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Summary of reviewsHotel Landhof Simeter receives high praise for its idyllic and peaceful setting atop a hill above Spittal an der Drau, making it a perfect retreat surrounded by stunning countryside and tranquil meadows. The hotel's rural landscape, superb views of the Alpine panorama and nearby forest provide an ideal environment for hikers and nature lovers. This serene ambiance, regional decor and comfortable rooms add to its appeal, despite a slightly challenging ascent for cyclists.

The breakfast offerings at Hotel Landhof Simeter are exceptional, featuring an extensive and varied buffet that includes freshly prepared eggs, savory foods, fruit salads and high-quality local products. Guests consistently commend the rich and plentiful breakfast, highlighting the deliciousness and variety that cater to diverse tastes, contributing significantly to their overall satisfaction.

The dining experience at the hotel's restaurant also garners accolades for its culinary excellence. Guests appreciate the well-prepared, generous portions of traditional Austrian fare, hearty meals and specialized dishes. The fantastic view from the restaurant enhances the dining pleasure and the friendly, efficient service from the staff, particularly those serving breakfast and dinner, is highly valued.

Rooms at Hotel Landhof Simeter are noted for their cleanliness, spaciousness and functional amenities. While some rooms are described as old-fashioned or requiring modernization, the majority of guests find them cozy and comfortable with large balconies offering beautiful views. The quiet surroundings contribute to a restful environment, appreciated by families and solo travelers alike. The hotel's high standards of cleanliness receive consistent praise with rooms and facilities kept in excellent condition.

The staff at Hotel Landhof Simeter receive glowing reviews for their friendliness, professionalism and accommodating nature. Whether interacting with the reception or the waitstaff, guests frequently mention the warm, welcoming demeanor and exceptional courtesy of the staff. Despite occasional mentions of stress among some staff members, the overall impression is overwhelmingly positive.

While the WiFi service receives mixed reviews with some guests experiencing challenges, the parking facilities are consistently praised for their ample and convenient spaces. The hotel is particularly noted for its family-friendly environment with accommodations and amenities tailored for families, including a fantastic playground for children.

The beds at Hotel Landhof Simeter generally receive favorable reviews for their comfort and quality, though some guests mention mixed feelings regarding mattress firmness. Overall, the beds ensure a restful stay for most visitors. The hotel also offers wheelchair accessible rooms and wide entrances, although its peripheral location and occasional elevator breakdowns may pose challenges for some guests.

In summary, Hotel Landhof Simeter comes highly recommended for its beautiful, serene location, exceptional breakfast and dining experiences, clean and comfortable rooms, friendly staff and family-friendly atmosphere. Despite minor areas needing improvement, the overwhelming consensus is that this hotel provides a delightful and satisfying retreat in the Austrian Alps.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Room with a balcony, a flat-screen satellite TV with a DVD player, a seating area, and a bathroom.

Comfort Double Room Spacious room with a large balcony, a flat-screen satellite TV with a DVD player, a seating area, and a bathroom. Free wired internet is available.

Triple Room Room with a balcony, a flat-screen satellite TV with a DVD player, a seating area, and a bathroom.

Single Room with Balcony Boasting a terrace with garden views, this single room also offers soundproof walls and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 1 bed.

Quadruple Room with Mountain View Boasting a terrace with garden views, this quadruple room also features soundproof walls and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 4 beds.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Landhof Simeter is situated in an idyllic and peaceful location, offering spectacular views from its position atop a hill. It's nestled above Spittal an der Drau, surrounded by stunning countryside and tranquil meadows, making it a perfect retreat from city noise. The hotel's remote setting contributes to its serene ambiance and while it may be somewhat secluded, it remains easily accessible, especially for those continuing their journeys to destinations like Croatia or Italy.

Guests commend the hotel's captivating rural landscape, describing it as a beautiful mountain location with a fantastic view of the Alpine panorama. The nearby forest and quiet surroundings provide a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for hikers and nature lovers. With excellent proximity to local attractions such as Lake Millstatt and the city center of Spittal, the location balances isolation with convenience.

The hotel's peaceful environment, coupled with its charming regional decor and comfortable rooms, enhances the overall appeal. The beer garden and terrace offer delightful spots to unwind while enjoying panoramic views of the mountain ranges. Though the route to the hotel may pose a slight challenge for cyclists due to the steep ascent, the reward is well worth the effort.

Overall, the location of Hotel Landhof Simeter is repeatedly praised for its extraordinary beauty and serenity, making it a highly recommended choice for those seeking a quiet and scenic retreat in the Austrian Alps.

Hotel Landhof Simeter consistently impresses guests with its exceptional breakfast offerings. The breakfast is frequently described as extensive and varied, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Guests appreciate the large selection available at the breakfast buffet, including freshly prepared eggs, a variety of savory foods, fruit salads and high-quality local products.

The breakfast experience is highlighted as rich and plentiful, ensuring no one leaves feeling unsatisfied. The quality of the food is notably high with many reviews emphasizing the deliciousness of the meals served. Travelers mention the breakfast as a perfect start to their day with everything from cereals to fresh fruit and freshly baked goods being readily available.

Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Landhof Simeter stands out as a key positive aspect of the stay, frequently noted for its excellence and the ability to please a diverse clientele. This aspect of the hotel experience greatly contributes to the guests' overall satisfaction and enjoyment, making it a highly recommended feature of their accommodations.

Hotel Landhof Simeter offers an exceptional dining experience characterized by a mix of traditional Austrian interior and culinary excellence. The attached restaurant receives high praise for its delicious, varied and well-prepared dishes that often come with generous portions. Guests frequently highlight the four-course dinners, the à la carte menu and the extensive breakfast buffet.

The restaurant's food quality consistently exceeds expectations with descriptions ranging from "excellent" to "superb." Reviewers commend the culinary delights that include traditional Austrian fare, hearty meals and specialized dishes like mushroom goulash, Kasnudeln, game and grill and fish platters. The quality of the cuisine is regularly described as "fantastic," "delicious," and "exceptional."

The view from the restaurant adds to the dining experience, offering a splendid backdrop for meals. The staff, particularly those serving breakfast and dinner, are noted for their friendliness and excellent service.

Despite the generally positive reviews, it is mentioned that food service ends at 8 pm, which may be a consideration for late diners. Overall, the dining experience at Hotel Landhof Simeter is highly recommended for its delicious and varied offerings, excellent service and the warm, traditional atmosphere.

Hotel Landhof Simeter offers a variety of rooms that cater to different needs, often receiving praise for their cleanliness and spaciousness. Many guests have highlighted the rooms' well-equipped nature and functional amenities, making for a comfortable stay. The hotel provides large rooms, some with spacious balconies offering beautiful views, which adds to the overall pleasant experience.

However, some reviews indicate a disparity in room sizes and modernity. While rooms are generally described as beautiful, functional and comfortable, a few guests have noted that certain accommodations, including family rooms, could use updates and modern furnishings. Despite this, cleanliness is consistently commended across reviews and the quiet ambience of the rooms ensures a restful environment.

Some visitors found the rooms somewhat old-fashioned or outdated, particularly mentioning the dated furniture and basic equipment in some parts of the hotel. Yet, this does not seem to detract from the overall positive feedback regarding their cozy and pleasant nature.

Guests with families, including those traveling with babies, have particularly appreciated the thoughtful accommodations. Practical features like functional, clean bathrooms and comfortable beds contribute to consistent guest satisfaction.

In conclusion, while some areas of the hotel could benefit from modernization, the large, clean and well-equipped rooms with lovely views and quiet surroundings make Hotel Landhof Simeter a favorable choice for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Landhof Simeter offers a generally positive experience when it comes to the comfort and quality of their beds. Guests frequently note that the beds are comfortable and of high quality with descriptions such as "high-quality beds," "super comfortable beds," and "beds were excellent" appearing often. Many guests were pleased with the comfort level, highlighting the softness of the mattresses and even referring to the box spring beds as "heavenly."

The rooms themselves are sufficiently sized, enhancing the overall comfort provided by the beds. However, there were a few mixed feelings regarding mattress firmness. Some guests found the mattresses to be a bit on the soft side with occasional mentions of them being "thin" or "mattresses so-so." Though the majority found the beds to be very comfortable, a few noted that a firmer mattress would have been preferable. Additionally, while the term "beds were creaking" appeared, it didn't overshadow the predominantly positive feedback.

In sum, the beds at Hotel Landhof Simeter generally contribute to a restful stay with a majority of guests praising their comfort and quality. The hotel seems to have struck a balance that suits most guests, despite minor preferences for mattress firmness varying among individuals.

Hotel Landhof Simeter receives high marks for its cleanliness, making it a standout choice for travelers who prioritize a tidy and well-kept environment. Numerous guests have noted the exceptional standards of cleanliness maintained throughout the hotel, highlighting the spotless state of the rooms and facilities. Rooms are consistently described as very clean with some guests even referring to the cleanliness as top-notch.

The overall environment of the hotel is well-maintained and inviting, offering a clean and cozy atmosphere that appeals to both solo travelers and families. The freshness of the bathrooms, which are relatively new, also adds to the guests' comfort. Moreover, the cleaning staff's diligence ensures that rooms are always kept in impeccable condition with even the floors being properly mopped.

In addition to its cleanliness, guests appreciate the lavish comforts like the fantastically scented lavender soap and shampoo, adding an element of luxury to their stay. With a beautiful, serene location on the mountain, superb facilities and a great breakfast buffet, Hotel Landhof Simeter provides a hygienic and comfortable retreat. Despite very few mentions of minor issues like mold in the shower and worn-out bathroom elements, the overwhelming consensus is that cleanliness at this hotel is commendable and consistently dependable.

Hotel Landhof Simeter boasts an outstanding reputation for its staff's friendliness and professionalism. Guests consistently mention that the staff is super friendly, extremely accommodating and genuinely helpful. From the reception to the waitstaff, the service is marked by a warm and welcoming demeanor. Many guests highlight the exceptional courtesy and attentiveness, noting that the owners themselves are particularly kind and supportive.

The hospitality extends across all levels of service with numerous mentions of staff being very nice, accommodating and always ready to assist with a smile. The professionalism is evident in their efficient and thoughtful service. While a few reviews mention occasional stress among some staff members, this is overshadowed by the overwhelmingly positive experiences reported.

Overall, the hotel’s team is described as exceptionally friendly and charming, leaving guests with a lasting impression of warmth and excellent customer care.

Hotel Landhof Simeter offers a commendable experience with its fast WiFi, making it easy to stay connected. However, some guests have faced challenges with the WiFi, noting that it is often turned off at sunset and that the connection can be unreliable at times. While the WLAN is free and accessible, its performance has areas needing improvement. Guests occasionally find the WiFi weak or just okay, indicating variability in the connection quality throughout their stay.

Hotel Landhof Simeter is frequently praised for its excellent parking facilities. Guests consistently appreciate the ample and convenient parking available, noting that there are plenty of parking spaces right in front of the hotel. Additionally, the hotel offers a garage for bikes, enhancing its appeal for cyclists. The ease and accessibility of free parking spaces add to the overall convenience for travelers, making parking one less thing to worry about during their stay. The consistently positive feedback about parking highlights the hotel's commitment to guest convenience and satisfaction.

Hotel Landhof Simeter is highly regarded for its family-friendly environment, making it an ideal choice for those traveling with children. Guests consistently praise the family-run nature of the hotel, emphasizing its true family accommodation and extremely family-friendly atmosphere. The family rooms cater perfectly to the needs of young families and singles alike.

The hotel boasts a fantastic playground on the premises, which is frequently described as beautiful, large and well-equipped. It's noted as a great place for children to play with numerous guests highlighting its appeal for toddlers and older kids alike. With plenty of space for bicycles and other activities, the playground becomes a central feature of the hotel's charm.

In addition to the recreational facilities, the hotel also excels in providing a good breakfast that is children-friendly. The on-site restaurant receives commendation for being very accommodating to families with young children. The overall atmosphere is described as welcoming with very friendly staff enhancing the family-friendly vibe.

Whether booking one room or several, families find the hotel an excellent choice for a pleasurable vacation. The serene surroundings, pleasant views and dedicated spaces for children make Hotel Landhof Simeter a top recommendation for family-oriented stays.

Hotel Landhof Simeter offers wheelchair accessible rooms and wide entrances, making it easy for guests with disabilities to navigate. The hotel features an elevator, though it has been noted to break down occasionally. Situated in a peripheral area at a high altitude, the hotel is 25 minutes on foot from the city center and might not be easily accessible without a car or e-bike. Cyclists should be prepared for a 2km hill climb to reach the hotel. Despite a few accessibility challenges, the hotel is in a great location with easy access.

No, Hotel Landhof Simeter GMBH doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Landhof Simeter GMBH.

No, Hotel Landhof Simeter GMBH doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Landhof Simeter GMBH.

No, Hotel Landhof Simeter GMBH doesn't have a gym.

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