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Summary of reviewsDoña Ruidera is a standout accommodation choice, boasting an exceptional location that allows guests to explore the stunning landscapes of the Natural Park and Lagoons of Ruidera. The hotel's proximity to the town center, Lake del Rey and various dining and shopping options, coupled with its tranquil and picturesque environment, makes it an ideal retreat. Guests particularly appreciate the serene and quiet surroundings, perfect for restful sleep and scenic walks with pets.

The breakfast service at Doña Ruidera is highly lauded for its quality, variety and the added convenience of being served directly in-room. Guests enjoy a wide array of options, including fruit, coffee, cold cuts, homemade pastries and more, all while taking in spectacular views. The attention to individual dietary needs and the excellence in service further enhance the dining experience, making breakfast a memorable highlight for many.

Rooms at the hotel are frequently described as spacious, impeccably clean and exceedingly comfortable. Guests praise the large size of the accommodations, the cleanliness and the comfort of the beds. The additional amenities such as kitchens and living areas are also appreciated. The remarkable views of the lagoons from the rooms add to the overall positive experience, creating a peaceful and luxurious stay.

Cleanliness is another area where Doña Ruidera excels. Guests consistently note the spotless condition of both the rooms and the hotel environment. This commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness helps create a welcoming atmosphere.

The staff at Doña Ruidera receive abundant praise for their friendliness, attentiveness and excellent customer service. Notable mentions include Pilar, Mar, Consuelo and Aurora, who are commended for their warm hospitality and helpfulness. The staff’s willingness to accommodate guest needs and provide useful local information further enhances the guest experience, contributing to a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Finally, the comfort of the beds is frequently commended with guests describing them as large, cozy and super comfortable, ensuring a good night's sleep.

In summary, Doña Ruidera excels in providing a peaceful and convenient location, high-quality breakfast, spacious and clean rooms, exceptional cleanliness and outstanding service from its friendly staff. The overall guest experience is overwhelmingly positive, making it a top choice for travelers seeking a relaxing stay amid beautiful natural surroundings.
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Room Types
Twin Room This air-conditioned room features free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower. It offers views of the town. Kitchen facilities are available for an extra fee.

Double or Twin Room with Lagoon View This spacious air-conditioned room features free WiFi, a 32-inch flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom with shower. It offers a window with views of the Rey Lagoon, no balcony. Kitchen facilities are available for a EUR 12 fee per day.

Superior Double Room with View This air-conditioned double room features free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom. It offers a balcony with views of the Rey Lagoon. Kitchen facilities are available for an extra fee.

Apartment (4 Adults) This air-conditioned apartment features a large terrace with great views of the Rey Lagoon. It includes 2 twin bedrooms, a modern kitchen and a living-dining room with an LCD TV.

Guest Reviews
Boasting an exceptional location, Doña Ruidera offers guests a perfect gateway to explore the stunning landscape of the Natural Park and Lagoons of Ruidera. The hotel is conveniently situated near the town center and Lake del Rey, making it an ideal base for both relaxation and adventure. Visitors appreciated the peaceful and quiet environment, which provides splendid views of the lake and surroundings, perfect for unwinding and restful sleep.

The elevated position of some rooms affords guests magnificent vistas, enhancing the tranquil experience. Its proximity to restaurants, shops and bathing areas adds to the convenience, while a short walk brings you to the first lagoon or the town center in about five minutes. Moreover, the hotel’s central location is perfect for those looking to explore the local natural beauty or enjoy serene walks with their pets.

Overall, the location of Doña Ruidera stands out as a highlight, making it a fantastic choice for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat amid the charming scenery of the lagoons and the nearby Natural Park.

At Doña Ruidera, breakfast is frequently described as a highlight by guests. The breakfast offerings are consistently praised for their quality, variety and completeness. Guests appreciate being able to enjoy a diverse array of options, from fruit, juice, coffee and tea to cold cuts, cheese, toast, homemade pastries and more.

The service is lauded for its excellence with many reviews noting that breakfast is served directly in the room, providing an extra touch of comfort and convenience. This room service element is highly valued and often mentioned as a pleasant surprise. Many reviews also emphasize the spectacular views that accompany the in-room dining experience, adding to the overall enjoyment of the meal.

Cleanliness and punctuality in service further enhance the breakfast experience with guests frequently commenting on the hearty and substantial portions provided. The consideration for individual dietary needs, such as allergies, is noted as well, showcasing the attention to detail and care provided by the hotel.

Overall, Doña Ruidera's breakfast leaves a strong positive impression, combining delicious and varied food with top-notch service and the luxury of in-room dining, all set against the backdrop of stunning views.

The rooms at Doña Ruidera have garnered exceptional praise from guests, emphasizing their spaciousness, cleanliness and comfort. Many guests were particularly impressed by the size of the rooms, frequently describing them as very spacious or large. Cleanliness was another highlight with numerous comments noting that the rooms and apartments were impeccably clean, some even describing them as among the cleanest they have ever stayed in.

Comfort also comes up repeatedly in the reviews with guests mentioning comfortable and cozy rooms and beds. Several reviews highlighted the additional amenities in the rooms, such as kitchens and living areas and appreciated having everything they needed for a pleasant stay.

One of the most praised aspects was the views. Many guests mentioned the spectacular and beautiful views of the lagoons from their rooms, which significantly enhanced their stay. The tranquility and quietness of the rooms, combined with these views, were particularly appreciated.

In addition to the rooms themselves, guests also valued the hotel's location, describing it as well-located and convenient. This combination of spacious, clean and comfortable rooms with stunning views and a good location leaves a lasting positive impression of Doña Ruidera among its guests.

Doña Ruidera consistently receives praise for the comfort of its beds. Guests frequently describe their sleeping arrangements as comfortable with many highlighting the large and cozy nature of the beds. Terms like "super comfortable" and "very comfortable" appear repeatedly, indicating a widespread satisfaction with the quality of sleep. Some guests even noted the exceptional size and comfort of the double beds.

Though there are occasional mentions of issues such as uncomfortable mattresses and pillows, these seem less common. The overall sentiment leans heavily towards positive experiences, suggesting that for most guests, the bed quality enhances their stay at Doña Ruidera.

The guest reviews of Doña Ruidera highlight exceptional cleanliness throughout the hotel. Guests noted that rooms are large, clean and well-maintained, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The establishment itself is praised for its peaceful and tidy environment, making it an ideal choice, particularly for those traveling with pets. The level of cleanliness is consistently described as impeccable, excellent and great. Reviews also mention rooms being comfortable and smelling fresh, reinforcing the hotel's commitment to maintaining high standards. Overall, Doña Ruidera receives high marks for its spotless accommodations and orderly presentation, establishing itself as a top choice for travelers prioritizing cleanliness.

At 'Doña Ruidera,' guests consistently rave about the outstanding service provided by the hotel staff. Pilar, Mar, Consuelo and Aurora stand out for their friendliness, attentiveness and excellent customer service. The staff is noted for their willingness to accommodate guest needs and configure rooms as required. They are always ready with a smile and provide valuable information about local attractions, such as the beautiful lagoons nearby. Guests appreciate the warm welcome and knowledgeable tips about the area. The owners and managers are also highlighted for their great kindness and exceptional treatment. Overall, the atmosphere created by the staff is welcoming, making 'Doña Ruidera' a pleasant place to stay.

No, Doña Ruidera doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Doña Ruidera.

Yes, Doña Ruidera welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Doña Ruidera.

No, Doña Ruidera doesn't have a gym.

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