftop pool that receives commendation for its beautiful and fantastic views, providing a serene escape high above the city. The pool area is praised for its cleanliness and the presence of loungers adds to the relaxing atmosphere. Guests appreciate the service provided at the rooftop pool, enhancing the overall experience. Despite its smaller size and occasional overcrowding, the pool remains a highlight for many visitors, though some suggest the addition of a heating system to maintain a more comfortable temperature. The pool area is described as an excellent spot to unwind with the backdrop of a stunning vista making it a memorable aspect of the hotel.

The Windsor Barra Hotel is a commendable choice for honeymooners seeking a romantic escape. Guests have appreciated thoughtful touches such as chocolates on the bed and surprise muffins at breakfast. The hotel is noted for its romantic ambiance with special setups like heart-shaped decorations adding to the charm. Many guests have had a positive experience overall, making it an ideal spot for honeymoon stays. The executive suites enhance the romantic atmosphere, contributing to a memorable stay for couples celebrating their special moments.

A summary of guest reviews for Windsor Barra Hotel reveals a generally positive sentiment towards the luxurious experience offered. The hotel is often described as luxurious, elegant and comfortable with first-class towels and bed linen adding to the sense of opulence. Guests appreciate the five-star facilities, spacious rooms and beautiful decor, which enhance the overall comfort and coziness of the stay. Additionally, it's noted that the area surrounding the hotel features several luxury restaurants, enriching the guest experience.

However, there are some criticisms of the property. Some guests feel that the decoration and facilities are outdated with mentions of small and old-fashioned rooms that do not meet the expectations of a five-star rating. The price is also a point of contention with some visitors suggesting that it could be better, indicating a discrepancy in the price-quality ratio. Despite these critiques, many guests still consider Windsor Barra Hotel a true five-star establishment and a high-category hotel, making it a viable option for those seeking luxury, although opinions vary on its suitability for families.

Windsor Barra Hotel is nestled in the serene area of Barra Beach, making it an ideal location for a romantic stay. Guests frequently highlight the cozy atmosphere as perfect for a romantic vacation or weekend getaway. The hotel sets a warm mood with thoughtful touches such as rooms adorned with chocolates on the bed and tables beautifully decorated in heart shapes, especially for special occasions like birthdays.

Couples can enjoy a delightful breakfast with a wide variety of fresh food, adding to the overall romantic experience. The executive suites are particularly mentioned for honeymoon stays, enhancing the intimate and luxurious feel of the hotel. While there might be minor romantic aspects that could use some improvement, the overall consensus is that Windsor Barra Hotel is highly recommended for couples seeking a romantic escape.

Windsor Barra Hotel boasts a prime location that consistently impresses its guests, being literally right in front of the beach. The hotel is situated with direct access to Barra beach, providing a spectacular ocean view from side rooms. This beachfront setting is frequently praised with many visitors noting its excellent and great location facing the best spots of the beach.

Guests enjoy the privileged spot with the beach acknowledged as very good and the surrounding area described as safe. The hotel is consistently recognized for its beautiful and scenic placement directly on the oceanfront, making it ideal for those seeking a maritime escapade.

However, it's important to note that the hotel no longer offers a beach service with chairs, though the proximity and ease of access to the beach remain unchanged. Despite this minor point, the location remains highly appreciated and clearly stands out as one of the key attractions of Windsor Barra Hotel.

Yes, Windsor Barra Hotel has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Panoramic View Pool, Outdoor Pool. For more information, read the answers to the Pool questionnaire

No, a spa isn't available at Windsor Barra Hotel.

No, Windsor Barra Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Windsor Barra Hotel.

Yes, Windsor Barra Hotel has a gym.

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