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Summary of reviewsHotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina in Spiez is highly regarded by guests for its exceptional lakeside location, offering breathtaking views of Lake Thun, the mountains and the picturesque harbor. Its proximity to key landmarks, such as Spiez Castle and the boat depot, as well as its easy accessibility from the train station, make it an ideal base for exploring the region. Guests particularly appreciate the hotel's tranquil ambiance and the delightful experience of dining on the lakeside terrace.

The breakfast at Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina generally receives positive feedback for being rich, plentiful and delicious with a variety of options. Dishes such as an assortment of cheeses, Bircher muesli, fresh fruit and hot drinks like cappuccino are frequently mentioned. Guests enjoy dining outdoors by the lake, which adds a scenic and pleasant dimension to the meal.

The dinner experience at the hotel's restaurant is widely praised for its excellent food, offering a variety of meal options from pizza and typical Swiss dishes to seafood. The ambiance, enhanced by scenic surroundings and the very friendly and helpful staff contribute to a pleasant dining atmosphere, making it a stand-out choice for evening meals.

Rooms at the hotel are noted for their spaciousness and stunning views with many featuring balconies overlooking the marina, lake or castle. While some guests feel the rooms are outdated and lacking modern facilities like air conditioning, the overall cleanliness, size, tranquility and beautiful views contribute to a satisfying experience.

Cleanliness is another strong point with guests frequently highlighting the hotel and rooms as very clean and well-maintained. Guests particularly appreciate the clean and practical bathrooms.

The staff at Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina are consistently praised for being extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Their attentiveness and warm reception greatly enhance the overall guest experience, making visitors feel well taken care of during their stay.

While there are mixed reviews about the complimentary Wi-Fi with some guests finding it reliable and others experiencing slow speeds or connectivity issues, the fact that it is free is appreciated by most.

Parking options are generally found to be convenient and affordable, despite the lack of direct on-site parking. Nearby parking garages and public car parks offer adequate alternatives and the secured bicycle storage adds to the convenience for those traveling with bikes.

Families find the hotel to be a wonderful choice with family-friendly amenities and activities such as feeding ducks by the lake. The thoughtful touches, such as arranging children's toys, contribute to a pleasant and comfortable stay for families.

The beds at the hotel receive positive feedback for being comfortable with guests appreciating the quality of the mattresses and pillows. Although there are a few concerns about mattress comfort and bed size, the predominant sentiment is that the beds contribute to a restful night's sleep.

As a three-star establishment, Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina meets typical expectations with adequate facilities and services. While some guests feel the hotel is in need of renovation, the overall experience aligns well with its rating, offering reasonable value for money.

Business travelers find the hotel suitable for work-related stays with sufficient business amenities, flexible meeting options and reliable Wi-Fi. The tranquil location and comfortable rooms also contribute to a productive and restful stay.

Overall, Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina stands out for its exceptional location, stunning views, excellent dining, friendly staff, cleanliness and family-friendly atmosphere, making it a highly recommended choice for visitors to Spiez.
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Room Types
Single Room with Castle View Room with castle view, a seating area, cable TV and balcony.

Double Room with Castle View Rooms with castle view, a seating area and cable TV. Most rooms offer a balcony.

Double Room with Lake View This double room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with lake views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Single Room with lateral Lake View This single room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with lake views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Family Suite with Balcony This family room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with lake views. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina in Spiez boasts an exceptional location that consistently delights guests. Nestled directly on the serene shores of Lake Thun, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the lake, mountains and the picturesque harbor. This setting makes it an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy beautiful scenery right from their room, especially from the balconies and terraces that many rooms offer.

The hotel's proximity to key landmarks, such as the charming Spiez Castle and the boat depot, adds convenience for guests. It's easily accessible via a short walk from the train station and offers straightforward connections to bus routes and boat cruises, perfect for exploring the region. The area around the hotel is tranquil and beautiful, providing an excellent starting point for various activities, including vineyard walks and excursions to nearby mountains.

Guests frequently commend the hotel's peaceful ambiance and the delightful experience of dining on the lakeside terrace. The location is also praised for its convenience to a variety of amenities, such as the marina, restaurants, shops and scenic lakefront walks. Whether it's the magical morning light over the water or the serenity of evenings by the lake, the hotel's setting is frequently described as idyllic and unique, making it a standout choice for travelers visiting Spiez.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina offers a breakfast experience that generally receives positive feedback from guests. Many have praised the breakfast for being rich, plentiful and delicious with some describing it as very good or even excellent. The variety includes delightful options such as an assortment of cheeses, Bircher muesli, fresh fruit and hot drinks like cappuccino and black tea. The breakfast buffet is frequently mentioned as well-prepared and fresh with some standout elements like soft-boiled eggs and freshly cut fruit.

Several reviews highlight the enjoyment of dining outdoors by the lake, which adds a scenic and pleasant dimension to the meal. The option of having a good à la carte breakfast is also appreciated by guests.

However, some guests felt that the breakfast offerings were basic or limited with calls for more variety or fresher items, particularly in terms of bread and toppings. Despite these critiques, the breakfast generally meets the expectations for a hotel of its category, offering sufficient and appropriate options for most visitors. The friendly and attentive breakfast staff also contribute positively to the overall experience.

While there are mixed opinions about the value and variety, the overall impression of breakfast at Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina is favorable, especially when enjoyed on the beautiful terrace overlooking the lake.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina offers a dining experience that has garnered notable praise from its guests. The restaurant is lauded for its excellent food with many highlighting the delicious and authentic cuisine. Diners can look forward to a variety of meal options, from pizza and typical Swiss dishes to seafood. The food quality consistently receives positive remarks with the dinner often described as very good to excellent.

The ambiance is enhanced by the scenic surroundings, making it an ideal spot for an evening meal. The service at the restaurant is another strong point, frequently noted for being excellent with very friendly and helpful staff contributing to the overall pleasant dining atmosphere.

While predominantly positive, there is a minor mention of dinner in a drafty space and one comment regarding the excessive price of frozen fish. However, such feedback appears to be rare compared to the abundant commendations.

Lunch offerings are also appreciated, described as plentiful and appropriate. Overall, Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina comes highly recommended for its great food, excellent service and delightful setting, making it one of the best dining options in the area.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina offers rooms that are consistently praised for their spaciousness and stunning views with many featuring balconies that overlook the marina, lake or even a picturesque castle. Guests appreciate the clean, well-maintained accommodations, which are described as functional and cozy, complete with basic amenities. Despite some criticism about rooms being outdated and lacking modern facilities like air conditioning or tea and coffee provisions, the rooms' size, tranquility and pleasant decor often make up for these shortcomings. The furniture, while old-fashioned and sometimes minimalistic, is reliable and clean. Views from the rooms are frequently highlighted as fantastic, offering serene sights of the lake and mountains, making the stay more enjoyable. However, some rooms are noted to be smaller and somewhat dark with certain accommodations needing a refresh to meet contemporary standards. Overall, the combination of space, cleanliness and beautiful views creates a satisfying experience for most guests.

Guests of Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina frequently noted the comfort of the beds, describing them as comfortable, good and very comfortable. Many appreciated the quality of the mattresses and pillows with phrases like healthy mattress and nice pillows emerging in the feedback. Bedding also received positive remarks for being comfortable and well-furnished, contributing to a restful night's sleep. Some travelers highlighted the quality of the cotton bed linen and the availability of large cotton pillows as added comforts.

However, there were a few concerns mentioned. Some guests found the mattresses too soft or felt discomfort due to the separation of mattresses. A few reviews noted that the beds were too small or quite dated and there were occasional complaints about the pillows or the bed being completely worn out. Still, the predominant sentiment towards the beds at Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina was largely positive, making it a favorable choice for a good night's sleep.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina consistently receives positive feedback regarding its cleanliness. Guest reviews highlight that the hotel and rooms are very clean and well-maintained. A kettle in the room adds to the convenience and daily room service helps maintain the cleanliness standards. While there were occasional minor concerns, such as a note from a previous tenant, hair on the nightstand and a cracked washbasin, overall, the hotel is described as tidy and functional. The bathrooms, in particular, are noted for their cleanliness and practicality, contributing to an overall positive impression of hygiene and upkeep at the hotel.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina has garnered significant praise for its highly commendable staff. Guests consistently highlight the team as extremely helpful, friendly and warm, making the experience notably welcoming from the outset. The reception staff, in particular, are repeatedly mentioned for their friendliness and professionalism, providing a warm reception and helpful assistance throughout guest stays. Many guests feel well-taken care of, even amid high guest volumes, thanks to the staff's attentiveness and prompt service.

The hotel service is described as exceptional with quick, efficient responses and a team spirit that shines through. The friendliness and accommodation extend to the restaurant staff, contributing to a pleasant dining atmosphere. Managers and hosts are also recognized for their courteous behavior and attentive interactions.

While most reviews highlight the consistent kindness, professionalism and efficiency of the staff, there are occasional mentions of the reception staff needing improvement in behavior and attitude. Nonetheless, the general consensus remains overwhelmingly positive, suggesting that guests can expect a welcoming, friendly and helpful environment at Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina provides complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests and there are mixed reviews regarding its performance. Positive feedback highlights that Wi-Fi works excellently in the rooms and offers good internet speed. However, some guests experienced issues such as slow speeds, challenges with login and weak service. Additionally, the Wi-Fi requires SMS verification for access, which some guests noted as an inconvenience. While the service is widely appreciated for being free and available, there are occasional complaints about its reliability and usability.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina provides guests with several parking options that are generally found to be convenient and affordably priced. Although the hotel does not have its own parking spaces directly on site, a nearby parking garage is available just about 50 meters away. The garage is both accessible and reasonably priced, costing around 7 euros per day, though it may be less suitable for larger vehicles due to tight spaces. Additionally, there are plentiful parking options around the vicinity, including a public municipal car park. Guests have noted the need to pay for parking separately and mentioned that parking cannot be reserved in advance. Despite the limited parking directly by the hotel, the rented additional parking spaces and nearby parking arrangements are largely seen as positive. The secured bicycle storage also adds to the convenience for those traveling with bikes.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina proves to be a wonderful choice for families with children. Guests have noted how their daughters' toys were carefully arranged, adding a thoughtful touch to their stay. The hotel offers convenient attractions for children, including the joy of feeding ducks by the lake, an activity loved by the little ones. Family rooms are available, making it an excellent option for family bookings. The establishment maintains a cozy, traditional atmosphere with a family pension feel, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay for families. A memorable birthday surprise for a child was also highlighted, showing the hotel's attentive service. The great location by the lake enhances the experience and the friendly, attentive service further contributes to the overall recommendable family-friendly hotel.

3 Star
Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina is a three-star establishment that meets the typical expectations of its rating. Guests have noted that while the hotel style and rooms are outdated and in need of renovation, the facilities and services offered are generally adequate for a three-star hotel. The breakfast is small but sufficient, aligning well with the standards expected at this level. The overall value for money is considered reasonable with the property being quite decent for its rating. Although considered expensive for a three-star rating by some, the hotel still provides a good experience within its classification.

Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina offers a range of facilities and services that cater well to business travelers. With sufficient business amenities and flexible options for meetings, it proves to be a suitable choice for work-related stays. The conference rooms and meeting spaces are readily available, enhancing the convenience for business meetings. Guests especially appreciated the reliable WiFi, which met their professional needs.

The dining room received positive mentions, indicating it's a good spot for business lunches or dinners. Breakfast is well-regarded, providing a good start to the day. Rooms are comfortable, contributing to a restful stay after a busy day of meetings or work. The tranquil location adds to the appeal, offering a peaceful environment for relaxation. While parking is available, some guests suggested that complimentary parking would be an improvement. Overall, the hotel stood out as an ideal option for business trips due to its business-friendly services and accommodations.

No, Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina.

Yes, Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina.

No, Hotel-Restaurant Seegarten-Marina doesn't have a gym.

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