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Summary of reviewsHotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel receives commendations for its exceptional location, which offers both convenience and accessibility. Situated near key attractions, including the Miller Zoo and golf courses, as well as essential services like a gas station and convenience store, it serves as an ideal base for exploring the region. The proximity to downtown Quebec further enhances its appeal.

Guests frequently praise the breakfast offerings at the hotel's restaurant for their quality, generous portions and delicious flavors. Noteworthy dishes such as strawberry pancakes with extra chocolate receive favorable mentions. Despite minor issues like occasional lukewarm breakfast potatoes or unexpected restaurant closures, the efficient and attentive staff significantly enhance the dining experience.

The hotel’s dinner service also impresses with high-quality food and excellent service. The on-site restaurant is popular not just among hotel guests but also locals with standout dishes like AAA Angus beef garnering particular praise. The ambience of the restaurant, described as beautiful and clean, coupled with the convenience of having a quality dining option on-site, makes it a significant asset of the hotel.

Rooms at Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel are generally highlighted for their cleanliness, spaciousness and comfort. Many guests appreciate the well-maintained and pleasant nature of accommodations, finding them satisfactory and welcoming. However, some rooms show signs of wear, suggesting that certain areas may benefit from updates and minor renovations to maintain the high standard guests expect.

Cleanliness across the hotel is predominantly viewed positively with rooms often described as neat and tidy. The staff's dedication to maintaining cleanliness is appreciated, though occasional lapses are noted, indicating room for improvement in some areas.

Guest feedback consistently underscores the incredible courtesy and exceptional service provided by the hotel staff. The team is lauded for their friendliness, efficiency and warm welcomes, significantly contributing to a pleasant stay. Minor issues with reception and occasional delays appear to be outliers rather than the norm.

Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel proves to be a highly family-friendly destination, ideal for those traveling with young children. The welcoming and pleasant atmosphere makes it a great choice for family stays, though some guests note that it may not accommodate all family activities.

While bed comfort receives general praise, there are mixed reviews regarding bed quality and suggestions for updates. Some guests feel certain beds and bedding show signs of wear, indicating a need for improvements to enhance overall sleeping comfort.

Overall, Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel offers a satisfactory experience in line with its three-star rating, delivering good value and appropriate amenities. It remains a viable option for travelers seeking budget-conscious accommodation, especially those prioritizing a central location and convenient services.
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Room Types
Double Room Tea and coffee-making facilities, a refrigerator, a TV and an en suite bathroom are provided in this room.

Queen Room Tea and coffee-making facilities, a refrigerator, a TV and an en suite bathroom are provided in this room.

Guest Reviews
Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel boasts an exceptional location that offers both convenience and accessibility for its guests. Situated near the federated path and just a short 45-minute drive to downtown Quebec, the hotel provides an ideal base for exploring the region. Its proximity to the Miller Zoo and nearby highways makes it perfect for tourists looking to visit popular attractions with ease. Additionally, the hotel is centrally located for golf enthusiasts and conveniently close to a nearby gas service and a convenience store. The establishment is also well-maintained and houses a restaurant, ensuring guests have everything they need right at their fingertips. All these features combine to make Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel a top choice for travelers prioritizing location and value.

Le Journel's breakfast offerings receive high praise for their excellent quality and variety. Guests frequently comment on the affordability and value of the breakfast options, highlighting the generous portions and delicious flavors. The restaurant at the hotel is noted for consistently serving great breakfasts that are both tasty and plentiful. Strawberry pancakes with extra chocolate come in for particular mention, adding a delightful touch to the morning meal.

While most reviews are overwhelmingly positive, a few guests experienced minor issues such as lukewarm breakfast potatoes. Despite this, the general consensus is that the breakfast at Le Journel is very good and worth trying. The efficient and attentive staff further enhances the dining experience.

However, some guests noted a lack of immediate access to breakfast or instances where the restaurant was unexpectedly closed. Ensuring awareness of operational hours could help mitigate these occasional inconveniences. Overall, the breakfast at Le Journel's restaurant garners strong recommendations for its taste, quality and value.

Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel offers an exquisite dining experience that consistently impresses guests with its high-quality food and excellent service. The on-site restaurant is described as delicious with standout dishes like AAA Angus beef earning particular praise. Visitors appreciate the convenient location of the restaurant within the hotel, making it easy to enjoy dinner, a lively bar with excellent singers and breakfast all in one place.

The meals served are frequently highlighted as delicious and of great quality, enticing both hotel guests and others who come specifically for the dining experience. The ambience is noted as beautiful and clean, contributing to an overall positive restaurant experience. The menu offers a variety of tasty options and despite being busy, the restaurant maintains good service and delicious food.

Overall, the restaurant at Le Journel receives high marks for its excellent meals, reasonable prices and the convenience of having such a quality dining option on-site. It's a valued amenity for those staying at the hotel as well as for locals looking for a great dining experience.

Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel enjoys largely positive feedback from its guests regarding the quality of its rooms. Reviews highlight the cleanliness and spaciousness as consistent strengths with many guests appreciating the well-kept and well-appointed nature of the accommodations. The rooms are often described as welcoming, comfortable and equipped with good amenities.

Several mentions of large rooms at reasonable prices indicate that space is a notable advantage. Guests also frequently note that the rooms offer great views and are presented in a pleasant manner.

However, it's clear that some areas could benefit from updates and minor renovations. A few rooms, particularly Room 27 and Room 28, were reported to need maintenance, such as painting and repairs to cracks. Some reviews detailed the need for attention to window cleanliness and overall room refreshment to enhance the guest experience further.

In summary, Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel's rooms are generally clean, comfortable and spacious, making it a satisfactory choice for travelers, though some rooms show signs of wear and would benefit from renovation.

Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel generally provides comfortable beds that many guests have found to be very satisfactory with several noting that their beds were super comfortable. However, there are mixed reviews about bed quality. Some guests felt that certain beds are starting to show wear and suggested that some of them need replacing. Additionally, it's mentioned that the bedding could be updated and that the pillows may need to be changed. A few guests pointed out that some beds were not very comfortable and others mentioned poor bed quality. There were also remarks about the use of Queen beds instead of King beds. Overall, while the comfort of the beds is often praised, there are hints that some updates and improvements could enhance the sleeping experience.

Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel shows a varied track record when it comes to cleanliness. Guests frequently praised the establishment for its clean rooms and overall cleanliness with many describing the rooms as neat, tidy, spacious and quiet. Some also appreciated the efforts of the accommodating staff in maintaining a super clean and well-kept environment. However, a few reviews suggest the hotel occasionally falls short, highlighting specific issues such as unclean bathrooms, missed spots under the beds and peeling paint. Despite these concerns, the general consensus leans towards a positive experience in terms of cleanliness, making it a commendable option for travelers prioritizing hygiene.

At 'Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel,' guests consistently commend the staff for their incredible courtesy and exceptional service. Visitors frequently highlight the friendly and welcoming nature of the employees, describing the staff as not only polite but also extremely efficient and attentive. Many guests have experienced warm welcomes and impeccable service throughout their stay.

While the overall impression of the staff remains highly positive, a few reviews suggest there is room for improvement in some areas. A small number of visitors reported challenges with reception and delays, indicating occasional issues with the initial welcome experience. However, these instances seem to be the exception rather than the norm.

In summary, the staff at 'Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel' are generally recognized for their friendliness and professionalism, significantly contributing to a pleasant and enjoyable stay for many guests.

Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel is highly regarded as a family-friendly destination, ideal for those traveling with children. Reviews highlight its family-oriented environment with guests frequently noting the welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for families. The hotel is praised for being baby-friendly and convenient for families, making it an excellent choice for those with young children or a small family. Many guests were pleased with the family ambiance and found it to be a great place for family stays. However, there are a few mentions suggesting it may not be ideal for all family activities. Despite this, it remains most recommended for families with children being warmly welcomed.

3 Star
Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel offers a satisfactory experience aligned with its three-star rating. Guests generally find it to be a decent choice for its price range, appreciating the good value and appropriate amenities. The overall consensus depicts it as an honest establishment that delivers a fair and pleasant experience, especially for short stays. While some opinions indicate room for improvement and slight disappointment, the hotel remains a viable option for travelers seeking a budget-conscious accommodation without expecting luxury.

No, Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel.

No, Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel.

No, Hotel-Resto-Bar Le Journel doesn't have a gym.

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