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Saskatchewan River Crossing , , Junction Of Highway 93 & Highway 11 (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsThe Crossing is a strategically located hotel between Banff and Jasper on the Icefields Parkway, making it an ideal stopover for travelers exploring the Canadian Rockies. Guests frequently praise the exceptional views and tranquil ambiance with activities like bear watching and hiking nearby. The convenience of on-site facilities, including dining options and a gas station, further enhance its appeal for those immersing themselves in the Rockies' natural beauty.

When it comes to breakfast, The Crossing offers a buffet-style meal noted for its variety and quality, although some guests find it overpriced. Staff friendliness and attentiveness are highlights, although the price and limited options can be sticking points for some. Dinner experiences at The Crossing are mixed with some appreciating the variety and the novelty of grilling their own steaks, while others criticize the food for being overpriced and of inconsistent quality. Service delays and limited menu choices have occasionally been noted, though the friendly staff and scenic dining environment receive positive mentions.

Accommodations at The Crossing are generally described as clean, cozy and functional with rustic decor and essential amenities like coffee machines and fridges. However, some guests note the small room sizes, outdated decor and occasional maintenance issues. The comfort and cleanliness of the rooms often make up for these drawbacks, particularly for short stays.

The cleanliness of the hotel is another area with mixed reviews. While many guests find the rooms well-maintained and tidy, there are reports of lapses in bathroom cleanliness and issues like dusty rooms or old garbage. Nonetheless, the overall sanitation efforts are usually appreciated.

The staff at The Crossing are widely praised for their friendliness and professionalism, contributing significantly to guest satisfaction. Most interactions are positive, although there are occasional lapses in hospitality.

A notable downside is the limited Wi-Fi availability, which is restricted to common areas like the pub and not available in individual rooms. This can be a significant inconvenience for those expecting seamless internet access. The gym and sauna also provide basic fitness amenities, though they are small and the sauna doesn't always reach high temperatures.

For families, The Crossing offers a generally comfortable stay with well-maintained grounds and helpful staff, though room sizes may be tight and connectivity issues can be bothersome. Families might also find the on-site dining options restrictive, especially with children not allowed in the pub after 4 PM.

The beds at The Crossing receive mixed but generally positive reviews with many guests finding them comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep, despite some complaints about hardness or the need for replacements.

As a three-star establishment, The Crossing combines its prime location with mid to high prices and welcoming staff. It retains a certain rustic charm, likened more to a camping ground than a resort, making it a viable option for budget-conscious travelers who value the experience of older-style accommodations.

For business travelers, the lack of reliable internet access and limited facilities might be a drawback. The remote location, however, makes it a strategic stop for those traveling between key destinations.

Overall, The Crossing stands out for its location, views and hospitality, making it a worthwhile stop for those exploring the Canadian Rockies, despite some limitations in dining, room amenities and connectivity.
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Room Types
King Room This king room features a balcony and private entrance. A private bathroom offers free toiletries. Please note, this room type cannot accommodate pets.

Queen Room with Two Queen Beds This standard quadruple room has a balcony. A private bathroom offers free toiletries.

King Room with Mountain View This double room features a balcony with mountain views. A private bathroom offers free toiletries.

Queen Room with Two Queen Beds - Mountain View This quadruple room features a balcony with mountain views. A private bathroom offers free toiletries.

Guest Reviews
The Crossing boasts an exceptional location that continually garners high praise from its guests, serving as a convenient midway point between Banff and Jasper on the Icefields Parkway. This scenic route offers stunning mountain views and the idyllic setting makes it a perfect stopover for those exploring the Canadian Rockies. The area around the hotel is lauded for its breathtaking landscapes, providing ample opportunities for bear watching, hiking and other outdoor activities.

With the Rockies as its backdrop, the views from the hotel are nothing short of spectacular. Guests appreciate the tranquility and fresh mountain air, further enhancing their stay in this unique setting. The Crossing's location is not only perfect for sightseeing but also ensures easy access to major attractions such as the Columbia Icefield and various hiking trails.

Overall, the hotel is an ideal spot to break up a journey along the Icefields Parkway, allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Rockies while enjoying the convenience of on-site facilities including dining options and a gas station. The beautiful surroundings and extraordinary views make The Crossing a noteworthy destination for anyone passing through this remarkable region.

The breakfast experience at 'The Crossing' hotel invokes a mix of positive and critical sentiments from guests. The buffet-style breakfast is noted for its variety and good quality with some guests appreciating the hearty and plentiful options available. The friendly and attentive breakfast staff add to the overall pleasant breakfast experience. However, many guests express concerns about the high cost of the breakfast, feeling that the price does not match the value provided. The lack of inclusive breakfast and the late opening hours of the café are additional points of contention. While some guests found the breakfast satisfying and convenient, others were disappointed with the price and limited options outside the buffet. Despite the mixed reviews, the consistency of the buffet quality and service is generally acknowledged.

At 'The Crossing,' guests have a mixed bag of experiences when it comes to dining. On the positive side, the on-site restaurant and pub offer a variety of food options with many guests appreciating the convenience and option to dine with scenic mountain views. Some diners really enjoyed the burgers and the unique experience of grilling their own steaks at the pub. There were also mentions of good fish tacos and a generally pleasing supper menu.

However, dining at 'The Crossing' does come with its drawbacks. A number of visitors found the food to be overpriced and of inconsistent quality. Some described the meals as greasy or unappetizing with the buffet receiving specific criticism for limited selections and being cold. The lack of menu variety and available beverages also disappointed several guests.

Additionally, service speed has been an issue with reports of waiting over 30 minutes just to receive menus. The ambiance at the pub was well-received, but the prices there, as well as in the restaurant, were often deemed excessive. Several travelers also noted that the food was basic with many fast-food style offerings. Despite these critiques, the friendly staff and the overall charm of the location helped create somewhat memorable dining experiences for some.

In summary, while the convenience and unique aspects of dining at 'The Crossing' have their appeal, the high prices and mixed quality of food might make it worthwhile to consider alternative dining options if budget and culinary expectations are a priority.

The guest reviews of 'The Crossing' reveal a mixed but enlightening picture of the hotel rooms. Guests consistently praised the rooms for being clean, cozy and functional, highlighting aspects such as comfortable beds, good size and a nice wood feeling, which contributed to a rustic yet pleasant experience. The rooms were also noted to have essential amenities like a small coffee machine and fridge and the hotel boasts a convenient location with easy access to parking.

However, the rooms are described as small and somewhat outdated with design elements that could use renovation. Guests mentioned issues such as poor lighting, old furniture and outdated decor that detract from the overall experience. Noise from other rooms due to poor soundproofing, along with a few maintenance concerns like broken lamps and a lack of modern amenities, were also noted.

Despite some drawbacks, including high prices and small room sizes, the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms were frequently emphasized. The quiet surroundings and rustic charm make it a suitable choice for a short stay, especially for those appreciating a simpler, more traditional lodging experience.

The reviews for 'The Crossing' highlight mixed opinions about the beds with a considerable tilt towards positivity. Many guests found the beds to be comfortable, providing a good night's sleep, accompanied by clean and functional rooms. The bed linens were praised for their quality, adding a sense of comfort. The motel-style rooms, although small and somewhat outdated, were described as clean and sufficient for a stay with several mentions of the beds being particularly comfortable. On the other hand, there were a number of reviews pointing out that the beds were either too hard, uncomfortable or in need of replacement. These complaints, however, were often juxtaposed with compliments on the bed's comfort from other guests. Despite these varying experiences, the general consensus seems to recognize the beds at 'The Crossing' as mostly clean and comfortable, suitable for travelers seeking a convenient rest stop along their journey.

Guests at The Crossing have expressed mixed reviews about the hotel's cleanliness. Many highlight that the rooms are very clean, tidy and well-equipped with comfortable bed linen and maintained facilities. Guests appreciated the cohesive cleanliness within the hotel, finding the rooms mostly quiet, comfortable and adequately sanitized.

However, several reviews indicate areas needing improvement, especially in bathrooms, which were sometimes found dirty or in need of refurbishment. Some guests reported issues such as dusty rooms, outdated decor, broken curtains and musty smells. Occasional lapses in proper cleaning, such as bins not being emptied or finding old garbage, were also noted. Overall, while many found the rooms well-maintained and clean, there is room for improvement to ensure consistent cleanliness and proper upkeep throughout the hotel.

The staff at The Crossing are overwhelmingly praised for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. Guests consistently highlight how accommodating and courteous the employees are, often going above and beyond to meet their needs. The restaurant staff also receive significant commendations for their service and positive demeanor, making dining experiences pleasant. While the majority of interactions with the team are described as friendly and welcoming, a few reviews note occasional lapses in hospitality. Nevertheless, the generally positive and attentive service contributes significantly to the overall guest satisfaction at this hotel.

The Crossing offers a unique stay experience but comes with significant limitations in terms of Wi-Fi availability. Internet access is restricted to the common areas, primarily the bar or pub, which operates during limited hours, generally from 4 PM to 11 PM. The Wi-Fi service is not extended to the individual rooms, leading to inconvenience for guests who prefer internet access in their private space. Many reviews note the inadequate and unstable connection, even within the designated areas, sometimes describing it as poor or unavailable. For those needing reliable internet, there is a lack of alternative solutions within the premises. While the ambiance of the bar may offer a communal and rustic atmosphere, those prioritizing seamless and round-the-clock internet access might find the setup less accommodating. For a more comfortable and connected experience, it might be worth exploring other accommodations or potential hotspots for essential online activities.

The Crossing offers a variety of fitness amenities including a gym and a sauna. Though the gym is smaller and not centrally located within the property, it provides a decent array of facilities such as cardio machines with one currently out of service and table tennis. Guests also have access to a lounge and a coin-operated laundry facility. The sauna, while available, has been noted for not reaching a high enough temperature. Overall, the hotel provides a suitable environment for those looking to maintain their fitness routines during their stay.

Nestled in beautiful surroundings, The Crossing offers a variety of family-friendly amenities that make it a convenient option for those traveling with children. The grounds are well-maintained and the site includes a gym and sauna, though some guests felt that the kitchen facilities were a bit basic and lacking in conveniences like a microwave or tea-making options.

Families looking for on-site dining will find a dedicated family restaurant with easy access. However, there are some restrictions to be aware of; children are not allowed in the pub past 4 PM, which limits evening options for families wanting to enjoy a drink together. The WLAN is also only available in the pub, further complicating connectivity for those with kids.

The accommodations are generally comfortable for families, though the rooms for a family of four were noted to be on the smaller side. Despite these size constraints, amenities like a free baby cot were appreciated by families with young children. Guests also praised the friendly and welcoming staff, adding a positive touch to their stay.

Overall, The Crossing provides a decent family experience with beautiful grounds and helpful staff, though it comes with some limitations regarding space, dining options and connectivity.

3 Star
The Crossing offers a prime location with mid to high prices and welcoming staff who consistently score top marks for their hospitality. Its unique charm comes from being an older style motel with 1970s facilities, which, while clearly aging, can still provide a satisfactory stay. Its sound value and organization make it a decent option despite its simplicity and old equipment.

It is important to note that the amenities and services are quite basic with some guests expressing that the facilities are inadequate for the price. There is no cell signal, no wifi and no services around the hotel. Consequently, it feels more like a camping ground than a resort, but this can lend it a certain rustic charm. Ultimately, The Crossing can be a viable budget-friendly option for travelers who prioritize location and a unique, old-fashioned atmosphere over modern conveniences.

The Crossing serves as a convenient stop for long-distance hikers and travelers journeying between Banff and Jasper. The presence of a restaurant on-site is a welcome relief given the remote location, although prices are reportedly high. For those needing to stay connected, be prepared for limited internet access – the wifi is only available in the pub, which means stepping outside for connectivity if the pub is closed. This can be a critical failure for business travelers needing to upload work files. Secure a room in advance, as the hotel’s situation can make it a strategic point in travel plans. While there are business facilities available, the overall price-quality ratio might not be favorable for all. Parking can also be an issue with spots not always available near the rooms.

No, The Crossing doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Crossing.

No, The Crossing doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The Crossing.

Yes, The Crossing has a gym.

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