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Summary of reviewsHotel Diego, nestled near the stunning Els Ports mountain range, offers a strategic and tranquil refuge ideal for nature enthusiasts and those looking for a serene escape. Its proximity to hiking trails, Montsià, the Ebro Delta and Trabucador beach make it convenient for various excursions. Although the location is peaceful, some travelers might find it a bit secluded due to its distance from bustling tourist areas and city centers. The on-site restaurant, praised for its excellent value and cozy dining experience, enhances the overall experience of this countryside gem.

Guests frequently laud the breakfast service at Hotel Diego. The ample and hearty offerings range from pastries and breads to charcuterie, omelettes, yogurt and freshly squeezed orange juice, reflecting a Catalan/Mediterranean style. The breakfast, included in the room price, is often described as high quality and satisfying, adding great value to the stay.

For dinner, the hotel receives high praise for its inventive and delicious cuisine. The half board and à la carte menus feature well-cooked, imaginative dishes with standout mentions for the "menu del dia." Dining on the terrace further enhances the culinary experience. The knowledgeable staff add to the restaurant’s reputation by recommending perfect wine pairings and dishes, ensuring a remarkable dining experience.

The rooms at Hotel Diego are well-decorated, modern and spacious, often highlighted for their cleanliness and comfort. Featuring comfortable beds and modern bathrooms, many rooms offer additional luxury with terraces. A few reviews mention minor issues like small room sizes and occasional noise, but overall, the modern aesthetics and meticulous cleanliness leave a positive impression on guests.

Hotel Diego's exceptional commitment to cleanliness is frequently praised. Guests appreciate the very clean rooms and spotless environment, noting the immaculate bathrooms and well-maintained facilities, which contribute to a fresh, inviting atmosphere.

The hotel's exceptionally friendly and attentive staff receive consistent commendations with many noting the personalized attention and hospitality displayed by the owners, Diego and Sònia. The staff's warmth and professionalism create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, encouraging guests to extend their visits and return in the future.

Beds at Hotel Diego are generally described as very comfortable, contributing to restful and enjoyable stays. While occasional critiques mention mattress discomfort, the overall sentiment is positive regarding the quality and comfort of the beds and pillows.

Hotel Diego is also highly recommended for travelers with dogs, offering a wide array of dog-friendly facilities and services. Specific amenities like comfortable dog areas and a specially designed dog-friendly terrace make it an excellent choice for pet owners. Despite a higher charge for bringing pets, the accommodating staff and thoughtful amenities ensure a pleasant stay for both guests and their furry companions.
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Room Types
Single Room This air-conditioned room features free Wi-Fi, a TV and a private bathroom.

Twin Room This air-conditioned room features free Wi-Fi, a TV and a private bathroom.

Superior Double Room This air-conditioned double room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with garden views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Superior Single Room This air-conditioned single room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with mountain views. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Diego offers a strategic and tranquil location ideal for those seeking a refuge amidst nature and convenience. Its proximity to the stunning Els Ports mountain range makes it a perfect base for hiking enthusiasts and those aspiring to explore mountain trails. Set in a peaceful and relaxing area, it's also a suitable haven for visits to Montsià and provides easy access to the Ebro Delta and the Trabucador beach, both just a short drive away.

Though located just five minutes from the highway and centrally positioned for excursions, some travelers might find it a bit secluded, as it is positioned away from the hustles of the tourist areas and the city center. This outlying location ensures a quiet and serene environment, making it an excellent choice for a stopover or a calming escape from urban life. Nevertheless, the hotel can be a bit tricky to locate and is somewhat isolated in terms of nearby dining and amenities.

Guests have praised the hotel’s peaceful setting and cozy dining experience. The on-site restaurant receives high marks for its excellent value for money, enhancing the overall positive experience of staying at this hidden treasure nestled in the countryside.

The breakfast at Hotel Diego has garnered predominantly positive remarks from its guests. The majority highlight its ample and hearty nature with offerings that range from pastries, various breads, charcuterie and omelettes, to yogurt and freshly squeezed orange juice. The breakfast is often described as very good or excellent with some pointing out its high quality and authenticity, reflecting a Catalan/Mediterranean style. Guests appreciate the extensive and generous portions and the fact that the breakfast is included in the room price is frequently praised for its value for money.

While the atmosphere during breakfast is generally pleasant and comfortable, a few reviews mention a lack of variety and instances of the meal being somewhat sparse, specifically noting limited choices like a single slice of toast with ham. Additionally, some guests have commented on the dining area being occasionally noisy due to the presence of workers.

Overall, the breakfast service at Hotel Diego is lauded for its quality, authenticity and value, making it a satisfying start to the day for most travelers.

Hotel Diego's dinner offerings receive high praise from guests for their inventive and delicious cuisine. The half board and a la carte menus feature a variety of well-cooked, imaginative dishes that have impressed many diners. Guests frequently describe the food as very delicious with standout dishes such as the menu del dia offering excellent value at €17 per person. The restaurant's quality and variety are frequently highlighted with many noting it as a key highlight of their stay.

Dining on the terrace adds an extra touch to the already top-notch meals, making for an exceptional dining experience. Notably, the Catalan dishes earn special mentions for their authenticity and flavor. The restaurant's service complements the culinary offerings with knowledgeable staff helping to elevate the dining experience by recommending wines and dishes to suit every palate.

In addition to the creative dishes, diners also enjoy simpler, well-prepared meals, indicating a broad appeal. While there are a handful of critical remarks, such as issues with the tasting menu and occasional slow service, the majority of reviews celebrate the high quality and exceptional flavors found at Hotel Diego. From hearty portions to delicate fine dining, the restaurant consistently delivers on its promise of outstanding cuisine.

Hotel Diego boasts an array of well-decorated rooms that echo modern comfort and style. Guests are consistently pleased with the spaciousness and cleanliness, often highlighting the comfortable beds and modern bathrooms. Each room's pleasant decoration adds to the overall charm, making many of them feel inviting and cozy.

The hotel offers rooms with terraces, providing additional space and a touch of luxury. Some rooms stand out with their tasteful, modern designs, while recently refurbished rooms add a fresh element to the guest experience. Even in simpler rooms, guests appreciate the neatness and basic comforts provided.

However, a few reviews mention minor issues such as small room sizes and the need for some areas to undergo renovation. Noise can occasionally be an issue and some rooms have been noted as outdated. Despite these points, the hotel's consistent cleanliness and modern amenities tend to leave a positive impression on most visitors.

Overall, Hotel Diego's blend of modern aesthetics, comfort and well-maintained spaces make it a highly commendable choice for travelers seeking a pleasant stay.

Hotel Diego's beds generally receive high praise from guests for their comfort and quality with numerous mentions of very comfortable beds enhancing their stay. Many visitors highlight the beds as especially comfortable with descriptors like very good, good and extremely comfortable frequently used. Cleanliness is also noted, alongside the comfort of both the beds and pillows.

However, it's not all positive; some guests experienced discomfort, mentioning the mattresses were not very comfortable or that the bed was small and discomfortable. Despite these occasional critiques, the overall impression is that Hotel Diego provides a satisfying sleeping experience, often cited as contributing to a restful and enjoyable stay.

Hotel Diego impresses guests with its outstanding commitment to cleanliness. Visitors consistently praise the establishment for its very clean rooms and overall spotless environment. The hotel's bathrooms, in particular, receive high marks for their impeccable cleanliness. Modern and tastefully decorated, the rooms maintain a fresh and inviting atmosphere that guests appreciate. The facilities at Hotel Diego also receive accolades for being immaculate and well-maintained, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay. Despite minor mentions of dirty terraces, the overwhelming consensus highlights the superb cleanliness throughout the hotel, making it a top choice for travelers seeking a pristine and serene accommodation option.

Hotel Diego boasts an exceptional level of service, consistently noted for its super friendly and attentive staff. Guests frequently highlight the warmth and professionalism of the team, including both the staff and the owners, Diego and Sònia, who are always present and accommodating. The personalized attention and exceptional hospitality make visitors feel exceptionally welcomed and at ease. The hotel delivers above and beyond customer service, ensuring that every guest feels valued.

The consistently positive feedback regarding the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff contributes to a very comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant and bar also receive high praise for their delightful food quality and excellent service, enhancing the overall experience of staying at the hotel.

Attention to detail and a genuine care for guest satisfaction seem to be the hallmark of Hotel Diego, creating a very pleasant and efficient experience for all who stay. The warm, welcoming and super responsive approach employed by every member of the team undoubtedly plays a significant role in making guests want to extend their visits and return in the future.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Diego stands out as an excellent choice for travelers with dogs, showcasing a wide array of dog-friendly facilities and services. Guests highlighted that accommodating their pets posed no issues and animals are allowed without limitations or restrictions. The hotel staff, described as generous and super friendly, provide attentive treatment to both guests and their dogs, ensuring an enjoyable stay.

Hotel Diego offers specific amenities such as comfortable dog areas and a specially designed dog-friendly terrace. The terraces provided in certain rooms add to the comfort, allowing pets to have their own space. Guests appreciated the detail in ensuring their pets' comfort, furthering their positive experience.

While there is a higher charge for bringing a dog and room upgrades come at an additional cost, the overall sentiment suggests that the quality of service and the well-being of pets make it worthwhile. Hotel Diego is highly recommended for those seeking a dog-friendly accommodation option, delivering perfect service and a welcoming atmosphere for both humans and their furry companions.

No, Hotel Diego doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Diego.

Yes, Hotel Diego welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Diego.

No, Hotel Diego doesn't have a gym.

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